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10 FACTS;-


''Or in the spaces between, feel this as lightning''.

2-This is a very similar method with a slight difference: “OR IN THE SPACES BETWEEN, FEEL THIS AS LIGHTNING.” Between one center and another, as rays are coming, you can feel it like lightning ..just a jump of light. For some people the second will be more suitable and for others the first. This is why there is a modification.

3-There are people who cannot imagine things gradually and there are people who cannot imagine in jumps. If you can think and imagine gradually, then the first method is good. But if you try the first method and you suddenly feel that from one center the rays jump directly to the second, then don’t do the first method. The second is better for you. “FEEL THIS AS LIGHTNING” — like a spark of light jumping from one center to the next. And the second is more real because, really, light jumps.

4-There is no gradual step-by-step growth. Light is a jump.

Look at the electric light. You think it is constant, but that is illusory. There are gaps, but the gaps are so small that you cannot detect them. Electricity comes in jumps. One jump, and then there is a gap of darkness. Another jump, and then there is a gap of darkness. But you never feel the gap because the jump is so fast. Otherwise, every moment there is darkness. Again there is a jump, light comes, then again darkness. Light jumps, it never travels.

5-For those who can conceive of jumps, the second modification is best. “OR IN THE SPACES BETWEEN, FEEL THIS AS LIGHTNING.” Just try it. If you feel good with the rays coming gradually, it is okay. If you don’t feel good and rays are jumping, then forget about rays. Think of this as lightning in the sky, in the clouds, just jumping from one place to another.

6-For women the first technique will be easier and for men the second. The feminine mind can conceive of gradualness more easily and the male jumps more easily. The male mind is “jumpy”; it jumps from one thing to another. There is a subtle uneasiness in the male mind. The female mind has a gradual process, it is not jumpy. That is why female and male logic are very different. A man goes on jumping from one thing to another, and for women this is inconceivable. For them there must be growth ..gradual growth. But choose. Try these, and choose whichever you feel is good for you.

7-Two or three things more about this method. With lightning you may feel such hotness that it may seem unbearable. If you feel that, don’t try it. Lightning can give you much heat. If you feel this, that it is unbearable, then don’t try this. Then with the first method, if you are at ease, then it is good. Otherwise with uneasiness don’t try it. Sometimes the explosion can be so great that you may become afraid of it, and once afraid you will never be able to do it again. Then fear enters.

8-So one has to be aware always not to become afraid of anything. If you feel that fear will come and it is too much for you, don’t try it. Then the first method with light rays is best. If you feel that even with light rays too much hotness is coming to you ..and it depends because people differ ..then conceive of the rays as cool, imagine them as cool. Then instead of feeling warmth you will feel a coldness with everything. That too will be effective.

9-So you can decide; try and decide. Remember, with this technique, and with others also, if you feel very uneasy or anything unbearable, don’t do it. There are other methods, and this one may not be for you. With unnecessary disturbance inside, you will create more problems than you will solve.In our country, because of this, we have developed a particular yoga which we call SAHAJ YOGA.

10-SAHAJ means spontaneous, easy, natural. Always remember SAHAJ. If you feel any technique spontaneously coming to you, if you feel more affinity with it, if you feel better with it .. more healthy, more alive, more at home ..then that is the method for you.Move with it; you can trust it.

Don’t create unnecessary problems. And the inner mechanism is very complex. If you do something which is too much for you, you may destroy many things. So it is better to move with something which feels harmonious to you.



14 FACTS;-


''Feel the cosmos as a translucent ever-living presence''.

2-This technique again is concerned with light: “FEEL THE COSMOS AS A TRANSLUCENT EVER-LIVING PRESENCE.”This technique is based on

inner sensitivity. First grow in sensitivity. Just close your doors, make the room dark and light a small candle. Sit near the candle with a very loving attitude .. rather, with a prayerful attitude. Just pray to the candle, “Reveal yourself to me.” Take a bath, throw cold water on your eyes, then sit in a very prayerful mood before the candle. Look at it and forget everything else.

3-Just look at the small candle or diya .. the flame and the candle. Go on looking at it. After five minutes you will feel that many things are changing in the candle. They are not changing in the candle, remember; your eyes are changing.With a loving attitude, with the whole world closed out, with total concentration, with a feeling heart, just go on looking at the candle and the flame. Then you will discover new colours around the flame, new shades which you were never aware were there.

4-They are there; the whole rainbow is there. Wherever light is, the rainbow is there because light is all colour. You need a subtle sensitivity. Just feel it and go on looking at it. Even if tears start flowing, go on looking at it. Those tears will help your eyes to be more fresh.Sometimes you may feel that the flame, the candle, has become mysterious. It is not the ordinary candle you brought with you; it has taken on a new glamour, a subtle divineness has come into it. Go on doing this. You can also do this with many other things.

5- Those,who have taken any drugs or some such thing, the whole world around them becomes a light phenomenon of colours that are

translucent,alive.This is not because of drugs . The world is such, but your eyes have become dull. The drugs is not creating a colourful world around you; the world is already colourful, nothing is wrong with the world. It is a rainbow of colours ..a mystery of colours and translucent light. But your eyes have become dull. That is why you can never feel it in such colourfulness.

6-Drugs is just clearing your eyes. It is not making the world colorful; it is just helping your dullness to go chemically, and then the whole world erupts before you. It is a new thing. Even an ordinary chair becomes a marvelous phenomenon. Just a shoe on the floor takes on new colours, a new youth. Ordinary traffic noise becomes musical. Trees you have always seen but never looked at are born anew though you have always passed them by and you know you have seen them. Every leaf of a tree is a miracle.

7-And this is how reality is. It is not drug which is creating this reality. Drug is just destroying your dullness, your insensitivity, and you look at the world as one should really look. But drug can give you only a glimpse, and if you depend on it, sooner or later ;you will not be able to remove your dullness. Then you will need greater doses, and then you will become immune to greater doses. And, really, if you then leave drugs, the world will be duller than it has ever been. Then you will become even more insensitive.

8-Drug will make you dull ultimately because with it you are not growing. If YOU grow, then it is a different process. Then you become more sensitive, and as you become more sensitive the world becomes different. Now you can sense many things you never sensed before because you were not sensitive.

9-For example,a group of five or six persons had been experimenting with rocks. They were experimenting with rocks on the bank of a lonely river. They were trying to feel them with their hands, with their faces, touching the rocks with their tongues, smelling the rocks. In every way possible they were feeling the rocks .. just ordinary rocks which they found on the bank.

10-They tried this for a whole hour, everyone with a rock. And then, one reported, there was a miracle. Everyone said, “Could I keep this rock? I have fallen in love with it!” An ordinary rock! If you have a sympathetic relationship with it, you will fall in love. And if you don’t have that sensitivity, then even with a very beautiful person you are with a rock; you cannot fall in love.

11-Sensitivity must grow. Your every sense must become more alive. Then you can experiment with this technique. “FEEL THE COSMOS AS A TRANSLUCENT EVER-LIVING PRESENCE.” Everywhere light is many, many shapes, forms, light is happening everywhere. Look at it .. And everywhere light is because the whole phenomenon is based on the foundation of light. Look at a leaf or a flower or a rock, and sooner or later you will feel rays coming out of it.

12-Just wait patiently. Don’t be in a hurry because nothing is revealed when you are in a hurry. In a hurry you are dull. Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert ..not aware of it.

“FEEL THE COSMOS AS A TRANSLUCENT EVER-LIVING PRESENCE,” and your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence.

13-You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension… the drop has fallen into the ocean. But great imagination will be needed in the beginning, and if you are also trying with other sensitivity training it will be helpful.

14-You can try many ways. Just take someone’s hand into your hand. Close your eyes and feel the life in the other. Feel it, and allow it to move towards you. Feel your own life and allow it to move towards the other. Sit near a tree and touch the bark of the tree. Close your eyes and feel the life arising in the tree, and you change immediately.


10 FACTS;-

1-The common man's happiness depends on the assets, power, talents, abilities and beliefs gained from society, prestige etc.Dependency on others is mandatory for them. Normally the person is a slave of circumstances.Pleasure is a positive mood. Our mind is like a situation, so physical, chemical changes also decrease in the body. Our mood is very much related to life conditions.

2-Happiness or depression also depends on how much our mind is excited by adverse and favourable events. Most people's happiness does not last long. That's because their condition is due to external objects, individuals and circumstances. 3-Our happiness is always relative. If you are happy with external reasons, then sadness will also come. Today is happiness, then tomorrow will be sad. Today, if there is a ray of hope, then it will be a nightmare of depression and despair, but there is no contrasting condition of the joyful state known in meditation.Only internal happiness can be permanent and such happiness can not depend on external elements.

4- The person who falls deep within himself is equally happy. As our reliance on external elements decreases, our inner happiness increases in

the same quantity. For example ,A doctor was experimenting with people to see whether their feelings changed their biochemistry. Now he has reported that feeling changes biochemistry immediately. He experimented with a group of twelve persons. He collected their urine before the experiment, and the urine was ordinary, normal.

5-Each person was put under a different stress. One was shown a film of horror, anger, violence, cruelty .. it was just a film ..for thirty minutes he was shown a film of horror. Of course, with the film his emotions changed. He felt stress. To another a very joyful film was shown. He felt happy. And so on went the experiment for twelve persons. Then their urine was taken again and the urine analysis showed that everyone’s urine was different now.

6-The chemicals had changed in the body. The person who felt horror was ill now; the person who felt hope, happiness, joy, was healthy now. His urine was different, the chemicals of the body were different.

You are not aware of what you are doing with yourself. When you go to see a murder film, you don’t know what you are doing. You are changing your body chemistry.

7-If you are reading a detective novel, you don’t know what you are doing. You are killing yourself. You will become excited, you will become afraid, a tension will come to you. That is how you enjoy the detective novel. The more tense you become, the more you enjoy it. The more the suspense over what is going to happen, the more you get excited ...and you are changing your body chemistry.

8-All these techniques also change your body chemistry. If you feel the whole world as filled with life, light, then you are changing your body chemistry. And this is a chain reaction. When your body chemistry changes, you can look at the world and it will look more alive. And if it looks more alive, your body chemistry will change again, and then it becomes a chain.

9-If this method is done for three months, you will be living in a different world because you will be different now.Sadhana teaches this happiness to take beyond this relative relative perspective. The happiness of the worldly person is a ecstatic state. If there is a person who is inside, then he will not find some hands of meaningless wandering.

10-You are the master yourself of your inner joy .No change outside can manipulate it. That is why the enlightened people experience happiness in their conscience. The surest conversion decreases in the feelings of the seeker from the intervals of the witness, because he feels real and lasting happiness.