''Place your whole attention in the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, in the center of your spinal column. in such be transformed.''

2-For this sutra, for this technique of meditation, one has to close his eyes and visualize his spinal column, his backbone. It is good to look up in some physiology book the structure of the body, or to go to some medical college or hospital and look at the structure of the body.Then close your eyes and visualize your backbone. Let the backbone be straight, erect. Visualize it, see it, and just in the middle of it visualize a nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, running in the center of your spinal column.

3-IN SUCH BE TRANSFORMED. If you can, concentrate on the spinal column, and then on a thread in the middle of it — on a very delicate nerve like a lotus thread running through it. Concentrate on it, and this very concentration throws you to your center. Because the spinal column is the base of your whole body structure. Everything is joined to it. Really, your brain is nothing but one pole of your spinal column. 4-Physiologists say it is nothing but a spinal column growth; your brain is really a growth of your spinal column. Your spine is connected with your whole body ...everything is connected to it. That is why it is called the spine, the base.In this spine there is really a thread-like thing, but physiology will not say anything about it because it is not material. 5-In this spine, just in the middle, there is a silver cord .. a very delicate nerve. It is not really a nerve in the physiological sense. You cannot operate and find it; it will not be found there. But in deep meditation it is

seen. It is there; it is non-material. It is energy, not matter. And really, that energy cord in your spinal column is your life. 6-Through that you are related to the invisible existence, and through that also you are related to the visible. That is the bridge between the invisible and the visible. Through that thread you are related to the body, and through that thread also you are related to your soul. 7-First, visualize the spine. At first you will feel very strange, you will be able to visualize it, but as an imagination. And if you go on endeavoring, then it will not be just your imagination. You will become capable of seeing your spinal column.Get a picture of the body structure to concentrate upon so that you would begin to feel how the spinal column can be visualized inside. 8-When you start ,Within a week you can say, “This is very strange. I tried to see the picture , but many times that picture disappeared and I saw a different spine. It is not exactly like the picture that i have.”Then you are on the right path. Forget that picture completely, and go on seeing the spine that has become visible to you. 9-”Man can see his own body structure from within. We have not tried it because it is very, very fearful, loathsome; because when you see your bones, blood, veins, you become afraid. So really, we have completely blocked our minds from seeing within. We see the body from without, as if someone else is looking at the body. 10-It is just as if you go outside this room and look at it ..then you know the outer walls. Come in and look at the house ..then you can look at the inner walls. You see your body from outside as if you are somebody else seeing your body. You have not seen your body from inside. We are capable of it, but because of this fear it has become a strange thing. 11-Indian yoga books say many things about the body which have been found to be exactly right by new scientific research, and science is unable to explain this. How could they know? Surgery and knowledge of the inside of the human body are very recent developments. 12-How could they know of all the nerves, of all the centers, of all the inner structures? They knew even about the latest findings; they have talked about them, they have worked upon them. Yoga has always been aware about all the basic, significant things in the body. But they were not dissecting bodies, so how could they know? Really, there is another way of looking at your own body .. from within.If you can concentrate within, suddenly you begin to see your body ..the inner lining of the body. 13-This is good for those who are deeply body-oriented. If you feel yourself a materialist, if you feel yourself to be nothing but body, this technique will be very helpful for you. If you feel yourself to be a body, if you are a believer in Charvak or in Marx, if you believe that man is nothing but a body, this technique will be very helpful for you. Then go and see the bone structure of man. 14- In the old tantra and yoga schools they used many bones.Even now a tantric will always be found with some bones, with a man’s skull. Really, that is to help concentration from inside. First he concentrates on that skull, then he closes his eyes and tries to visualize his own skull. He goes on trying to see the outer skull inside, and by and by he begins to feel his own skull. 15- His consciousness begins to be focused. That outer skull, the concentration on it and the visualization, are just helps.Once you are focused inside, you can move from your toes to your head. You can move inside .. and it is a great universe. Your small body is a great universe. This sutra uses the spinal column because within the spinal column there is the thread of life. 16-This is why there is so much insistence on a straight backbone, because if the backbone is not straight you will not be capable of seeing the inner thread. It is very delicate, it is very subtle — it is minute. It is an energy flow. So if the spinal column is straight, absolutely straight, only then can you have glimpses of that thread. 17-But our spinal columns are not straight. Hindus have tried to make everyone’s spinal column straight from the very childhood. Their ways of sitting, their ways of sleeping, their ways of walking were all based, basically, on a straight spinal column. If the spinal column is not straight, then it is very difficult to see the inner core. It is delicate ..and really, it is not material. It is immaterial; it is a force. 18-When the spinal column is absolutely straight, that thread-like force is seen easily. … IN SUCH BE TRANSFORMED. Once you can feel, concentrate and realize this thread, you will be filled with a new light. The light will be coming from your spinal column. It will spread all over your body; it may even go beyond your body. When it goes beyond, auras are seen. 19-Everyone has an aura, but ordinarily your auras are nothing but shadows with no light in them .. just dark shadows around you. And those auras reflect your every mood. When you are angry, then your auras become as if blood-filled; they become filled with a red, angry expression. When you are sad, dim, down, then your auras are filled with dark threads, as if you are just near death ..everything dead, heavy. When this spinal column thread is realized, your auras become enlightened. 20-So a Buddha, a Mahavir, a Krishna, a Christ are not painted with auras just as decorations, those auras exist. Your spinal column begins to throw out light. Within, you become enlightened ..your whole body becomes a body of light ...then it penetrates the outer. So really, for a buddha, for anyone who is enlightened, there is no need to ask anyone what he is. The aura shows everything. And when someone becomes enlightened the master knows it, because the aura reveals everything. 21-A great knower of scriptures, he composed four lines. Those four lines … the meaning of it was like this: “Mind is like a mirror, and dust gathers on it. Clean the dust, and you are enlightened.” It is the very essence of all the scriptures ... mind is like a mirror, and dust gathers on it; remove the dust, and you are enlightened — this was the whole gist of all the Vedas . 22-But one enlightened one says; “ There is no mind and there is no mirror, so where can the dust gather? One who knows this is enlightened.” When the spinal column thread is touched, seen, realized, an aura begins to grow around you. … IN SUCH BE TRANSFORMED. Be filled with that light and be transformed. This is also a centering — a centering in the spinal column. 23- If you are body-oriented, this technique will help you. If you are not body-oriented, it is very difficult, it will be very difficult to visualize from the inside. Then to look at your body from the inside will be difficult. 24-This sutra will be more helpful for Women because they are more body-oriented than men, but for anyone who can feel the body, who feels the body, who can visualize, who can close his eyes and feel his body from within, this technique will be very helpful for him. Then visualize your spinal column, and in the middle a silver cord running through it. 25- First it may look like imagination, but by and by you will feel that imagination has disappeared and your mind has become focused on that spinal column. And then you will see your own spine. The moment you see the inner core, suddenly you will feel an explosion of the light within you. Sometimes this can also happen without any effort.It happens sometimes.


10 FACTS;-

1-Lord Shiva is an ascetic as well as the consort of Ma Parvati..His sutra is the Sutra of VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA , which continues to inspire yogis to this day. Etymologically, sutra has the literal meaning of ‘thread’. A sutra is a thread of thought, a particular line of thinking. If a sutra is a single thread of thinking, a tantra is the whole system of thought. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word is ‘loom.’ Not just the cloth, but that machine on which cloth is made...

2-Shiva as Dakshinamurti''the Auspicious one",''the destroyer of evil and sorrow''is considered as a teacher of yoga, music, wisdom and tantra.

whether he is an ascetic or consort but one thing is common that he is an Urdhva Reta.So his sutras are for both ascetic & Urdhva Reta householders who want to transcend to higher realms of existence . 3-Tantra knows: in a deep spiritual love your whole energy becomes concentrated near the spine and the spine begins to discharge electricity. And sometimes, even, if you touch the spine you will get a shock. 4-It has happened many times that in deep love, suddenly you feel a light around both of your bodies, and that light spreads and fills the whole room.a dark room will suddenly become filled with light, and bodies will be surrounded with a blue aura.Many, many such cases have happened.

5- Many times it has happened that suddenly things drop from the table in the room without any visible cause. And now psychologists say that in a deep Love ,electricity is discharged. That electricity can have many effects and impacts. Things may suddenly drop, move or be broken, and even photographs have been taken in which light is visible.

6-But that light is always concentrated around the spinal column.You may become aware, if you can look within to the thread running in the middle of the spinal column.

7-Really, if the two lovers are just in a deep embrace, silent,inactive, non-moving, just being filled with each other, ..it happens;that is why we seemany pictures of lord Krishana with sri Radhe in this pose.

8-Love is the deepest relaxation ;In the warmth of love, filled, relaxed, close your eyes.Close your eyes and feel your body. Relax. Concentrate on the spinal column. And this sutra says very simply, IN SUCH BE TRANSFORMED. And you will be transformed through it.

9- Really, through two bodies it is a deep meeting of two innernesses,two nadis...as ida,pingla to reach the higher realms of sushumna .

When in a deep embrace, remain inside. Forget the other person also, just go inside and visualize your spinal column.It will be easier, because then more energy is flowing near the spinal column, and the thread is more visible because you are silent, because your body is at rest.

10-And tantra knows this well and has worked on it ; but don't forget ;here the act has to be totally different, the quality has to be different. It is not something to be gotten over with; it is not a bodily act then. Then it is only a deep spiritual communion of ida,pingla.


04 FACTS;-

1-Indian Mythology is more than just a myth. It is about logic and scientific backing. Over and above it is about grounding your belief system that there is beyond.... a beyond which is not this three-dimensional world. That we truly are a part of this cosmos expressing ourselves as human beings and the day is not far when we will all, on a conscious level go through a holistic(relating to the whole) evolution.

2-Lord Vishnu, is said to have taken many forms to help in the evolution of the world and here is a brief description of his 10 Avatars, of which 9 have already incarnated and the Universe awaits the triumph birth of the Dasha-avatar with a baited breath.

3-Vishnu is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon and, along with Brahma and Shiva, is considered a member of the holy trinity (trimurti) of Hinduism. He is the most important god of Vaishnaism, the Preserver and guardian of men (Narayana), he protects the order of things (dharma) and, when necessary, he appears on earth in various incarnations or avatars to fight demons and fierce creatures and so maintain cosmic harmony.

4-Vishnu has ten avatars or worldly appearances, which are people, animals or a mix of both. He is Buddha, the heroes: Krishna, Rama and Parashurama, Nara-Simha (the man-lion), Vamana (the dwarf), Matsya (the fish), Kurma (the tortoise), Varaha (the boar) and finally he will be Kalki, who will appear when the world ends, riding a white horse and heralding the start of a new golden age.But his first avtar is of Matsyamanav; so what is the mystery behind it...


09 FACTS;-

1-A 'mermaid'/ mermen was a half human and half fish

type of creature.In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish .Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures,worldwide,.

2-The male equivalent of the mermaid is the merman, also a familiar figure in folklore and heraldry. Although traditions about are less common than those of mermaids, they are generally assumed to co-exist with their female counterparts

3-Not exactly in the mainstream Hindu/Indian epics, but in the Thai & other Southeast versions of Rāmāyaṇa and other Hindu Epics, There's a creature commonly called as SuvannaMaccha; It is derived from the Sanskrit term Suvarṇamatsya, meaning “golden fish”.

4-She was the daughter of Tosakaṇṭha (Thai name of Rāvaṇa; from the Sanskrit name-Daśakaṇṭha). She is a mermaid princess who tries to spoil Hanumāna's plans to build a bridge to Laṅkā .

5-In reality the word MATSYAVTAR/MERMAID or MERMEN is the symbol of URDHAVRETA or the balanced state of lower three chakras & it is the beginning of LOVE.

6-Urdhva Retas transmutes his sexual fluids, redirecting it upwards and converting it into ojas. and the energy is harnessed as higher brain power for evolution and spiritual growth.

7-The first three chakras are often referred to as ‘the lower triangle.’ The heart is the fourth chakra where everything ‘bends’ as it were. Then there are the upper three chakras, often referred to as ‘the upper triangle.The lower three correspond to earthly issues: Survival, creativity, and will power.

8-The upper three correspond to the transcendent nature of the human being: Spoken truth or power of the word (level of the throat), Intuition & wisdom, (third eye) and finally, Humility and divinity (crown)

9-The heart (love and compassion) is the bridge between the lower three and the upper three. That’s why we’re told ‘follow your heart’ or ‘where the heart is, there will the treasure be also,’ because the heart informs the earthly efforts through love and compassion, with the infinte qualities of the soul– truth, wisdom, intuition and humility. When all these are working together, it makes for a balanced, creative human being.


11 FACTS;-

1-The seven chakras in the body, referred to as wheels or vortexes, because they’re not actually like floors in a building but rather swirls of energy in the system. In Kundalini Yoga ,there is an eighth chakra, which is The Aura– an electromagnetic field or circumvent force– basically is like an energy wrapper that holds the other swirls of energy in place.

2-The seven chakras radiate into the aura and when all are balanced and flowing, a person’s electromagnetic field is strong and we say that, “this person has ‘an aura’ about them.”We’ve all known the person who seemed to attract everything– good looking, radiant, they appeared to have it all with ease. This is generally due to a strong aura and electromagnetic field…

3-When the aura is radiant or positively charged, it filters out and repels negativity and illness. Also, when the aura is positively charged, by the law of attraction, it magnetically attracts to the person substance and events that are according the desire and projection of that individual.this is considered the union of IDA & PINGLA OR THE UNION OF SHIV-SHAKTI...

4-Although most of us can’t see this energy directly, it makes us who we are and we can develop a sensitivity to it .

5-Love is the strongest force in the universe. If you really love, then you're willing to step outside of your own love sometimes to do that which is right.

6-Spiritual literature in both East and West is proliferated with this “sexual” metaphor and this has led to misunderstanding by the lay (or secular) population. Both Rumi and Kabir used the analogy or metaphor of the lover (God) and his mistress (the spiritual aspirant) and both men were great bhakas.

7- For a true bhaka the sexual metaphor only implies that the devotee has feminine attributes; for example, Kabir often spoke of preparing the bed for the lover (as receptive), while the Divine principle was considered masculine.

8-Love is pure spiritual devotion .In Bhakti yoga, The Deity is the beloved and the devotee is the lover. Everything is but a manifestation of the divine and all else is meaningless, including the Ego. When the Bhakta is blessed by divine grace he feels an undivided union and non-dual consciousness prevails. Bhakti Yoga is regarded as the most direct method to merge in cosmic consciousness.

9-Bhakti yoga is based on the doctrine "Love is God and God is Love". The bhakta experiences separation and longs to meet or even just glimpse his beloved. Nothing else attracts him, nothing else holds his attention, all else is meaningless. Food, sex, sleep, attachments, responsibilities - all are no longer important in bhakti


10-Bhakti Yoga is the most direct method, the shortest way to experience the divine. All yoga and knowledge, jnana, rest on the foundation stone of true faith, true devotion, true bhakti yoga. There is nothing higher than love and Bhakti Yoga . To kindle the candle of love with the spark of knowledge and to do the yoga of love or Bhakti Yoga.

In whatever form the Bhakta finds the divine, all other forms are magically present.

11-The form literally becomes the deity, which in term becomes the devotee. Knower and known, subject and object, deity and devotee - all become One. This is the essence of Bhakti Yoga.Knowledge and wisdom only provide an awareness of the cosmic principle.


1-In pure love If Kama ( bodily love) love is finished then divine love start rising in heart. If you can love your love completely as divine it can be a blissfull source of divinity .Sri Radha was source of all divine knowledge of Sri krishna.

2-These topics of divine and spiritual love between Sri Radha and Krishna will always remain a mystery as long as we remain on the material platform. Love on the spiritual platform is constant & devoid of selfishness. The needs and interests on the other take precedence over one’s own needs.The origin of love is TRUTH;THE PARAMBRAHMAN;while the origin of ATTRACTION & DETRACTION is ear scab of LORD VISHNUAS (MADHU-KAITABHA).

3-The kind of love in this world..that comes closest to deep /spiritual love is the love exhibited by a mother towards her child . It’s full of sacrifice, completely selfless and without expectation.And afterwards,an URDHAVARETA knows the meaning of love.