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92- Put mindstuff in such inexpressible fineness above, below and in your heart.

93- Consider any area of your present form as limitlessly spacious.

12 FACTS;-

1-Life is not a problem but a mystery. For science life is a problem and for religion it is a mystery. A problem can be solved, a mystery cannot be solved. This is the basic difference,that science offers answers; religion has none.

Science looks at life as a problem, the whole approach becomes intellectual. Then the mind is involved, not you.The mind manipulates, tackles, penetrates and analyses.The mind argues, doubts, experiments, but you as a totality are out of it.

2-Hence this very puzzling phenomenon: a scientist may be a very keen intellectual as far as his own department of research is concerned, but in life

he is just ordinary.Science includes only your intellect, not your totality.That is why science never touches life. Really, whatsoever it touches becomes dead.

When science says there is no soul or there is no God it is meaningful, not because their is no soul or no God, but because this shows that the very approach of the scientific mind is such that you cannot touch life anywhere. Wherever science touches, death happens. In the very method, in the very way, in the very approach of division, analysis, dissection, life is bracketed out.

3-Life is an organic unity. You can know life through synthesis, not through analysis.One thing, intellect is violent and aggressive, so the ultimate outcome through intellect can only be death, not life. It is partial, not total, and parts are dead. The greater the synthesis the higher the forms of life that evolve. God is the ultimate synthesis, the total unity, the wholeness of existence. God is not a puzzle but the ultimate synthesis of all that is-matter is the ultimate analysis of all that is.

4-So science comes to atomic materiality and religion comes to cosmic consciousness. Science moves downwards to the last, lowest denominator and religion moves upwards to the highest denominator. They move in opposite dimensions. So science transforms everything into a problem, because if you have to tackle it scientifically, you first have to decide whether it is a problem or not. Religion takes mystery as the base so, life is not a problem.

5-So really, religion cannot ask a question like, “What is life?What is God? This is absurd ,nonsense. The very approach of religion is not to create problems. Religion can ask how to be more alive, how to be in the very current of life, how to live abundantly; religion can ask how to be a God -but it

cannot ask what God is.We can live mysteries, can become one with them, can lose ourselves in them but nothing is solved, because nothing can be

solved.And all that appears to be solvable or knowable, is only because we are taking it in fragments.

6-If we look at the whole then nothing is knowable, we just go on pushing the mystery backwards. All our questions are temporary, they appear to be answers only to lazy minds. If you have a penetrating mind you will come again upon the same mystery, only it has been pushed a step back. Just behind the answers the question is hidden. You have simply created a facade of an answer, just a curtain over the mystery.

7-If you can feel the distinction, then from the very beginning religion takes on a different shape, a different colour and a different view. The whole perspective changes. These techniques that we are discussing here are not to solve anything — they don’t take life as a problem. Life is there. It has been a mystery and will remain a mystery. Whatsoever we do we cannot demystify it, because to be mysterious is the very quality of it. That life is mysterious is not something accidental, it is not something which can be separated, it is the very life itself. So the more you enter into the mysterium, into the mysterious, the more religious you become.

8-A religious man cannot utter such profanities ..that God is,he believes in God or that God exists. These things seem to be very superficial, they seem to be like answers given to certain questions. It is such a profound phenomenon, such a mysterious thing, that to say anything will be profane. So whenever someone asked Buddha whether God existed or not, he remained silent. You are asking a thing which cannot be answered. Not that there is no God, but to answer such a thing will make it answerable. Then life will become a problem which can be answered. Then the mystery disappears.

9-So Buddha said, “Don’t ask me any metaphysical questions.”

Questions can only be physical. Physics can answer them. Metaphysical questions are not there, they cannot be, because metaphysics means the

mystery.These techniques are to help you to move more deeply into mystery,

not into knowledge.Or these techniques are to help you to be unburdened of your knowledge. They are not to help you to increase your `knowledgeability’, because it is the barrier. The door is then closed for the mystery. The more you know, the less you are capable of penetrating deep into life.

10-The original wonder must be recaptured, because in a childlike sense of wonder nothing is known and everything becomes a mystery. And if you move into the mystery, the deeper you move, the deeper the mystery becomes. Then a moment comes when you can say that you don’t know anything. That is the right moment.

11-When you can feel a deep ignorance, that you don’t know anything, you have come to the right balancing point from where the door of the mystery can open. Now you have become meditative.If you know, then the door is closed; if you are ignorant, fully alert that you don’t know anything, the door suddenly opens ..this feelings opens the door. 12-So take these techniques not as knowledge, but as a help to make you more innocent. Ignorance is innocent, knowledge is always a sort of cunningness, cleverness. If you can use your knowledge to be ignorant again, then you have used it rightly. This is the only use of all the scriptures, of all the knowledge, of all the Vedas make you childlike again.



34 FACTS;-


''Put mindstuff in such inexpressible fineness above, below and in your heart.''

2-First, if knowledge is important then the head is the center; if childlike innocence is important then the heart is the center.The child lives in the heart; we live in the head. The child feels; we think. Even when we say that we feel, we think that we feel. Thinking becomes primary for us, feeling becomes secondary. Thinking is the tool for science, feeling is the tool for heart religion.

3-You must start to be a feeling organism again. And both the dimensions are different. When you think, you rema