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04 FACTS;-

1-The five cosmic elements are Absolute Earth, Absolute Water, Absolute Fire, Absolute Air and Absolute Ether. The cosmic elements are intangible in nature and are the subtle most aspect of the actual elements that we can see and feel. For example, the Absolute Water cosmic element is the subtlest form of the water that goes to make up the rivers and the oceans etc. In short, the five Absolute Cosmic elements are the building blocks of the Universe; but they too are made up of the three subtle basic components.

2-Each Absolute Cosmic Element differs in their composition with regards to the proportion of the three subtle basic components. The Absolute Earth Cosmic element has the highest amount of the tama hence it is also the heaviest. The subtle basic tama component limits the existence whereas the subtle basic sattva component makes it expansive. This explains why the absolute Earth element is the most inferior among the five cosmic elements. 3-It also explains why the absolute Ether element is the most subtle and sattvik and hence most powerful. The reduction in the tama subtle basic component across the 5 major cosmic elements makes the elements progressively less tangible.For example, Fire is less gross or tangible

than Earth.

4-Man too is basically composed predominantly of the Absolute Earth and Water elements. As he starts evolving spiritually he starts functioning progressively at higher levels like the Absolute Fire element etc. This is characterised by a sense of radiance emanating from a spiritually evolved person. When this happens he has lesser basic needs like food and sleep. His comprehension and capacity to perform various activities increases markedly both quantitatively and qualitatively.


06 FACTS;-

1-A lot of ancient philosophies around the globe classify the composition of the Universe into 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Space). Knowledge of the five elements helps us understand the laws of nature.Each of the five elements represents a state of matter in nature.

2-Solid matter is classified as the “Earth” element. Water is everything that is liquid. Air is everything that is a gas. Fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Ether is the mother of the other elements and is the basis of higher spiritual experiences.

3-All of the creation is made up of the five elements in different proportions. The Human body is also the product of these 5 elements in different proportions. 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the rest is Ether. Usually, the percentages of first four elements remain constant but the percentage of Ether can be enhanced.

2-Each element is responsible for different structures in the body. Earth forms solid structures such as teeth, nails, bones, muscles, skin, tissues, and hair. These give structure and strength to the body. Water forms saliva, urine, semen, blood, and sweat. Fire forms hunger, thirst, sleep, the vision in the eyes and complexion of skin.

5-Air is responsible for all movement including expansion, contraction, vibration and suppression. Space is the most subtle of all elements and is present in the hollow cavities of the body in the form of radio frequencies, light radiation, cosmic rays etc.

6-The “Prana” (vital force) in the human body is also directly connected to these 5 elements. The Law of Nature demands these elements to be in

balance.Imbalance of the Elements is the CAUSE of DISEASES

The source of chronic (self-manifested) diseases is the impurity of any of the elements or if the elements are out of balance with another element in the body.


Imbalance of Water element is visible as excess mucus, cold, sinusitis, swelling of glands, edema of tissues, blood thinning or blood clotting.


Imbalance of Earth element shows itself as general weakness in the body, loss of calcium from bones, obesity, cholesterol, weight loss and weight gain, muscular diseases etc.


Imbalance of Fire element manifests itself as fever, skin diseases like inflammation, increased coldness or heat in body, excessive sweating, hyperacidity, slow digestion and absorption of nutrients, toxins in the body, diabetes etc.


Imbalance of Air element leads to skin dryness, blood pressure problems, lung disorders, dry cough, bloating, constipation, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, depression, etc.


Imbalance of Space element is visible as Thyroid disorders, throat problems, speech disorders, epilepsy, madness, ear diseases, etc.


Yoga helps us purify these elements and restore balance and health. Cleansing techniques for the 5 elements are known as “Bhuta Shuddhi”. To unfold the inner powers and abilities contained in each element.


03 FACTS;- 1-Each of the five elements has a certain relationship with the other elements, based on their nature. These relationships form the laws of nature. Some elements are enemies, in that each blocks the expression of the other. Fire and water, for example, will "destroy" each other if they get the chance. In order to co-exist fire and water need to be separated.. Too much fire in the body will create inflammation, while too much water can dampen fire and cause indigestion.

2-Some elements are said to "love" each other in that they are supportive and nurturing of each other. Earth and water love to "hug" each other, and air and fire increase each other.

3-Other elements are simply friendly and cooperative. For example, water and air can live together without problems, as in soda water; but when the chance occurs, they separate. The same occurs with fire and earth.


04 FACTS;-

1-The three subtle basic components (trigunās) of Sattva, Raja and Tama are the very fabric of creation. Unknown to modern sciences, they permeate through all living and non-living, tangible and intangible things. The vibrations emitted by anything are dependent on its predominant subtle basic component. This also influences the behaviour of all things.

2-The proportion of these components in human beings can't be changed but only it can be balanced by spiritual practice. Everything around us can be categorised as sattvik, rajasik or tamasik depending on the predominant subtle-component that they are made up of. The predominant subtle-component in anything can only be measured with one’s sixth sense (ESP). 3- Depending on whether we are sattvik/AIR ELEMENT, rajasik/ FIRE ELEMENT, or tamasik/ WATER ELEMENT, individuals, we can gravitate towards sattvik, rajasik or tamasik lifestyles.Due to the intangible nature of subtle basic sattva, raja and tama components, schools and universities that teach modern sciences are unaware that they exist. Hence they do not include them in their curriculum. As a result, the concept of the three subtle basic components may seem alien to some of us.

4-However this does not discount the fact that they pervade our entire existence and the world we live in. Depending on which one of the three subtle components is predominant within us, it influences how we: React to situations, Make decisions, Make choices, Live our lives. Since they are not physical in nature, it is difficult to put a finger on them and give them a physical characteristic. Here we can have a sense of what these three subtle components are about and how they influence our lives.We need self awareness to be able to understand that we are being influenced by which tendency.


06 FACTS;- 1-Air represents the mental side of human nature, so Air types tend to be idea people—intellectual and curious types. When Air goes wrong, the person is nervous, twitchy, restless and agitated, too full of nervous energy and has too little tendency to work it off physically, as Fire or Earth might do. Instead, Air will spend time reading or surfing the net or otherwise involved with ideas, theories and virtual things instead of physical reality. Air tends to be attracted to caffeine and stimulants that make one’s mind sharper or help one focus.

2-Distorted Air leads to ADD symptoms, Asperger’s Syndrome, autism and other conditions that make it hard to bond emotionally with others, leaving a person cold, unattached and stiff (both emotionally and physically). An Airy type can be the epitome of a talking head, full of theories and the logical reasons behind why they should work, but disinterested in their application. That Airy intelligence can lead to a tendency to criticize whatever doesn’t fit the theory. At its worst, Air is alienated, unfeeling, cut off from others and amoral, because it lacks compassion.

3-All of us emit sattva, raja or tama frequencies depending on which subtle component is predominant. The more the sattva component within us the better our personalities, the higher the sustainable success and contentment in our career, relationships and lives. The sattva component can be increased through spiritual practice along with dissociating oneself from raja and tama influences as much as possible.

4-The subtle basic sattva component is the most subtle or intangible of the three subtle basic components. It is the component nearest to divinity. Hence its predominance in a person is characterised by happiness, contentment, virtues like patience, perseverance, ability to forgive, spiritual yearning etc.

5-Satvik tendencies guide us to the righteous path which makes us Yogi. Yogi does karma selflessly knowing himself to be part of the whole. He lives honestly, shares his knowledge and wealth for the benefit of the humanity. This tendency generates a feeling of oneness and happiness and self discipline is maintained.Yogi has surrendered his ego.

6-In the pursuit of self realization, Satvik finds enjoyment & begins to drink nectar of life after following many rules and regulation to control the mind on the self even though these procedures are very difficult, bitter like poison in the beginning.


03 FACTS;-

1-The Fire side of us is naturally upbeat, cheerful and energetic. When Fire goes wrong, all that drive and energy still needs someplace to go, so the person tends toward irritation, frustration and anger. They can also take cheerfulness to the point of being entirely false and being unwilling to admit to having a down day. When Fire is distorted, a person becomes fierce, a bully, arrogant, entitled, self-centered and even violent.

2-When you meet a person who can’t take feedback without exploding, who has to have their own way and who must dominate every situation, blame ...Fire.Fire is also at work when an individual is hardheadedly self-determined or naïve to the point of clueless because they simply won’t listen to others. And Fire also brings us the megalomaniac, the self-absorbed, self-centered people for whom it’s “all about me.” Fire can be very uncaring and insensitive to others.

3-A Rajsik is not able to distinguish between Dharma and Adharma, what ought to be done and what should not be done. A Rajsik derives happiness

through his senses which come into contact with the objects which appear like nectar in the beginning but poison at the end.


05 FACTS;- 1-Water represents the emotional side of human life: Water grants us feelings, intuition, instinct, empathy and compassion. Water-gone-wrong heads in a number of seemingly unconnected directions. One way is that distorted Water becomes whiny, clingy, weepy, hypersensitive, histrionic and emotionally self-indulgent. This leads to codependence and being easily manipulated by others.

2-Other people take distorted Water in a different direction, toward being passive-aggressive, manipulative, controlling and a user, always covertly pushing for one’s way.Water is moody; it can fall into pits of depression, resulting in spending time being lazy, unmotivated, greasy & unwashed. Even when Water is expressed in a spiritual way, the person can take an attitude of spiritual superiority which is actually not spiritual at all.

3-The subtle basic tama component is the basest of the three. Its predominance in a person is reflected by laziness, greed, attachment to worldly matters etc. The subtle basic raja component provides fuel to the other two, i.e. brings about the action. So depending on whether a person is predominantly sattvik or tamasik the subtle basic raja component will bring about actions pertaining to sattva or tama.

4-Tamsik tendency guide us to the path of greed/materialism which makes us Bhogta/Bhogi and one considers others as material objects(Bhogya vastu) for serving ones selfish interest. He wants to earn without any principles, and uses his power & wealth for personal benefits .Bhogi is egoistic/greedy/ materialistic and this results in their clash.

5-Such a person acts without thought, without consideration of its effect on the ability to work and without foresight. He does not work to the best of his ability.The intellect of a Tamasik is always wrapped in ignorance, and he thinks even Adharma to be Dharma and always strives in the wrong direction. He is not firm, and does not give up sleep, fear, anxiety and sorrow. He feels pleasure in laziness, in sleep, and has no idea how to act and how not to act. In reality there is no happiness in him from the beginning to the end.


05 FACTS;-

1-The three subtle basic components are basically intangible particles. When they are active, i.e. when there is energy accompanying it they appear in a wave form.

2-Colour..The subtle basic sattva component appears yellow, the subtle basic raja component red and the subtle basic tama component black in colour when perceived through highly active sixth sense.

3-Wavelength..The subtle basic raja component being the most active is reflected in its wavelength, whereas the subtle basic sattvacomponent being more tranquil has a longer wavelength. The disorganised and distorted nature of the subtle basic tama component is reflected in its irregular wavelength.

4-Amplitude:The amplitude of the raja component is the highest as it is most active. The subtle basic sattva component is lower and regular whereas the subtle basic tama component is low and irregular. 5-Length:Their length is dictated according to the need of the function. The three subtle components also make up the five Absolute Cosmic elements (Panchamahabhoota).


02 FACTS;-

1-Are you emotional or driven by reason? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? Do you prefer to take the lead or be led? The personality type analysis will advise you which elements best characterise you and what impact they have on your lifestyle.The three elements are expressed differently in every person. They can change during the course of a person’s life.The more even the balance of these elements, the more harmonious your personality will be as a whole.

2-Our minds are programmed with the chip of triguns & we behave accordingly.Lord Sri Krishna commands triguns as 33% but its impossible for a common one ,who dies also in same proportion.Everybody behaves according to his/her first & second element.All Triguns are we should accept our element.When we are normal... Only then ,we are successful..




The cold, humidity


1-Feminine, receptive, manager,lover of food items,connected to the emotions, intuition, mysterious, the subconscious, etc.;Good in resource management,Saving etc.

2-People of water element possess a very subtle cast of mind; quite often they demonstrate parapsychological abilities. People of water element are very impressionable and sensitive. People of water element are distinguished by inconstancy, emotionality, and a rather extreme sensitivity.

3-Compatibility:People of water element should choose partners among water element .


03 POINTS ;-

1-The water element is an owner and captures everything. Water element may assume colours and paints at the same time hiding things like sugar or salt dissolved in water. Only shoaling water element is transparent, in depths water element is dark. Water element is able to hide only thoughts, but water element is frank in feelings. Therefore, water element frequently becomes a victim of one's own mood, imagination and subjectivity. Water element pays particular attention to trifles, details, surroundings. This basis gives rise to methodicalness.

2-Water excess results in hysterical reactions, pettiness, and psychopathy. However, water element is also merciful, can soothe, protect, pull through, and nurse. Water element is hard-working and endowed with sense of duty and responsibility. Water element is disposed to submission. Since water element is running, her feelings are changeable.

3-The sense of ownership may give rise to greediness and jealousy. The imagination of water element is peculiar and is the ground for romanticism,

subjectivity and idealism.People of water element possess a very subtle cast of mind; quite often they reveal parapsychological abilities. People of water element are very impressionable and sensitive.

4-People of water element are distinguished by inconstancy, emotionality, and a rather extreme sensitivity. But they are more capable of adaptation than it seems. At times it may seem that their condition is hopeless, however they find a way out of a difficult life situations like water that grides its way through rocks.



Warmth and dryness


1-Energy, activity, idea;Masculine, projective, connected to the will, passion, creativity, etc.;Good in speaking and earning money,owners..

2-People of fire element are characterized by fiery temper, lively wit, and quick intelligence. People of fire element are not predisposed to long explanations, are impatient in trifles, but are smart and capable to grasp quickly the meaning of the main things. People of fire element frequently make thoughtless actions.

3-Compatibility:They should choose friends and beloved ones among the signs of fire element and air.


03 POINTS ;-

1-The internal essence of the fire element is pitilessness - fire element burns mercilessly. The fire element likes to govern, rule over others, order people about. The fire element is very beautiful and bright, aspiring to be handsome and defiant. The basic feature of fire element is demonstrative behaviour.

2-People of fire element are hot and fiery tempered; they possess agile mind and quick wits. People of fire element are not predisposed to long explanations and are impatient in trifles; however, they are bright and capable to grasp the meaning of the main things quickly.

3-People of fire element do everything thoughtlessly and frequently commit rash actions. At the same time they do not regret the results of their own impetuosity. They have a hot blood and a hot head.People of fire element are lusty. Their temperament is explosive. Their warm-heartedness and fervor attract people. As a rule, people of fire element are successful in life, but if they are not lucky, failures follow one another.



Warmth, humidity


1-Circulation, communication,speed,service, information;Masculine, projective element connected to rational thought, the mind, intellect, wisdom, communication, etc.; Good artist

2-People of air element are very sociable and are peculiar guides, intermediaries among various people and even groups. Distinctive features of air element are quick-wittedness, cheerful, bright character, loquacity, and sociability. Particularities of air element people are juridical and reasonable arguments.

3-Compatibility:According their air element these people should choose friends and sweethearts belonging to the elements of air and fire .


04 POINTS ;-

1-Air element is endowed with the heightened receptivity. This is the leading quality because gases in space can penetrate everywhere. It provides high ability to the interaction, based on observation. Against the internal background of the air element one can notice anxiety, fussiness, nervousness, and increased uneasiness.

2-People of air element will never hurt themselves, they do not feel keenly. Their emotions are not destructive because they calm down quickly. Mind of air element helps to evade destruction.The characteristic features of

air element are attention, changeability, sincerity, and openness. Air element is able to escape without staying too long. Upward movement occurs due to the intellectual superiority.

3-On negative background the air element is garrulous(बातूनी) because of

excessive openness.People of air element are very sociable and are peculiar guides, intermediaries among various people and even groups. Distinctive features of air element are quick-wittedness, cheerful, bright character, loquacity, and sociability.

4-Particularities of air element people are juridical, reasonable arguments and explanations. Therefore air element is associated with thinking and imagination. People of air element live in the world of ideas, thoughts and associations. They like to operate with logic arguments and possess clear, sober judgment.

IN NUTSHELL;WATER IS EMOTION ,FIRE IS ACTION ,AIR IS KNOWLEDGE...And all of them are complement of each other.. Their behaviour is according to their element.Neither try to change yourself nor others. Only,trust on your element and behave accordingly..