WHAT IS THE MEANING OF TELEPATHY?- 06 FACTS;- 1-Derived from the words “tele” – which means distance and “patheia” – which means feeling, the word Telepathy could be literally defined as a distant feeling or sensing from a distance. Thought of through the ages as the communication between two minds, Telepathy is transferring and receiving thought. This incredible phenomena happens more frequently than we might think. 2-Have you ever thought of someone and then they call or email you? Have you ever said something as someone else laughed and said “I was just thinking that”? You may not have spoken in ages, but suddenly, like magic, there they are! If so, you may have experienced Telepathy first hand, however it's worth mentioning that those events can also occur as a co-incidence. 3-Telepathy is the ability to sense or transmit feelings over a long distance and to do it without words or even any of the five recognized senses. This is essentially mind to mind communication that is on the spot even when you are far away.The simplest definition of telepathy can be stated as direct communication between minds. 4-Such mental telepathy communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. Telepathic descriptions are universally found in writings and oral lore. In tribal societies such as the Aborigines of Australia telepathy is accepted as a human faculty, while in more advanced societies it is thought a special ability and power belonging to mystics and psychics. 5-Is it real? Is there any proof? Although not scientifically proven, telepathy is being increasingly studied in psychical research. It is also known as mind reading by someone able to read minds. 6-Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types. These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based. WHAT IS SIXTH SENSE?- 02 FACTS;- 1-Sixth Sense is the information comes from a source outside of the person's intellect, and is distinct from learned knowledge and experience.The insights and knowledge derived, come directly from the universal mind and from other people themselves. It works like mental telepathy where one person can read another's thoughts. 2-Everyone has had that experience more than once in their life, and if they can't recall ever having done so, it is because they were not paying attention and didn't recognize it. Just like hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting, everyone has it. It is our sixth sense. NINE SIGNS OF OUR SIXTH SENSE;- 1. The telephone rings and you know who it is. 2. You know what someone is about to say before they say the words. 3. You get a hunch about something and it turns out to be correct. 4. You get a sudden feel to go somewhere or do something, and when you do that thing, it turns out to be the right thing that you should have done. 5. You get a sudden urge/a strong desire to go somewhere or do something, and you ignore it or don't do it, and it turns out that you should have. And you regret it. 6. You can understand someone's true inner feelings even though on the outside they are hiding them. 7. You have a feeling that there is a presence or that someone or something behind the scene is helping you. 8. When something happens in your life, either good or not so good, you suddenly understand a higher purpose behind it. 9. You sometimes hear a soft inner voice tipping you off about things happening in your life or in the life of someone else. THE THREE KINDS OF TELEPATHY TeleptTelepathy has been defined as direct communication between minds. It is believed that there are three different types of telepathy:- INSTINCTUAL OR FEELING BASED TELEPATHY;- 03 POINTS;- 1-This type of telepathy is the most commonly experienced and is often felt between family members, close friends and even with animals. 2-In fact, the animal kingdom uses instinctual telepathy as its main form of communication and for survival.As the name suggests, instinctual telepathy is most closely related to intuitive gifts and often people who are intuitive hold this telepathic ability naturally. 3-Instinctual or feeling based telepathy relies on the third eye chakra or the solar plexus chakra and can manifest as a “gut feeling” or as simply a knowing. MENTAL OR MIND TO MIND TELEPATHY;- 04 POINTS;- 1-This form of telepathy is claimed to be the truest form of telepathy as it involves thought transference between two conscious minds. 2-This goes beyond people just knowing what you are thinking and is actually a way to have a conversation with either pictures, symbols or words without saying anything aloud. 3-Using this type of telepathy, messages can be communicated across rooms, countries and even into other galaxies or dimensions. 4-This type of telepathy uses the crown chakra which is the center for telepathic communication. SPIRITUAL OR SOUL TO SOUL TELEPATHY;- 06 POINTS;- 1-Spiritual telepathy is the highest form of telepathy and can be similar to mediumship or channelling. 2-Basically it involves using our mind as an intermediary between the physical and spiritual worlds.For this reason, to achieve spiritual telepathy one has to be connected and aligned with all chakras. 3-Using spiritual telepathy, one soul can send information to another soul. This information may be received consciously or unconsciously.Usually spiritual telepathy occurs between Twin Flames or members of our soul group. 4-Spiritual telepathy can also be used to communicate with spirits and those who have crossed over.This type of telepathy can usually only be received through some type of meditative or dream like state. 5-Spiritual telepathy, or soul-to-soul telepathy, is the highest form of telepathy. And it is only possible when an individual has managed to connect the mind, brain, and soul. When a person does this, they gain the ability to navigate between physical and spiritual realms. In order to build these connections, one must be adept at creative meditation. 6-Spiritual telepathy is widely believed to be used by ‘The Masters’ to guide the evolution of our planet. Because they cannot directly influence or control the different forms of life on Earth, they use individuals who have mastered spiritual telepathy to anchor their information and wisdom on Earth. OTHERS;- 06 POINTS;- 1-Another specific type of telepathy is twin telepathy, which is the kind of communication present between twins. This is often seen in the way most twins seem to feel hungry at the same time, or in some cases when one twin can feel the same feelings felt by the other twin even though both are not in the same location at that point in time. 2-Twin telepathy is strongest in the infancy stage, although the ability of twins to communicate or think alike can remain until adulthood and can last a lifetime. 3-A recent development is “techlepathy” or cyber telepathy, which is the ability to transmit messages through technological means. 5-The transmission of words and phrases.... This kind of telepathy is the most complex to achieve and require training. 6-In telepathy there is no thought transference consider this the universe is composed of the same substance. The universe is the substance .As we are all connected together telepathy affect us all .Those influence may affect you positively or negatively it all depends on your telepathic sensitivity. HOW TO ENHANCE TELEPATHIC SKILLS?- 06 POINTS;- 1-No matter which type of telepathy you are interested in finessing, the best way to hone in on your gifts is to use mediation,creative and crystals visualisations. 2-Certain crystals are good for sending telepathic messages and developing our skills such as Blue stone ,diamonds and others. 3-When it comes to crystals it is important to remember that each crystal will work with your vibration differently, so use your intuition to choose the right one for you. 4-In order to achieve a level of telepathic skill one must learn to control his feeling in a way to let circulate the energy freely between his or her centers.The solar plexus, the heart and the crown chakras are the centers for telepathic communication . 5-It’s difficult to achieve mental clarity when the mind is under heavy feeling and emotions. One must become an observer .How one can sense someone else thought or feeling if he/she doesn’t even listen to his/her own emotions . 6-One must also consider that thought are magnetic concretely like attract like. Sad people attract similar minded people. A certain discipline will be beneficial for the student. When it comes to meditation and visualisation here is a rough guide One can follow:- SEVEN STEPS;- 1-Close your eyes and sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Take 10 deep breaths in and out. 2-When you are ready, visualise your body in your mind. Start at your feet and travel up through your body visualising your energy fields or chakras being free and clear. See your body free and clear and aligned with a white light. 3-Once you reach the top of your head continue visualising the white light stretching up out of your head and into the heavens. Continue visualising this so you can clearly see the light shining above you. 4-Meditate on this image for about 10-15 minutes, allowing any thoughts or intel to be received by you. You may also want to recite a mantra such as “I am open to receiving the messages of my soul”. 5-Once you get more advanced with this mediation, you can start reaching out to specific souls for guidance or messages. You can also use this to reach out to your spirit or angel guide messengers to see if they have any information for you. 6-As you come out of the mediation, remember to give thanks to the beings that you encountered and to safe guard your light that is open in the top of your head. To do this, you can visualise a “safety mesh” over the top of your head. 7-If you are looking to develop telepathic abilities with a specific person you can do this meditation together and experiment with sending each other messages during the meditation. NOTE;- There are many ways to enhance your telepathic abilities but hopefully this gives you a good insight on where to begin.CONTD. ...SHIVOHAM... ;

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