THE RELATION BETWEEN DISEASES & VASTU;- 05 FACTS;- 1-We all are well aware of the universal fact that, our body is constituted of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. It is due to the complicated balance of these elements on the earth which leads to the evolution of human and other organisms. Any imbalance in these elements can leads to diseases in humans. The balance in these natural elements can be restored using Vaastu principles. 2-One of the main causes behind diseases is an imbalance in the fire element in that house. If your house faces South with a slope towards South direction or the underground water tank in Southeast, then there is a possibility of health problems constantly to the inmates. 3-Vaastu of a living place impacts on procuring good health along with all-round prosperity; specifically a house constructed according to Vaastu principles can attains Life’s 3 P’s i.e. Peace, Prosperity and Progress. 4-Different conditions are created for the existence of humans. All ailments arising due to vaastu defects are either by vastu defect in construction or due to residing in a defective direction. 5-There is a strong link between vaastu and the human body. Any vaastu defect in construction can lead to disease in the human body. The connection between disease and vaastu defects in a house can be attributed to the following points. DISEASES & RELATED ZONES;- 05 FACTS;- 1-A structure made according to Vaastu Shastra principles can yields maximum benefits and bestows in health, wealth and harmony. Generally principles of Vaastu if followed properly then the misery of inmate’s due to illness or some defects cures biologically or naturally after the directional defects are rectified. 2-Every house may have a one or other Vastu defects or dosh, many occupants unaware of this fact and they don’t really understand the reason behind prolonged illness of people living in that house. 3-In some houses, disease comes into existence due to wrong construction of the house in wrong directional placement of elements which can only be cured with effective Vaastu remedial measure. Vastu remedial measures are helpful in quick recovery and overcome from chronic disease also. The relation between disease and Vaastu defects in the house can be recognized on the following points..... 17 FACTS;- 1-A heavy construction in North-east direction can leads to insomnia, mental disorders, stress, irritation and a constant state of illness which prevails or restricts the entrance of natural energy in that house. 1-A-If you have a restroom or septic tank, kitchen, heavy construction or a big tree in the North East zone, the eldest son of the family is likely to suffer from various health issues. He may also suffer from TB or cancer. 2-An extension in South-east, a bedroom or a door in this direction can cause mental stress, disturbed mind, high blood pressure and mostly female health problems. 3-An underground water tank in South-east direction of the house can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, Children’s health problems, problems related to kidney. Defected South-east adversely affects on 2nd Son of that house 4-A heavy construction in the North direction and a light construction in the South and / or a heavy construction in East direction and a light construction in the West will barricade the flow of good energy that associated with good health, can cause physical weakness and prolonged ailments. 5-Any construction in the Brahma place i.e. in the middle of the house or an underground water source or source of fire gives path to deadly diseases, hallucinations, stomach aches, insomnia and mental disorders.Deficient vayu and space quadrant i.e. north and brahmasthan will manifest diseases like back pain, lower back troubles, paralysis, arthritis, constipation etc. 6-Extension, Depression, underground water element in South-west direction can cause to bad health of the owner, bad addiction to male child in that house, post accident ailments and sometimes leads to UN-natural death. 7-Underground water source in the west gives birth to gynecological problems, fits and instability.Underground water sources in the South causes gynecological problems, intellectual disorders, and intolerance. By adhering with simple Vaastu principles one can enjoy good health and peace of mind. 8-Sleeping in North West can be the cause of aggressive ness and loss of interest and also air borne diseases. An underground water source here may lead to mental trauma, insomnia, early maturity in children and a door in this direction can lead to accidents. 8-A-People sleeping in the North West zone may be prone to mental illness rather than physical sickness. If the vastu for these individual’s room is not corrected on time, they will end up being dependant on medicines, become short-tempered and experience stressful situations. 8-B-Vastu dosha in the North West zone can lead to various infectious diseases and seasonal change illnesses for the family members of a house. 9-An extension of south-east, a bedroom or a door in this direction can cause mental stress / tension, disturbed mind, high blood pressure etc. An underground water tank in this part of the house can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, and problems from offspring, kidney problems and ultimately there is no mental peace. 10-South-west extension and underground water source is associated with bad health of the male child, mental trauma, fear, insomnia, post accident ailments and water related syndromes of kidney. 11-Pita dosha is caused by deficient fire and water quadrant (south east - north east) will manifest the pita dosha disease like diabetes, rashes, itches, liver disorder. 12-If the north east and south east areas are defective on one account or another, the onset of the disease may take place. In case the total segment like north east-east-south east is defective at the place of stay and as well as at work, it may lead to onset of heart related disease. 13-Kapha dosha is caused by deficient water and earth quadrant (north east - south west) and will manifest in diseases like congestion of lungs, obesity, bronchitis, sinusitis and other cold ana kapha disease. 14-Vastu dosha in the South East zone could lead to people suffering from kidney diseases. 15-Females may suffer from various diseases if there is a basement, water tank, main door or low height construction in the South zone. 16-If there is some vastu dosha in the South West zone of the house, the owner may be prone to heart attack. Similarly, if the North East and South West zones have vastu dosha, it may lead to paralytic attacks or brain hemorrhage. The children of the house may also fall sick and pregnant ladies may even lose their child. 17-Never sleep facing the North direction because this may lead to digestion issues and headache, mental sickness, uneasiness and even heart problems. SOME TIPS FOR GOOD HEALTH;- 05 FACTS;- 1-Staircases are integral part of our homes but believe it or not, staircases can affect your health. There should be no staircase in the center of the house as it can lead to major health issues. If there is a requirement for a staircase, it should be installed in the corner. 2-Overhead beams are used predominantly in houses during construction. But be careful that overhead beams should not run through the centre of the house. Overhead beams can cause a disturbed mind, because they block the positive communication with your mind. 3-Reiki crystals can be kept in the Brahmasthan as it keeps the house energized with positive energy. Reiki can enhance and strengthen positive energy in house. It is a good idea to keep Reiki crystals in house.Install a Reiki charged crystal grid in the Brahmasthan, to keep the whole house energized. 4-Never sleep facing the North direction because this may lead to digestion issues and headache, mental sickness, uneasiness and even heart problems. 5-Lord Hanuman is the protector of our health. Place an image of lord Hanuman in the house that faces south direction, for ensuring good health. BALANCE THE FIRE ELEMENTS;- 04 FACTS;- 1-Balance the fire elements For good health, it is important that fire elements in the house be in good balance. If the house is south-facing or has a slope in this direction or if the generator faces northeast and if the underground water tank is in the south-east region, health problems will be common. 2-Light a candle every day in the fire zone, i.e. the southeast direction in the house. Candles are the most beautiful way of illumination. Besides, they also add beauty and brilliance to the surroundings.

The colour of the candle represents its elements and the effects it may bring in your life. 3-If someone in your house is keeping unwell, keep a burning candle in his/her room, for a couple of weeks.Placing the candle in North is good for career and livelihood, while in the North-east, it is helpful for knowledge and understanding. In the East, a candle signifies matters related to family and health. 4- In case you are placing a candle in the South, it represents fame and success. In the South-west, it stands for love and relationships, whereas if you keep it in the Western part of the house, you would be gifted with creativity. To develop friendship, you should place the candle in the North-west, but for balance and peace, keep it in the centre of the house.

...... SHIVOHAM....