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WHO ARE ENERGY VAMPIRES?- 05 FACTS;- 1-Energy vampires aren’t villains, and they are not evil also.They are Misguided,Unaware, Self-centered, But not evil.. 2-Energy vampires are everywhere. You may have a friend, a colleague, a lover, a parent, a child, a neighbour, or a teacher who is an energy vampire. So An energy vampire is a person who manages their own energy by tapping into someone else’s energy. 3-They’re not sucking your blood, but your energy. Doing this makes them feel better, at your expense. 4-Once we better understand this phenomenon, we’ll be better equipped to not only protect ourselves, but to help those who are stuck in a negative cycle of energy vampirism. 5-Energy vampires can be your family, friends, clients, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, lovers, or even strangers. TYPES OF ENERGY VAMPIRES;- And they come in all types… 07 FACTS;- 1-There is the blamer, who lays blame on everyone else without ever taking any responsibility. 2-The guilt tripper( to make someone feel guil)..use shame to get what they want. 3-Jealous bees can never genuinely feel happiness for anyone else. 4-Then there are the insecure ones, who pull others down to their level of low self-esteem. 5-The fun haters seem unable to embrace joy. The bullies (someone who hurts )stomp on(to move with very heavy or noisy steps) the little guys to elevate their egos. 6-The Debbie downers( refers to someone who frequently adds bad news and negative feelings to a gathering) the whiners(A person who habitually complains or grumbles), the short-tempers, the gossipers, the drama queens, and the list goes on… 7-Whatever form they take, energy vampires have one thing in common: They cannot create or sustain their own life force in any positive manner. So they latch on ( to attach oneself )and feed off on others, slowly sucking the life out of them. NOTE;- No doubt you know people like this. You probably care about them, too.They may protest their love and care for you. That makes it hard to get away from these energy-sucking relationships. SEVEN USEFUL TOOLS FOR PROTECTION;- Here are 7 useful tools for protecting ourself from energy vampires. 1. CONTROL OUR YI;- 03 FACTS;- 1-Yi is a Chinese word that means “intention”. In Chinese martial arts, it is believed that the yi leads the qi, or vital energy. 2-In other words, wherever your attention goes your energy flows.If you give an energy vampire too much yi, then your energy will flow there. For example, if you let an energy vampire talk your ear off for an hour, you’ve just given them an hour of yi. 3-Controlling your yi requires mindfulness. You need to be aware of where your yi is focused if you want to control it. 2. PRACTICE METTA ;- Metta Meditation, or Loving Kindness Meditation, is an ancient Buddhist practice that can change our life.Of course, it’s not just from the Zen tradition. SHANTI MANTRA & JESUS also taught similar ideas, but used different words. METTA involves 4 stages: Stage 1: Send loving kindness to someone you love Stage 2: Send loving kindness to a neutral person (like a cashier ). Stage 3: Send loving kindness to someone you dislike. Stage 4: Send loving kindness to yourself. 3. SMILE FROM THE HEART;- 03 FACTS;- 1-There’s a wonderful technique called Smiling From The Heart. It’s an invisible technique, and it’s difficult to describe. Honestly, it’s easier done than will't not teach you how to be happy all the time. You’ll quickly learn that trying to be happy all the time is unnatural and a significant source of stress on its own. 2- It’s perfectly natural to feel a range of emotions. You’ll discover in Smiling From The Heart that there is no such thing as a negative emotion. The problem is when we hold onto our emotions. 3-Once you get the hang of this technique, it’s a lifesaver. You can use it all the time. 4. USE SQUARE BREATHING;- 02 FACTS;- 1-Square breathing, sometimes called box breathing, is a technique that is found in many different traditions.Recently, it is used for staying calm under pressure. The concept is simple. There are 4 parts to any breathing: A-Inhalation B-Pause C-Exhalation D-Pause. 2-With Square Breathing, all 4 parts are equal length, whether that’s 2 or 4 seconds.This technique not only reduces anxiety, but roots us in the present moment. 5. BECOME MORE SENSITIVE;- 02 FACTS;- 1-Some people are naturally sensitive to the energy around them, and the energy in their body. It will be incredibly useful in dealing with energy vampires. 2-Often, we don’t notice that we’re drained until after the fact. We feel drained, and wonder where all our energy went.If we can be mindful and sensitive to our energy being drained, then it’s much easier to act appropriately . 6. GATHER MORE QI;- 03 FACTS;- 1-In qigong, there are 12 different things that you can do with the qi. For example, you can circulate it, direct it, or consolidate it.One of the most important skills in qigong is learning how to gather more qi. Since qi is our prime ingredient, more of it is useful.The 12 Dimensions are a useful way to understand the various classical skills of qigong.(next post) 2- More importantly, your robust energy field seems to act as a shield, protecting you from energy vampirism.When your qi is robust and abundant, then energy vampires become more like energy mosquitoes. 3-Unfortunately, gathering more qi is not a quick fix. It’s a skill that requires time, practice, and proper instruction. 7- DETOX WITH QIGONG;- WHAT IS QIGONG?- 03 FACTS;- 1-For those who have never heard of Qigong for detox or for that matter just the term Qigong, it is an ancient traditional Chinese practice that involves the use of synchronized breathing and slow, deliberate movements to help restore the flow of Qi (pronounced chee) or your life energy within your body. This is said to be instrumental in helping to cleanse our body of the stresses and toxins that lead to ill health, both physical and mental. 2-The deep breathing exercises and physical activities involved in Qigong for detox increase the body’s demand for oxygen and this extra oxygen is going to bind with the free radicals that are responsible for tissue damage and a large part of the aging process. When the oxygen bonds with these unstable free radicals, it neutralizes them, preventing them from wreaking havoc on our body and our health. 3-Qigong(given below) will naturally cleanse the negative energy, and bring in some fresh energy, like exchanging CO2 for oxygen.Qigong has both Yin and Yang aspects.The Yin is being it; the Yang is doing it. HOW CAN WE HELP ENERGY VAMPIRES?- 03 FACTS;- 1-It would be ideal to not only protect ourselves, but to help energy vampires. This serves two purposes.First, it gives them an honest chance to find better tools to manage their own energy. It’s a growth opportunity for them. 2-And secondly, it allows us to relinquish our guilt for saying no to them. For example, if you introduce an energy vampire to qigong, but they don’t pursue it ... then you did your best. It’s no longer your responsibility. 3-In other words, we strike a balance, a yin-yang harmony between helping ourselves and helping the vampire. WHAT IS TIBETAN QIGONG?- 07 FACTS;- 1-Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. We all have great untapped potential for self-healing. Our bodies are infinitely wise and want to be well. Our hearts want to express the boundless compassion and joy that is our true identity. Tibetan Qigong offers us a way to bring forth this inborn wisdom and ability.Thousands of years old, qigong (pronounced chee gong) acknowledges the infinite wisdom of the body-mind. Everyone has self-healing ability. 2-Tibetan Qigong keeps us centered during difficult times, reduces stress, makes our jobs easier, and that chronic pain has disappeared or chronic medical conditions have greatly improved.Through movement and meditation qigong practitioners are able to access this self-healing ability to balance and strengthen qi (life energy), reduce stress and build a stronger immune system. 3-The basic practices of Tibetan Qigong are easy to learn and well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. 4-The movements are gentle, simple and bring rapid results. Although the practices come from Buddhist traditions, one does not need to be a student of Buddhism to benefit from Tibetan Qigong. Tibetan Qigong is for everyone ... 5-In China, the use of Qigong exercises for maintaining health and curing illness did not satisfy those Buddhists who engaged in more rigorous self-discipline. They wanted to be able to amplify the power of Qi energy and make the internal Organ Systems even stronger. 6-This use of Qigong was confined mostly to monasteries and the techniques have not been much publicized. One of the most difficult and profoundly effective techniques is called Marrow Washing Qigong. Practitioners learn to master the intricate manipulation of Qi—infusing the Eight Extraordinary Channels with Qi, and then guiding the Qi energy through the Channels to the bone marrow to cleanse and energize it. 7-The result, according to religious tradition, is that monks can extend their life span to 150 years or more. THE FOUNDATIONAL TECHNIQUES;- Here are the basic Qigong exercise techniques. 1-CONCENTRATION;- 04 FACTS;- 1-This inward focus that expands outward to join you with the rhythms of the universe epitomizes Yin/Yang. Yin energy tends to be more expansive, and Yang energy more concentrated. 2-You discover your Yin/Yang balance by treating Yin and Yang as ingredients in a recipe: Add a bit more Yin, toss in a dash of Yang to make the mixture suit your constitution or circumstances. 3-Some people need more or less Yin or Yang, depending upon the situation. ‘Extending the Qi exercise’ provides a clear demonstration of how you can practice establishing your balanced blend of Yin and Yang. 4-You will find that as you do qigong exercise and meditation you become more adept at this form of concentration, because it is the natural expression of the practice. As you learn to concentrate more effectively, you will find you have greater power to affect Qi energy through the various Qigong exercises. 2-BREATHING;- In the sixth century BCE, Lao Tzu first described breathing techniques as a way to stimulate Qi energy. From there, two types of Qigong breathing exercises evolved: Buddha’s Breath and Daoist’s Breath. Both methods infuse the body with Qi and help focus meditation. 3-WHAT IS BUDDHA'S BREATH? FIVE STEPS;- 1-When inhale, extend your abdomen, filling it with air. 2-When exhale, contract you abdomen, expelling the air from the bottom of your lungs first and then pushing it up and out until your abdomen and chest are deflated. 3-Practice inhaling for a slow count of eight and exhaling for a count of sixteen. 4-As you breathe in and out, imagine inviting your Qi energy to flow through the Channels. 5-Use your mind to invite the Qi to flow; guide the flow, not push it. 4-WHAT IS DAOIST 'S BREATH? THREE STEPS;- 1-The pattern is the opposite of above. When you breathe in, you contract your abdominal muscles. 2-When you exhale, you relax the torso and lungs. 3-As you travel through these steps, remember that Qigong is a process of building awareness. However you are comfortable doing the routines is what’s right for you at that time. WARM- UP EXERCISES (10 to 15 min.);- SEVEN STEPS;- 1. For five minutes, move both of your arms from your shoulders in a gentle swinging motion. 2-Twist from the waist as though your torso were a washcloth that you were wringing out. 3-Don’t twist from the knees or you may harm them. 4-Furthermore, twisting from the waist provides a massage to the internal organs and provides you the full benefits of the exercise. 5-To get started, move your arms side to side across your torso, and then back to front. 6-Keep your knees slightly bent. Let your hips sway. Allow your mind to clear. At first, focus on the release of unnecessary and unconscious stress. 7-After several weeks, you may shift your focus so that you think only about the swaying of your arms and the motion of Qi energy.This introduces us to the concept of being mindful of the present . 8-Next, try to feel your Qi flowing along your back and front simultaneously. Beginners are often bewildered by the idea of feeling two sensations at the same time, but a useful analogy is to think of the color yellow and the color blue. When you blend those two colors together, you produce green. 9-That green then becomes its own entity with its own wavelength. The same is true of blending the Qi energy from your front and from your back. The blend becomes another entity with its own resonation. TWELVE DIMENSION OF CULTIVATING THE QI 04 FACTS;- 1-In short, there are only 12 different ways that you can cultivate the qi.Remember that the dimensions are not linear, but rather circular. 2-A lifelong practice of qigong will involve many laps through the 12 Dimensions, going deeper and deeper with each successive lap. 3-Also, remember that the 12 Dimensions are universal, meaning that they will apply to all schools of qigong. 4-Different schools may use different techniques and different terms, but the dimensions are still the same in essence. TWELVE DIMENSIONS-CIRCLES-SPIRALING DIMENSION ONE;- Discovering the Qi To go deeply into qigong, you need to become more sensitive to the qi in general. In other words, you must discover the qi that already exists in and around your body. Discovering the qi is a gradual process of quieting the mind, relaxing the body, and heightening the internal awareness. DIMENSION TWO;- Circulating the Qi The smooth flow of qi is critical for health and happiness. Once you learn the skill of circulating the qi, you’ll want to continue practicing it for the rest of your life. Circulating the qi is what brings fast results, especially in terms of pain management, improved digestion, emotional healing, and immune response. It’s also what makes you feel energized. DIMENSION THREE;- Aligning the Qi If your physical structure is not aligned, if your muscles, tendons, fascia, and ligaments aren’t working optimally, if your spine is unhealthy — then you’ll never master your qi. You need to gradually build strength, flexibility, and balance in order to realign your structure and thus your qi. DIMENSION FOUR;- Gathering the Qi Now that your qi is flowing well, you can start to work on gathering more of it. Qi is the main ingredient in this art, so having more of it is definitely useful! This skill also unlocks greater possibilities with the later dimensions, especially consolidating, transforming, and transmitting the qi. DIMENSION FIVE;- Protecting the Qi External factors can have a negative influence on your qi — the food you eat (or don’t eat), your lifestyle habits, your environment, even your finances. No matter how good you are at the other dimensions, no matter how much you practice, you’ll plateau in your development if you don’t protect your qi. So improve your sleep hygiene, your diet, and also get rid of negative habits (like smoking). DIMENSION SIX;- Purifying the Qi Whereas Protecting the Qi is focused on external influences (like the junk that we eat), Purifying is focused on internal influences (like the junk that we think). To reach higher levels of qi mastery, you must purify your thoughts and emotions. DIMENSION SEVEN;- Mobilizing the Qi Masters of the internal martial arts (like tai chi chuan) know how to mobilize or summon the qi in an instant. But it’s helpful to learn how to mobilize the qi even if you have no interest in martial arts. Mobilizing the qi is a more forceful expression of energy. This skill helps you to get in touch with the spirit of the peaceful warrior, which will make you more courageous, more decisive, and help you to draw better personal boundaries. In my school, we usually mobilize using techniques from The 18 Arhat Arts, and also One Finger Shooting Zen. DIMENSION EIGHT;- Directing the Qi;- You can’t call yourself a master of qi unless you can easily direct the qi to any part of your body, including any organ. Although this may sound fantastic to beginners and skeptics/doubter, it’s actually a natural progression. Most people can do this easily after 6-9 months of dedicated practice. For example, to nourish Kidneys ;direct qi to the kidneys, Push Mountains to direct qi to the hands, and Separate Water to direct qi to the lungs. DIMENSION NINE;- Consolidating the Qi;- Gathering the qi isn’t enough; you also need to consolidate the qi in the major energy centers, or dantians. This dimension goes hand-in-hand with Gathering the Qi, but is more focused on storing the qi rather than just gathering it. DIMENSION TEN;- Transforming the Qi The Small Universe (or Microcosmic Orbit) is a famous qigong technique for transforming qi (energy) into jing (essence) and shen (spirit). In many ways, all other forms of qigong are child’s play compared to this dimension. Some schools differentiate between qigong (energy cultivation) and neigong (internal cultivation) . DIMENSION ELEVEN;- Unifying the Qi The longer you cultivate your qi, the more often you’ll merge with the cosmos, often without even trying. Most meditative traditions aim for a blissful state of union with the infinite, the Tao, Shiva, the cosmos, or God. Sitting meditation is a great way to access this state. If you already have a sitting meditation practice, practicing the previous 10 Dimensions will take it to a whole new level DIMENSION TWELVE;- Transmitting the Qi In the 12th dimension, we complete the cycle by giving energy back to our fellow humans. Qi can be transmitted from the hands, and also from the Summary the 12 Dimensions are a useful way to understand the various classical skills of qigong. ONE QIGONG EXERCISE FOR EXTENDING THE QI;- If you have Deficient Qi, you should perform this exercise with your eyes half closed to cultivate and accumulate Qi energy. FIVE STEPS;- 1. If you have Stagnant Qi, the exercise may be done with your eyes fully open. You will inhale swiftly through your nostrils with your eyes open or half closed when you exhale. 2. Once you can sense the Qi, exercise your intention (which is the mind/spirit part of the exercise) and use your mind to move your Qi out from your body, expanding the zone in which you are comfortable. You may allow the Qi to drift out on the exhalation and then hold it there as you inhale. 3. First move the Qi into an orbit 1 inch (2.5 cm) from your skin. In increments of 6 inches (15 cm), move it outward, aiming for 3 feet (91 cm), but find the point where you are comfortable with it. Then bring it back in until it returns close to your body. 4-This qigong exercise allows you to communicate with your Qi energy. By increasing the distance away from your body that you can feel Qi, you expand your area of comfort—your field of generosity—in the world around you. 5-You will have less fear and greater abilities. By being able to bring your Qi halo in to skin level (or inside your skin) you may become more centered, calm, and self-assured. When you have learned to be comfortable expanding and contracting your Qi, you will feel stronger, healthier, and more in harmony internally and externally. WHAT ARE THE FIVE LEVELS OF BONE MARROW CLEANSING?- Chi flow on the … 1)SKIN LEVEL;- 06 POINTS;- 1- protects the skin and the body against external agents and therefore enhances immunity. 2- cleanses the skin from external agents that are already present. 3- heals the skin from injury and illness. 4- increases sensitivity in contact as well without contact and therefore enhances perception and awareness. 5- gives a radiant appearance with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Besides being healthy the practitioner also looks healthy. 6- has a warming effect. 2) FLESH LEVEL;- 10 POINTS;- 1- gives protection to the surrounded internal organs. (develops Golden Bell) 2- develops a lot of internal force. 3- strengthens muscles and motoric functions and improves agility. 4- enhances intellectual abilities. 5- gives confidence and courage. 6- gives a massage to the muscles. 7- heals muscles, tendons and joints. 8- clears internal injuries. 9- spreads warmth in the body. 10-gives stability to the structure of the body and therefore helps preventing injuries. 3) MERIDIAN LEVEL;- 07 POINTS;- 1- helps overcoming illness. 2- especially increases vitality and longevity. 3- especially increases Yin Yang balance. 4- enhances flowing internal force for martial artists. 5- spreads energy over the whole body and therefore nourishes physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. 6- increases the awareness of blockages in the meridians. 7- has a cool and refreshing effect. 4) INTERNAL ORGAN LEVEL;- 05 POINTS;- 1- cleanses emotional blockages and psychological traumas. 2- cleanses the rust and dust in the internal organs, even before it manifests into illness. 3- cleanses karmic blockages, especially those stored in the organs. 4- has a cool and refreshing effect. 5- increases vitality and internal force as the internal organs gain back their optimal working capacity. 5) BONE MARROW LEVEL;- 08 POINTS;- 1- cleanses the nerves and the brain. 2- enhances the internal communication and is therefore helpful to clear allergies and in improving organ functions. 3- develops a lot of internal force and enhances vitality. 4- provides deep peace and mental clarity. 5- cleanses karmic blockages as it goes deep into the (sub-)consciousness. 6- makes the practitioner physically and morally upright and therefore gives courage and moral integrity. 7- makes the bones stronger. 8- makes the practitioner feel warm in winter and fresh in summer. ..... SHIVOHAM.....

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