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36 FACTS;-


'' Look at anything. A bowl or any object will do, but look with a different quality. ''

2-LOOK UPON A BOWL WITHOUT SEEING THE SIDES OR THE MATERIAL. Look upon any object, but with these two conditions…

2-1-Do not look at the sides,

2-2-Look at the object as a whole.

3-Ordinarily, we look at parts. It may not be done so consciously, but we look at parts.When we look at someone, first we see face, then torso, and then the whole body. Look at an object as a whole; do not divide it in parts. Why? Because when you divide something in parts, the eyes have an opportunity to move from one part to another. Look at a thing as a whole. You can do it.

4- We can look in two ways.Look at the whole group without dividing it into individuals, into units, taking it as a whole.And the second method is ; look at A, then at B, then at C and go on moving. When we look at A, B and C, we are not present ..or just present on the fringe, but not focused. When we look at B, we are leaving A. When we look at C, A has been completely lost; he has gone out of focus.

5-Try it. First look at a thing moving from one fragment to another. Then suddenly look at this thing as a whole; do not divide it. When you look at a thing as a whole, the eyes have no need to move. In order not to give any opportunity for movement, this has been made a condition: look at an object totally, taken as a whole. And secondly, without seeing the material.

6-If the bowl is of wood, do not see the wood: just see the bowl, the form. Do not see the substance.It may be of gold,it may be of silver ..observe it. Do not look at the material of which it is made, just look at the form. The first thing is to look at it as a whole. Secondly, look at it as a form, not as a substance. Why?6- Because substance is the material part, form is the spiritual part, and you are to move from the material to the non-material. It will be helpful.

7-You can try it with anyone. Some one is standing: look, and take wholly into your look, totally into it. It will be a weird feeling in the beginning because you are not habituated this way, but it is very beautiful in the end. And then, do not think about whether the body is beautiful or not, white or black, man or woman. Do not think; just look at the form. Forget the substance and just look at the form.

8-In a few moments become aware. Go on looking at the form as a whole. Do not allow the eyes any movement. Do not start thinking about the material. What will happen? You will suddenly become aware of your self. Looking at something, you will become aware of your self. Why? Because for the eyes there is no possibility to move outwards. The form has been taken as a whole, so you cannot move to the parts. The material has been dropped; pure form has been taken. Now you cannot think about gold, wood, silver, etc.

9-A form is pure form. No thinking about it is possible. A form is just a form; you cannot think about it. If it is of gold, you can think many things. You would like, you may like to steal it, or to do something with it, or to sell it, or you can think about the price ..many things are possible. But of pure form, no thinking is possible. Pure form stops thinking. And there is no possibility of changing from one part to another; you have taken it as a whole.

10-Remain with the whole and the form. Suddenly you will become aware of yourself, because now the eyes cannot move. And they need movement; that is their nature. So your look will move toward you. It will come back, it will return home, and suddenly you will become aware of your self.

11-This becoming aware of one’s self is one of the most ecstatic moments possible. When for the first time you become aware of your self, it has such beauty and such bliss that you cannot compare it with anything else you have known.

12-Really, for the first time you become your self; for the first time you know you are. Your being is revealed in a flash.

But why does it happen? You might have seen,the 3D picture particularly pilgrimage,a picture of baby Krishna, and in the same lines a handsome young Sri Krishna is also hidden. There is one picture, the same lines, but two figures are in it: one baby Krishna, one young Sri Krishna .

13-Look at the picture: you cannot become aware of both simultaneously. You will become aware either of one or the other. If you have become aware of baby Krishna ,you cannot see where the young Sri Krishna is hiding. But if you try to find him, it will be difficult, and the very effort will become a barrier. Because you have become aware of baby Krishna ,he will have become a fixed thing in your eyes. With this fixed thing, you are trying to find the young Sri Krishna . It is impossible, you will not be able to find him. You have to do a technique.

14-Just stare at the baby Krishna ; forget young Sri Krishna completely. Stare at baby Krishna , at young Sri Krishna Krishna will disappear, and you will become aware of the young Sri Krishna hiding there. Why? If you try to find him you will miss. This type of picture is given to children like a puzzle, and it is said to them, “Find the other.” Then they start trying to find him , and because of that they miss.

15-The trick is not to try to find him: just stare at the figure and you will become aware. Forget the other, no need to think about it. Your eyes cannot remain at one point, so if you stare at baby Krishna figure the eyes will become tired. Then suddenly they will move from the figure, and in that movement you will become aware of the other figure which is hidden just by baby Krishna’s side, in the same lines. But the miracle is that when you become aware of the young Sri Krishna, you cannot see the baby Krishna . But you know that both are there now.

16-In the beginning you may not have believed that the young Sri Krishna is hiding, but now you know because you have seen the baby Krishna first. Now you know that the young Sri Krishna is there, but while looking at the young one you cannot simultaneously become aware of the baby one. And if you become aware of the baby one, you will miss the young one again. Both cannot be seen simultaneously; you can see only one at a time.

17-The same happens with the outside and the inside look. You cannot have both looks simultaneously. When you are looking at a bowl or at any object, you are looking out: the consciousness is moving out, the river is flowing out. You are focused on the bowl. Go on staring at it. That very staring will create the opportunity to move in.

18-Your eyes will become tired; they would like to move. Finding nothing to move out toward, suddenly the river will turn back ..that remains the only possibility. You will have forced your consciousness to fall back. And when you will become aware of you, you will miss the bowl; it will not be there.

19-That is why a Adi Shankara says the whole world is illusory; they have known it so. When we come to know ourselves, the world is not. Really, the world is not illusory; it is there. But you cannot see both worlds simultaneously ..that is the problem. So when Adi Shankara enters into himself, when he comes to know his self, when he becomes a witness, the world is not there. So he is right. He says it is maya ..illusion. It simply appears to be; it is not there.

20-Be aware of the fact. When you know the world, you are not. You are there, but hidden, and you cannot believe that you are hidden there; the world is too much present for you. And if you start to look for yourself directly, it will be difficult, the very effort may become a barrier. So tantra says, fix your stare somewhere in the world, on any object, and do not move from there, remain there. This very effort to remain there will create the possibility for the consciousness to begin to flow upwards ...backwards. Then you will become aware of your self.

21-But when you become aware of your self, the bowl will not be there. It is there, but FOR YOU it will not be there. So Adi Shankara says the world is illusory because when you come to know your self the world is not there. It disappears like a dream.

22-But Charwak (a quasi-philosophical Indian school of materialists who rejected the notion of an afterworld)and Epicurus and Marx, they are also right. They say the world is true, and your self is just false; it is nowhere to be found. They say science is real. Science says only matter is, only objects are; there is no subject. They are right, because the eyes are focused on the object.

23-A scientist is constantly focusing on objects. He forgets the self completely. Both Adi Shankara and Marx are right in one sense and wrong in another. If you are fixed upon the world, if your look is fixed on the world, the self will look illusory .. like it is just a dream. If you are looking inwards, the world will become a dream.

24-Both are real, but you cannot be aware of both simultaneously ..that is the problem. And nothing can be done. You will meet the old woman or you will meet the young woman, and one will become maya, illusory. But this technique can be used easily. It will take a little time, but it is not difficult.

25-Once you know the turning of consciousness, you can do it anywhere. Just riding in a bus or sitting in a train you can do it ..anywhere. No need of a bowl or any particular object: you can do it with anything. With anything, stare, stare, stare… and suddenly turn inwards, and the train disappears.

26-Of course, when you come back from your inner journey you will have traveled, but the train will have disappeared. From one station you will reach to another, and in between there will have been no train ...just a gap. Of course, the train was there; otherwise how can you come to the other station? But it was not there for you; for you it was not.

27-Those who can practice this technique, they can live in the world very easily. Any moment they can make anything disappear ...remember this. If you are bothered with someone you can have that one disappear. That one is there sitting just by your side and that one is not there. That one is maya & disappeared. Just by staring and then turning your consciousness inwards, one has ceased to be there. And it has happened many times.

28-For example ,we know Socrates & his wife Xanthippe who was very much worried about him, and any wife would have been in the same dilemma. To have a Socrates as a husband is one of the most difficult things to tolerate. Socrates is good as a teacher, but not as a husband.

29-One day it happened… and because of it his wife has been condemned for two thousand years continuously, but that is CONSIDERABLE. Socrates was sitting there, and he must have been doing something like this technique is not recorded . His wife came with a tray, a teapot to give him tea. She must have found that he was not there, so it is reported that she poured the tea upon Socrates, over his face. Then suddenly he came back.

30-His face remained burned for his whole life. And because of this his wife has been condemned very much, but no one knows what Socrates was doing there ...because no wife would do this suddenly, there is no need. He must have done something; something must have been happening there. That is why Xanthippe had to throw tea over him. He must have been in an inner trance, and the burning sensation of the tea must have brought him back, the consciousness must have returned.

31-It is a assumption that this was the case because there are many other cases reported about Socrates which are similar. For forty-eight hours he was not found. He was sought all over, the whole Athens went in search of Socrates, but he was not to be found anywhere. Then he was found outside the city, miles away, standing under a tree. Half of his body was just under snow. Snow was falling, and he was just frozen, standing there with open eyes. But he was not looking at anyone.

32-When the crowd gathered around, they looked into his eyes and they thought that he was dead. His eyes were just like stones ...looking, but not looking at anyone; just static, unmoving. They felt his heart: It was beating slowly; he was alive. They had to give him shocks, only then did he come back to look at them. Immediately he asked, “What is the time now?” He had missed forty-eight hours completely, they never existed for him. He was not in this world of time and space.

33-So they asked, “What were you doing? We thought you were dead already… forty-eight hours!” He said, “I was staring at the stars, and just suddenly it happened that the stars disappeared. And then, I don’t know… then the whole world disappeared. But I remained in such a cool, calm, blissful state that if it is death it is worth thousands of lives. If it is death, then I would like to enter it again and again.”

34-It may have happened without his knowledge, because Socrates was not a yogi, not a tantric. He was not in any way concerned consciously with any spiritual practice. But he was a great thinker, and it may have happened as an accident that he was staring at the stars in the night, and suddenly his look returned back, inwards. You can do it. And stars are really good objects.

35-Lie down on the ground, look at the black sky, and then fix yourself on one star. Concentrate on it, stare at it. Narrow down your consciousness to one star; forget other stars. By and by, concentrate, narrow down your gaze. Other stars will be there just on the fringe, on the boundary. But by and by they will disappear, and only one star will remain.

36-Then go on staring, go on staring. A moment will come when that star will disappear. And when that star disappears, you will appear to yourself.



10 FACTS;-


''See as if for the first time a beauteous person or an ordinary object''. 2-You can do this technique ;when you know some basic things. We look at things always with old eyes. You come to your home; you look at it without looking at it. You know it ..there is no need to look at it. You have entered it again and again for years together. You go to the door, you enter the door; you may unlock the door. But there is no need to look. 3-This whole process goes on robot-like, mechanically, unconsciously. If something goes wrong, only if your key is not fitting into the lock, then you look at the lock. If the key fits, you never look at the lock. Because of mechanical habits, repeatedly doing the same thing again and again, you lose the capacity to look; you lose the freshness to look. 4-Really, you lose the function of your eyes -remember this. You become basically blind, because eyes are not needed.Remember the last time you looked at your parents, siblings or wife. The last time you looked at them ;may have been years ago. For how many years have you not looked? You just pass, giving a casual glimpse, but not a look. Go again and look at them as if you were looking for the first time. 5-Why? Because if you are looking for the first time, your eyes will be filled with a freshness. They will become alive.For the first time eyes are needed, the second time not so much, and the third time they are not needed. After a few repetitions you become blind. We live blindly. 6-Be aware. When you meet your children, are you looking at them? You are not looking at them. This habit kills the eyes; the eyes become bored ...repeatedly there is the old again and again. And nothing is old really, it is just that your habit makes you feel that it is so.None of them are the same as they were , yesterday; otherwise it is a miracle. Nothing can be the same the next moment. 7-Life is flux, everything is flowing, nothing is the same. The same sunrise will not happen again. In a sense also, the sun is not the same. Every day it is new; basic changes have occurred. And the sky will not be the same again; this morning is not going to come again. Every morning has its own individuality, and the sky and the colours, they will not gather in the same pattern again. But you go on moving as if everything is just the same. 8-They say nothing is new under the sky. Really, nothing is old under the sky. Only the eyes become old, accustomed to things; then nothing is new. For children everything is new: that is why everything gives them excitement. Even a colored stone on a beach, and they become so excited. 9-You will not be excited even seeing God himself coming to your house. You will not be so excited.. You will say, “I know him, I have read about him.” Children are so excited because their eyes are new and fresh, And everything is a new world, a new dimension.Look at children’s eyes the freshness, the radiant aliveness, the vitality. They look mirror-like, silent, but penetrating. Only such eyes can reach within. 10-So this technique says, SEE AS IF FOR THE FIRST TIME A BEAUTEOUS PERSON OR AN ORDINARY OBJECT. Anything will do. Look at your shoes. You have been using them for years, but look as if for the first time and see the difference: the quality of your consciousness suddenly changes. HOW TO GET MIRROR -LIKE, SILENT BUT PENETRATING EYES? 15 FACTS;- 1-If you have seen Van Gogh’s painting of his shoe; It is one of the rarest things. There is just an old shoe .. tired, sad, as if just on the verge of death. It is just an old shoe, but look at it, feel it, and you will feel what a long, boring life this shoe must have passed through. 2-It is so sad, just praying to be taken away from life, tired completely, every nerve broken, just an old man, an old shoe. It is one of the most original paintings; But how could Van Gogh see it? 3-Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art. In just over a decade he created about 2,100 artworks, including around 860 oil paintings, most of them in the last two years of his life that contributed to the foundations of modern art. 4-Look at Van Gogh’s painting, and then you will see what he could see in the shoes. Everything is there ..a whole biography of the person who was using them. But how could he see? To be a painter, one has to regain the child’s look, the freshness. He can look at everything most ordinary things even. 5-Cezanne, a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter has painted a chair, just an ordinary chair, and you may even wonder… why paint a chair? There is no need. But he worked on that painting for months together. You may have stopped for a single moment to look at it, and he worked for months on it because he could look at a chair. 6-A chair has its own spirit, its own story, its own miseries and happinesses. It has lived.. It has passed through life.. It has its own experiences, memories. They are all revealed in Cezanne’s painting. But do you look at your chair? No one looks at it, no one feels it.

7-Any object will do. This technique is just to make your eyes fresh fresh, alive, radiantly vital, that they can move within and you can have a look at your inner self. SEE AS IF FOR THE FIRST TIME. Make it a point to see everything as if for the first time, and sometime, suddenly, you will be surprised at what a beautiful world you have been missing.

8-What will happen? You will regain your eyesight. You are blind. Just now, as you are, you are blind. And this blindness is more fatal than physical blindness, because you have eyes and still you cannot look.

9-Jesus Christ says many times, “Those who have eyes, let them see. Those who have ears, let them hear.” It seems that he was talking to blind men or to deaf men. But he goes on repeating it , “If you have eyes, look.” He must be talking with ordinary men who have eyes. But why this insistence on, “If you have eyes, look”?Because He is talking about the eyes which this technique can give you.

10-Look at everything you pass as if for the first time. Make it a continuous attitude. Touch everything as if for the first time. What will happen? If you can do this, you will be freed from your past. The burden, the depth, the dirtiness, the accumulated experiences will be freed from them.

11-Every moment, move from the past. Do not allow it to enter within you; do not allow it to be carried .. leave it. Look at everything as if for the first time. This is a great technique to help you to be freed from the past. Then you are constantly in the present, and by and by you will have an affinity with the present. Then everything will be new. Then you will be able to understand a famous saying that ''you cannot step twice in the same river''.

12-You cannot see a person twice ..the same person ..because nothing is static. Everything is river-like, flowing and flowing . If you are freed from the past and you have a look which can see the present, you will enter the existence. And this entry will be double: you will enter into everything, into its spirit, and you will enter into yourself also because the present is the door.

13-All meditations in one way or the other try to get you to live in the present.So this technique is one of the most beautiful techniques ..and easy. You can try it, and without any danger.If you are looking afresh even

when passing through the same street again, it is a new street. Meeting the same friend as if he is a stranger,can you really say that he is not still a stranger?

14-You may have lived many years with your members of family but can you say that you are acquainted with them? They are still stranger living together. You know the outer habits of each other, the outer reactions, but the inner core of the being is unknown, untouched.

15-Look freshly again, as if for the first time, and you will see the same stranger. Nothing, has become old; everything is new. This will give a freshness to your look. Your eyes will become innocent. Those innocent eyes can see. Those innocent eyes can enter into the inner world.