22 FACTS;-

18-''Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony''.

19-''With mouth slightly open, keep mind in the middle of the tongue. or, as breath comes silently in, feel the sound “hh”.

20. ''Center on the sound “aum” without any “a” or “m”.

1-Tantra divides life into two dimensions: one is the SANSAR ...that which is, the world; and the other is MOKSHA ... that which can be, the ultimate, the hidden which can become manifest. But there is no contradiction between these two. The hidden is just here and now, in the world — of course, unknown to you, but not non-existent. It is there. The ultimate and the immediate are not two things, but just two dimensions of one existence.

2-So for tantra there is no contradiction, there is no duality. The one appears as two because of our limitations; because we cannot see the whole. The moment we can see the whole, one appears as one. The division is not in reality, but in our limited knowledge. That which we know is 'SANSAR' — the world; and that which is unknown but which can be known is 'MOKSHA' — the transcendental, the ultimate, the absolute.

3-For other traditions, there is a conflict between the two; for tantra there is no conflict. This has to be understood very deeply in the mind and in the heart. Unless this is understood deeply, you will never be able to understand the viewpoint of tantra. And whatsoever is your belief, that belief is of duality. Whether you are a Christian or a Mohammedan or a Hindu or a Jain, your belief is of duality, of conflict. The world appears to be something which is against the divine, and you have to fight the world to reach the divine. This is the common belief of all so-called religions, particularly organized religions.

4-Mind can understand duality very easily. Rather, it can understand only duality because the very function of the mind is to divide. The very function of the mind is to cut the whole into fragments.

The mind works like a prism, and when a ray of light enters the prism it is divided into seven colours. Mind is a prism and reality is divided through it. That is why mind revels in analysis. It goes on dividing things into fragments, and it cannot prevent itself unless there is nothing to be divided anymore.

5-So mind has a tendency to reach to the atomic, the lowest division. It goes on dividing, dividing, until a moment comes when no division is possible. If division is still possible, it will divide still further.Mind goes

to the fragment, to the minutest fragment, and reality is a whole, not the fragment. So a completely reverse process is needed to know the real: a process which is of synthesis, not of analysis; a process which crystallizes, not one which divides. A no-mind process is needed.

6-Tantra denies divisions and tantra says that the whole is whole. The part that we know is the world, the part that is hidden is the divine, or God, or whatsoever you name it .. but the hidden is just here and now. You are not aware of it, but it is here and now. It is already. For you it will be in the future, but in the existence it is here and now. You may have to travel to it; you may have to attain a no-mind attitude of looking at things ...then it will be revealed.

7-You are just standing and the morning sun is rising, but you are standing with closed eyes. The morning is here and now, but for you it is not here and now. When you will open your eyes, only then will it become

a fact for you.In the existence the morning exists, but not for you. You are closed to it, it is hidden for you. For you there is only darkness and the light is hidden. But if you open your eyes, any moment the morning will become a fact to you. It was already a fact, only you were blind.

8-Tantra says that the world is already the divine, but you are blind. So whatsoever you know in your blindness is to be called the world, and whatsoever is hidden because of your blindness is the divine. This is one of the basic tenets ...that this sansar is the moksha, this very world is divine, this very world is the ultimate.

9-The immediate and the ultimate are not two, but one. The here and there are not two, but one. Because of this insistence, many things become possible for tantra. One: tantra can accept everything, and the deep acceptance relaxes you completely. Nothing else can relax you.

If there is no division between this world and that, if the transcendental is imminent here and now, if matter is just the body of the divine, then nothing is denied, nothing is condemned and you need not be tense.

10-Even if it may take ages for you to come to realize the divine, there is no hurry for tantra. It is already there, and time is not lacking. It is eternally here; whenever you will open your eyes you will find it. And whatsoever you are already getting is the hidden divine.So the attitude of condemnation, of sin, or other such religious attitudes, is not important to tantra , because if you condemn something you also become divided inwardly. You cannot divide things only outwardly. If you divide, you also will be divided in parallel.

11-If you say that this world is wrong, then your body will become wrong because your body is part of this world.If you say that this world is

something which is a hindrance to reaching the ultimate, then your whole life will be condemned and you will feel guilty. Then you cannot enjoy, then you cannot live, then you cannot laugh. Then seriousness will become your face. You can be only serious; you cannot be non-serious, you cannot be playful.

12-That has happened to all the minds all over the world. They become dead, serious. Through seriousness they become dead because they cannot accept life as it is. They deny it, and they feel that unless they deny they cannot reach the other world.So the other world becomes the ideal,

the future, the desire, the vision, and this world becomes a sin. Then one feels guilty with it.

13- In this sense, tantra is the only healthy religion. And whenever any religion becomes healthy, it becomes tantra — it becomes tantric. So every religion has two aspects. One is the outer aspect: the organization, the publicized, the public face, the exoteric(Exoteric refers to knowledge that is outside). This aspect is always life-denying. The other aspect is the inner core. Every religion has that too: the esoteric (cryptic). It is always tantric ...totally accepting.

14-Unless you accept the world totally, you cannot be at ease within. Non-acceptance creates a tension. Once you accept everything as it is, you are at home in the world. Tantra says this is a basic thing: you must be at home. Only then does something more become possible. If you are tense, divided, in conflict, in anguish, in guilt, how can you transcend? You are so much mad inside, you cannot travel further. You are so much engaged here, so much possessed by the here, you cannot go beyond.

15-This seems paradoxical. Those who are too much against the world are too much in it; they have to be. You cannot go away from your enemy, you are possessed by the enemy. If the world is your enemy, no matter what you do or pretend to do you will remain worldly. You may even renounce it, but your very approach will be worldly.

16-There is an example of one saint, a renowned one…He will not touch money, and if you put some coins before him, he will close his eyes. And people worship him because of this. They think he is so otherworldly. He is not, he is too much in the world. Because he has just reversed the process; now he is standing on his head. He is the same man ..the same man who was greedy for money. Constantly he must have been thinking of money, accumulating possessions. Now he has become quite the opposite, but he remains the same within. Now he is against money, now he cannot touch it.

17-Why this fear? Why this hatred? Remember, whenever there is hatred it is love in reverse. You can hate a thing only if you have been in love with it. Hate is always possible only through love. You can be against something only if you have been so much for it, but the basic attitude remains the same: this is not balancing.

18-When that man was asked , “Why are you so much afraid?”

He answered, “Money is the hindrance. Unless I use will against my greed toward money, I cannot reach the divine.”So now it is only a new sort of

greed. He is in a bargain: if he touches money he loses the divine. And he wants to get the divine, he wants to possess the divine, so he is against the money.

19-Tantra says, do not be for the world, do not be against the world, just accept it as it is. Do not create any problem out of it. How is this going to help you? If you do not create any problem out of it, if you do not grow neurotic over it ...this way or that — if you remain simply in it and accept it as it is, your whole energy is relieved from it and can move to the hidden realm, to the hidden dimension.

20-Acceptance in this world becomes transcendence for that. Total acceptance here will lead you, will transform you to the other dimension, the hidden dimension, because all your energy is relieved; it is not engaged here. Tantra believes deeply in the concept of NIYATI ..fate. Tantra says, take this world as your fate and do not be worried about it. 21-Once you take it as your niyati, as your fate, you accept it, whatsoever it is. You are not worried about changing it, about making it different, about making it according to your desire. Once you accept it as it is and you are not bothered by it, your total energy is relieved, and then this energy can penetrate inwards.

22-These techniques can be helpful only if you take this attitude; otherwise they will not be helpful. And they look so simple. If you start them directly as you are, they will seem simple, but you will not succeed in them. The basic framework is lacking. Acceptance is the basic framework. Once the acceptance is there in the background, these very simple methods will work wonders.


''Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as feeling deepens into this silent harmony''.

2-Any sound will do, but if you love a certain sound it will be better, because if you love a certain sound then the sound is not just sound. When you intone the sound, then you are also intoning a hidden feeling with it, and by and by the sound will be dropped and only feeling will remain.

3-The sound has to be used as a passage toward feeling. Sound is mind and feeling is heart. Mind has to use a passage toward the heart. It is difficult to enter the heart directly. Because we have been missing it so much and for so many lives, we do not know from where to move to the heart. How to enter it? The door seems closed.

4-We go on talking about the heart, but that talk also is just in the mind. We say that we love through the heart, but this too is cerebral; in the head. Even the talk of the heart is in the head. And we do not know where the heart is. Here it is not meant for the physical part of it, we know about that. But then physicians will say, medical science will say, that there is no possibility of love in it. It is just a pumping system. Nothing else is in it, and all else is just myth and poetry and dreaming.

5-But tantra knows a deep center hidden behind our physical heart. That deep center can only be reached through the mind because we are standing in the mind. We are there in the head, and any travel inwards has to begin from there. Mind is sound. If all sound stops, you won’t have any mind. In silence there is no mind ...that is why there is so much insistence on silence. Silence is a no-mind state.

6-Ordinarily we say, “My mind is silent.” This is absurd, meaningless, because mind means absence of silence. So you cannot say that the mind is silent. If mind is, there cannot be any silence, and when silence is, there is no mind. So there is no such thing as a silent mind; there cannot be. It is just like saying that someone is alive-dead. It makes no sense. If he is dead, then he is not alive. If he is alive, then he is not dead. You cannot be alive-dead.

7-So there is nothing like a silent mind. When silence comes, mind is not there. Really, mind goes out and silence comes in; silence comes in and mind goes out. Both cannot be there. Mind is sound. If the sound is systematic you are sane(balanced), if the sound has gone chaotic you are insane; but in both the cases sound is there, and we exist at the point of the mind.

8-So how to drop from that point to the inner point of the heart?... Use sound, intone sound. One sound will be helpful. If there are many sounds in the mind, it is difficult to leave them. If there is only one sound, it can be left easily. So first many sounds are to be sacrificed for one sound. That is the use of concentration.

9-Intone one sound. Go on intoning it, first audibly so that you can hear it, and then by and by, slowly, inaudibly. No one else can hear it then, but you can hear it inside. Make it more quiet, make it less and less audible, and then suddenly drop it. There will be silence, an explosion of silence — but feeling will be there. Now there will be no thought, but feeling will be there.

10-That is why it is good to use a sound, a name, a mantra, for which you have some feeling. If a Hindu uses “Ram,” he has some feeling for it. It is not simply a word for him, it is not only in his head. The vibrations reach to his heart also. He may not be aware, but it is deep-rooted in his bones, in his very blood. There has been a long tradition, a long conditioning, for many lives. If you have been attached to one sound continuously, it is very deep-rooted. Use it. It can be used.

11-A Christian can use “Ram,” but it will remain in the mind, it will not go deep. It is better that he uses “Jesus” or “Maria” or something else. It is very easy to be influenced by a new idea, but it is difficult to use it. You do not have any feeling for it. Even if you are convinced in the mind that this will be better, this conviction is on the surface.

12- There is an example of an Indian who was living in Germany. He was there for thirty years and he completely forgot his mother tongue ..he was a Maharashtrian and his mother tongue was Marathi. But he had forgotten it, for twenty years he was using German. German became just like his mother tongue. Actually ,no other tongue can become your mother tongue. There is no possibility because the mother tongue remains deep down inside of you. He consciously forgot it, and he was not able to speak or understand it.

13-Then he fell ill, and he was so ill that his whole family had to go there to see him. He was unconscious, but sometimes consciousness would come. Whenever he would become conscious he would speak German and whenever he would become unconscious he would mutter in Marathi.

14-Consciously he couldn’t understand anything of Marathi; unconsciously he couldn’t understand anything of German.

Deep in the unconscious Marathi remained; it was the mother tongue. And you cannot replace the mother tongue. You can put other things over and above it, you can overimpose other things, but you cannot replace it. Deep down, it will remain.

15-So if you have a feeling for a certain sound, it is better to use it. Do not use an intellectual sound, it will be of no help because the sound has to be used to make a passage from the mind to the heart. So use some sound for which you have a deep love, a certain feeling.If a Mohammedan

uses “Ram,” it is very difficult to him.

16-That is why the two oldest religions never believe in conversion — Hinduism and Judaism. They are the two oldest religions, the two original religions, all other religions are just offshoots of these two. Christianity and Islam are offshoots of the Jewish tradition; Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism are offshoots of Hinduism.

17-These two original religions never believed in conversion, and the reason was this: that you can convert a man intellectually, but you cannot convert a man from his heart. You can convert a Hindu into a Christian, you can convert a Christian into a Hindu, but the conversion will remain of the mind.

18-Deep down a converted Hindu remains a Hindu. He may go to a church and he may pray to Mary or to Jesus, but his prayer remains of the head. You cannot change the unconscious. And if you hypnotize him, you will find he is a Hindu. If you hypnotize him and let him reveal his unconscious, you will find he is a Hindu.

19-Hindus and Jews never believed in conversion because of this basic fact. You cannot change a man’s religion because you cannot change his heart and unconscious feelings. And if you try, then you disturb him, because you give him something which will remain on the surface and you divide him. Then he becomes a split personality. Deep down he is a Hindu; on the surface he is a Christian. He will use Christian sounds, mantras, which will not go deep, and he cannot use Hindu sounds which can go deep. You have disturbed his life.

20-So find a certain sound for which you have some feeling. Even your own name may be helpful. If you do not have any feeling for anything else, then your own name will be helpful. There are many cases on record… One person used his own name, because he said, “I do not believe in any God. I do not know about him, I do not know what his name is. There are names I have heard, but there is no proof that they are his name. And I am in search of myself, so why not use my own name?” So he would use his own name, and just by using his own name he would drop down into silence.

21-If you do not have any love for anything else, use your own name. But it is very difficult because you are so condemning toward yourself that you do not have any feeling, you do not have any respect toward yourself. Others may be respectful toward you, but you are not respectful toward yourself.

22-So the first thing is to find any sound that will be helpful: for example, If you love a flower, then “rose” will do, anything — any sound that you feel good using, uttering, listening to, from which you feel a certain well ..being coming to you. If you cannot find one, then there are some suggestions from traditional sources. “Aum” can be used, “Amen” can be used, “Maria” can be used, “Ram” can be used, or Buddha’s name, or Mahavir’s name, or any name that you have a love for.But feeling is essential.

23-INTONE A SOUND AUDIBLY, THEN LESS AND LESS AUDIBLY AS FEELING DEEPENS INTO THIS SILENT HARMONY. And go on reducing the sound. Intone it more slowly, more inaudibly so that even you have to make an effort to hear it inside. Go on dropping, go on dropping, and you will feel the change. The more sound will drop, the more you will be filled with feeling. When sound disappears, only feeling remains. This feeling cannot be named. It is a love, a deep love, but not toward anyone ...this is the difference.

24-When you use a sound or a word, the love is attached to a label. You say, “ Shiva-Shiva-Shiva ” You have a deep feeling for this word, but the feeling is addressed to “Shiva ,” narrowed down to “Shiva .” When you go on reducing the “Shiva ,” a moment will come when “Shiva ” disappears, the sound disappears. Now only the feeling remains, the feeling of love — not toward Shiva , it is now not addressed. There is simply a feeling of love ...not toward anyone, not even toward; there is simply a feeling of love, as if you are in an ocean of love.

25-When it is not addressed, then it is of the heart. When it is addressed, it is of the head. Love toward someone is through the head; simple love is of the heart. And when love is simple, unaddressed, it becomes prayer. If it is addressed, it is not yet prayer; you are just on the way. That is why ;it is said if you are a Christian you cannot start as a Hindu, you should start as a Christian. If you are a Mohammedan you cannot start as a Christian, you should start as a Mohammedan. But the deeper you go, the less you will be a Mohammedan or a Christian or a Hindu.

26-Only the start will be Hindu, Mohammedan or Christian. The more you will proceed toward the heart, as the sound will be less and less and feeling more and more, you will be less a Hindu, less a Mohammedan. When the sound disappears, you will simply be a human being ...not Hindu, not Mohammedan, not Christian.

27-It is like the difference between ‘sects’ and ‘religion’. Religion is one, sects are many. Sects help you to begin. If you think that they are the end, then you are finished. They are just the beginning. You have to leave them and go beyond, because the beginning is not the end. In the end there is religion; in the beginning there is just a sect. Use the sect to go toward religion; use the limited to go toward the unlimited; use the finite to go toward the infinite.

28-Any sound will do. Find your own sound. And when you intone it, you will feel whether you have a loving relationship with it, because the heart will start vibrating. Your whole body will begin to be more sensitive. You will feel as if you are falling into something warm ,something warm begins enveloping you. And this is a physical feeling also, not simply a mental feeling. If you intone a sound which you love, you will feel a certain warmth around you, inside you. Then the world is not a cold world, it is warm.


13 FACTS;-

1-If you have gone to a Hindu temple, then you must have heard of the GARBHAGRIHA — the womb house. The innermost center of the temple is known as GARBHA — the womb. You might not have observed why it is called the womb. If you intone the sound of the temple — and every temple has its own sound, its own mantra, its own ISHTA DEVATA, its own deity, and the related mantra of the deity — if you intone that sound, the same warmth as there is in the womb of the mother is created. That is why the garbha, the womb of the temple, is made just similar to the womb of the mother: round-shaped, almost closed, with only one opening.

2-When Christians came for the first time to India and discovered Hindu temples, they felt that these temples were really unhygienic — not ventilated at all, with only one little door. But the womb is with only one door and not ventilated at all. That is why the temple was made only with one door, just like a womb, and if you intone that sound, that womb becomes alive. And also it is called the garbha because you can get a new birth there, you can become a new man.

3-If you intone a sound that you love, that you have feeling for, you will create a sound-womb around you. So it is good not to practice this method under the open sky. You are very weak, you cannot fill the whole sky with your sound. It is better to choose a small room, and if the room is such that it vibrates your sound it is good, it will help you. And if you can choose the same place every day, it will be very good. It becomes charged. If the same sound is repeated every day, every atom, the very space becomes a milieu(environment,).

4-That is why followers of other religions are not allowed in the temples. In Mecca, no one can enter if he is not a Mohammedan, and nothing is wrong in it, it is because Mecca belongs to a particular science. One who is not a Mohammedan goes there with a sound which will be disturbing to the whole milieu. If a Mohammedan is not allowed into a Hindu temple, there is no insult in it. And all those social reformers who do not know anything about temples, religion and esoteric science, they go on giving slogans, and they are disturbing everything.

5-A Hindu temple is for Hindus because a Hindu temple is a particular place ..a created place. For millennia they have been working on it to make it alive, and anyone can disturb it. That disturbance is very dangerous. A temple is not a public place. It is for a particular purpose and for particular people; it is not for visitors. That is why visitors were not allowed in the old days. Now they are allowed because we do not know what we are doing. A visitor should not be allowed. It is not a place to see, to go to for sightseeing. It is a created space filled with particular vibrations.

6-If it is a Sri Ram temple and you were born in a family where Sri Ram’s name has been sacred, loved, then when you enter an alive space which is always filled with Sri Ram’s name, even if you do not want to chant, even if you are not using the Ram mantra, you will start chanting. The space all around will press you. Those vibrations all around will hit you, and you will start chanting from deep down. So use a place ...a temple is good.

7-These methods are temple methods. A temple is good, or a mosque or a church. Your own house is not good for these methods, because with so many sounds you have a chaotic space around you and you are not so strong that just by your sound you can change the space. So it is better to go to a certain place which belongs to a certain sound, and then use it. And it is good to go to the same place every day.

8-By and by you will become powerful. By and by you will drop down from the mind to the heart. Then you can do this method anywhere and the whole cosmos becomes your temple. Then there is no problem. But in the beginning it is good to choose the place, and if you can even choose the time, exactly the same time every day, it is good because then the temple waits for you. Right at that exact time, the temple waits for you. It is more receptive; it is happy that you have come. And physically; this is not a symbolic thing, but a physical one.

9-It is just as if you take your meals every day at a particular time. At that particular time your whole body feels the hunger. The body has its own inner clock, it feels the hunger exactly at that time. If you go to sleep every day at a particular time, your whole body gets ready at that particular period. If you change every day your sleeping time and your food time, you are disturbing your body.

10-Now according to the science ; your age will be affected by it. If you go on daily changing your body routine, then if you were going to be alive for eighty years you will be alive only for seventy years. Ten years will be lost. And if you go regularly with the body clock, then if you were going to live for eighty years you will live for ninety very easily. Ten years can be added.

11-Exactly like this, everything all around you has its own clock, and the world moves in cosmic time. If you enter the temple at exactly the same time every day, the temple is ready for you and you are ready for the temple. These two readinesses meet, and the results are magnified a thousandfold.

12-Or you can create a small corner in your house. But then do not use that corner for any other purpose, because every purpose has its own vibrations. If you use that corner for a business purpose or you play cards there, that space becomes confused. And now these confusions can even be recorded on mechanical devices; it can be known if the space is confused.

13-If you can create a corner in your house, a small temple, it is very good. If you can afford a small temple, that is the first thing to be tried. But do not use it for any other purpose. Let it be absolutely private for you, and results will come very soon then.