70. Consider your essence as light rays from center to center up the vertebrae, and so rises “livingness” in you.

71. Or in the spaces between, feel this as lightning.

72. Feel the cosmos as a translucent ever-living presence.

30 FACTS;-

1-Man can be considered in three ways.. in terms of the normal, the abnormal and the supernormal. Western psychology is basically concerned with the abnormal, the pathological, with the man who has fallen down from the normal, who has fallen down from the norm.

2-Eastern psychology, tantra and yoga, consider man from the standpoint of the supernormal ..of the one who has gone beyond the norm. Both are abnormal. One who is pathological is abnormal because he is not healthy, and one who is supernormal is abnormal because he is MORE healthy than any normal human being. The difference is of negative and positive.

3-Western psychology developed as part of psychotherapy. Freud, Jung, Adler and other psychologists were treating the abnormal man, the man who is mentally ill. Because of this the whole Western attitude towards man has become erroneous. Freud was studying pathological cases. Of course, no healthy man would go to him ...only those who were mentally ill. They were studied by him, and because of that study he thought that now he understood man.

4-Pathological men are not really men, they are ill, and anything based on a study of them is bound to be deeply erroneous and harmful. This has proved harmful because man is looked at from a pathological standpoint. If a particular state of mind is chosen and that state is ill, pathological, then the whole image of man becomes disease-based. Because of this attitude, the whole Western society has fallen down ..because the ill man is the base, the perverted(abnormal) has become the foundation.

5-And if you study only the abnormal, you cannot conceive of any possibility of supernormal beings. A buddha is impossible for Freud, not conceivable. He must be fictitious, mythological. A buddha cannot be a reality. Freud has only come in contact with ill men who are not even normal, and whatsoever he says about normal man is based on the study of abnormal man. It is just like a physician who is doing a study.

6-No healthy man will go to him, there is no need. Only unhealthy people will go. By studying so many unhealthy people, he creates a picture in his mind of man, but that picture cannot be of man. It cannot be because man is not only illnesses. And if you base your concept of man on illnesses, the whole society will suffer.

7-Eastern psychology, particularly tantra and yoga, also has a concept of man, but that concept is based on the study of the supernormal ..Buddha, Patanjali, AdiShankara, Nagarjuna, Kabir, Nanak .. on persons who have reached to the peak of human potentiality and possibility. The lowest has not been considered, only the highest.

8-If you consider the highest your mind becomes an opening; you can grow because now you know higher reaches are possible. If you consider the lowest, no growth is possible. There is no challenge. If you are normal you feel happy. It is enough that you are not perverted, that you are not in a mental asylum. You can feel good, but there is no challenge.

9-But if you seek the supernormal, the highest possibility that you can become, if someone has become that possibility, if that possibility has become actual in someone, then a possibility for growth opens. You can grow. A challenge comes to you, and you need not be satisfied with yourself. Higher reaches are possible and they are calling you.

10-This must be understood deeply. Only then will the psychology of tantra be conceivable. Whatsoever you are is not the end. You are just in the middle. You can fall down, you can rise up. Your growth has not finished. You are not the end product; you are just a passage. Something is constantly growing in you.

11-Tantra conceives of and bases its whole technique on this possibility of growth. And remember, unless you become that which you can become, you will not be fulfilled. You MUST become that which you can become ..it is a must.. Otherwise you will be frustrated, you will feel meaningless, you will feel that there is no purpose in life.

12-You can carry on, but there can be no joy in it. And you may succeed in many other things, but you will fail with yourself. And this is happening. Someone becomes very rich and everyone thinks that now he has succeeded. Everyone except himself thinks that he has succeeded. He knows his failure. Wealth is there, but he has failed. You are a great man, a leader, a politician. Everyone thinks that they have succeeded, but they have failed. This world is strange: you succeed in everyone’s eyes except your own.

13-Generally,People say they have everything, but now what? They are failures, but where have they failed? As far as outward things are concerned they have not failed, so why do they feel this failure? Their inner potentiality has remained potent. They have not flowered. They have not achieved what Maslow, an American psychologist calls “self-actualization.” They are failures .. inner failures, and ultimately, what others say is meaningless. What you feel is meaningful.

14-If you feel that you are a failure, others may think that you are a Napoleon or an Alexander the Great, but it makes no difference. Rather, it depresses you more. Everyone thinks that you are a success, and now you cannot say that you are not ..but you know you are not. You cannot deceive yourself. As far as self-actualization is concerned you cannot deceive. Sooner or later you will have to call upon yourself and look deeply into yourself at what has happened. The life is wasted. You have given up an opportunity and gathered things which mean nothing.

15-Self-actualization refers to the highest peak of your growth, where you can feel a deep content, where you can say, “This is my destiny, this is for what I was meant, this is why I am here on earth.” Tantra is concerned with that self-actualization ..with how to help you grow more. Tantra is not concerned with ideals; it is concerned with you as you are and as you can become.

16-The difference is great. All teachings are concerned with ideals. They say become like Buddha, become like Jesus, become like this or that. They have ideals, and you have to become like those ideals. Tantra has no ideal for you. Your unknown ideal is hidden within you; it cannot be given to you. You are not to become Buddha, there is no need. One Buddha is enough, and no repetition is of any value.

17-Existence is always unique, it never repeats; repetition is boredom. Existence is always new, eternally new, so even a Buddha is not repeated ..such a beautiful phenomenon left unrepeated.Why? Because even if

a Buddha is repeated it will create boredom. Only the unique is meaningful; copies are not meaningful. Only if you are firsthand is your destiny fulfilled. If you are secondhand, you have missed.

18-So tantra never says be like this or that; there is no ideal. Tantra never talks about ideals; hence, the name “tantra.” Tantra talks about techniques .. never about ideals. It talks of HOW you can become; it never says what. It exists because of that how. Tantra means technique; the very word tantra means technique.

19-It is concerned with “how” you can become, it is not concerned with what. That “what” will be supplied by your growth. Just use the technique, and by and by your inner potentiality will become actual. The uncharted possibility will become opened, and as it opens you will realize what it is. And no one can say what it is. Unless you become it, no one can predict what you can become.

20-So tantra gives you only techniques .. never ideals. This is how it is different from all moral teachings. Moral teachings always give ideals. Even if they talk about techniques, those techniques are always for particular ideals. Tantra gives no ideal to you; you ARE the ideal, and your future is unknown. No ideal from the past can be of any help because nothing can be repeated, and if it is repeated it is meaningless.

21-Zen monks say to remember and be alert. If you meet Buddha in your meditation, forbid him immediately; don’t allow him to stand there. Zen monks are Buddha’s followers, and yet they say forbid Buddha immediately if you meet him in your meditation, because the personality, the ideal of Buddha may become so hypnotizing that you may forget yourself, and if you forget yourself you have missed the path.

22-Buddha is not the ideal; you are the ideal, your unknown future. That

has to be discovered.Tantra gives you techniques of discovery. The treasure is within you. So remember this second thing: it is very difficult to believe that you are the ideal ..difficult for you to believe because everyone is condemning you.

23-No one accepts you, not even you yourself. You go on condemning yourself. You always think in terms of being like someone else, and that is false, dangerous. If you go on thinking like that you will become a fake and everything will be phoney.

24- The word `phoney’ comes from telephone. In the early days of the telephone, the transmission was so false, so unreal, that a real voice and a phoney voice were heard from the telephone ..a phoney voice that was mechanical. The real voice was lost .. just in those beginning days. From there comes the word phoney. If you are imitating someone else, you will become phoney, you will not be real. A mechanical device will be there all around you, and your reality, your real voice, will be lost. So don’t be phoney, be real,

25-Tantra believes in you. That is why there are so few believers in tantra ..because no one believes in himself. Tantra believes in you and says that you are the ideal, so don’t imitate anyone. Imitation will create a pseudo personality around you. You can go on moving with that pseudo personality thinking it is yourself, but it is not.

26-So the second thing to remember is that there is no fixed ideal. You cannot think in terms of the future; you can only think in terms of the present .. just the immediate future in which you can grow. No fixed future is there, and it is good that there is no fixed future; otherwise there would be no freedom. If there were a fixed future, man would be a robot.

You have no fixed future. You have multi possibilities; you can grow in many ways.

27-But the only thing that will give you ultimate contentment is that you grow ..that you grow in such a way that every growth produces further growth. Techniques are helpful because they are scientific. You are saved from unnecessary wandering, unnecessary groping. If you don’t know any techniques, you will take many lives. You will reach the goal because the life energy within you will move unless it comes to the point where no movement is possible. It will go on moving to the highest peak, and that is the reason why one goes on being born again and again.

28-Left to yourself you will reach .. but you will have to travel very, very long, and the journey will be very tedious and boring.With scientific

techniques, you can save much time, opportunity and energy. And sometimes within seconds you can grow so much that within lives even you will not be able to grow that much.

29-If a right technique is used growth explodes, and these techniques have been used in millions of years of experiments. They were not devised by one man; they were devised by many, many seekers, and only the essence is given here. In these one hundred and twelve techniques, all techniques from all over the world have been covered.Nowhere does

there exist any technique which has not been covered in this one hundred and twelve; they are the whole spiritual search in essence.

30-But all the techniques are not for everyone, so you will have to try them out. Only certain techniques will be helpful to you, and you will have to find them out. There are two ways: either by your own trial and error, until you stumble upon something which starts working and you start growing, and then you move in it; or you surrender to some teacher and he finds out what will suit you. These are the two ways. You can choose.



42 FACTS;-


''Consider your essence as light rays rising from center to center up the vertebrae, and so rises `livingness’ in you''.

2-Many yoga methods are based on this. First understand what it is; then the application.The vertebrae, the spine, is the base of both your body and mind. Your mind, your head, is the end part of your spine. The whole body is rooted in the spine. If the spine is young, you are young. If the spine is old, you are old. If you can keep your spine young, it is difficult to become old.

2-Everything depends on your spine. If your spine is alive, you will have a very brilliant mind. If the spine is dull and dead, you will have a very dull mind. The whole yoga tries in many ways to make your spine alive, brilliant, filled with light, young and fresh.

3-The spine has two ends: the beginning is the KAMA center and the end is SAHASRARA, the seventh center at the top of the head. The beginning of the spine is attached to the earth, and kama is the most earthly thing in you. From the beginning center in your spine you are in contact with nature, with what Sankhya has called PRAKRATI ...the earth, the material. 4-From the last center, or the second pole, SAHASRAR, in the head, you are in contact with the divine. These are the two poles of your existence. First is kama and second is the SAHASRAR. There is no word for SAHASRAR in English. These are the two poles. Either your life will be KAMA oriented or SAHASRAR oriented. Either your energy will be flowing down from the kama center back to the earth, or your energy will be released from the SAHASRAR into the cosmos.

5-From the SAHASRAR you flow into the BRAHMAN, into the absolute Existence. From kama you flow down into the relative existence. These are the two flows, the two possibilities. Unless you start flowing upwards, your misery will never end. You may have glimpses of happiness, but only glimpses .. and very illusory ones.

6-When the energy starts moving upwards you will have more and more real glimpses. And once it reaches the SAHASRAR and is released from there, you will have the absolute bliss with you. That is NIRVANA. Then there is no glimpse; you become the bliss itself. So the whole thing for yoga and tantra is how to move energy upwards through the vertebrae, through the spinal column, how to help it move against gravity.

7- Kama is very easy because it follows gravitation. The earth is pulling everything down, back; your kama energy is pulled by the earth. You may not have heard it, but astronauts have felt this ..that the moment they move beyond the earth’s gravity they don’t feel much sensuality . As the body loses weight, sensuality dissolves, disappears.

8-The earth is pulling your life energy down and this is natural, because the life energy comes from the earth. You eat food and you are creating life energy within you; it comes from the earth, and the earth is pulling it back. Everything goes to its source. And if it continues to move in this way, life energy going back again and again, and you are moving in a circle, you will go on moving for lives and lives.

9-You can go on moving this way infinitely unless you take a jump just like the astronauts. Like the astronauts, you have to take a jump and move beyond the circle. Then the pattern of earth’s gravitation is broken.

The techniques for how it can be broken are here ..for how the energy can move vertically and rise up within you, reaching new centers; for how new energies can be revealed within you, making you a new person with every move.

10-And the moment the energy is released from your SAHASRAR, the opposite pole of kama, you are no more man. Then you don’t belong to this earth; you have become divine. That is what is meant when we say Krishna is God or Buddha is God. Their bodies are just like yours ..their bodies will have to fall ill and they will have to die ...everything happens in their bodies as it happens to you. Only one thing is not happening in their bodies which is happening to you: the energy has broken the gravitation pattern.

11-But that you cannot see, it is not visible to your eyes. But sometimes when you are sitting by the side of a Buddha, you can feel this. Suddenly you feel an upsurge of energy within you, and your energy starts moving upwards. Only then do you know that something has happened. Just by being in contact with a buddha your energy begins to move upwards towards the SAHASRAR.

12-A buddha is so powerful that even the earth is less powerful; it cannot pull your energy downwards. Those who have felt this around a Jesus, a Buddha, a Krishna, have called them God. They have a different source of energy which is stronger than the earth.

13-How can the pattern be broken? This technique is very useful for breaking the pattern. First understand something basic. One, if you have observed at all you must have observed that your kama energy moves with imagination. Just through imagination your kama center starts functioning.

14-The root center functions through imagination. Dreams are just imagination. If imagination helps the energy to move, then you can move it upwards or downwards just by imagination. Imagine, and the center will start to function.You cannot move your blood by imagination; you cannot do anything else in the body by imagination. But root energy can be moved by imagination. You can change its direction.

15-This sutra says, “CONSIDER YOUR ESSENCE AS LIGHT RAYS” .. think of yourself, your being, as light rays — “FROM CENTER TO CENTER UP THE VERTEBRAE” ..up your spine .. “AND SO RISES `LIVINGNESS’ IN YOU.” Yoga has divided your spine into seven centers. The first is the ROOT(kama) center and the last is SAHASRAR, and between these two there are five centers.

16-Some systems divide into nine, some into three, some into four. Division is not very meaningful, you can make your own division. Just five centers are enough to work with; the first is the kama center, the second is just behind the navel, the third is just behind the heart, the fourth is behind your two eyebrows, just in between, in the middle of the forehead. And the fifth, SAHASRAR, is just on the peak of your head. These five will do.

17-This sutra says, “CONSIDER YOURSELF…”, which means imagine yourself ...close your eyes and imagine yourself just as if you are light. This is not just imagination. In the beginning it is, but it is reality also because everything consists of light. Now science says that everything consists of electricity, and tantra has always said that everything consists of light particles .. and you also. That is why the Koran says that God is light.

18-YOU are light.. Imagine first that you are just light rays; then move your imagination to the root center. Concentrate your attention there and feel that light rays are rising upwards from the kama center, as if the root center has become a source of light and light rays are moving in an upsurge ..upwards towards the navel center. Division is needed because it will be difficult for you to connect your kama center with the SAHASRAR. 19-So smaller divisions will be of help. If you can connect, no divisions are needed. You can just drop all divisions from your kama center onwards, and the energy, the life force will rise up as light towards the SAHASRAR. But divisions will be more helpful because your mind can conceive of smaller fragments more easily.

20-So just feel that the energy .. just the light rays ..is rising up from your kama center to your navel like a river of light. Immediately you will feel a warmth rising in you. Soon your navel will become hot. You can feel the hotness; even others can feel that hotness. Through your imagination the kama energy will have started to rise. When you feel that now the second center at the navel has become a source of light, that the rays are coming and being collected there, then start to move to the heart center.

21-As the light reaches the heart center, as the rays are coming, your heartbeat will be changed. Your breathing will become deeper, and a warmth will come to your heart. Go on upwards.

“CONSIDER YOUR ESSENCE AS LIGHT RAYS FROM CENTER TO CENTER UP THE VERTEBRAE, AND SO RISES `LIVINGNESS’ IN YOU.” And as you will feel warmth, just side by side you will feel a “livingness,” a new life coming to you, an inward light rising up.

22- Kama energy has two parts: one is physical and one is psychic. In your body everything has two parts. Just like your body and mind, everything within you has two parts ..one material and the other spiritual. Kama energy has two parts. The material part is semen & ova; it cannot rise upwards, there is no passage for it. Because of this, many physiologists of the West say that tantra and yoga methods are nonsense and they deny them completely.

23-How can Kama energy rise up? There is no passage and Kama energy cannot rise. They are right and still wrong. Semen & ova, the material part, cannot rise .. but that is not the whole of it. Really, it is only the body of Kama energy, it is not the Kama energy. The Kama energy is the psychic part of it, and the psychic part can rise. And for that psychic part, the spinal passage is used ...the spinal passage and its centers. But that has to be felt and your feelings have gone dead.

24-We have lost feeling completely. You will have to develop feeling; only then can you do such techniques.When a hand touches someone, a hand is not felt. Pressure and warmth are felt. The hand is just inference(conclusion), it is intellect, not feeling. Warmth and pressure, that is feeling. You will just intellectualize, you will just think that you are feeling, and nothing will happen.

25-That is why people say, “ this technique is so significant, but nothing happens.” They have tried, but they are missing a dimension ..the feeling dimension. So first you will have to develop that, and there are some methods which you can try.You can do one thing. If you have a

small child in your house, follow the child around for one hour every day. It will be better and more fulfilling than following a buddha.

26-Allow the child to move on all fours, and you also move on all fours. Just follow the child moving on all fours, and you will feel for the first time a new life energy coming to you. You will again become a child. Look at the child and just follow. He will go to every corner; he will touch everything ..not only touch, he will taste everything, he will smell everything. Just follow, and do whatsoever he is doing.

27-You were also a child once; you have done this. The child is feeling. He is not intellectualizing, he is not thinking. He feels a smell, so he moves to that corner from where it is coming. He sees an apple, so he tastes it. Just taste like a child. Watch when he is eating the apple, look at him: he is totally absorbed in it. The whole world has dropped, the world is no more there ..only the apple. Even the apple is not and the child is not ..only the eating. Just follow a small child for one hour. That hour will be so enriching, you will become again a child.

28-Your defense mechanisms will drop, your armour will drop, and you will start looking at the world as a child looks ..from the feeling dimension. When you feel that now you can feel, not think, you will enjoy the texture of the carpet on which you are moving like a child, the pressure, the warmth ...and just by innocently following a child. Man can learn much from children, and sooner or later your real innocence will erupt. You were once a child and you know what it means to be one. You have simply forgotten.

29-The feeling center must start functioning; only then will these techniques be of any help. Otherwise you will go on thinking that energy is rising, but there will be no feeling. And if there is no feeling, imagination is impotent, futile. Only a feeling imagination will give you a result. You can do many other things and there is no need to make a specific effort to do them. When you go to sleep just feel your bed, feel the pillow ..the coldness. Just turn onto it; play with the pillow.

30-Close your eyes and listen to the noise of the air conditioner, or of the traffic or of the clock or anything. Just listen. Don’t label, don’t say anything. Don’t use the mind. Just live in the sensation. In the morning, in the first moment of waking, when you feel that now sleep has gone, don’t start thinking. For a few moments you can again be a child ...innocent, fresh. Don’t start thinking. Don’t think about what you are going to do and when you are starting for the office and what train you are going to catch. 31-Don’t start thinking. You will have enough time for all that nonsense. Just wait. For a few moments just listen to the noise. A bird is singing or the wind is passing through the trees or a child is crying or the milkman has come and is making sounds or the milk is being poured. With anything that happens, feel it. Be sensitive to it, open to it. Allow it to happen to you, and your sensitivity will grow.

32-When taking a shower, feel it all over the body .. every drop of water touching you. Feel the touch, the coldness, the warmth.. Try this the whole day whenever you have the chance, and everywhere there is a chance ..everywhere.. When just breathing, feel the breath .. its movement within and its going out .. Just feel your own body. You have not felt it.

33-We are so afraid of our own bodies. No one touches his own body in a loving way. The whole civilization is afraid of anyone touching himself because from childhood touching has been denied. But if you cannot touch yourself in a loving way your body will go dull and dead. It has gone so. Touch your eyes with your palms. Feel the touch, and your eyes will feel fresh and alive immediately. You will become more sensitive.

34-Create sensitivity and feeling. Then it will be easy for you to do these techniques, and then you will feel “livingness” arising in you. Don’t leave this energy anywhere. Allow it to come to the SAHASRAR. Remember this.. whenever you do this experiment, don’t leave it in the middle. You have to complete it. Take care that no one disturbs you. If you leave this energy somewhere in the middle, it can be harmful. It has to be released. So bring it to the head and feel as if your head has become an opening.

35-In India we have pictured SAHASRAR as a lotus ...as a thousand- petalled lotus. `SAHASRAR’ means a thousand-petalled ..an opening of a thousand petals. Just conceive of the lotus with a thousand petals, opened, and from every petal this light energy is moving into the cosmos. Again, this is a love act ..not with nature now, but with the ultimate.

36-There are two types of loves: one is related to kama and the other is related to spirituality. The firsr one comes from the lowest center and the second one comes from the highest center. From the highest you meet the highest and from the lowest you meet the lowest. But don’t leave

the energy somewhere in the body at some center.

37- So do it at such a time that no one will disturb you, and don’t leave the energy in any center. Otherwise that center where you leave the energy will become a wound . So be aware. The energy must come to the head, and it should be released from there.

38-You will have various experiences. When you will feel that the rays are starting to come up from the kama center, there will be sensations at the kama center. Many people become very afraid and scared.They wonder, “What is this?” They are afraid because they think that in meditation kama should not be there. But you don’t know life’s functioning. It is a good sign. It shows that energy is now there alive. Now it needs movement. So don’t become scared and don’t think that something is wrong. It is a good sign.

39-When you start meditation the kama center will become more sensitive in the beginning — but only in the beginning. As your meditation becomes deeper, you will feel energy flowing up. As the energy flows, the kama center becomes silent.When the energy will really move to the

SAHASRAR, there will be no sensation at the kama center. It will be totally still and silent. It will have become completely cool, and the warmth will have come to the head. And this is physical. When the kama center becomes hot; you can feel that hotness, it is physical. When the energy will move, the kama center will become cooler and cooler and cooler, and the hotness will come to the head.

40- When the energy comes to the head, you will feel dizzy. Sometimes you may even feel nausea because for the first time energy has come to the head and your head is not acquainted with it. It has to become tuned. So don’t become afraid. Sometimes you may immediately become unconscious, but don’t be afraid. This happens. If so much energy moves suddenly and explodes in the head, you may become unconscious. But that unconsciousness cannot remain for more than one hour.

41-Within one hour the energy automatically falls back or is released. You cannot remain that way for more than one hour. In fact it is exactly forty-eight minutes. It cannot be more than that. It never has been in millions of years of experiments, so don’t be afraid. If you do become unconscious, it is okay. After that unconsciousness you will feel so fresh that it is as if you have been in sleep for the first time, in the deepest sleep.

42-Yoga calls it by a special name ..YOGA TANDRA: yogic sleep. It is very deep; you move to your deepest center. But don’t be afraid. And if your head becomes hot, it is a good sign. Release the energy. Feel as if your head is opening like a lotus flower ... as if energy is being released into the cosmos. As the energy is released, you will feel a coldness coming to you. You have never felt the coldness that comes after this hotness. But do the technique completely; never do it incompletely.