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On one of the occasion I was taken by couple from Gurugaon for looking into Vastu anomalies in their home. They had been suffering from reasons unknown to them. As I reached their home on the second floor of a building, I spent some time in deep meditation to try to feel anomalies at the subtle level. I felt that the house, though being in an urban locality was being affected by ‘entities’. ‘Entities’ in general refers to spirits. On further enquiry, the lady of house narrated the following: “…. I have been working in a corporate house for almost two decades, located in Delhi and around. My husband being in the Forces generally has been away on duty, and hence I manage the financial and investment aspects of the family. I got a wonderful offer for investing in this particular property ten years ago, in the outskirts of Gurugaon, which is now merged with the main city. During the expansion a number of villages around the city also merged with the city. When the builder showed this building to me I liked it as it was cheaper compared to other properties. What I missed to observe was that this building was built very close a funeral ground of the village that had now merged with the city. The builder had smartly hid the signboard of the funeral ground. Though this funeral ground is around fifty metres from here is not being used often. There are funerals conducted once or twice in a month….”

On hearing this, my subtle feelings of presence of entities was confirmed. Though the entities were not troubling the family, but their very existence was causing irritation in the life of the family. • Let’s understand the aspects of spirits living the body on death. There are five levels of ‘life’ leaving the body. they are called as sammana, praana, udaana, apaana and vyana, in the same sequence. When a person is declared dead by the doctor, the sequence of the life leaving the body is given as under: o Samaana – 21 to 24 minutes. Samaana is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the body. o Praana – 48 to 68 minutes. o Udaana – 6 to 12 hours. A life can be revived by some Tantrik process before the Udaana leaves the body. once Udaana leaves the body, revival is extremely difficult. o Apaana – 8 to 18 hours. o Vyaana – 11 to 14 days for a normal person and 45 to 90 days for an extremely spiritual powerful being. Vyaana is the preservative element of the Praana. • When a body is brought to the cremation ground, generally it’s the time when Udaana is in the process of leaving. When the body is cremated Udaana also is released. This is the time the soul is in an extremely confused state. Obviously, the area surrounding a cremation ground would be crowded by many such ‘lives’ or ‘entities’ and they would certainly cause interference in the lives of the people staying there. • Such entities can be dealt by many techniques. One of the easiest ways to remove such entities is by the use of aromas by burning a few herbs or camphor. They are explained below: o Take a normal copper plate and buy good quality camphor. Daily, at the dusk keep the copper plate at the Brahmasthana and burn three – four flakes of camphor on the copper plate. Burning camphor purifies the homes and drive away evil spirits and negative energy. Burning Camphor can also bring prosperity and abundance of wealth to your family. (please refer photo) o Sambrani, is another substance, burning of which helps in removing spirits and negative energy. Sambrani, a thick, shapeless and lumpy rock-like material, is a fragrant substance. Coarsely powdered sambrani is sprinkled on a smoldering fire created by burning charcoal or coconut shells in an ornamental brass or clay holder. Then it is taken around all the parts of the house to spread the smoke before keeping it finally at the Brahmasthana. The same has to be done daily at dusk (please refer photo). • Just by doing this religiously one can remove the effect of entities effectively. The Gurugaon family was immensely benefitted by doing this.