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THE USE OF PYRAMIDS ;- 06 FACTS;- 1-Pyramids benefit the energy flow of space around them . The shape of the Pyramid is connected with five elements. The human bodies as well as the universe is composed of the five elements EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & ETHER. The four sides of the Pyramids & the Apex (top) resemble these five elements. 2-Golden Pyramid-Angle ...Pyramid consists of four faces with an accurate or ‘golden angle of inclination’ at 51° 51′ 51″. Due to this shape, angle and the Earth’s magnetic field, the Pyramids receive the highest Cosmic Energy .. making them the most stable structure and wonderful energy places. Their capability is defined in their name. ‘Pyro’ means ‘fire’ or energy and ‘Amid’ means ‘centre’ or within; hence, Pyramid is a device with energy at its centre. 3-It is a well known fact that the ancient pyramids of Egypt demonstrate a fully developed grasp of mathematics, astronomy, geography, navigation, engineering and architecture. The fact, that the energies of the universe and the cosmic energy are aligned and enter through the tip of the pyramid to act upon various factors.There are various type of pyramid,viz... 4-The pyramid effectively neutralizes geopathic stress in the area. The positive energy that is created as a result of the shape and geometry of Pyramids makes it a powerful source to be used in various sectors including Vastu Shastra.Using pyramids in vaastu helps to create positive cosmic energy. They also facilitate the flow of energy. 5-The pyramids are highly recommended to increase the flow of positive energy in places where the aura is too low or houses which are too dull.An ancient design of times that were sacred, simple, one-pointed, persevering, touching-the -divine, transcending time, creative, consciously-designed, attuned magnetically, is seen in the pyramid. 6-Sensory energies are activated into multi-dimensional awareness. This sacred design transcends the boundaries of time, mind, and space. Pyramids are seen on other planets. 14 FACTS;- The following are the uses of pyramids in the vastu :- 1-If you are finding it difficult to sell your property bury a pyramid in the northwest corner of the plot. 2-By pressing the hand on the first tier of 81 pyramids you can get relief to the body by acupressure method. 3-If we keep pyramids in room, they will destroy all negative energy that is created by T.V.'s, Fridge, Mixy, Washing machine and grinder and convert them into positive energy. 4-If we keep them on the studying table students get more attention towards their studies and score good marks. If you place it on office table it helps to have a clear, strong and steady frame of mind. 5-Usage of pyramids in the industry helps to have fresh state of mind and stops wastage in production. 6-If used on the painful areas of the body it helps to get a faster relief. 7-Usage of pyramids can help in problems like delayed marriages, unemployment, losses in the trade and mis-understanding in the family. 8-The ill-effect created by enemies can be solved by keeping a pyramid. 9-One of the most prevalent and widespread usage of pyramids is to rectify the vaastu deficiency without altering or changes in the house by keeping this at that point. The places which require alteration can be found using the Lecher Antennae. 9-A-Acmos Lecher Antenna. The Acmos Lecher Antenna is the main scientific apparatus used for the qualitative detection of energy fields and their interactions, and the primary tool used within the ACMOS Method. Lecher lines are designed to accurately measure the wavelengths and frequency of electromagnetic waves. 9-B-The ACMOS method is a non-invasive specialty therapy for the balancing of a patient’s energetic fields and to reestablish proper energetic signaling within the body. This unique approach combines the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine with the scientific discoveries of modern molecular biology. 10-Keep a pyramid in the Northeast corner of the house. All the members of the family feel a sense of well being. 11-Keep a pyramid in the bedroom to ensure sound sleep and get up fresh in the morning. 12-If there is a feeling that someone has done black magic on you, bury four pyramids in the four corners of the house. 13-If you are worried that people with harmful intentions are coming to your house keep the pyramid in the northwest corner of your house to keep them off. 14-Women who are not getting pregnant should place a pyramid in the north east corner of their bedroom. HOW PYRAMID WORKS ?- 04 FACTS;- 1-Pyramids are a form of subtle energy collector. Like a solar panel connected to a large battery in full sun, pyramids collect energy over time and store it as a vortex within their center. Object connected within the vortex absorb some of the vortex's energy until it becomes the same intensity 2-More people have now started to opt for this way, because home owners cannot do away with the architectural aspects of their homes;These Pyramids can be used before/during and after construction, hidden or visible. 3-Various pyramid instruments developed recently are Master pyramid, Pyramid corners, Pyramid shift arrow, Pyramid energy plates, Pyramid dividers, Pyramid self healing cards, Wooden pyramids, Jumbo Pyramid grids & Lead Pyramids. 4-Pyramids are cosmic tool that rectifies vastu defects without making any ‘demolition’ or ‘physical alteration’. THE KINDS OF PYRAMIDS;- 09 FACTS;- 1-MASTER PYRAMIDS;- These copper pyramid contains set of Pyramid top, center plate and 9 small chips. It can be used during the time of construction or renovation. Alternatively it can be placed in the corners and center of the room to energize whole surrounding. 2-COPPER PYRAMIDS CORNERS;- This pyramid is used to correct irregular shape of and premises. 3-COPPER PYRAMID SHIFT ARROWS :- Arrows are used to shift any placement virtually to the desired corners. e.g. toilet or kitchen at north-east corner( a major vastu defect), can be corrected by installing copper arrows for virtual shifting. 4-PYRAMIDS DIVIDERS;- Wrong location /placement of certain objects can be corrected by using pyramid dividers. It helps in cutting of negative flow of energy 5-PYRAMIDS SELF HEALING CARDS;- Self healing cards are used to activate a missing number in your date of birth. It is simple and easy to carry once the programming is done on card. 6-WOODEN PYRAMIDS;- Electrostress can be neutralized by fixing a wooden pyramid near the electronic gadgets. Even wrong placement of fire gadgets like main switch, power station, computers etc. can be corrected by using wooden pyramids 7-JUMBO PYRAMIDS GRID;- This is all in one super jumbo grid can be placed in the center area of the entire premises to correct multiple vastu defects. 8-LEAD PYRAMIDS :- Lead is an auspicious metal to control the negative effect of the south west corner of any premises. It is highly strong remedy recommended by vastu experts to control south west defects. 9-PYRAMID ENERGY PLATE;- Energy plates are used to place below the mattress to make you bed room free from stressful environment . THE POSITION OF PLACING PYRAMIDS;- 06 FACTS;- 1-Placing pyramid/s in the:-center of a property, house, room, magnifies spiritual energy, centeredness, vibration, attunement - North, East, South, and/or West direction: the four corners of a house helps deflect negative energy increasing positive energy flow & vibration. 2-In each case the apex of the Pyramid has to be positioned in skyline and base should be perfectly matched north-south line. The east side of the of all the pyramids shall face to East and the slope itself shall remain parallel to the North-south line. 3-Placing pyramids in the four corners of a house helps deflect negative energy and improve positive energy flow. 4-pyramid is known as "pyra-in-mid" means fire in the middle. It actually, creates vibrations inside and around itself. In vastu shastra, it termed as energy enhancer. It means, if you keep the pyramid at right direction, it enhances positivity. But if you keep the pyramid in zone of depression or disposal, it increase that negativity and applicant will be suffer a lot in house. 5-So, for example, if you were to align a pyramid to true north, then two of its sides will be going in a north-south direction, and the other two in an east-west direction.

6-Pyramid is highly sensitive object, so it should not be used without the guidance.Attune to pyramid energy to fully experience it's effects and presence. THE DIRECTION OF PYRAMID;- 05 FACTS;- 1-Get new & bright ideas with a Pyramid in the North-East zone of your home/office. 2-Keep a Pyramid in the North-North-West zone, as it helps in improving your married life. 3-Ensure good health by placing a Pyramid on the floor in the North-North-East zone of your building. 4-Let all your wishes be fulfilled with a Pyramid in the West zone of your home. 5-Create more opportunities with a Pyramid in the North zone of your house. Therefore, restore mental clarity by placing a Pyramid in the aforementioned zones of your home. HOW DO PYRAMID WORK ? 05 FACTS;- 1-In general, Pyramids are good conductors of information energy. It means, they are able to transfer information better than others. When an object is placed inside the pyramid, it receives amplified or stronger information about itself. This frequency raises the potential of the elements and “charges” them. 2-This is irrespective of what is put into it. For example, if one puts razor blades under a pyramid, it will stay sharp because the information that makes up those microscopic metal crystals try to remain in their original shape by trying to move atoms to the areas that were worn away. Similarly, if one is trying to meditate under a Pyramid, the person’s efforts are amplified and he is able to reach the ‘thought free’ state faster under it. 3-Pyramids are extremely powerful and should be used with respect. This shape of PYRAMID, properly, aligned and attuned with, emits a feeling of total equilibrium and balance, transcendence. 4-Pyramids work as an antenna to bring in cosmic energy. This complex energy is a combination of electro-magnetic cosmic waves in the universe,. The Pyramid absorbs these waves and generates them. Alignment with Earth orbital effects LIFE in the grand play of the universe. 5-Pyramids enhance energy flow, Revitalize places governed by dullness, negativity, a lack of vitality, chaos, etc,....


05 FACTS;-

1-The three pyramids at Giza are some of the most mysterious, perplexing, and magnificent ancient structures in the world. Together they demonstrate the concept of sacred alignment, as they form a precise three dimensional map of the stars in the belt of Orion onto the ground.

2-The constellation of Orion is one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the sky, as its location on the celestial equator allows it to be seen all over the planet. It was of central importance to many ancient cultures, as alignment with the position of the stars matches up precisely to various ancient structures, from the pyramids at Giza to those found at Teotihuacán in Central Mexico.

3-The three pyramids of Giza are a perfect reproduction of the three stars of Orion’s belt.Their size and placement also takes into account both the visible brightness and location of the stars within Orion’s belt.

4-Like the pyramids, the three stars of Orion are not perfectly aligned, the smallest of them is slightly offset to the East.

All three are slanted in a Southwesterly direction .Their

orientation to the Nile recreates Orion’s orientation to the Milky Way.

5-The Orion Mystery is that the pyramids were much more than just tombs: they were nothing less than a replica of Heaven on Earth.The layout of the pyramids, and their relative sizes were a deliberate design plan, and not the result of only three king’s enormous egos as been preached by Egyptologists. THE SCIENCE BEHIND PYRAMIDS;- 067 FACTS;- 1-The science behind this ancient structure is truly fascinating. When constructed perfectly, the Pyramids are generally in direct line with the true North and South (and not magnetic North or South) directions. True North or South is a constant and refers to the geographic North or South Pole. 2-There are energies or electro magnetic field that run in this direction and encompass the Earth. And the reason it is not magnetic North, is that our Earth sits on a tilt-rotating orbit. It is not perpendicular(at an angle of 90° to a given line,सीधा )to its orbit going around the sun. 3-Our Earth is slanted or tilted at an o angle of 23.5 from its orbital plane. This tilt is not only responsible for the changing seasons as the Earth revolves around the sun but also for a very special energy force that comes into play as the Earth rotates around itself. And when the Pyramids are aligned to the true North, they pick up direct energy belts and energy fields that keep the planet in its orbital spin. 3-1-When working with a map and compass there are usually three different norths to be considered: True North, Grid North and Magnetic North. ... A-True North on a map is the direction of a line of longitude which converges on the North Pole.Each day the Earth rotates about its axis once.The ends of the axis are the True North and South poles. B-A compass needle points to the magnetic north pole. The magnetic north pole is currently located in the Baffin Island region of Canada, and from the UK, is west of true north. The horizontal angular difference between True North and Magnetic North is called MAGNETIC VARIATION or DECLINATION. C-The grid lines point to a Grid North, varying slightly from True North. This variation is smallest along the central meridian (vertical line) of the map, and greatest at the map edges. The difference between grid north and true north is very small and for most navigation purposes can almost always be ignored. 4-When we spin anything, it creates a centrifugal (moving away from a center) motion. The faster it spins, greater the centrifugal force. The centrifugal motion is also an integral aspect of electricity, so it is a form of energy. In this way, when pyramids are aligned to the true North, they pick up the centrifugal-force-energy which is a higher energy. It captivates the energy and bounces it from equal sides of its walls and collects it in the center in a rotating effect. 5-The energy that collects inside has no magnetic proportions. It is completely free of any magnetic force- it is a sovereign/ supreme energy. When particular objects are placed in a pyramid, the energy inside actually immobilizes the object in its aging process, or puts it in a sort of vacuum system. This allows whatever is put there to stay there .. in that form for a long time, similar to the manner in which the Earth is in the sun’s orbit for ages. 6-When it is built of stone, which is a soluble mass, or wood, or of anything that is not a conduit, then the Pyramid is able to collect the energy within to utilize it for whatever is put inside. And if we choose to put ourselves in there for meditation, we will experience the magic of ‘thought-free’ state faster than ever before.

7-Additionally, the Giza plateau is located at the geographical center of the Earth, which means that it is positioned exactly in the center of the Earth’s landmass. The central pyramid, Khufu, is not only the last remaining of The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, but is more aligned to true North than the Greenwich observatory in London.