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Research on Vargotamma, Numbers & Panchamahabhuta

KOMILA VEDIC ASTROLOGYTo unfold the story of Jyotish requires long and deep study. Each aspect of knowledge has deep and obscure roots and often as students of Jyotish we find it difficult to understand why theSages have given us patterns of knowledge such as the assignment of the Pancha Maha bhutas, (the five great elements) to the 9 planets, the 12 signs, the 27 nakshatras and the 108 padas.

It takes time to decode the knowledge and Connie Achilles, a Jyotish student of mine 'has spent many years devoted to research on number and thus Jyotish as it relates to number. She has made every effort to look at and contemplate number as the rishis did and she has found numeric reasons why the planets and their elements, the signs and their elements, and the nakshatras and their elements were assigned in the way they were. The signs and padas have rhythms of 9 and 12, both factors of 108. The nakshatras have a rhythm of 4 and 27 which are also factors of 108, but distinctly different and will be dealt with fully in further research articles to follow.

This article explores her research on vargottama, navamsha, nakshatra, numbers and the five great elements. Vargottama is a special position in the chart that gives extra strength to the planets placed within. There is one vargottama within each rashi. There are deep rooted secrets hidden within each vargottama which are revealed by the digital root and the five great elements of the rashi, navamsha, nakshatra and their rulers.

There are twelve rashis or signs of the Zodiac, and the most important division of the rashi is the navamsha which divides each sign into 9 padas of 3º20’. There are 12 rashi of 30º each, 27 nakshatras of 13º20’ each, and 108 navamsha padas of 3º20’ each. (Navamsha and Pada are interchangeable terms. They link rashi and nakshatra). Each rashi has one vargottama navamsha pada while only 12 nakshatras have them.

Vargottama Basics

Varga means division and Uttama is supreme. Planets placed in the same sign in the Rashi and Navamsha chart are called Vargottama It shows an integrated quality of the planet, the outer energy of the rashi and the inner of Navamsha are the same.

Vargotamma is linked to the modalities- cardinal, fixed and mutable. The planets are vargottama in the 1st navamsha of cardinal signs, the 5th navamsha of the fixed signs and the 9th navamsha of the mutable signs. The vargottama planets are in tune with their energy, good or bad. They learn to cope with it and come out victorious. They feel at one with their soul’s purpose.

Vargottama Table

SignsModalityVargottama Degrees

Aries, Cancer, Libra, CapricornChara, Cardinal0:00 to 3:20

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, AquariusSthira, Fixed13:20 to 16:40

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, PiscesDwisvabhava, Mutable26:40 to 30:00

Navamsha and Vargotamma Numbers

There are 108 navamsha and the vargottama navamshas are 1, 14, 27, 28, 41, 54, 55, 68, 81, 82, 95, and 108. Each vargottama navamsha manifests a digital root of 1, 5, or 9. The digital root is found by adding the two numbers together and the final number is one of the digits from 1 to 9.

ADigital roots of 1, 5 and 9 are linked to dharma as the 1st, 5th and 9th houses and signs belong to dharma, the ethical way of living. The vargotamma navamsha make the planets dharmic and pure regardless of what the natural energy may be. It makes their energy whole again, despite being placed in enemy signs or difficult positions.

There are 4 vargottama each reflecting digital root 1, 5, and 9.

Digital Root 1 - 1, 28, 55, 82 navamsha have digital root 1. They are all in cardinal signs. Lagna or planets placed within will be active, in charge of their life, want to act on their desire for dharma. They are never a spectator – always a willing participant in life.


No and RootRashiNavamsha


28 (2+8=10; 1+0) = 1CancerCancer

55 (5+5=10; 1+0) = 1LibraLibra

82 (8+2=10; 1+0) = 1CapricornCapricorn

Digital Root 5 – 14, 41, 68, 95 navamsha have digital root 5. These are all in fixed signs. Lagna or planets placed here are in there for the long term, steady and reliable. They can be strict with their dharmic tendencies but can also be rigid or unable to change their energy.

DIGITAL ROOT 5 - Fixed Signs

No and RootRashiNavamsha

14 (1+4=5)TaurusTaurus

41 (4+1=5)LeoLeo

68 (6+8=14; 4+1) = 5ScorpioScorpio

94 (9+5=14=5)AquariusAquarius

Digital Root 9 – 27, 54, 81, 108 navamshas have digital root 9. They are all in mutable signs. They can be aspiring towards higher vibrations, needing to acquire knowledge, be good at giving advice to others yet not always able to make up their mind. Even in their strength they can indecisive changeable and unsure.

DIGITAL ROOT 9 - Mutable Signs

No and RootRashiNavamsha

27 (2+7) = 9GeminiGemini

54 (5+4) = 9VirgoVirgo

81 (8+1) = 9SagitariusSagitarius

108 (1+8) = 9PiscesPisces

1 and 108 Navamsha – Aries and Pisces Vargottama

The first navamsha (1) begins in Aries with Aries Navamsha, it is vargottama and the last navamsha (108) ends with Pisces in the Sign of Pisces – also Vargottama. Therefore the start of the first sign of the Rashi and end of the last Rashi of the Zodiac are vargottama and therefore powerful positions for planets to be placed in. Planets placed in 1 and 108 navamsha are the only vargottama positions that can also be Gandanta. Gand means a knot, anta means the end, so gandanta is the knot at the end. Gandanta represents a knot within, a complex spiritual issue to which we are tryi