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05 FACTS;-

1-A Car Porch or Garage is used for parking the Car. It can be an open Car Porch or a closed Garage. It is accessed from the Main Gate and should be designed as per Vastu guidelines.Since Vastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. 2-Garage can be located in the North-West or as second option, the South-East: Since the North-East and the South-West corners are not allowed for Car porches, the remaining two corners namely the North-West and the South-East are acceptable. 3-Avoid a Garage or Car porch in the South-West: Since the bedrooms are generally kept in the South-West corner, a car porch should be avoided in this sector as each time the car is started, the exhaust fumes will enter the bedrooms. 4-Avoid a Garage or Car porch in the North-East.The North and East directions should be left open as far as possible, to allow the constant and morning sunlight into the house. So it is better to avoid a Car Porch or Garage here. 5-A Garage in the basement should be in the North or East only.In the basement since there is no question of the car obstructing light, it is preferable if the cars are parked in the East or the North, since some heat from the Sunlight can keep the car engine warm. IN VASTU, IS THERE ANY IDEAL DIRECTION FOR PARKING A CAR?

03 FACTS;- 1-The car should be parked facing North or East. When a car is parked facing North or East, its engine gets heated from the Constant sunlight from the North and the morning light from the East and so will be easier to start. 2-As per vastu shastra, there’re locations in a house where – if a vehicle is parked – then there’ll be all sorts of troubles with the vehicle. Here’re some examples: 1-Theft 2-Accidents 3-Fire hazards (car catches fire – you may’ve seen this in news) 4-Frequent breakdown (more repairs than usage) 5-Quarrels with neighbors for parking space 6-Less travel (this means that vehicle is mostly immobile– isn’t good for life of vehicle) 3- There’re places in your house where you can park the vehicle and it’ll be at your service just the way you want it. Parking at such places may have following effects: 1-Safe travel 2-Vehicle stays with you for a long time (serving you perfectly) 3-Very low (standard) maintenance costs 4-Name & fame (good for politicians, social figures & media people) 5-Wealth & money (good for businessmen who travel a lot for business meetings) 07 THINGS TO D0 ;- 1-Locate the garage in NW 2-Park the car facing North or East 3-Make sure there’s plenty of space to walk around in the garage after parking the vehicle 4-Garage’s floor should slope towards East or North 5-Garage’s roof should slope from South to North or from West to East 6-Garage’s entrance is best located in North or East 7-The height of garage entrance should be less than main gate of the house 06 THINGS TO AVOID;- 1-Never park the car facing West or South; there’s a change of fire hazard 2- Never locate the garage in NE (however, parking in NE basement is ok) 3-Garage in SW leads to very less usage of vehicle and more repairs 4-Garage walls shouldn’t touch the compound wall. 5- No inflammable items in garage 6-No trash(waste material).