25 FACTS;-


''Attention between eyebrows, let mind be before thought. let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head and there shower as light.''

Focus your attention between your eyebrows, keep your mind free from any dualistic thought, let your form be filled with breath essence up to the top of your head and there, soak in radiant spatiality.

2-When one of the great Greek philosophers, Pythagoras, reached Egypt to enter a school ...a secret esoteric(gupt)school of mysticism ...he was refused. And Pythagoras was one of the best minds ever produced. He could not understand it. He applied again and again, but he was told that unless he goes through a particular training of fasting and breathing he cannot be allowed to enter the school.

3-Pythagoras is reported to have said, “I have come for knowledge, not for any sort of discipline.” But the school authorities said, “We cannot give you knowledge unless you are different. And really, we are not interested in knowledge at all, we are interested in actual experience. No knowledge is knowledge unless it is lived and experienced. So you will have to go on a forty-day fast, continuously breathing in a certain manner, with a certain awareness on certain points.”

4-There was no other way, so Pythagoras had to pass through this training. After forty days of fasting and breathing, aware, attentive, he was allowed to enter the school.

5-It is said that Pythagoras said, “You are not allowing Pythagoras in. I am a different man, I am reborn. You were right and I was wrong, because then my whole standpoint was intellectual. Through this purification, my center of being has changed. From the intellect it has come down to the heart. Now I can feel things. Before this training I could only understand through the intellect, through the head. Now I can feel. Now truth is not a concept to me, but a life. It is not going to be a philosophy, but rather, an experience ..existential.”

6-What was that training he went through? This fifth technique was the technique that was given to Pythagoras. It was given in Egypt, but the technique is Indian. The fifth technique ...

(Attention between eyebrows, let mind be before thought. let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head and there shower as light.)

7-This was the technique given to Pythagoras. Pythagoras went with this technique to Greece, and really, he became the fountainhead, the source of all mysticism in the West. He is the father of all mysticism in the West. This technique is one of the very deep methods.

8-Try to understand this: Attention between eyebrows,… Modern physiology, scientific research, says that between the two eyebrows is the gland which is the most mysterious part of the body. This gland, called the pineal gland, is the third eye of the Tibetans ..Shivanetra: the eye of theLord Shiva, of the tantra.

9- Between the two eyes there exists a third eye, but it is non-functioning. It is there, it can function any moment, but it does not function naturally. You have to do something about it to open it. It is not blind; it is simply closed. This technique is to open the third eye. Attention between the eyebrows… Close your eyes, then focus both of your eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows. Focus just in the middle, with closed eyes, as if you are looking with your two eyes. Give total attention to it.

10-This is one of the simplest methods of being attentive. You cannot be attentive to any other part of the body so easily. This gland absorbs attention like anything. If you give attention to it, both your eyes become hypnotized with the third eye. They become fixed; they cannot move.

11-If you are trying to be attentive to any other part of the body it is difficult. This third eye catches attention, forces attention; It is magnetic for attention. So all the methods all over the world have used it. It is the simplest to train you in attention because not only are you trying to be attentive, the gland itself helps you; it is magnetic.

12-Your attention is brought to it forcibly. It is absorbed. It is said in the old tantra scriptures that for the third eye attention is food. It is hungry; it has been hungry for lives and lives. If you pay attention to it, it becomes alive &The food is given to it.

13-And once you know that attention is food, once you feel that your attention is magnetically drawn, attracted, pulled by the gland itself, attention is not a difficult thing then. One has only to know the right point. So just close your eyes, let your two eyes move just to the middle, and feel the point. When you are near the point, suddenly your eyes will become fixed. 14-When it becomes difficult to move them, then know you have caught the right point. attention between the eyebrows, let mind be before thought… If this attention is there, for the first time you will come to experience a strange phenomenon. For the first time you will see thoughts running before you; you will become the witness.

15-It is just like a film screen: thoughts are running and you are a witness. Once your attention is focused at the third eye center, you become immediately the witness of thoughts. Ordinarily you are not the witness, you are identified with thoughts. If anger is there, you become anger. If a thought moves, you are not the witness, you become one with the thought, identified, and you move with it.

16-You become the thought; you take the form of the thought.Any thought moving becomes identified with you. You do not have any gap between you and the thought. But focused at the third eye, suddenly you become a witness.

17-Through the third eye you can see thoughts running like clouds in the sky or people moving on the street. You are sitting at your window looking at the sky or at people in the street; you are not identified. You are aloof, a watcher on the hill ..different.

18-Now if anger is there you can look at it as an object. Now you do not feel that YOU are angry. You feel that you are surrounded by anger ...a cloud of anger has come around you ..but you are not the anger. And if you are not the anger, anger becomes nullified, it cannot affect you; you remain untouched. The anger will come and go and you will remain centered in yourself. This fifth technique is a technique of finding the witness.

19-Attention between the eyebrows, let the mind be before thought. Now look at your thoughts; now encounter your thoughts. Let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head and there shower as light.

20-When attention is focused at the third eye center, between the two eyebrows, two things happen. One is, suddenly you become a witness. This can happen in two ways. You become a witness and you will be centered at the third eye. Try to be a witness. Whatsoever is happening, try to be a witness. You are ill, the body is aching and painful, you have misery and suffering, whatsoever ..be a witness to it. Whatsoever is happening, do not identify yourself with it.

21-Be a witness, an observer. Then if witnessing becomes possible, you will be focused in the third eye. The vice versa is the case also. If you are focused in the third eye, you will become a witness. These two things are part of one. So the first thing: by being centered in the third eye there will be the arising of the witnessing self.

22-Now you can encounter your thoughts. This will be the first thing. And the second thing will be that now you can feel the subtle, delicate vibration of breathing. Now you can feel the form of breathing, the very essence of breathing.

23-First try to understand what is meant by “the form,” by “the essence of breathing.” While you are breathing, you are not only breathing air. Science says you are breathing only air ;just oxygen, hydrogen, and other gases in their combined form of air.

24- But tantra says that air is just the vehicle, not the real thing. You are breathing prana ..vitality. Air is just the medium; prana is the content. You are breathing prana, not only air. Modern science is still not able to find out whether there is something like prana, but some researchers have felt something mysterious.

25-Breathing is not simply air. It has been felt by many modern researchers also. In particular, one name is to be mentioned 'Wilhelm Reich', a German psychologist who called it “orgone energy.” It is the same thing as prana.

26-He says that while you are breathing, air is just the container and there is a mysterious content which can be called orgone or prana or ELAN VITAL. But that is very subtle. Really, it is not material. Air is the material thing ; the container is material ; but something subtle, non-material, is moving through it. The effects of it can be felt.

27-When you are with a very vital person, you will feel a certain vitality arising in you. If you are with a very sick person you will feel sucked, as if something has been taken out of you. When you go to the hospital, you feel so tired. You are being sucked from everywhere. The whole hospital atmosphere is ill, and everyone there needs more elan vital, more prana.

28-So if you are there, suddenly your prana begins to flow out of you.you feel suffocated sometimes when you are in a crowd.Because your prana is being sucked. While you are alone under the sky in the morning, under the trees, suddenly you feel a vitality in you ...the prana. Each person needs a particular space. If that space is not given, your prana is sucked.

29-Wilhelm Reich did many experiments, but he was thought to be a madman. Science has its own superstitions, and science is a very orthodox thing. Science cannot feel yet that there is anything more than air, but in Hinduism ,it has been experimenting with it for centuries.

30-You may have heard or you may have even seen someone going into SAMADHI, cosmic consciousness ... underground samadhi ..for days together, with no air penetrating. One man went into such underground samadhi in Egypt in 1880 for forty years. Those who had buried him all died, because he was to come out of his samadhi in 1920, forty years afterwards. In 1920 no one believed that they would find him alive, but he was found alive.

31-He lived afterwards for ten years more. He had become completely pale, but he was alive. And there had been no possibility of air reaching to him. He was asked by medical doctors and others, “What is the secret of it?” He said, “We do not know. We only know this, that prana can enter and flow anywhere.” Air cannot penetrate, but prana can penetrate.

32-Once you know that you can suck prana directly, without the container, then you can go into samadhi for centuries even. By being focused in the third eye, suddenly you can observe the very essence of breath ... not breath, but the very essence of breath, prana. And if you can observe the essence of breath, prana, you are at the point from where the jump, the breakthrough happens.

33-The sutra says, let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head… And when you come to feel the essence of breathing, prana, just imagine that your head is filled with it ... just imagine.

34-No need of any effort. youshould how imagination works. When you are focused at the third eye center, imagine, and the thing happens .. then and there. Now your imagination is just impotent; you go on imagining and nothing happens. But sometimes, unknowingly, in ordinary life also things happen. 35-You are imagining about your friend and suddenly there is a knock on the door. You say it is a coincidence that the friend has come. Sometimes your imagination works just like coincidence. But whenever this happens, now try and remember and analyze the whole thing.

36-Whenever it happens that you feel your imagination has become actual, go inside and observe. Somewhere your attention must have been near the third eye. Whenever this coincidence happens, it is not a coincidence. It looks that way because you do not know the secret science. Your mind must have moved unknowingly near the third eye center.

37-If your attention is in the third eye, just imagination is enough to create any phenomenon.This sutra says that

when you are focused between the eyebrows and you can feel the very essence of breathing, let form fill . Now imagine that this essence is filling your whole head, particularly the top of the head, the Sahasrar ... the highest psychic center.

38-And the moment you imagine, it will be filled. THERE ... at the top of the head ..Shower as light. This prana essence is showering from the top of your head as light. And it WILL begin to shower, and under the shower of light you will be refreshed, reborn, completely new. That is what inner rebirth means.

39-So two things: first, focused at the third eye your imagination becomes potent, powerful. That is why so much insistence has been given on purity. Before doing these practices, be pure. Purity is not only a moral concept for tantra, purity is significant ..because if you are focused at the third eye and your mind is impure, your imagination can become dangerous: dangerous to you, dangerous to others.

40- If you are thinking to murder someone, if this idea is in the mind, just imagining may kill the man. That is why there is so much insistence on being pure first.

41-Pythagoras was told to go through fasting, through particular breathing ; because here one is traveling in a very dangerous land. Because wherever there is power there is danger, and if the mind is impure, whenever you get power your impure thoughts will take hold of it immediately.

42-You have imagined many times to hurt but the imagination cannot work, fortunately. If it works, if it is actualized immediately, then it will become dangerous ; not only to others, but to yourself also, because so many times you have thought to commit suicide. If the mind is focused at the third eye, just thinking of suicide will become suicide. You will not have any time to change, immediately it will happen.


14 FACTS;-

1-You might have observed someone being hypnotized. When someone is hypnotized, the hypnotist can say anything and immediately the hypnotized person follows. Howsoever absurd the order, howsoever irrational or even impossible, the hypnotized person follows it. What is happening? This fifth technique is at the base of all hypnotism.

2-Whenever someone is being hypnotized he is told to focus his eyes at a particular point ;on some light, some dot on the wall or anything, or on the eyes of the hypnotist.When you

focus your eyes at any particular point, within three minutes your inner attention begins to flow toward the third eye. And the moment your inner attention begins to flow toward the third eye, your face begins to change. And the hypnotist knows when your face begins to change.

3-Suddenly your face loses all vitality. It becomes dead, as if deeply asleep. The hypnotist knows immediately when your face has lost the luster, the aliveness. It means that now attention is being sucked by the third eye center. Your face has become dead; the whole energy is running toward the third eye center.

4-Now the hypnotist immediately knows that anything said will happen. He says, “Now you are falling into a deep sleep” ;you will fall immediately. He says, “Now you are becoming unconscious” ... you will become unconscious immediately. Now anything can be done.

5-If he says, “Now you have become Napoleon,” you will become. You will begin to behave like a Napoleon, you will begin to talk like Napoleon. Your gestures will change. Your unconscious will take the order and will create the actuality. If you are suffering from a disease, now it can be ordered that the disease has disappeared and it will disappear. Or any new disease can be created.

6-Just putting an ordinary stone from the street in your hand, the hypnotist can say, “This is fire in your hand,” and you will feel intense heat; your hand will get burned ; not only in the mind, but actually. Actually your skin will get burned. You will have a burning sensation.

7-What is happening? There is no fire, there is just an ordinary stone, cold. How? How does this burning happen? You are focused at the third eye center, your imagination is being given suggestions by the hypnotist, and they are being actualized.

8-If the hypnotist says, “Now you are dead,” you will die immediately. Your heart will stop. It WILL stop. This happens because of the third eye. In the third eye, imagination and actualization are not two things. Imagination is the fact. Imagine, and it is so.

9-There is no gap between dream and reality.Dream, and it will become real. That is why Adi Shankara has said that this whole world is nothing but the dream of the divine…This is because the divine is centered in the third eye ... always, eternally ..so whatsoever the divine dreams becomes real. If you are also centered in the third eye, whatsoever you dream will become real.

10-Sariputta came to Gautam Buddha. He meditated deeply, then many things, many visions started coming, as it happens with anyone who goes into deep meditation. He began to see heavens, he began to see hells, he began to see angels, gods, demons. And they were actual, so real that he came running to Buddha to tell him that such and such a vision had come to him. But Buddha said, “It is nothing ; just dreams. Just dreams!”

11-But Sariputta said, “They are so real. How can I say that they are dreams? When I see a flower in my vision it is more real than any flower in the world. The fragrance is there; I can touch it. When I see you,” he said to Gautam Buddha, “I do not see you as real. That flower is more real than your being here just before me, so how can I differentiate between what is real and what is dream?”

12-Gautam Buddha said, “Now that you are centered in the third eye, dream and reality are one. Whatsoever you are dreaming will be real, and vice versa also.” For one who is centered in the third eye dreams will become real and the whole reality will become just a dream, because when your dream can become real you know there is no basic difference between dream and reality.

13-So when Adi Shankara says that this whole world is just Maya, a dream of the divine, it is not a theoretical proposition, it is not a philosophical statement. It is, rather, the inner experience of one who is focused in the third eye. When you are focused in the third eye, just imagine that the essence of prana is showering from the top of the head..

14- just as if you are sitting under a tree and flowers are showering, or you are just under the sky and suddenly a cloud begins to shower, or you are just sitting in the morning and the sun rises and rays begin to shower. Imagine, and immediately there is a shower ..a shower of light falling down from the top of your head. This shower recreates you, gives you a new birth.You are reborn.


18 FACTS;-


''When in worldly activity, keep attentive between the two breaths, and so practicing, in a few days, be born anew. ''…

Whatsoever you are doing, keep your attention in the gap between the two breaths. But it must be practiced while in activity.

2-Forget breaths ... keep attentive in between. One breath has come: before it returns, before it is exhaled out, there is the gap, the interval. One breath has gone out; before it is taken in again, the gap. in worldly activity, keep attentive between the two breaths, and so practicing, in a few days, be born anew.

3-This sixth technique has to be done continuously. That is why this is mentioned: When in worldly activity… Whatsoever you are doing, keep your attention in the gap between the two breaths. But it must be practiced while in activity.

4-We have discussed one technique that is just similar. Now there is only this difference, that this has to be practiced while in worldly activity; doing something else.. Do not practice it in isolation.

5-This practice is to be done while you are You are eating ...go on eating and be attentive of the gap. You are walking ...go on walking and be attentive of the gap. You are going to sleep ..lie down, let sleep come, but you go on being attentive of the gap. Why in activity? Because activity distracts the mind, activity calls for your attention again and again. Do not be distracted, be fixed at the gap. And do not stop activity, let the activity continue.

6- We have two layers of existence: the world of doing and the world of being; the circumference and the center. Go on working on the periphery (edge of an area), on the circumference; do not stop it. But go on working attentively on the center also. What will happen? Your activity will become an acting, as if you are playing a part.

7-You are playing a part ; for example, in a drama. You have become Sri Ram or you have become Jesus Christ. You go on acting as Jesus Christ or as Sri Ram, and still you remain yourself. In the center, you know who you are; on the periphery you go on acting as Sri Ram, Jesus Christ or anyone. You know you are not Sri Ram ...you are acting. You know who you are. Your attention is centered in you; your activity continues on the circumference.

8-If this method is practiced, your whole life will become a long drama. You will be an actor playing roles, but constantly centered in the gap. If you forget the gap then you are not playing roles, you have become the role. Then it is not a drama; you have mistaken it as life.

9-That is what we have done. Everyone thinks he is living life. It is not life, it is just a role ,a part which has been given to you by the society, by the circumstances, by the culture, by the tradition, the country, the situation. You have been given a role and you are playing it; you have become identified with it. To break that identification there is this technique.

10-Lord Krishna has many names.Lord Krishna is one of the greatest actors. He is constantly centered in himself and playing ; playing many roles, many games, but absolutely non serious. Seriousness comes from identification.

11-If you really become Sri Ram in the drama then there are bound to be problems. Those problems will come out of your seriousness. When Mata Sita is stolen you may get a heart attack, and the whole play will have to be stopped. If you really become Sri Ram a heart attack is certain… even heart failure.

12-But you are just an actor. Mata Sita is stolen, but nothing is stolen. You will go back to your home and you will sleep peacefully. Not even in a dream will you feel that Mata Sita is stolen. When really Mata Sita was stolen,Sri Ram himself was weeping, crying and asking the trees, “Where has my Sita gone? Who has taken her?” But this is the point to understand. If Ram is really weeping and asking the trees, he has become identified.

13- This is the point to remember, that for Sri Ram his real life also was just a part. You have seen other actors playing Sri Ram, but Sri Ram himself was just playing a part ...on a greater stage, of course. It is said that Valmiki wrote the RAMAYANA before Sri Ram was born, and then Sri Ram had to follow. So really, the first act of Sri Ram was also just a drama. The story was written before Sri Ram was born and then Sri Ram had to follow .

14-So everything was fixed in a way. Mata Sita was to be stolen and the war had to be fought. If you can understand this, then you can understand the theory of destiny, BHAGYA ... fate. It has a very deep meaning.

15-And the meaning is, if you take it that everything is fixed for you, your life becomes a drama. If you are playing the role of Sri Ram in the drama you cannot change it, everything is fixed, even your dialogue. If you say something ; it is just repeating something that is fixed. You cannot change it if life is taken as fixed. For example, you are going to die on a particular day ...it is fixed.

16-When you will be dying you will be weeping, but it is fixed. And such and such persons will be around you .. it is fixed. If everything is fixed, everything becomes a drama. It means you are just to enact it. You are not asked to live it, you are just asked to enact it.

17- This technique, the sixth technique, is just to make yourself a psychodrama ..just a play. You are focused in the gap between two breaths and life moves on, on the periphery.

18-If your attention is at the center, then your attention is not really on the periphery ..that is just “sub-attention”; it just happens somewhere near your attention. You can feel it, you can know it, but it is not significant. It is as if it is not happening to you.

NOTE;- if you practice this sixth technique, your whole life will be as if it is not happening to you, as if it is happening to someone else.


15 FACTS;-


''With intangible breath in center of forehead, as this reaches heart at the moment of sleep, have direction over dreams and over death itself''.

Be attentive between the two eyebrows and feel the pranic energy.

2-More and more you are entering deeper layers. With intangible breath in center of forehead… If you have known the third eye then you know the intangible breath, the invisible prana in the center of the forehead, and then you know the showering .. the energy, the light showers. as this reaches heart at the moment of sleep, have direction over dreams and over death itself.

3-Take this technique in three parts......

A-One, you must be able to feel the prana in breath ...the intangible part of it, the invisible part of it, the immaterial part of it.

B-It comes if you are attentive between the two eyebrows; then it comes easily. If you are attentive in the gap, then too it comes, but a little less easily.

C-If you are aware of the center at your navel where breath comes and touches and goes out, it also comes, but with less ease.

The easiest way to know the invisible part of breath is to be centered at the third eye. But wherever you are centered, it comes, you begin to feel the prana flowing in.

4-If you can feel the prana flowing in you, you can know when you are going to die. Six months before the day of your death you begin to know, if you can feel the invisible part of breath.

Why do so many saints declare the day of their death? It is easy, because if you can see the content of the breath, the prana flowing into you, the moment the process reverses you can feel it.

5-Before you die, (six months before you die,) the process reverses: prana begins to flow out of you. Then the breath is not taking it in.

6-Rather, on the contrary, the breath is taking it out ...the same breath. You cannot feel it because you do not know the invisible part ...you know only the visible, you know only the vehicle. The vehicle will be the same. Now the breath is carrying prana in, leaving it there; then the vehicle goes back empty. Then again it is filled with the prana and it comes in. So the ingoing breath and the outgoing breath are not the same, remember.

7-The ingoing breath and the outgoing breath are the same as vehicles, but the incoming breath is filled with prana and the outgoing breath is empty. You have taken in the prana and the breath has become empty. The reverse happens when you are nearing death.

8-The incoming breath comes prana-less, empty, because your body cannot suck prana from the cosmos. You are going to die; there is no need for it. The whole process has reversed. And when the breath goes out, it takes your prana out. One who has been able to see the invisible can know his day of death immediately. Six months before, the process reverses.

9-This sutra is very, very significant: With intangible breath in center of forehead, as this reaches heart at the moment of sleep, have direction over dreams and over death itself. While you are falling into sleep this technique has to be practiced ...then only, not at any other time. While you are falling asleep, only then; that is the right moment to practice this technique. You are falling asleep. By and by, by and by, sleep is overtaking you.

10-Within moments, your consciousness will dissolve; you will not be aware. Before that moment comes, become aware ...aware of the breath and the invisible part prana, and feel it coming to the heart. Go on feeling that it is coming to the heart. The prana enters from your heart into the body.

11-Go on feeling that the prana is coming into the heart, and let sleep come while you are continuously feeling it. You go on feeling, and let sleep come and drown you. If this happens ...that you are feeling invisible breath coming into the heart and sleep overtakes you.... you will be aware in dreams. You will know that you are dreaming.

12-Ordinarily we do not know that we are dreaming. While you dream you think that this is reality. That too happens because of the third eye. Have you seen anyone asleep? His eyes move upwards and become focused in the third eye. If you have not seen, then see. Your child is sleeping… just open his eyes and see where his eyes are. His pupils have gone up and they are focused in the third eye.

13-But look at children, do not look at grown-ups ...they are not believable because their sleep is not deep. They will just be thinking that they are asleep. Look at children, their eyes move up. They become focused in the third eye. Because of this focusing in the third eye you take your dreams as real, you cannot feel they are dreams , they are real.

14-You will know when you get up in the morning. Then you will know that “I was dreaming.” But this is the later, retrospective(looking back ) realization. You cannot realize in the dream that you are dreaming. If you realize it, then there are two layers: dream is there but you are awake, you are aware. For one who becomes aware in dreams, this sutra is wonderful.

15-It says, have direction over dreams and over death itself. . If you can become aware of dreams, you can do two things. You can create dreams ... one. Ordinarily you cannot create dreams. How helpless the human is... You cannot even create dreams. If you want to dream a particular thing you cannot dream it; it is not in your hands. Even dreams cannot be created. You are just a victim of dreams, not the creator.


25 FACTS;-

1-A dream happens to you; you cannot do anything. Neither can you stop it nor can you create it. But if you move into sleep remembering the heart being filled with prana, continuously being touched by prana with every breath, you will become a master of your dreams ...and this is a rare mastery.

2-Then you can dream whatsoever dreams you like. Just note while you are falling asleep that “I want to dream this dream,” and that dream will come to you. Just say, while falling asleep, “I do not want to dream that dream,” and that dream cannot enter your mind.

3-But what is the meaning of the master of our dreaming?...

it is absurd that you will never dream. When you are master of your dreams, dreaming stops; there is no need for it. And when dreaming stops, your sleep has a different quality altogether, and the quality is the same as of death.

4-Death is deep sleep. If your sleep can become as deep as death, that means there will be no dreaming. Dreaming creates superficiality in sleep. You move on the surface because of the dreams; because of hanging on to the dreams, you move on the surface.

5-When there is no dreaming you just drop into the sea, its depth is reached. Death is the same. That is why people in India have always been saying that sleep is a short duration of death, and death is a long sleep .. qualitatively they are the same. Sleep is a day-to-day death. Death is a life-to-life phenomenon, a life-to-life sleep.

6-Every day you are tired. You fall into sleep and you regain your vitality, your aliveness in the morning; you are reborn. After a life of seventy or eighty years you are tired completely. Now such short durations of death won’t do; you need a great death. After that great death or great sleep, you are reborn with a totally new body.

7-Once you can know dreamless sleep and can be aware in it, then there will be no fear of death. No one has ever died, no one can die .. that is the only impossibility.No one has ever died and no one can die .. that is the only impossibility ...because the universe is life.

8-You are again and again reborn, but the sleep is so deep that you forget your old identity.Your mind is washed &

clean of the memories. Think of it in this way. Today you are going to sleep: it is just as if there were some mechanism ; like that which can delete on a mobile, which can wipe , clean, so that whatsoever was recorded is no more there.

9-The same is possible with memory, because memory is really just a deep recording. Sooner or later we will have a mechanism which can be put on the head and it will clean your mind completely. In the morning you will no longer be the same person because you won’t be able to remember who it was who went to sleep.

10-Then your sleep will look like death. There will be a discontinuity; you won’t be able to remember who went to sleep. This is happening naturally. When you die and you are reborn, you cannot remember who died. You start again.

11-With this technique, first you will become the master of your dreams ;that is, dreaming will cease. Or if you want to dream you will be able to dream, but dreaming will become voluntary. It will not be non-voluntary, it will not be forced upon you; you will not be a victim.

12-Then the quality of your sleep will become just like that of death. Then you will know that death is sleep. That is why this sutra says: have direction over dreams and over death itself. you will know that death is just a long sleep and helpful and beautiful because it gives you new life; it gives you everything anew.

13-Death ceases to be… with cessation of dreaming, death ceases to be. There is another meaning to gaining power over death, direction over death. If you can come to feel that death is just a sleep, you will be able to direct it.

14-If you can direct your dreams, you can direct your death also. You can choose where you are to be born again, to whom, when, in what form; you will become master of your birth also.

15-For example Gautam Buddha died ( last- one life, before he became Buddha). Before dying he said, “I will be born to such and such parents; such will be my mother, such will be my father. But … when I am born my mother will die immediately. Before I am born my mother will have certain dreams.” Not only do you gain power from your dreams, you gain power from others’ dreams also.

16-So Gautam Buddha, as an example, said, “Certain dreams will be there. When I will be in the womb, my mother will have certain dreams. So whenever any woman has these dreams in this sequence, know well I am going to be born to her.” And it happened.

17- Gautam Buddha’s mother dreamed the same sequence. The sequence is known by all , because it was no ordinary statement. It is known to everyone, particularly those who are interested in religion and the deeper things of life and the esoteric ways of life. It was known, so the dreams were interpreted.

18-These dreams are rare, and they go on repeating in the same sequence. There are one, two, three, four, five, six dreams continuously being repeated. There are the same dreams, as if one is seeing the same film again and again. What is happening?”

19-So Buddha’s father immediately called dream interpreters,and he asked, “What does this sequence mean? I am afraid''.So they told him, “You are going to be the father of a great soul ...one who is going to be a buddha. But then your wife is going to be in danger, because whenever this buddha is born it is difficult for the mother to survive.”

20-The father asked, “Why?” The interpreters said, “We cannot say why, but this soul who is going to be born has made a statement that when he will be born again, the mother will die immediately.”

21-Later on Gautam Buddha was asked, “Why did your mother die immediately?” He said, “Giving birth to a buddha is such a big event that everything else becomes futile afterwards. So the mother cannot exist. She will have to be born again to start anew. It is such a climax giving birth to a buddha, it is such a peak, that the mother cannot exist beyond it.” So the mother died.

22-And Gautam Buddha had said in his previous life that he would be born while his mother was standing under a palm tree ,and it happened. The mother was standing under a palm tree ; standing while Buddha was born. And he had said, “I will be born while my mother is standing under a palm tree, and I will take seven steps. Immediately, I will walk. These are the signs I give to you,” he said, “so that you will know that a buddha is born.” And he carried out everything.

23-And this is not only so about Buddha. It is so about Jesus, it is so about Mahavir, it is so about many others. Every Jain Tirthankara has predicted in his previous life how he is going to be born. And they have given particular dream sequences, that such and such will be the symbols , and they have told how it will happen. You can direct.

24-Once you can direct your dreams you can direct everything, because dream is the very stuff of this world. This life is made out of the stuff of dreams. Once you can direct your dreams you can direct everything.

25-This sutra says, over death itself. Then one can give a certain birth, a certain life to oneself. We are just victims. We do not know why we are born, why we die. Who directs us ...and why? There seems to be no reason. It all seems just a chaos, just accidental. It is because we are not masters. Once we are masters it is not like this.