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Chakra puja ;-

`1-Chakra pujas, such as this one, are performed by family clans (Kulas). They are family not by

blood but by their mutual connection to Mother Kali and Her 64 eminations.Chakra means wheel. Chakras often refers to the vortexes of energy in our subtle bodies. In Tantra, the chakra

puja is also used as a tool for inner realization and empowerment. Chakra puja also refers to a

circle formed by Tantric couples who utilize the vortex of energy created by the closed circumference to

enhance the power of their practice. The circle represents the

zodiac, the all- seeing eye, time, and energy itself. It is the ultimate symbol of the inmost self.

2-This process incorporates many aspects of yogic practice including mantras and yantras and will

include sexual intercourse with a partner as a sacrament. One type of energy can be converted

into another type of energy. The practitioners are referred to as hero (vira) sadkaks, as a great

deal of courage is required to circumvent the established social protocol.

3-Many fears must be faced and ones social programing rebooted. The chakra puja uses the tremendous sexual

energy generated with the partner to achieve a transcendental experience of the divine in the partner and

ones self, embracing the physical plane to transcend the physical plane, converting lust into an

ocean of love for the partner and then riding on that sea of love to embrace all humanity leading to the great mystic

universal vision of love which is referred to as vinjnana samadhi in yogicliterature.

4-God alone exists. The Tantric embraces the divine in all things and thus attains to the Brahman consciousness.

Utilization of this powerful group energy technique requires

spiritual maturity from all participants. Yoga has always

maintained that every act of human existence

can be made sacred. Tantra refuses to shy away

from that reality. The process is admittedly a

challenging prospect for so many who have

been socialized to artificially separate these two

vital areas of life; sexuality and spirituality. In

doing so our societies has created a neurotic

fragmented consciousness.

5-Tantrics insistence on the worship of the Divine

Mother through the use of the panchamakaras, or five sacred Ms; grains (mudra), fish (matsya),meat (mamsa),

wine (madya) and sexual intercourse (maithuna). The only one of these items which is culturally acceptable

within the Brahman traditions is the use of grain. The Tantras

authorize that some of these items could be substituted. Kulanarva suggests that garlic or ginger can replace

meat but nothing can replace maithuna.


WHAT IS BHAIRAVI KRIYA(Bhairavi Breath of Bliss ) AND WHERE DOES IT COME FROM ? “In the copulatory yoga that is practiced By the Hero and Heroine Upward they drive the coach of breath That has its wheels in regions right and left; There they collect the waters of the heaven And never the organs tiring know.” 10 FACTS;- 1- Bhairavi Kriya is an elegant and precise breathing practice in which the tantric practitioner uses breath and visualization to mentally direct the essence of sexual energy upwards toward the center above the crown of the head, wherein resides the divine presence. The technique conserves the light-energy so that it is not lost outside the body. 2-Bhairavi is the core technique of Kaula Marg Tantra. The technique is practiced daily. It takes about eight minutes of dedicated time both morning and evening to complete. The term vira sadhak is used frequently in tantric texts.The hero and heroine is an acknowledgement of the courage that the vira sadhak displays in reprograming the consciousness to see sexuality as a divine event rather than the prevailing social viewpoint. 3-As revealed by Mataji, the technique is an alchemical practice of breath control which utilizes the nadi system to awaken kundalini and move the primordial light-energy through the central channel (sushumna chitrini nadi). The technique captures, balances, and recirculates the sexual essence throughout the nadi system, specifically the higher centers (chakras). The exact process must be learned from a qualified teacher (adihariguru). 4-The alchemy of transmission of the cosmic energy (para shakti) relies upon the energetic and heart connection between the sadhak and the Sathguru through the teacher to access the massive power of Divine astral entities (shaktidevata) of the lineage, specifically Maha Kali and her forms. The heart must be opened. The initiation pledge requires the practitioner to accept Sathguru Kriya 5-What Bhairavi Breath of Ecstasy Can Do... This amazing process leads to expansion of ones charisma by energizing the aura (pranamayakosham), the establishment of shakti-light within the body of the practitioner, the transformation from a karmic centric life to a dharmic centric life, and at its terminal end, the attainment of super conscious experience. One introduces the highest spiritual vibration into sexual intimacy. 6-This precise meditative breathing practice opens subtle channels of energy that lead to higher consciousness while the heart space is purified and expanded. These channels are both within the astral body as well as outside. Incrementally, the descent of light-grace occurs from the akashic field. 7-One form of Bhairavi Kriya is also known as Urdvamnaya. The classical text, Kulanarva Tantra, identifies the five amnayas, or “great traditions” associated with different forms of yoga, such as Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, etc. Kulanarva states that the greatest is “urdvam” or “upwards directed”. This upwards direction refers to the movement of kundalini energy and ones light essence upward through the Tantric nadis to the crown. 8-This is the light essence (tejas) that is within the semen and vaginal fluids (ojas). This Urdvamnaya Kriya is exalted as the highest of all kriyas and is performed either by itself or in conjunction with the appropriate mantra. The technique used with the mantra is an ajapa pranayam, a silent mantra without the vocal cords. Its importance is underscored by an entire chapter of Kulanarva Tantra which is devoted to praise of these two conjoined techniques. 9-Lord Shiva speaks to his beloved thus, “Oh deveshi! Know the Urdvamnaya as the direct single means for emancipation yielding a greater fruit than all others and better than the best of them…Neither the vedas, agamas, sastras, puranas, austerities, pilgrimages, mantras, or herbs can understand or contain Urdvamnaya. 10-This Urdvamnaya Bhairavi technique makes significant use of bandhas, mudras, specialized pranayams, and other Kriyas and must be learned from a qualified teacher. When the siddhas referred to the technique in classical works, the technique was recorded in code as it can only be known through the mouth of the teacher in the ancient oral tradition. ...