30 FACTS;-


''Wherever your mind is wandering, internally or externally, at this very place, this''.

2-This mind is the door ..this very mind. Wherever it is wandering, whatsoever it is thinking, contemplating, dreaming, this very mind, this very moment, is the door. This is a very revolutionary method because we never think that the ordinary mind is the door. We think that some supermind .. a Buddha, a Jesus ..can enter, that they have some superhuman mind.

3-This very mind that you have — this mind which goes on dreaming and imagining relevant or irrelevant thoughts, which is crowded with ugly desires, passions, anger, greed, all that is condemned, which is there beyond your control, pulling you here and there, pushing you from here and there, constantly a madhouse ..this very mind, says this sutra, is the door.

4-Wherever your mind is wandering — wherever remember; the object is not relevant ..wherever your mind is wandering, internally or externally, “AT THIS VERY PLACE, THIS.”

Many things have to be understood. One, the ordinary mind is not so ordinary as we think. The ordinary mind is not unrelated to the universal mind: it is part of it. Its roots go down to the very center of existence; otherwise you cannot be. Even a sinner is grounded into the divine; otherwise he cannot be. Even if the devil is there, he cannot be without divine support.

5-Existence itself is possible only because of the groundedness into the being. Your mind is dreaming, imagining, wandering, tense, in anguish, in misery. Howsoever it moves and wheresoever it moves, it remains grounded in the totality. Otherwise is not possible. You cannot go away from existence; that is impossible. This very moment you are grounded in it.

6-So what is to be done? If this very moment we are grounded in it, then it will appear to the egoist mind that nothing is to be done. We are already the divine, so why so much fuss? You are grounded in the divine, but you are unaware of the fact. When mind is wandering, there are two things ..the mind and the wandering, the objects in the mind and the mind itself, clouds wandering in the sky and the sky. There are two things ..the clouds and the sky.

7-Sometimes it may happen, it happens, that there are so many clouds that the sky disappears, you cannot see it. But even if you cannot see it, it has not disappeared; it cannot disappear. There is no way to help the sky to disappear. It is there; hidden or unhidden, visible or invisible, it is there.

But clouds are also there. If you pay attention to the clouds, the sky has disappeared. If you pay attention to the sky, the clouds are just accidental, they come and they go. You need not be too much worried about them. 8-They come and they go. They have been coming, they have been going. They have not been destroying the sky even an inch, they have not made the sky dirty; they have not even touched it. The sky remains clean.

When your mind is wandering, there are two things: one is the clouds, the thoughts, the objects, images, and the other is the consciousness, the mind itself.

9-If you pay too much attention to the clouds, to objects, thoughts, images, you have forgotten the sky. You have forgotten the host; you have become too much interested in the guest. Those thoughts, images, wandering, are just guests. If you focus yourself on the guests, you forget your own being. Change the focus from the guests to the host, from the clouds to the sky. Do it practically.

10-A greed arises to have a bigger house: this is a cloud. You can become so obsessed with it that you forget completely to whom it has arisen, to whom it has happened. Who is behind it? In what sky is this cloud moving? Remember that sky, and suddenly the cloud disappears. You need just a change of focus from the object to the subject, from the outer to the inner, from the cloud to the sky, from the guest to the host .. just a change of focus.

11-Lin-Chi, one Zen master, was speaking. Someone said from the crowd, “Answer me only one question:Who am I?“Lin-Chi stopped speaking.

Everyone was alert. What answer was he going to give? But he didn’t answer. He came down from his chair, walked, came near to the man. The whole crowd became attentive, alert. They were not even breathing. What was he going to do? He should have answered from the chair; there was no need. The man became afraid, and Lin-Chi came near him with his piercing eyes.

12-He took the man’s collar in his hand, gave him a shake and asked him, “Close your eyes! And remember who is asking this question, ‘Who am I?'” The man closed his eyes .. afraid, of course. He went within to seek who had asked this question, and he would not come back.

The crowd waited and waited and waited. His face became silent calm, still. Then Lin-Chi had to shock him again. “Now come out and tell everybody, ‘Who am I?'”

13-The man started laughing and he said, “What a miraculous way of answering a thing. But if someone asks me this now, I am going to do the same. I cannot answer.”It was just a change of focus.You ask the

question “Who am I?” and your mind is focused on the question and the answer is hidden just behind the question in the questioner. Change the focus; return to yourself.

14-This sutra says, “WHEREVER YOUR MIND IS WANDERING, INTERNALLY OR EXTERNALLY, AT THIS VERY PLACE, THIS.” Move from the objects to the mind itself, and you are no more an ordinary mind. You are ordinary because of the objects. Suddenly you become a buddha yourself. You are already a buddha, you are just burdened with many clouds. And not only are you burdened: you are clinging to your clouds, you won’t allow them to move.

15-You think that clouds are your property. You think that the more you have, the better: you are richer. And your whole sky, your inner space, is just hidden. In a way, it has disappeared amidst the clouds and clouds have become your life. The life of the clouds is sansara ..the world.

This can happen in a single moment even, this change of focus ..and it always happens suddenly.

16-It doesn’t mean that you need not do anything and it will happen suddenly; you will have to do much. But it will never happen gradually. You will have to do and do and do, and one day, suddenly, a moment comes when you are at the right temperature to evaporate. Suddenly there is no water; it has evaporated. Suddenly you are not in the object. Your eyes are not focused to the clouds: suddenly they have turned inward to the inner space.

17-It never happens gradually that one part of your eyes has turned inward and one part is with the outward clouds ..nor does it happen in percentages, that now you have become ten percent inner and ninety percent outer, now twenty percent inner and eighty percent outer ..no..When it happens it happens a hundred percent, because you cannot divide your focusing. Either you see the objects or you see yourself ..either the world or the BRAHMAN. You can come back to the world, you can change your focus again; you are the master.

18-Really, only now are you the master ..when you can change your focus

as you like.For example Marpa, one Tibetan mystic ;When he realized, when he became a Buddha, when he turned inward, when he came to encounter the inner space ..the infinity, someone asked him, “Marpa, how are you now?”

19-Marpa’s answer is exceptional, unexpected. No buddha has answered that way. Marpa said, “As miserable as before.”The man was bewildered.

He said, “As miserable as before?”But Marpa laughed. He said,

“Yes, but with a difference, and the difference is that now the misery is voluntary. Sometimes, just for a taste of the world, I move outwards, but now I am the master. Any moment I can go inwards, and it is good to move in the polarities. Then one remains alive. I can move!” Marpa said, “I can move now. Sometimes I move in the miseries, but now the miseries are not something which happen to me. I happen to them and I remain untouched.” Of course, when you move voluntarily, you remain untouched.

20-Once you know how to change your focus inwards, you can come back to the world. Every buddha has come back to the world. Again he focuses, but now the inner man has a different quality. He knows that this is his focusing. These clouds are allowed to move. These clouds are not masters; they cannot dominate you. You allow them, and it is beautiful. 21-Sometimes, when the sky is filled with clouds, it is beautiful; the movement of the clouds is beautiful. If the sky remains itself, the clouds can be allowed to move. The problem arises only when the sky forgets itself and only clouds are there. Then everything becomes ugly because the freedom is lost.

22-This sutra is beautiful. “WHEREVER YOUR MIND IS WANDERING, INTERNALLY OR EXTERNALLY, AT THIS VERY PLACE, THIS”. This sutra has been used deeply in Zen tradition. Zen says your ordinary mind is the buddha-mind. Eating, you are a buddha; sleeping, you are a buddha; carrying water from the well, you are a buddha. Carrying water from the well, eating your food, lying down on your bed, you are a buddha. Inconceivable ... It looks puzzling, but it is the truth.

23-If when carrying water you simply carry the water, if you don’t make any problem out of it and you simply carry water, if your mind is unclouded and the sky vacant, if you are just carrying water, then you are a buddha. Eating, just eat without doing anything else. When we are eating we are doing thousands and thousands of things. The mind may not be here at all. Your body may be eating just like a robot; your mind may be somewhere else.

24- Now everyone has become a mess; While in the office you think of the house; while in the house you are in the office. And you cannot do such a magical thing. While in the house you can be only in the house, you cannot be in the office. And if you are in the office, you are not sane, you are insane. Then everything gets into everything else. Then nothing is clear. And this mind is a problem.

25-While drawing water from a well, carrying water from a well, if you are simply doing this simple act, you are a buddha. So many times, if you go to Zen masters and ask them, “What do YOU do? What is your SADHANA? What is your meditation?” they will say, “While feeling sleepy, we sleep. While feeling hungry, we eat. And that is all, there is no other SADHANA.” 26-But this is very arduous. It looks simple: if while eating you can just eat, if while sitting you can just sit ..not doing anything else, if you can remain with the moment and not move away from it, if you can be merged with the moment with no future, no past, if this moment now is the only existence, then you are a buddha. This very mind becomes a buddha-mind.

27-When your mind wanders, don’t try to stop it. Rather, become aware of the sky. When mind wanders, don’t try to stop it, don’t try to bring it to some point, to some concentration . Allow it to wander, but don’t pay much attention to the wandering ..because for or against, you remain concerned with the wandering.

28-Remember the sky, allow the wandering, and just say, “Okay, it is just a traffic on the road. Many people are moving this way and that. The same traffic is going on in the mind. I am just the sky, not the cloud.” Feel it, remember it, and remain in it. Sooner or later you will feel that the clouds are slowing down and there are bigger gaps between the clouds. They are not so dark, not so dense. The speed has slowed down, and intervals can be seen, and the sky can be looked at.

29-Go on feeling yourself as the sky and not the clouds. Sooner or later, someday, in some right moment when your focus has really gone inwards, clouds will have disappeared and you are the sky, the ever-pure sky, the ever-virgin sky.

30-Once you know this Purity, you can come back to the clouds, to the world of the clouds. Then that world has its own beauty. You can move in it, but now you are a master. The world is not bad; the world as the master is the problem. With you as the master, you can move in it. Then the world has a beauty of its own. It is beautiful, it is lovely, but you need to know that beauty and that loveliness as a master within.



18 FACTS;-


''When vividly aware through some particular sense, keep in the awareness''


2-Remember, you see THROUGH your eyes. Eyes cannot see; you see through them. The seer is hidden behind, the eyes are just the opening, just the windows. But we go on thinking that we see by the eyes; we go on thinking we hear by the ears. No one has ever heard by the ears. You hear THROUGH the ears, not BY the ears. The hearer is hidden behind. The ears are just receptive organs.

3-If somebody give you a loving touch, a handclasp. The hand is not touching you:that one is touching you, through the hand. The hand is just instrumental, so there can be two types of touch ..when one really touch you and when one just avoid touch.One can touch your hand and avoid touch.

4-Try this, and you will have a different, a distant feeling. Put your hand on someone and withdraw yourself. A dead hand is there, not you. And if the other is sensitive, he will feel a dead hand. He will feel insulted. You are deceiving; you are just showing that you are touching, and you are not touching.

5-Women are very sensitive about it; they have a greater sensitivity of it of .Unless you are a master of your own self, you cannot deceive them.

Whatsoever you say will be false; your touch will show it. Children are very sensitive, you cannot deceive them. You may pat them, but they know that this is a dead pat. If your hand is not a flowing energy, a loving energy, they know. Then it is just as if a dead thing is being used.

6-When you are present in your hand in your totality, when you have moved, when your center of being has come to the hand, when your soul is there, then the touch has a different quality.This sutra says that the

senses are just doors, receiving stations, mediums, instruments, receptors. You are hidden behind. “WHEN VIVIDLY AWARE THROUGH SOME PARTICULAR SENSE, KEEP IN THE AWARENESS.”

7-While hearing music, don’t forget yourself in the ear, don’t lose yourself into the ear. Remember the awareness that is hidden behind. Be alert ..While seeing someone “through the eyes,” means You are standing behind the eyes, looking through the eyes, just as if someone looks through a window or specs.

8-Have you seen some one looking from above his specs? The specs have slipped down on his nose, and he looks. Just look that way at someone , as if you are looking from above your eyes, as if the eyes have slipped down a little on your nose and you are standing behind looking at someone . Suddenly you will feel a change in the quality. Your focus changes; eyes become just doors. This becomes a meditation.

9-When hearing, just hear through the ears and remain aware of your inner center. When touching, just touch through the hand and remember the inner one who is hidden behind. From any sense you can have a feeling of the inner center, and every sense goes to the inner center. It has to report. That is why, when you are seeing and hearing someone , when you see through the eyes and you hear someone through the ears, deep down within; you know that you are seeing the same man whom you are also hearing.

10-If someone have some body- odor your nose will smell it. Then three different senses report to one center. That is why you can coordinate. Otherwise it will be difficult: if your eyes see and your ears hear, it will be difficult to know whether you are hearing the same man whom you are seeing or two different ones, because these two senses are different and they never meet. Your eyes have never known about your ears and your ears have not heard about your eyes. They don’t know each other, they have never met; they have not even been introduced.

11-So how does everything become synthetic? Ears hear, eyes see, hands touch, the nose smells, and suddenly somewhere inside you know that this is the same man that you are hearing and seeing and touching and smelling. This knower is different from the senses. Every sense reports to this knower, and in this knower, in the center, everything falls, fits and becomes one. This is miraculous.

12-You are one ; Your body and body’s presence, odor, speaking, are one. Your senses will divide someone. Your ears will report if that peron say something, your nose will report if there is some odor, your eyes will report if that peron is visible. They will divide that peron into parts. But again, somewhere within you,that peron will become one. Where that peron become one within you is your center of being. That is your awareness, and you have forgotten it completely. This forgetfulness is the ignorance, and the awareness will open the doors for self-knowledge. And you cannot know yourself in any other way.

13-“WHEN VIVIDLY AWARE THROUGH SOME PARTICULAR SENSE, KEEP IN THE AWARENESS.” Remain with the awareness; keep in the awareness; remain alert. It is difficult in the beginning. We go on falling asleep, and it seems arduous to look through the eyes. It is easy to look “by” the eyes. In the beginning you will feel a certain strain .. if you try to look through the eyes. Not only will you feel a strain; the person you look at will also feel a strain.

14-If you look at someone through the eyes, he will feel as if you are trespassing upon him, as if you are doing something unmannerly. If you look through the eyes, the other will become aware suddenly that you are not behaving properly, because your look will become piercing, your look will go deeper. If it comes from your depth, it will penetrate to the other’s depth. That is why society has a built-in security: don’t look too deeply into anyone unless you are very close.

15-If you are very close, you can look deeply into the other; you can penetrate to the very depth because the other is not afraid.The other can be open to you. But ordinarily, if you are not close , you are not allowed to see directly, to see penetratingly.First try with objects ...a flower, a tree, the stars in the night. They will not feel trespassed upon and they will not object. Rather, they will like it and will feel very good and appreciated.

16- First try with them, then with loving persons .. like your child. Sometimes take your child into your lap and look at him through the eyes, and the child will understand. He will understand more than anyone else because he is still uncrippled by the society, still unperverted, still natural. He will feel deep love if you look through the eyes; he will feel your presence.

17-Look at your better half, and then only, by and by, as you get the feel of it and as you become more artful about it, you will be able to look at anyone ...because then no one will be able to know that someone has looked so deeply. And once you have this art of standing always alert behind your senses, the senses cannot deceive you. Otherwise the senses deceive you.

18-In a world which is just an appearance, they have deceived you to feel it as real. If you can look through the senses and remain alert, the world will by and by appear to you as illusory, dream-like, and you will be able to penetrate to the substanc ...to the very substance of it. That substance is the BRAHMAN.