MEANING OF DREAM TELEPATHY;- 06 FACTS;- 1-“Telepathy” is derived from the Greek terms tele (“distant” or “distance”) and pathe (“occurrence” or “feeling”). So Telepathy actually means getting feelings through a distance. Dream telepathy is a fascinating topic and anyone who is deeply in tune with their dreams is likely to notice telepathic elements in their dreams. How it works is not yet known, and although researchers have documented telepathic experiences and developed theories about them, more studies are needed. In the meantime, it’s good to keep an open mind. 2-There are so many mysteries in life; so much still remains to be discovered. We can’t possibly have it all figured out already. Staying curious and alert allows lucidity(easy to understand) to come into our lives, and with it come many possibilities.Among them is the possibility of discovering who we really are and what we are capable of. 3-Telepathy happens in dreams when thoughts, emotions or physical sensations are transmitted from one mind to another. They have been widely studied by scientists as of all forms of psychic dreaming they are comparatively easy to verify. As telepathic dreams involves both a receiver and a sender, experiments can be set up to test the phenomena by noting how a receiver’s dreams are influenced by thoughts intentionally sent to him while sleeping. 4-Dreaming of telepathy between another in a dream can represent your material and spiritual assets. It also signifies the possibility of success if the timing is right. Reading someone’s mind in a dream can mean you want to control everything and everyone in your waking life. This is not really a good thing. People will not support you for long if you try to control them. 5-Telepathy can be about your self-worth and how you perceive others see you. This is a sign you need to make better judgments about the people you meet. Do you accept people at face value and when you let them in they are not what they seem? Is this something you do often? You need to spend more time getting to know people before trusting them too deeply. 6-Having telepathic communication with an alien in a dream means you often listen to your intuition and gut instincts. You trust yourself to know the answers for your situation.

WHAT DO DREAMS ABOUT TELEPATHY MEAN ? 09 FACTS;- 1-May symbolize a desire to communicate with someone. 2- May represent wishing to know what others are thinking. 3- May symbolize feeling exposed or that someone know your secrets. 4- May represent knowing yourself very well. 5-May represent feeling connected to thoughts, feelings, or motivations of others. 6-May represent thin boundaries. 7-May represent feeling you have successfully sent a message. 8- May represent feeling you have successfully received a message. 9-May symbolize feeling very close to somebody QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF :-

03 FACTS;- 1-What is the message, thought, feeling, or image I feel I have sent or received telepathically? 2-Do I feel the dream telepathy is all between my dream characters? 3-Have I confirmed with other people in waking life whether dream telepathy beyond my dream may have occurred? WHAT IS DREAM TELEPATHY?- 11 FACTS;- 1-Now let us advance one stage more, and see whether it is not possible that the thought may be communicated directly from mind to mind on its own level, without descending even so far as to the astral plane. This also can be done, and often is done, but as a regular thing it is a means of converse for the more exalted souls only. One who is highly developed may thus flash his ideas through space with literally the speed of thought, but for ordinary men as yet such power is rare. 2-Nevertheless, it sometimes exists where there is unusually close sympathy between two persons .when mankind is further evolved this will be our common method of communication. It is already employed by the great Masters of Wisdom in the instruction of their pupils, and in this way they can convey with ease the most complicated ideas. 3-We have before us, then, these three kinds of telepathy, all of them consisting simply of the conveyance of vibrations at their respective levels.Telepathy can come in more than one state. 4-In dream telepathy thoughts, emotions, and even physical sensations are transferred from one person’s mind to another while sleep. Telepathic dreams consist of the dreamer receiving messages from someone else in another individual’s dream or by their telepathic thoughts. 5- Many cases of telepathic dreams involve ghosts, spirits of dead loved ones, or recently dead spirits using dream telepathy to speak. Dream telepathy experiments have been done since the 1800s to learn more about dream telepathy and what it means. 6-Dream telepathy experiments involve the monitoring of the subject’s brain waves and eye movements while sleeping. They are usually awakened to describe their dream after the brain waves frequencies have been recorded.Telepathic senders are placed into a separate room to send the subjects various pictures and messages.Intuition is the communication of these answers from sub conscious mind. 7-A majority of the findings show that the dreams often contain the specific images the sender sent through the other room. There is a lot of different views on dream telepathy but it does exist. Many people claim they’ve been warned or sent a special message through dream telepathy.Dream telepathy can be a very rewarding for individuals who gained a better aspect through receiving the message or comfort through a image. 8- A loved one’s message can be the closure that individual needed. A friend or relative in another state sending a message through dream telepathy can save a person’s life depending on the situation. Twins have been known to have not only a strong ability of telepathy beyond childhood but dream telepathy as well. 9-Thoughts are extremely powerful and make up the world we live in. Our lives are simply the thoughts we have and the thoughts of others around us. Telepathy is the way we communicate with the world and others without saying a single word.If you don’t follow and trust your intuition, you are not alone. The vast majority of us don’t do so. 10-We are aware that we have a “feeling” about a situation, decision, person, place, etc but can’t quite put our finger on what the feeling is saying to us. So, what do we do? We ignore the “feeling.” That “feeling” is our intuition trying to communicate to us what we need to be doing. It’s really a shame that so many of us are so skeptical and don’t trust it. It’s our best defense and guide after all. 11-Yet, it is a very difficult task to un program ourselves from scripts we have been born into. We’ve been taught to look outward for answers and guidance when all the while, the answers have always lied inside ourselves. Intuition is also one of the major elements to tapping into you telepathic powers. SOME WORDS RELATED TO TELEPATHY ;- 03 FACTS;- 1-CONSCIOUSNESS;- Consciousness = both the physical state of being awake and a mental construct of being. It includes, and is induced(create) by, bodily sensations or perceptions and the feeling of embodiment. 2-EXPERIENCE;- Experience = the accumulation of mind-body knowledge or skills that result from direct participation or observation in events or activities. It has firsthand memory and knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations, mental or bodily, as well as the totality of events of an individual or group history. Experience is also the personal embodied reception, interpretation and response to an event or activity, resulting in actual enjoyment or suffering. 3-NON-LOCALITY(Action at a distance);- Non-locality = physical objects (or people) that may seem unrelated or separate, but are connected, transcending the limitation of space and time or take place simultaneously either through space and time, in space or in time. HOW TO DO TELEPATHY?- 18 STEPS;-;- 1. sit in comfortable position where you can relax yourself. 2. Close your eyes, and take five deep breath. 3. concentrate on you left foot and visualize that your left foot is relaxing, relaxing every muscles, then concentrate on your whole left leg and relaxed every muscles, like this way concentrate on your right leg, and whole body from bottom to top. 4. Relax all the part of the body till hair of your head. 5. After relaxing body, concentrate on your breathing. 6. You are breathing in and out. And slowly you reached in meditative state on your breathing, and your breathing will be become short. 7. Now imagine that you are sitting in very natural place, imagine natural place, you are feeling smell of flowers, you are sensing cool temperature of atmosphere, you can see bright moon in sky and you can see your shadow on the ground. 8. Till 15 min, imagine about surrounded nature which feels you happy and most energatic and your mind and body feelings happiness of nature.Now Most Important: 9. Imagining the person in front of you whom you want to communicate with mind and send a message by mind 10. Imagine that person standing in front of you, you see that person also surrounded by nature which feels you happy 11. Imagine face of the person, color of body of that person, clothes of that person 12. Imagine about feeling of yourself about their person, how do you feel about person, ask yourself this question. 13. Now, Concentrate on Eyes of that person, you are watching eyes of that person. 14. Now in you close eyes, just imagine that your eyes and point between your eyes are radiating white light towards that person eyes and minds. 15. Concentrate on radiating white light towards that person till 10 mins. 16. Imagine that radiating lights are medium of communication of person to person. 17. Now Imagine that in that radiation, You are sending your message to that person, and that person mind is fully open for receive your message, in fact he was waiting for your message and he is receiving your message through radiating lights. 18. You are constantly sending your message which you want to send him and that person is receiving your message. Do it for at least 15 mins. Practice it at least 1 time everyday, within 15 days. NOTE;- It is guaranteed that you will achieve higher level stage and you achieve this person to person communication through telepathy and you can send message which you want to send with your brain. What I mean is that once you begin to trust in yourself and to be guided by your own intuition, you will at the same time open yourself up to your telepathic powers. .....SHIVOHAM...