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40- ''In the beginning and gradual refinement of the sound of any letter, awake.''

41- ''While listening to stringed instruments, hear their composite central sound; thus omnipresence''.

12 FACTS;-

1-A new concept has entered recently in the world of physics — the concept of ''anti-matter''. It has been felt always that nothing can exist in the universe without its opposite. It is impossible to conceive of anything which exists alone without its opposite. The diametrically opposite must be there whether known or not.

2-The shadow cannot exist without light, life cannot exist without death, morning cannot exist without night, or the same with anything you can

think of.The diametrically opposite pole is inevitably needed. This was always proposed in philosophy, but now this is a proposition of physics. And very absurd notions have developed because of this concept.

3-Time moves from the past to the future, but now physicists say that if time moves from the past to the future, there must be somewhere the opposite time process, which moves from the future to the past; otherwise this time process cannot be ... but it is.

4-The opposite, the diametrically opposite must be there somewhere — anti-time. Moving from the future to the past? It looks very absurd. How can something move from the future to the past? Science says that

matter exists, so anti-matter must be existing somewhere. What will be the anti-matter? Matter is density. Suppose a stone is in your hand. What is that stone? Around it is space and in the space there is a density of matter. That density is matter. What will be the anti-matter?

5-According to science anti-matter will be just a hole in space. Density is matter, and there is also a hole in space with nothing in it. A space will be around it, but it will be just a hole of nothingness ; anti-matter must exist to balance matter. And these sutras which are to follow are based on this “anti”phenomenon.

6-Sound exists, but tantra says sound can exist only because of silence; otherwise sound will be impossible. Silence is anti-sound. So wherever there is sound, just behind it there is silence. It cannot exist without silence; it is the other aspect of the same coin. So If you utter a word; for example, Aum. The more you utter it, just side by side, just behind it is the anti-phenomenon, soundlessness. So if you can use sounds as a technique to enter soundlessness, you will enter meditation.

7-If you can use a word to go beyond words, you will move into meditation. Look at it in this way: mind is the word; meditation is no-mind. Mind is filled with sound and words and thought. Just by the corner is the other extreme — no-mind.

8-Zen masters have called meditation the state of no-mind. What is mind? If you analyze it, it is a process of thought. Or if you analyze it in terms of physics, then it is a process of sounds. This sound process is mind, then just near it the no-mind exists. And you cannot move into the no-mind without using the mind as the jumping board, because you cannot even conceive of what no-mind is without understanding what mind is. Mind has to be used as a jumping board, and from that jumping board you can have a plunge into the no-mind.

9-There have been two opposing schools. One school is there is known as “Sankya.” Sankya says mind has not to be used, because if you use mind you cannot go beyond it. The same is the teaching of J. Krishnamurti; he is a Sankyaite. You cannot use mind. If you use mind you cannot go beyond it, because the very use of the mind will strengthen it, will make it more powerful. When you use it, you will be in its clutches. Using it, you cannot go beyond it. So don’t use mind. That is why Krishnamurti is against all techniques of meditation: because any technique is bound to use mind as a base.

10-Mind has to be used if you are going to use a technique. Any technique is bound to be a sort of conditioning — or a reconditioning, or an unconditioning, or whatsoever name you give to it, but it is going to be

with the mind.Sankya philosophy says that mind cannot be used: just understand this and take a jump. But yoga says this is impossible. Even this understanding is to be done by mind.

11-Even with this understanding ..that you cannot use mind, that no technique will be of help, that every technique will become a hindrance and whatsoever you do will create a new conditioning will still be using mind, you will move within mind. This too has to be understood by mind.

12-So yoga says there is no way in which mind is not used; mind will have to be used. It should not be used positively, it should be used negatively. It should not be used in such a way that it is strengthened, it should be used in such a way that it is weakened. And techniques are the ways to use the mind in such a way that you use it to jump beyond it. You use it just to go beyond it — as a jumping board.


If mind can be used as a jumping board ..and yoga and tantra believe that it can ..then something which belongs to mind has to be trained. Sound is one of the basic things, you can use sound to go into soundlessness.



17 FACTS;-


''In the beginning and gradual refinement of the sound of any letter, awake''.

2-Sometimes teachers have used this technique very much. They have their ingenious ways. For example, if you enter a Zen master’s hut, he may suddenly give a scream. You will become startled, but if you know why he is doing this you know he is doing it just to make you awake. Any sudden thing makes you awake. Any sudden sound can make you awake.

3-Suddenness breaks your sleep, and ordinarily we are asleep. Unless something goes wrong, we are not out of sleep, we go on doing things sleepily. That is why we never feel the sleep. You go to your office, you drive the car, you come back to your home, you love your children, you talk to your wife, so you think you are not sleepy at all. How can you do all of these things in a sleep? You think that isn’t possible, but do you know anything about sleepwalkers — about those who walk in their sleep?

4-sleepwalkers eyes are open, and they are asleep, and they can do many things. But they will not remember in the morning that they have done

them.They may go to the police station and report that something is wrong, that someone came into their house at night and was creating mischief, and they themselves have been found to be responsible. But in the night, in their sleep, they walk and do certain things, then they come back into their beds and continue their sleep, and in the morning they cannot remember what has happened. They can open doors, they can use keys, they can do many things. Their eyes are open, and they are asleep.

5-In a deeper sense, we are all sleepwalkers. You can go to your office, you can come to your home, you can do certain things: you will repeat the same things you have always repeated. You will tell your better half “I love you,” and you will not mean anything by it. The words will be just mechanical. You are not even aware that you are telling your better half , “I love you.” You are simply doing things as if you are fast asleep. This whole world is a world of sleepwalkers for a person who has become awakened. A Buddha feels that way, a Gurdjieff feels that way — that everyone is fast asleep and still doing things.

6-Saint Gurdjieff used to say that whatsoever is happening in this world is absolutely what can be expected — wars, fights, riots, murder, suicide. Someone asked Saint Gurdjieff, “Can something be done to stop wars?” He said, “Nothing can be done — because those who are fighting, they are fast asleep, and those who are pacifists, they are fast asleep. And everyone is going on in a sleep. These happenings are natural, inevitable. Unless man is awake, nothing can be changed, because these are all just by-products of his sleep. He will fight; he cannot be stopped from fighting. Only the causes can be changed.”

7-Once he was fighting for Christianity, for Islam, for this and that. Now he is not fighting for Christianity, now he is fighting for communism, for democracy. Causes will change, excuses will change, and the fight will continue, because man is asleep and you cannot expect anything else.

This sleepiness can be broken. You have to use certain techniques. This technique says, IN THE BEGINNING AND GRADUAL REFINEMENT OF THE SOUND OF ANY LETTER, AWAKE. Try with any sound, with any letter — Aum, for example. In the beginning, when you have not yet created the sound, AWAKE. Or when the sound moves into soundlessness, then awake.

8-How can you do it? Go to a temple. A bell is there or a gong. Take the bell in your hand and wait. First become totally alert. The sound is going to be there and you are not to miss the beginning. First become totally alert, as if your life depends on this, as if someone is going to kill you this very moment, and you will be awake. Be alert — as if this is going to be your death. And if there is thought, wait, because thought is sleepiness. With thought you cannot be alert. When you are alert, there is no thought. So wait.

9-When you feel that now the mind is without thought, that there is no cloud and you are alert, then move with the sound.Look when the

sound is not there, then close your eyes. Then look when the sound is created, struck; then move with the sound. The sound will become slower and slower, subtler and subtler and subtler, and then it will not be there. Then go on with the sound. Be aware, alert. Move with the sound to the very end. See both the poles of the sound, both the beginning and the end.

10-Try it with some outer sound like a gong or a bell or anything, then close your eyes. Utter any sound inside — Aum or anything — and then do the same experiment with it. It is difficult; that is why we do it outwardly first. When you can do it outwardly, then you will be able to do it inwardly. Then do it. Wait for the moment when the mind is vacant, then create the sound inside. Feel it, move with it, go with it, until it disappears completely.

11-Until you can do this… it will take time. A few months will be needed, at least three months. In these three months, you will become more and more alert. The pre-sound state and the after-sound state have to be watched. Nothing is to be missed. Once you become so alert that you can watch the beginning and the end of a sound, through this process you will have become a totally different person.

12-Sometimes we may think that such simple techniques can they change us? Everyone is so disturbed, in anguish, and these methods seem so simple. They seem like tricks. If you go to Krishnamurti and tell him that this is the method, he will say, “This is a mental trick. Do not be tricked by it. Forget it, throw it!”

13-It looks so. Obviously, it looks like a trick. How can you be transformed through such simple things? But you do not know — they are not simple. When you do them, then you know that they are very arduous.If someone tells you, “This is poison and if you take one drop of it you will die,” if you do not know anything about poison you will say, “What are you talking about? Just a drop of this liquid, and a person like me who is healthy, strong, will die?” If you do not know anything about poison, then only can you say this. If you know something about it, you cannot say this.

14-This seems to be very simple: intoning a sound and then becoming aware in the beginning and in the end. But awareness is very difficult, and when you try it then you will know that it is not child’s play. You are not aware ...and when you try it, for the first time you will know that you have been asleep your whole life. Right now you think you are already aware. Try this. With any small thing, try this.

15-Tell yourself that “I will be awake, alert, for ten breaths,” and then count the breaths. “For ten breaths only,” tell yourself, “I will remain alert. And I will count from one to ten, the incoming breath, the outgoing, the incoming, the outgoing. I will remain alert.”

16-You will miss. Two or three, and you will have moved somewhere else. Then suddenly you will become aware that “I have missed. I am not counting the breaths.” Or you can count, but when you have counted to ten you will become aware that “I was counting in my sleep. I was not alert.”

17-Alertness is one of the most difficult things. Do not think that the methods are simple. Whatsoever the technique, alertness is the thing to be attained. All else is just a help.And you can devise your own methods.

But remember only one thing: alertness must be there. You can do anything in sleep; then there is no problem. The problem arises only when it is a condition to do it alertly.



15 FACTS;-


''While listening to stringed instruments, hear their composite central sound; thus omnipresence.''

2-You are hearing an instrument ..a sitar, or anything. Many notes are there. Be alert and listen to the central core, the backbone of it around which all the notes are flowing, the deepest current which holds all the notes together ..that which is central, just like your backbone. The whole body is held by the backbone.

3-Listening to the music, be alert, penetrate the music, and find the backbone of it ..the central thing which goes on flowing, holding everything together. Notes come and go and disappear, but the central core flows on. Become aware of it.

4-Basically, originally, music was used for meditation; particularly Indian music developed as a method of meditation, Indian dancing developed as a method of meditation. For the doer it was a deep meditation, and for the audience also it was a deep meditation. A dancer or a musician can be a technician.

5-If there is no meditation in it, he is a technician. He can be a great technician, but then the soul is not there, only the body. The soul comes only when the musician is a deep meditator.And music is just the

outward thing.

6-While playing on his sitar, one is not only playing on his sitar, he is also playing on his alertness inside. The sitar goes on outwardly and his intense awareness moves inside. The music flows outwardly, but he is alert, constantly aware of the innermost core of it. And that gives samadhi. That becomes ecstasy. That becomes the highest peak.

7-It is said that when the musician has really become the musician, he will break his instrument ... because it is of no use. If he still needs his instrument, he is not a real musician yet. He is just learning. If you can play with music, with meditation, sooner or later the inner music will become more important, and the outer will become not only less important: ultimately it will become a disturbance.

8-If your consciousness moves inside and can find the inner music, then the outer music will be a disturbance. You will throw the sitar, you will throw the instrument away from you, because now you have found the inner instrument. But it cannot be found without the outer; with the outer you can become alert more easily. Once you have become alert, leave the outer and move inwards. And for the listener also, the same ..

9-But when you listen to music ...You are not meditating. On the contrary, you are using music as something like alcohol. You are using it to be relaxed, you are using it for self-forgetfulness. This is the misfortune, the misery: the techniques which were developed for awareness are being used for sleep. And this is how man goes on doing mischief with himself.

10-If something is given to you which can make you awake, you will use it to make yourself more sleepy. That is why for millennia teachings were kept secret ...because it was thought to be useless to give techniques to a sleepy man. He will use them for sleep; he cannot do otherwise. So techniques were given only to particular disciples who were ready to shake their sleep, who were ready to be shattered out of their sleepiness.

11-Ouspensky dedicates one book to Saint George Gurdjieff as “the man who disturbed my sleep.” Such people ARE disturbers. Persons like Saint Gurdjieff or Gautam Buddha or Jesus, they are assumed as disturbers. That is why we take revenge upon them. Whosoever disturbs our sleep, we have crucified him. He doesn’t look good to us. We may have been dreaming beautiful dreams and he comes and disturbs our sleep. We want to kill him because its our mentality that the dream was so beautiful.

12-The dream may be beautiful or not , but one thing is certain: it is a dream, and futile, useless ...And if it is beautiful, then it is more dangerous because it can attract you more, it can become a drug.We have

been using music as a drug, dancing as a drug. And if you want to use music and dancing as drugs, then they will become not only drugs for your sleep, they will become drugs for sensuality also.

13-So remember this point:sensuality and sleep go together.

The more sleepy the person, the more sensual ; the more awake, the less sensual ;it is basically rooted in sleep. When you awake you will be more loving, the whole energy of senses will have been transformed into love.


14-And then you will know what is to be known, or what is worth knowing. You will become omnipresent With the music, finding the composite central core, you will become awake, and with that awakening you will be everywhere.

15-Right now, you are somewhere ..a point which we call the ego. If you can become awake, this point will disappear. You will not be anywhere then, you will be EVERYWHERE — as if you have become the all. You will have become the ocean, you will have become the infinite.

The finiteness is with the mind.The infiniteness enters with meditation.