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30 FACTS;-


''Stopping ears by pressing and rectum by contracting, enter the sound''.

2-We are not aware of the body even or how the body functions and what is its tao (a Chinese word signifying 'way'), what is its way. But if you observe, then you can become very easily aware. If you stop your ears and pull your rectum(the lowest end of the bowels) up, contract your rectum, everything will stop for you. It will be as if the whole world has become non-moving – as if everything has become static, stopped. Not only movements, you will feel as if time has stopped.

3-When you pull the rectum up, contract it & When both the ears are closed simultaneously; with closed ears you will hear a sound within. But if the rectum is not pulled up, that sound is released by the rectum. That sound is very subtle. If the rectum is pulled up, contracted, and the ears are closed, you will see within you a pillar of sound – and that sound is of silence. It is a negative sound. When all sounds have ceased, then you feel the sound of silence or the sound of soundlessness. But it will be released from the rectum.

4-So close the ears and pull the rectum up. Then you are closed from both the sides, and your body becomes closed and just filled with sound. This feeling of being filled with sound gives a deep fulfillment. So we will have to understand many things around it, only then will it become possible for you to have the feeling of what happens.

5-We are not aware of the body ..that is one of the basic problems for a seeker. And the society is against becoming aware of the body ;So we train every child not to be aware of the body, we make every child insensitive. We create a distance between the child’s mind and body, so he is not very much aware of the body .You do not feel your body. You feel it only when something wrong happens,

6-For example ,if you have a headache in the head, then you feel your head. Some thorn is there, then you feel your leg, your feet. When your body aches, you feel that you have a body. You feel it only when something goes wrong, and then too not right away. You are never aware of your diseases immediately. You become aware only when a period has passed and when the disease goes on knocking at your consciousness that, “I am here.” So no one really goes to the doctor in time. Everyone reaches there late, when the disease has entered deep and has done much wrong.

7-If a child has grown up with sensitivity he will become aware of the disease even before the disease happens. And now, scientists are working on the theory that a disease can be known even six months before its happening if someone is very deeply sensitive about his body, because subtle changes start long in advance. They prepare the body for the disease. The impact is felt even six months before.

8-But never mind disease, we never become aware even of death also.. If you are going to die tomorrow, you are not aware even today. A thing like death which may happen the next moment, and you are not aware this moment. You are totally dead to your body, insensitive. This whole society, the whole culture up to now, creates this dullness, this deadness, because it has been against the body. You are not allowed to feel it. Only in accidents can you be pardoned, forgiven for being aware of it; otherwise “do not be aware of the body.”

9-This creates many problems, particularly for tantra, because tantra believes in deep sensitivity and knowledge of the body. You go on moving and your body goes on doing many things and you are unaware. Now much work is being done on body language. The body has its own language, and psychiatrists and psychologists and psychoanalysts in particular are being trained for body language, because they say you cannot believe the modern man. Whatsoever he says cannot be believed. 10-Rather, one must observe his body, that will give a more true clue.

A man enters a psychiatrist’s office. The old psychiatry, psychoanalysis, will talk and talk with the man to bring out whatsoever is hidden in his mind. But modern psychiatry will observe his body because that gives clues. If a man is an egoist, if ego is his problem, he stands in a different way than a humble man. His neck has a different angle than a humble man, his spine is not flexible but dead, fixed. He looks wooden, not alive. If you touch his body it has a wooden feeling, not the warmth of a living body. He is like a soldier just moving to the front.

11-Look at the soldier moving to the front. He has a wooden shape, a wooden feeling, and that is needed by a soldier because he is going to die or to kill. He must not be much aware of the body, so his whole training is to create a wooden body. Soldiers marching look like toys, like dead toys marching.

12-If you are humble you have a different body; you sit differently you stand differently. If you feel inferior, you stand differently; if you feel superior you stand differently. If you are always in fear, you stand in such a way as if you are protecting yourself from some unknown force. That is always there. If you are not afraid, you are just like a child playing with his mother; there is no fear.

13-Wherever you go you are unafraid, at home with the universe around you. The man who is afraid is armored. Wilhelm Reich,Austrian doctor

of medicine and psychoanalyst, was working very much on body structure, and he came to see some deep associations between mind and body. If a man is afraid, his stomach is not flexible. You touch his stomach and it is like a stone. If he becomes fearless, his stomach relaxes immediately. Or if you relax the stomach, then the fear disappears.

14-Massage the stomach to relax, and you will feel more fearless, less

afraid.A person who is loving has a different quality of body and warmth ..he is warm bodily. A person who is not loving is cold, physiologically he is cold. Cold and other things have moved into your body and they have become barriers, they do not allow you to know about your body. But the body goes on working in its own way and you go on working in your own way .. a rift is created. That rift has to be broken.

15-If someone is suppressive,or if you have suppressed your anger, then your fingers, your hands, have the sensation of a suppressed anger. And a person who knows how to feel it can feel just by touching your hand that you have suppressed anger. And why in the hand? Because anger has to be released by the hands. If you have suppressed anger then in your teeth, in your gums, it is suppressed – and it can be felt by touching. It gives a vibration that “I am suppressed here.”

16-The body protects itself and works in its own ways.

Tantra became aware of this phenomenon; the first awareness of such deep body feeling, sensitivity, was with tantra. And tantra says that if you can use your body consciously, the body becomes the vehicle to move to the spirit. Tantra says, it is foolish, to be against the body. Use it because It is a vehicle. And use its energy in such a way that you can go beyond it.


Many times you have been contracting the rectum and sometimes the rectum is released even without your consciousness. If you suddenly become afraid, the rectum is released. You may defecate in fear, you may urinate in fear. Then you cannot control it. If a sudden fear grips you, your bladder will relax, your rectum will relax. In fear, what happens? Fear is a mental thing, so why do you urinate in fear? Why is the control lost? There must be some deep connecting root.

18-Fear happens in the head, in the mind. When you are unafraid this never happens. The child really has no mental control over his body. No animal controls his urine, bladder or anything. Whenever the bladder is full it is released. No animal controls it, but man has to control it of necessity. So we force a child to control when he should go to the bathroom and when not. We tell him he has to control; we give timings. So the mind takes over the control of a function which is non-voluntary. That is why it is so difficult to train the child for the toilet. And now psychologists say that if we stop toilet training, humanity will very much improve.

19-Toilet training is the first repression of the child and its natural spontaneity, but it seems difficult to listen to these psychologists. We cannot listen to them because then the children will create many problems. We have to train them of necessity. Only a very, very rich, affluent society will be able not to bother. Poor societies have to manage. We cannot afford it. If the child urinates anywhere, we cannot afford it. If he urinates on the sofa we cannot afford it, so we have to train. This training is mental. The body really has no built-in program for it.

20-Man is an animal as far as body is concerned, and the body knows no culture, no society. That is why when you are in deep fear, the control mechanism that you have imposed on the body is relaxed. You are not in control; you are thrown off control. You can control only in normal conditions. In emergencies you cannot control because for emergencies you have never been trained. You have only been trained for the normal, day-to-day, routine world.

21-In an emergency the control is lost, your body starts functioning in its own animal way. But one relationship can be understood, that with a fearless man this will never happen. So this has become a sign of a

coward.If in fear you urinate or defecate, this shows you are a coward. A fearless man will not behave in this way, because a fearless man is taking deep breaths. His body and his breathing system are related; there is no gap.

22-With a man who is a coward there is a gap, and because of that gap he is always overburdened with urine and defecation. So whenever an emergency comes, that overburdenedness has to be thrown: he has to be unburdened. And it has a reason in nature. A coward who is unburdened can escape more easily with his stomach relaxed, can run more easily. A burdened stomach will become a hindrance, so it is helpful for a coward to be relaxed.

23-you have to be aware of your mental processes and your stomach processes; they are deeply related. Psychologists say that fifty to ninety percent of your dreams are because of your stomach processes. If you have taken a very heavy meal you are bound to see nightmares. They are not related with the mind, it is just that the heavy stomach creates them.

24-Many dreams can be created by outside tricks. If you are sleeping, your hands can be crossed on your chest and immediately you will start dreaming some nightmare. A pillow can be put on your chest and you will dream that some demon is sitting on your chest just going to kill you. And this has been one of the problems. Why is there such a burden from the small weight of a pillow? If you are awake, there is no weight; you do not feel anything heavy.

25-But why is it that a small pillow placed on you in the night when you are sleeping is felt as being so heavy that it is as if you have been burdened with a big stone or a rock? Why is so much weight felt?

The reason is this: when you are aware, when you are awake, your mind and body are not correlated; the gap is there. You cannot feel the body and its sensitivity. While asleep, the control, the culture, the conditioning, dissolves; you have again become a child and your body has become sensitive.

26-Because of that sensitivity, a small pillow is felt as a rock. It is magnified because of sensitivity — the sensitivity magnifies it. So body-mind processes are deeply related, and if you know what happens you can use this.

27-Rectum closed, pulled upwards, contracted, creates a situation in the body in which sound can be felt if present. You will feel a pillar of sound in silence within the closed space in your body. Close the ears and pull up the rectum, and then just remain with what is happening inside you. Just remain in that vacant state which is created by these two things. Your life energy is moving within and it has no way to go out.

28-Sound goes out either from your ears or from your rectum. Those are the two doors from where the sound can move out. If is not moving out, you can feel it more easily.And what will happen when you feel this

inner sound? With the very phenomenon of hearing the inner sound, your thoughts dissolve.

29-Just try it anytime during the day: just pull up the rectum and put your fingers in the ears. Press the ears and pull up the rectum. You will feel that your mind has stopped. It will not be functioning; thoughts will have stopped. That constant flow of thoughts is not there. And if one goes on doing it whenever there is time, in the day if you can do it for five or six times, within three or four months you will become an expert in it. And then such a well-being flows out of it!

30-And the inner sound, once heard, remains with you. Then you can hear it the whole day. The market is noisy, the road is noisy, the traffic is noisy, but if even in that noise you have heard the inner sound, you will feel the still small voice that goes on inside. And then nothing will disturb you. If you can feel your inner sound, then nothing from the outside can disturb you. You remain silent; whatsoever happens around you makes no difference.


21 FACTS;-


''Enter the sound of your name and, through this sound, all sounds''.

2-Your own name can be used as a mantra very easily, and it is very helpful because your name has gone very deep into your unconscious. Nothing else has gone so deep. If we are all are sitting here, and we all fall asleep and someone comes and calls “ Mohan,” no one will listen except the person whose name is Mohan .

3-He will listen to it; he will be disturbed in his sleep. No one else will listen to the sound “MohanRam,” but why does this man listen? It has gone down deep; it is not conscious now, it has become unconscious.Actually,your

name has gone very deep within you, but there is a very beautiful phenomenon about your name: you never call it, others call it. Others use it; you never use it.

4-For example, in the first world war, for the first time in America rationing was created. Thomas Edison was a very great scientist, but he was very poor so he had to stand in the queue for his ration card. And he was such a great man that no one ever used his name before him. There was no need to use his name for himself, and no one else would use his name because he was so much respected. Everyone would call him Professor, so he had forgotten what was his name.

5-He was standing in the queue, and when his name was called, when it was asked who Thomas Alva Edison was, he just stared blankly. Again the name was called, then someone who was a neighbor to Edison said to him, “Why are you standing? Your name is being called. It is your name, Professor.” Then he became aware and he said, “But how can I recognize it? No one calls me Edison. It has been so long… they just call me Professor.”

6-You never use your own name. Only others use it have heard it used by others. But it has gone deep, very deep. It has penetrated like an arrow into your unconscious. If you yourself use it, then it becomes a mantra. And for two reasons it helps: one, when you use your own name, if your name is “Mohan ” and you use “Mohan ,Mohan , Mohan …”, suddenly you feel as if you are using someone else’s name – as if it is not yours.

7-Or if you feel that this IS yours, you feel that there is a separate entity within you which is using it. It may belong to the body, it may belong to the mind, but he who is calling “Mohan ,Mohan …” becomes a witness.

You have always called others’ names. When you call your own name it looks as if it belongs to someone else, not to you, and it is a very revealing phenomenon. You can become a witness to your own name, and with the name your whole life is involved.

8-Separated from the name, you are separated from your whole life. And this name has penetrated deep within you because everyone has called you this from your very birth, you have always heard this. So use this sound, and with this sound you can go to the very depths to which the name has gone.

9-In the old days we gave everyone a name of God – everyone. Someone was Ram, someone was Narayan, someone was Krishna, someone was Vishnu, or something like that. Generally, all the Mohammedan names are the names of God . And all over the world that was the practice, to give a name which is really a name of God.

10-This was for good reasons. One reason was this technique — because if your name can be used as a mantra it will serve you a double purpose. It will be YOUR name – and you have heard it so much, so many times, and all your life it has penetrated deep. Then also, it is the name of God. So go on repeating it inside, and suddenly you will become aware that “This name is different from me.”

11-Then by and by this name will have a sanctity of its own. You will remember any day that “Narayan” or “Ram,” this is God’s name. Your name has turned into a mantra.This is very good;We must use it.

You can try many things with your name. If you want to be awakened at five o’clock in the morning, no alarm is so exact as your own name. Just repeat thrice inside, “Mohan, you have to be awake by five o’clock sharp.” Repeat it three times, and then just fall asleep. You will be awakened at five o’clock because “Mohan ,” YOUR name, is very deep in the unconscious.

12-Call your name and tell yourself that “At five o’clock in the morning, let me be awakened.” Someone WILL awaken you. And if you continue this practice, one day you will suddenly realize that at five o’clock someone calls you and says, “Mohan , be awake.” That is your unconscious calling you.

13-This technique says, ENTER THE SOUND OF YOUR NAME AND, THROUGH THIS SOUND, ALL SOUNDS. Your name becomes just a door for all names. But enter the sound. First, when you repeat “Mohan , Mohan ,Mohan …” it is just a word. But it means something when you go on repeating “Mohan , Mohan ,Mohan …”

14- We have heard the story of Valmiki. He was given the mantra “Ram,” but he was an ignorant man – uneducated, simple, innocent, childlike. He started repeating “Ram, Ram, Ram…” but he was repeating so much that he forgot completely and reversed the whole thing. Instead he was chanting “Mara, Mara…” He was chanting “Ram, Ram, Ram…” so fast that it became “Mara, Mara, Mara…” And he achieved the goal through “Mara, Mara, mara…”

15-If you go on repeating the name fast inside, soon it will not be a word: it will become a sound, just meaningless. And then there is no difference between Ram and Mara , it makes no sense, they are not words. It is just the sound, that matters. Enter the sound of your name. Forget the meaning of it, just enter the sound. Meaning is with the mind, sound is with the body.

16-Meaning is in the head, sound spreads all over the body. So forget the meaning. Just repeat it as a meaningless sound, and through this sound you will enter all sounds. This sound will become the door to all sounds. And “all sounds” means all that exists.

17-This is one of the basic tenets of Indian inner search, that the basic unit of the existence is sound and not electricity. Modern science says that the basic unit of the existence is electricity, not sound, but they also say that sound is a form of electricity. Indians, however, have always been saying that electricity is nothing but a form of sound.

18-You may have heard that through a particular RAGA, a particular sound, fire can be created. It can be created – because this is the Indian idea, that sound is the basis of all electricity. So if you hit sound in a particular frequency, electricity will be created.

19-On long bridges, if a military, is passing, they are not allowed to march because many times it has happened that because of their march the bridge falls. It is because of sound, not because of their weight. They will be passing anyhow, but if they pass marching, then the particular sound of their feet breaks the bridge.

20-For example,in old Hebrew history, the city of Jericho was very protected by great walls and it was impossible to break those walls by guns. But through a particular sound the walls were broken, and that sound was the secret of the breaking of those walls. If that sound is created before walls, the walls will give way.

21-We have also heard the story of Ali Baba: a particular sound and the rock moves. These are allegories. Whether they are right or not, one thing is certain: if you can create a particular sound so continuously that meaning is lost, mind is lost, the rock at your heart will be removed.