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1-Hindu philosophy, there are nine universal substances or elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, Time, Space, Soul, and Mind. Navaratri is a nine-day festival dedicated to the nine forms of Ma Durga.In the same way there are nine chakras in our body,in which three are lower chakras. 2-As Kundalini energy rises up from the lower chakras, we enter into the realm of pure consciousness. The Vital Breath has been inhaled, the Sacred Utterance has been spoken, the Divine Light has been felt, and the Third Eye has been opened. 3-ACCORDING TO Alan Watts;- “What you do is what the whole universe is doing at the place you call the here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that the wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around. The real deep-down you is the whole universe.” 4-We now know the truth that only higher consciousness can bring: one is all and all is one. We are now, and forever more, receptive to stimuli to which, in the time before, we were insensate. 5-Shakti has removed the Veils of Maya (illusion), which have evaporated like a mirage. Here it will be discussed the eternal significance of the seventh and final chakra: Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra. 6-We have now ascended the chakra from which all chakras emanate. We have achieved the last milestone of human awareness, the pinnacle of the human spiritual condition. Here, sacred energy is infinite and wisdom is pure and eternal. 7-Before, things were merely relative. Now, things are absolute. We have obtained a state of Nirvikalpa Samādhi, a state of non-duality where we realize we are one with the cosmos and everything in the cosmos is one with us. A singularity of self has been reached. THE PRESIDING DEITY OF SAHASRARA;- 10 FACTS;- 1-The cosmos has emptied its energy into us, as we have emptied our energy into it. Everything is now an eternal beacon of providence. Like Alan Watts said, “God emptied to the limit is man, and man emptied to the limit is God.” 2-The Sahasrara chakra is symbolized by a lotus with a thousand different colored petals, arranged in twenty layers of 50 petals. It encompasses the crown of the head, where all chakras are integrated, while it passes into infinity from the top of the head. It is said to be the most elusive chakra in the kundalini process. 3-This chakra is associated with wisdom, enlightenment and transcendence. Its governing planet is Uranus, and it is often linked to the pituitary gland. 4-The Deity of the Sahasrara Chakra is Shri Lalita Devi, or the Thousand Named Goddess. It is said that she gives us the power to awaken the kundalini in others, upon awakening ourselves. 5- This center of a thousand petals covers the limbic area of the brain like the closed bud of a lotus. Above this covering is the balloon-like structure of ego and superego.As the brain is covered completely when these two institutions join and calcification takes place on top of the head; that is how we become a closed personality. At the time of our awakening, of our second birth, this egg-like personality breaks at the top of the head . 6-The true nature of the seventh Chakra is beyond human comprehension. No words can do it justice. When our crown chakra is cleansed and open we experience divine union and cosmic love, stretching out forever. 7-kundalini awakening processVibratory awareness becomes paramount as kundalini unites us with the infinite wavelength of eternal vibration. Our unique frequency is in tune with the cosmic orchestra. The Collective Unconscious has become manifest. 8-When our crown chakra is blocked or closed, however, we feel disconnected spiritually. We tend to doubt everything we’ve known to be true. In worst case scenarios we tend to fall into an existential blackhole, or Dark Night of the Soul. 9-Here’s the beautiful double-edged sword of spiritual enlightenment: if we are able to make it through these dark times and shed that which weighed us down, then our crown chakra opens up once again, even wider than before, and we once again become receptive to stimuli to which before we were insensate. 10-This can happen many times on our spiritual journey, and each time we tend to gain new levels of wisdom. MEDITATION OF SAHASRARA CHAKRA;- 05 FACTS;- 1-This chakra, more than any other, is about complete surrender and dissolution; a letting go of the hold the physical world has on us. While meditating with our hands over our solar plexus, let the little fingers point up and away from you, touching at their tips, while braiding the rest of the fingers with the left thumb underneath the right. 2-Open the third eye, and focus upon the thousand-petaled crown splintering off(A sharp, slender piece, as of wood, glass, or metal, split or broken off from a main body into the cosmos.) 3-Feel the powerful kundalini energy pooling up from your roots, passing through the sacred waters of the sacral, basking in the fire of the solar plexus, breathing in the vital breath of the heart, absorbing the ethereal voice of the throat, pouring through the dissolution of the Third Eye, and spilling up (to flow or fall out of a container) and out like a mighty fountainhead into the greater cosmos. 4-Imagine kundalini circulating through our body, from Crown to Root and back again, over and over. Further imagine the universe as a giant mirror .Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are the eternity and you are the mirror. 5-There are signs, both physical and emotional, that alert us of the presence of the crown chakra. Some may be uncomfortable, but for the most part, they are a good reminder that you are experiencing the ultimate high in oneness with the universe. THE PHYSICAL SIGNS;- 03 FACTS;- 1-Because the crown chakra rests upon our head, this is the area most affected with reminders that you are going through a change. Headaches, even severe, and migraines may cause you to wonder how anything so good can feel so bad. 2-Not everyone has this extent of displeasure as the crown chakra begins its journey inside of your mind. Some experience a tingling of the nerves throughout the body as the energy blocks work toward clearing a way. 3-Other signs may include a zapping sensation, like touching an electric fence, or bursts of white light inside of our head. There is no cause for alarm. The energy of the universe is just working on blocks that have been deeply ingrained in our mind. THE EMOTIONAL SIGNS;- 06 FACTS;- 1-A higher sense of intuition often comes with the opening of the crown chakra. In the beginning, this feeling may be accompanied with short bursts of dizziness. However, as time progresses, you will associate this with becoming ungrounded. 2-You are going to be much more attune as to the balance of the other chakras and be able to correct before a significant change has a chance to occur. 3-A feeling of becoming attached, while also feeling detached from others can give cause for fear as your emotions undergo a spiritual transformation. 4-This is a favorite time to enjoy our dreams. Usually upon waking, we have a fading picture of what we just dreamed about. When the crown chakra is at work, dreams are more vivid and real, allowing us to enjoy the journeys of the dream state with clarity. 5-Clairvoyant abilities may be shown to us through dreams or we may just know that they are present in our wakened state. 6-Opening the crown chakra is like no other feeling that is offered by the other chakras. It is saying that you are ready to handle the unforeseen, experience the joy of the universe, and to know the greatness of the universe. MORE SIGNS & SYPTOMS ;- 16 FACTS;- 1-The higher consciousness, vibrations and energies accelerate the release of any stuckness or stagnation in our being. Depending on our souls agenda and the degree of our resistances, this releasing process can be intense or gentle, but in either case, the healing works in the most perfect way. 2-Distortions in Space and Time;- Your material 3-D awareness may shift into and out of various dimensions and you may experience feelings of spatial temporal bodily disorientation - not knowing "where" or "when" you are (in space and time). This is a temporary phenomenon that lasts until you have adjusted, integrated and grounded these new higher vibrational energies. 3-Aches and Pains;- Aches and pains help us be aware of our energy flows, or rather, where they are not flowing (this is one way our body gives us feedback on what is going on "in there"). As the higher consciousness, vibrations and energies move into those places in your body-mind where you are holding old stuck stagnant energies (otherwise known as "blocks") it may feel like an ache or pain (this includes headaches and flue like symptoms). 3-1-These symptoms indicate that the physical body is attempting to release the negativity and toxins that have been held inside. These symptoms are perfectly normal. Continue to do the healing work - when the blocks have been completely released, the aches and pains will go away. 4-Dreaming and Sleeping;- The "dream time" is when many of our issues (accumulated over many lifetimes) are processed through the subconscious mind. Dreams may be vivid, violent, sexual, perverse, bizarre, non-sensical, nightmarish, otherworldly, even alien (if it can be imagined, it can be dreamed). 4-1-Our mind can only use what metaphors, symbols and images that have been programmed into its "computer banks", and these "images" may not exactly follow past life events, but they are the best approximation of how our mind interprets them. It's not so important for the conscious ego mind to try and make sense of the details and story line of these events as it is the processing of the energies behind them. 4-2-Sleeping is one of the ways our conscious ego-mind copes with being energetically or emotionally overwhelmed. Similarly, the higher consciousness. vibrations and energies experienced in a healing will stir up some deep unresolved issues, the processing of which may make us feel fatigued and lethargic. 4-3-During this time, our conscious ego mind - that part of us that wants to analyze and rationalize - is put on hold (put to sleep) which helps us process on deeper levels of our soul. When our subconscious mind reaches a saturation point and can take no more (or when our ego-mind takes hold), we shift back into consciousness and wake up. 5-Exaggerated Sensitivity;- Healing of any kind takes up a tremendous amount of physical and psychic energy to process... if you are subject to any additional stimulation, this may add more fuel to that fire. If so, we may experience such an exaggerated sensitivity to our surroundings that we may become intolerant to and easily overwhelmed by external stimulations of any kind, be they odd random noises, music, traffic sounds, the TV, people talking, bright or multi colored lights, a smell, strong foods, jarring movements, a touch, or even textures. 5-1-When we are feeling "fed up", take a break - do something or go somewhere that helps us process our stuff in peace: exercise at the gym, go for a walk in the park, take a leisurely drive out to the country... you can even stay in your room and sleep. Whatever works for you, do it. 6-Relationship to Food;- As the higher consciousness, vibrations and energies come in to our cellular biological emotional systems, issues connected to our diet may appear, including cellular memories of feasts and famines. 6-1-You may fixate on emotionally charged "comfort foods", go through periods of mood swings with unusual cravings, or have a complete loss of appetite. Your body is trying to adjust and balance - don't fight, don't judge - processing the higher energies require a lot of nutritional support. The changes that healing brings can be hard on your body emotions and mind - so be gentle with your self. 6-2-If you are experiencing weight gains, this most likely indicates you are still holding on to something (be it energetic, emotion, vibrational or mental). Keep doing the healing work - this will assist your releasing process. Continue to exercise, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. 7-Worst Case Scenarios;- 7-1-You may find yourself in situations you feared the most 7-2-your "nightmares" or "worst case scenarios". 7-3-your pet escapes from your house (or yard) 7-4-you are laid off (or fired) from a well paying job 7-5-your bank account is on empty (or overdrawn) 7-6-your car breaks down (or repossessed), 7-7-your spouse runs off with the kids (and best friend) 7-8-you lose your home (and live on the street) 7-9-there is an illness (or death) in the family 7-10-you are mugged, (attacked) 7-11-someone you love (or you) gets a terminal disease NOTE;-None of this is pretty, but all are challenges you (along with your Higher Self) have agreed upon. In time, you will find the silver lining to all these dark clouds, and you will glean the important life lesson, and you will be a better person for everything that happens. Just like Jesus transcended the limitations of his cross, so to will you. 8-Abandoned Lost and Lonely;- You may have very strong feelings about not belonging... feeling alienated, isolated, estranged and misunderstood...not fitting in to your work place, home, culture or community... feeling as if you are done with life and have no other purpose or meaning. 8-1-You may feel like ending it all, thinking about suicide (understandable, but not the answer).Your life is no accident - you are here for profound reasons... the completion of which often takes years if not lifetimes. When life seems so empty and bleak, be patient and hang on.You are going through a temporary phase that will shift once you go deeper you will find yourself there.