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18 JAN..19


1-Spiritually, killing in a dream is a sign of offering.Killing dreams are most of the time not a positive sign, because the killing can represent mental conflicts. If the killing was done in self-defense, a better position, either social or at work, is possible.

2-Killing in dreams symbolizes your need for power. Another aspect of this dream refers to providing a solution to a problem by killing a part of it. Beating someone to death indicates that you own anger and rage may be the source of your own frustrations.

3-Killing someone in self defense can mean you're feeling attacked somehow (mentally, emotionally, physically) or that you need to defend yourself or stand up for yourself somehow.

4-Escaping can be about your dream has a happy end; you are learning to keep some secrets, watching out for hurting others, examining your emotionality.

5-All in all, To dream that you are using self defense indicates that you are on the defensive about some issue in your waking life. You feel that you are being picked on or criticized.

your subconscious is killing what the conscious can’t kill ! it could be a person harming you in real life , or a principle / belief / social boundary which is limiting your life / freedom …

6-your conscious mind’s logic is realising an alert that this person or concept is killing you , but at the same time there is another thought in your mind , that you cannot do anything about it … so when you go to sleep , your subconscious is free of all the logic of the conscious mind , so it sees the threat and goes to attack it … you see the form of the threat as the person trying to kill you , and the subconscious whom is struggling and killing it !

7-check your mind , what is causing this high friction / conflict … there has to be something … you will kill it millions of times in your dreams till you deal with it in reality … killing means stopping something / someone from harming you … it may be a bad habit , which you cannot stop !

Or many times people fear that their dreams are the real thing… sometimes they do feel more real than life… but more often than not… they are symbolic of something that is happening or has happened in your life…. most people are really dreaming about aspects of themselves when they dream of other people… people that symbolize a particular trait or experience that someone is going through in the dream…

8-it’s important to separate what is a symbol and what is a real representation of something that is happening or could

happen…write down the details you remember then begin asking questions that reveal what that experience

or part of the dream represents…your subconscious is sending you a message but it’s in code… you need to

decipher the codes to get the meaning questions like… does the killing mean something real or symbolic?

9-what does the killing or death symbolize?

is there something in my life or of myself or someone or something else that I want to get rid of (kill) or eliminate?

how is this affecting me?

is this what I want for myself?

do I want to change this or maintain this?

what does it need to from me …change or maintain this course of action?

…in depth questions that peel away the layers of the subconscious until everything is understood on the conscious level of the mind

10-“YOU WIN”

Whatever obstacle you are facing, you rise to the occasion and triumph.In the dream, you are able to fight

off this threatand kill it.So if there is something that is overwhelming you in real life, your dream is telling you that you do have the strength to overcome it, and not let it kill you so to speak.


SEEING PUCHCHHAL GURU TARA IN DREAM(ON 3rd feb 2019(early morning) couldn't find it... only star 1-Stars are symbols of hope and achievement in life. If you see a star in your dreams, it is generally believed to be a sign of your desire to be in the company of famous and influential people. A shining star in dreams expresses hopes for you even in adverse situations where you think that everything is finished. 2- It is a symbol of achievement in dreams. It also symbolizes noble people. You are likely to attend a gathering of celebrities and other stars if you see stars in your dreams.A brilliant star in the dream indicates leadership and happiness in life. 3-If you see a star overhead in your dream, it means that you will progress in life and overtake your colleagues and associates. If you have a star in your hands in the dream, it means that you will become famous and have authority over many people. 4-Stars in dreams can have wonderfully profound and positive meanings. Stars can represent our highest ideals, our spiritual Self, our loftiest aspirations and most inspiring goals. Stars can symbolise illumination, the ability to see through confusion to what is most true and real. Stars often relate to optimism, faith and new beginnings. 5-Stars in dreams can mean that we are achieving our goals or are inspired to set new goals. But stars in dreams may also mean we feel we are “shooting for the stars” and that those goals are unrealistic. Catching, touching or in some other way interacting with stars could be a sign that even those most far fetched plans could actually be achieved. 6-While stars can mean achievement and success in the material or physical world, stars are often incredibly spiritual signs....this could be a holy message. Perhaps the dream could be reassuring you ;you are on the right path, or that you are actually closer than you realise to the divine. Even if you are not religious, stars in dreams can be a sign of becoming more enlightened, or of developing a deeper sense of connection with the universe. 7-Stars in dreams can come when we are seeking ideas, inspiration or guidance. Stars in dreams can come when we need hope or encouragement, they can inspire us to pursue our dreams, to follow our hearts, and to become the person we really wish and ought to be. Stars encourage us to be real, to take a chance, to be open and to try new things. Stars remind us too, that dreams really can come true. 8-The star demonstrates everything that is spiritual in your life. If the star is in the shape of the pentagram, then it denotes wisdom, in that in your life the spiritual and physical world have come together, you are on the path to enlightenment, and can move onto the road of helping other. 9-Stars represent the heavens to us – they are greater and more remote than man – therefore this dream may also mean that you are able (at this time) to trust in the hands of fate. Stars also represent fame and fortune and the people that we look up to and admire.



1-To see cremains in your dream, symbolizes change. It also represents a return to your true Self and acceptance of who you are.To dream of a funeral for someone that has already died suggests that the grieving process is ending and you are prepared to move on. (An Old Wives Tale That Says That Dreaming Of A Funeral Means Someone Will Be Getting Married.)

2-To dream that someone is being cremated, represents purification and your strive for perfection. If one sees a group of people performing a funeral prayers and crying over the loss of the deceased in a dream, it means that the conclusion of his life will be commendable.

What does a blue bed in a dream mean?

1-A blue bed in the dream indicates that you are feeling calm and collected at the moment. Some dream dictionaries denote that to see blue sheets and covers can suggest that there is an emotionally charged event that is forthcoming.

2-Blue tends to be a very spiritual color for most dreamers. Blue often represents truth, heaven, tranquility, peace, intuition, and whatever the dreamer associates with sky or ocean. Blue could even signify the desire for a vacation! The color can represent the collective conscious or the subconscious. Blue is often associated with boys and could represent masculinity for the dreamer.

3-Different shades of blue can have very different meanings. Navy blue often means conformity and a lack of individualism since this color is typically associated with uniforms. Dark or washed-out blue may indicate depression and feelings of sadness.

4-Blue may also be associated with the fifth, throat chakra. This chakra is associated with communication, self-expression, thinking, and planning.



23 FEB...19

TORTOISE IN DREAM;- Tortoise is a symbol of wisdom and longevity, as well as good luck and prosperity. If you dreamed of a very large and beautiful tortoise, it can be confident as upcoming financial improvement. This dream may also herald great wealth, which can appear quite suddenly. So, you have to be prepared to accept gifts of fate. FROG DREAM 1-A frog symbolizes life cycle, transformation, fertility, rebirth, luck, purity, ancient wisdom and the ability to intensify our intentions for reaching a desirable state of satisfaction and enlightenment. Associated with the water element, it allows our physical, spiritual and energetic cleansing by connecting us with the world of feminine energies and emotions. 2-Dreams about frogs symbolize love, blessings, prosperity and also represent your spiritual and emotional transformation.Frog in dreams typically relate to some form of transformation, renewal, or rebirth. 3-The dream frog symbolizes a major transformation. It may also indicate a problem with commitment or your expectation that someone in your life will change into what you need and that you are not accepting them for who they are. 4-Because frogs live on land and in the water, they are strong symbols of adaptability as well. You should consider whether there is something in your life that you need to adapt to when a frog appears in your dream. Frogs hide through their ability to camouflage themselves, so you might think about how whether you are blending into your environment to hide from something/someone. 5-Frogs hop rapidly from place to place, so the dream frog can represent your desire to get out of a situation quickly. The leaping ability of a frog in your dream can also indicate that you should take a “leap of faith” in making a decision. The frog suggests that you may be making progress toward your goal by trial and error in ways you don’t readily see. 6-Sometimes, dream frogs are linked to health problems in the family, but traditional dream interpretations from older cultures indicate that frogs are always good omens when they appear in a dream and always predict happiness and strong friendships. NOTE;- What does seeing a frog in your house mean? To see a frog inside your home means that you will manage to get everything you’ve wished and planned for. Your true intentions and wishes will finally be fulfilled and result in success. For example, if you have been working towards a promotion for a long time, you will finally get promoted. And if you wish to get out of a toxic relationship and search for a partner more suitable, you will finally gather the courage to do it. If you wanted to buy your own place to live, seeing a frog inside your home in your dream reveals the future realization of your goal. The frog signifies your determination, strong character, hard-working nature, and positive attitude. But if you wanted to remove the frog out of your house or apartment, it’s a negative sign. In that, you will probably experience obstacles and challenges on your way to success. Someone or something will make it almost impossible for you to reach your goal. However, you will manage to find a way and still do it, eventually. What does it mean to dream of a green frog?

Frogs come in a range of different shades, color and also sizes. Many people find they dream the frog is a strange color. The colors of frogs are normally associated with “warning away predators.” From a spiritual perspective if the frog is green in color in your dream then this represents harmony and emotional correctness. Seeing a green frog hopping in a dream can effectively represent you handled difficult times better than most. If the frog is black in color (or extremely dark green) then this

represents losses and adjustments in life.


MUMMY ..HAMMER...12 FEB- A dream about a hospital generally suggests that you or someone close to you needs to heal a physical, mental or spiritual issue or healing may already be taking place. To get a clear picture of the hospital dream interpretation, consider the type of pain, disease, or purpose the hospital dream may be about. More generally, have you been neglecting your health lately? It could be a gentle reminder to take better care of yourself or your current behaviour might result in a visit to the doctor to undo all your bad habits and choices. Lastly, the patient of the hospital dream can indicate the person that may be healing. If you are visiting someone like boyfriend or girlfriend at a hospital, it suggests that the relationship between you and the person needs healing. However, if someone is visiting you in a hospital dream, it suggests that you are hurting and you need help.

Like most dream interpretations, dreaming about a hospital usually only have deeper or secondary meanings when you are not generally associated with hospitals. For example, if you visit hospital often because of a disease like cancer or if you are a nurse or doctor. Those hospital dreams may be a simple reflection of your daily experiences.

HAMMER To hear or see a hammer being used is fortunate; if you used it yourself, it predicts a satisfying achievement.



If you dream about another person’s coat, it is representative of the person who it belongs to. It might be a sign of your true feelings regarding them or the relationship you share with them.If you dream that you have gotten under someone’s overcoat, or have placed your hands under it, then this is an indication that you are intensely intimate with them.The coat can also represent your ability to deal with weather and stressful situations.



1-Dreaming about seeing or handling useful plants, such as edible or aesthetically pleasing ones often is a positive sign. Although the dream could symbolize your involvement in a sensible and valuable project, it more commonly refers to your personal and close relationships.

2-Namely, it could speak of your domestic affairs. You would feel emotionally, physically and materially comfortable inside you house and among everyone who lives there. It could also speak of the relationships you have with non-household members, the relationships which are balanced, stable, pleasant and rewarding.

3-That is tulsi or peepal, which has just been planted depicts the beginning of new relationships and friendships and you want to move forward in your life. That is tulsi, which is green in colour, it suggests hope and good times in your life. You will have peace in your relationships and some celebration will take place in your home. 4-Which has medicinal value such as tulsi, neem, etc, it signifies that you will handle a major project at work. You will also get the desired name and reputation in your personal and professional life.

edicinal plants

5-Dreaming about seeing or gathering medicinal plants could reveal the existence of good relationships you have with your close friends or people in your social circle. In particular, you most likely have caring, supportive and sincere people around you. You can trust them and rely and count on their support and help.

lants in pots

6-Dreaming about observing plants growing in pots could translate your domestic nature. It is possible that you are a household-oriented person. You enjoy managing your domestic affairs or taking care of household chores. You would rather stay at home than go outside. Consequently, you could be limiting the variety of your possibilities and experiences. Alternatively, you would just be strengthening your inner structure and fine-tuning your personal issues. Thereafter, you might start exposing yourself to outside influences knowing that you have a safe and comfortable refuge to return to.


Long Hair OF MUMMY 3 MARCH 19

1-Seeing the hair as long, one of the following interpretations could be given : if he is a soldier, his strength, elegance and awe will increase; if he is Hashimite, he will gain leadership in his community; if the observer is a businessman, his merchandise will increase, if he is a farmer his crops will increase.

2-Black Hair — Seeing one's white hair turning black suggest that his present condition will be transformed.

Long hair is connected to our freedom in life. In life long hair has become a symbol of freedom, opens and carefree attitude. Long hair is connected to our own characteristics, this dream incorporates the aspects of yourself.The fact is that this dream represents completion. Not surprisingly, this dream reaffirms that you are in the right place right now. Symbolically long hair indicates that you are headed in the right direction.



1-To dream that you are sleeping in garbage means that you have some qualifications which you don’t trust yourself and this disturbs you too much. These thoughts will disappear gradually. 2-A dream of garbage, as such, is an omen of contrary and predicts a future success beyond what you now believe possible.Garbage symbolizes the dreamer will have an energy crisis in waking life. The message is that one should look for places and things that make your energy leak.



1-Almond means money. To see an almond in your dream symbolizes tranquility, light, beauty and abundance.Generally, almonds are positive in dreams, and they are associated with riches and goodness.The almond has always been associated with peace, and is a sacred symbol throughout the world.

2-Almonds foretell that you are going to travel abroad soon. Pack your bags! This also means that you are over some difficult times. It is important to try to face your pain, and emerge bigger and better from your difficulties.

3-If you dream of eating almonds, then you will have future enjoyment in your life. Maybe you can travel to distant lands. This denotes a journey and positive, enjoyable times ahead. If you dream about another person eating almonds, this is a sign of sorrow and difficulties. The modern interpretation of this dream says that the one who dreams of almonds will enjoy a peaceful and successful life.When you see others eating almonds, this dream signifies that there are people around you who need your support. You should try to find out and help people.

4-Almonds are generally expensive so it could also mean that you will be financially stable or come into some money. Another thought process is that you see wedding bells in your future as almonds are commonly associated with wedding favours and happiness in love.To see or eat almonds in your dream represents success and richness.

5-If you dream of almonds it signifies rich and stable life, after the disappointments you have been suffering. This will be the time, when you will be relaxed and all the negative emotions will be released.

6-When you see the almonds on the ground, this dream symbolizes that it is time for you to work and prepare your mind to overcome fatigue.


1-To dream of using a mirror to put makeup on represents an awareness of seeing your personality change.To dream of a mirror represents self-reflection or self-awareness. You are noticing something about yourself. Assessing yourself. Thinking about yourself honestly. A reflective mood. Seeing yourself for who you really are.

2-To dream of seeing someone else's face in a mirror may reflect feelings about yourself being associated with the qualities that stand out the most about that person. It may also reflect feelings about yourself acting or feeling like the person you see in the mirror. ...


1-One of the most common dreams people have are about teeth, which actually are significant. God is speaking to us through these dreams.Symbolically, teeth chew the word or teaching of God so it can be digested and made useful through application. Chewing or thinking about something brings deeper understanding.

2-Teeth in a dream often symbolize power or strength. In this context, to brush them could represent the desire to enhance these qualities. – Teeth may also represent our self-image, or our presentation to the outer world.

3-To dream of brushing teeth in the evening indicates that your pressure is too great, you'd better relax properly and learn to do decompression exercise.Dreaming of brushing your teeth or rinsing with a mouthwash is an indication that you will have to make sacrifices in order to maintain your current level of happiness. You also need to make a lot of effort if you want your well-being to be the way it is right now.