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07 FACTS;-

1-Kalabhairava means the dark one. We shouldn’t throw light on him. It is seen in many different ways. It is a deadly form of Shiva. When he went into a destructive mode, not of destroying this or that, of destroying time.Actually, all physical realities exist within the span of time .If someone destroy your time everything is over . 2-Kalabhairava is a deadly form of Shiva & it was guaranteed by him that "if you come to Kashi, you will attain to Mukti, it doesn’t matter what kind of a lousy creature you have been all your life.''Most people do not choose to live in a great manner, but they have an aspiration to die in a great way.So, all the lousy creatures started coming because they lived badly, and they want to die gloriously.So only the population of the lousy multiplied. 3-Then Shiva said, "The place is becoming lousy, with so many lousy people." So he said, "There needs to be some check." So, he took the form of Kalabhairava, and it's called Bhairavi Yatana. That means when the moment of death comes, for all that you have been, your many, many lifetimes plays out in a moment with great intensity and whatever pleasures and sufferings and pains that need to happen to you, will all happen, 4- It would have spread over many lifetimes, but all that will happen to you in a micro second but with the kind of intensity that you cannot hold. So, this is called as Bhairavi Yatana. You know what "Yatana" means? Yatana means ultimate suffering. It's something that happens to you in hell, he will make it happen to you here. 5-So, when you want to do that kind of a job you need a right kind of costume, so he comes with the right kind of costume of looking terrible. If he looks nice, that will be very evil because If somebody looks pleasant and does terrible things, that would be evil. If somebody has to do terrible things, they should at least look terrible . 6- So, Shiva put on the right kind of costume and became Kalabhairava to create Bhairavi Yatana for you. To create such phenomenal pain, that you have not imagined possible, but just for a moment so that after that nothing of the past remains in you, undoing your software.your life. 7-It is painful, but this happens, at the moment of death. You have no choice, you can’t run but he makes it as brief as possible. Suffering has to end quickly, we must make it super intense, then only it will end quickly. If it is mild, it goes on and on forever. ...SHIVOHAM....