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ACCORDING TO BREATHING SCIENCE(239.);-GOD SHIVA SAYS ''One should initially practice mudra and then start fighting. The person who does sarpa mudra obtains success without doubt''. IMPORTANCE OF SARP/NAGA MUDRA;- 05 FACTS;- 1-Sanskrit word “Naga” means snake or serpent. It represents the supernatural strength and wisdom. Naga mudra is a hand posture that is practiced for many psychological and spiritual benefits. Naga Mudra may also call a mudra of deeper insight. 2-Naga is a snake goddess and has big implications in hindu mythology; It symbolizes the supernatural strength, wisdom, insight and power. Naga Mudra is also known as "the mudra of the deepest vision". 3-Serpent throughout time and civilizations is associated with esoteric, mystery, death and rejuvenation. The depiction of serpent symbols at Egyptian pyramid sites, the coiled serpent as represented for dormant Kundalini Shakti, the all powerful Lord Shiva with cobra coiled around his neck are all symbolism of mysteries that are to be unfolded. 4-It mudra has great healing power, and it also helps enhances clarity of mind. Naga Mudra is useful to solve everyday problems. It also contributes to resolving obstacles on the spiritual path. 5- Naga Mudra can be successfully used to solve everyday problems. It helps to work through obstacles that people encounter on the spiritual path. The mudra has healing power and enhances clarity of mind. Thus, one can take decisions or find answers to the unsolved problems. HOW DOES NAGA MUDRA WORK?- 04 FACTS;- 1-Naga Mudra improves the powerful element fire.Fire is a dominant element. It warms, moves, and activates us. This is why visualizations of fire set something in motion, it improves strength and relieves tensions. 2-Let the flames continue to flicker great so you have a bright and clear head. Your breaths were deep and powerful at the beginning; they become slow, beautiful, and flowing with time. With imagination of rekindle the fire of the pelvis & leave the flames to grow upward . it will enable you to face the world with a burning heart; Let the flames to continue rising to get clarification and clear your head. 3-Each breath will make you straightend, (inside and out)as if they pulled it up. To breathe.. to keep you in your new height ;Stay a while in silence. 4-There are times When we are in confusion and need to know something desperately, or we are not sure which path to follow. Then we must question and listen .Naga Mudra is useful to solve everyday problems.Your mind will be clear and get the answers of the questions for the spiritual path. BENEFITS;- 06 FACTS;- 1-Regular Practice of Naga Mudra develops the deeper insight and clarity of ideas. 2-It provides answers to a query regarding spiritual quest. It also helps to find outsole purpose of one’s existence. 3-It can be undoubtedly helpful in stress and anxiety. The serpent represents strength. Hence, Naga Mudra also contributes to developing strength. 4-If this mudra is practiced appropriately and with complete meditation. It can surely remove problem faced in day to day life. 5-Regular practice of Naga Mudra increases one’s insight and clairvoyance. 6-It can also assist in balancing the emotions, integrating mind and body and overactive mind. PREPARATION;- 04 FACTS;- 1-Naga Mudra is very easy to practise.Naga Mudra can be performed by crossing the hands in front of chest and crossing the thumbs over each other . Place this mudra on the lap. This is called naga mudra. 2-Sit in meditative stance and visualize the fire inside. Feel its warmth and rising flames as you inhale. Ask your question. Exhale and let any tension or anxiety melt away. Sit silent. You can do this mudra for as needed for your spiritual quest. 3-Affirmation: I am accepting the answers that are provided to me by the mysterious force. The Divine rules my existence. 4-Like any other mudra, Naga Mudra also has a technique to practice though it does not seek a particular time or place for the performance. Generally, Naga Mudra can be practiced when one feels struck with an everyday problem and is looking for a solution that aligns one with highest self. THREE STEPS;- 1-First of all, the person needs to sit in a meditative stance then he can cross hands in front of the chest, and also cross the thumbs over each other. 2-He should visualize the fire inside; feel its warmth and rising flames as he inhales. While performing, exhale and let any tension or anxiety melt away. 3- It can be practiced up to 45 minutes in a full day or as per requirement. The practise of Naga Mudra can mentally kindle the fire in pelvic floor. EFFECT;- The thumb placed on the palm increases all elements like vayu, akasha, prithvi and jala. The thumb placed upon the other thumb increases the agni, blazing fire is a powerful element. IN HINDI;- नाग मुद्रा को लगाने के लिए दोनों हाथों को छाती के सामने लाएं। हथेली पर हथेली रखते हुए दाएं हाथ की उंगलियाँ बाएं ओर तथा दाएं हाथ की उंगलियों को ऊपर की ओर रखें। दोनों अंगूठे आपस में तिरछे रखें। नाग मुद्रा लगाते हुए लम्बे व गहरे सांस लें। नाग मुद्रा लगाने से शरीर में बल आता है और बुद्धि का विकास होता है। नाग मुद्रा आध्यात्मिक मार्ग की ओर पथ प्रदर्शन करती है। नाग मुद्रा लगाने से आंतरिक शक्ति बढ़ती है। ....SHIVOHAM...