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17 JAN,2020 Positive pregnancy test?- 1-Spiritually, this is a great dream to have. Pregnancy in dreams represents that you will encounter a new way of life. This could refer to you entering a new relationship, a new career or possibly a new phase of life. It is interesting because in spiritual books a pregnancy test does not actually represent that you are pregnant, alternatively this dream can be associated with your own anxieties in life. 2-To dream of a pregnancy test represents your need for verification that a new situation is going to happen. You may be checking for signals or indicators about new developments. Saying things to people, trying to get feedback, or trying to get a reaction out of someone to understand what may be about to happen. 3-To actually see the test result indicates you feel that you are being tested or judged in waking life.It’s quite interesting that this dream suggests that you will be judged by those people that appear in the dream state.If a older women sees a dream about positive pregnancy test, this is a prediction about a happy event in the life of her daughter or son.


If you are a woman who has been dreaming about a male figure who is handsome, intriguing, sexy, wholesome, and familiar, you are dreaming about your soul. If you have dreamt about a frightening, strange, decrepit woman who feels deceitful or manipulative, this is your shadow. The soul is represented as masculine in a woman and the shadow is represented as feminine. The opposite is true for men whose soul is shown through a captivating, beautiful, and intriguing woman and whose shadow is portrayed as an ugly, destructive, and undesirable man. When you are feeling connected, spiritual, and healthy your soul may appear in your dreams. When we are overwrought with feelings of anger or fear, the shadow figure may dominate your dream space.