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THE MEANING OF BINDU ?- 15 FACTS;- 1-A little-known aspect of yogic physiology, which is totally absent in modern medical sciences, is something which is called the bindu. “Bindu” means a tiny point. It is a particular spot on the pineal gland surrounded by a certain secretion. 2-If we touch the bindu, it will release secretions that make your body comfortable and make you feel ecstatic. To activate the bindu, there is a certain point at the back of our head. So many cultures around the world have recognized this, and there is an understanding that that point needs to be protected and activated. 3-In the Hindu way of life, when young Brahmin boys are initiated into spiritual sadhana, they shave off the hair on the rest of the head and leave a tuft at this point. 4-In many other parts of the world, if people are doing a certain type of activity which they believe is spiritual, they want that spot to be covered, so they started using small caps or some kind of a cloth. Everywhere in the world, at some point some people would have been aware about it.It could be right /distorted, but coming from a certain understanding. 5-When they do a spiritual practice, wear the cloth/cap to show that we are just a human being and not the divine. So, it is a sign of respect and a separation between us and the God that we are worshiping.It’s more of a connection, to remind us that there is a divinity....a reminder of the divinity within us or around us . 6- Bindu (point, drop)Chakra – one of the most mysterious and remarkable energy centres in the human body. The direction of the stream of cosmic energy flowing into the Chakra can be seen quite clearly at this point. Some people have two cowlicks(a lock of hair projecting over a person's forehead ) indicating the existence of two energy centres. These people often possess exceptional vitality and creativity, but on the other hand can also be inclined towards hyperactivity and extreme nervousness. 7-In most Yoga books the Bindu Chakra is not mentioned, but in Tantra Yoga great importance is attached to the healing and rejuvenating effects of this Chakra. 8-Whilst this energy centre “sleeps” it is similar to a dot, but when awakened its energy begins to flow or to “drip”. The Bindu Chakra produces truly astonishing effects. It is a “health centre” that brings about improved physical, psychic and spiritual health, and is therefore a valuable aid on our spiritual journey. 9-It also helps to quieten our emotions and brings harmony and a sense of wellbeing.With the help of this Chakra we are able to control hunger and thirst and overcome unhealthy eating habits. 10-Concentration on the Bindu Chakra can also be beneficial for depression, nervousness, feelings of anxiety and an oppressive feeling within the heart. A slight pressure with the fingernail on the site of the Bindu Chakra gives rise to a spontaneous feeling of happiness that spreads to the heart. 11-When a child is restless and will not go to sleep it helps to gently massage the Bindu Chakra with soft circular movements for a few minutes – the child will soon become quiet and sleepy. 12-But the most outstanding effect of the Bindu Chakra is the production of AMRITA, the nectar of immortality. 13--At the beginning of the Peace Mantra it is said: ASATO MĀ SAT GAMAYA TAMASO MĀ JYOTIR GAMAYA MRITYOR MĀ AMRITAM GAMAYA Lead us from unreality to reality Lead us from darkness into light Lead us from death to immortality. 14-On the physical level this means that with the awakening of the Bindu Chakra the Pineal Gland, which is connected to this centre, becomes active. CONNECTION OF PINEAL GLAND & BINDU;- 07 FACTS;- 1-Pineal Gland gland was always recognized as being associated with the agna chakra. Today, neuroscientists say that the secretions of the pineal gland control and moderate one’s moods and experiences. 2- If a person has a stable and sufficient pineal secretion, then having a pleasant mood within is not a problem for him.If a sadhak simply become ecstatic ,he is causing it to himself without outside help. 3-Both medical sciences and street-side drugs have made it clear that chemicals can create pleasant and unpleasant experiences within us and that are very real for particular one.They cause the same thing with outside stimulation.They also become ecstatic(expressing overwhelming happiness) but with outside help. 4- It may be the same thing experience-wise, but the end result could damage the system. And such an experience will not result in any kind of consciousness. Unconscious experiences, however big they are, are of no significance for one’s evolution, growth, and transformation.. 5-This gland emits a hormone that has a “fountain of youth” influence on both body and mind. This is why the Rishis gave it the name “Amrita”, nectar of immortality. The more active the Bindu Chakra becomes, the more plentifully this precious Amrita flows. It is said in the ancient scriptures that just one concentrated drop is sufficient to make new shoots grow on a piece of dry wood, and bring the deceased back to life. 6-In Ayurveda this life-giving nectar is known as Sanjīvini Bhuti . There are Yogis who eat no food and are nourished exclusively by the nectar from the Bindu Chakra. If we were able to utilise this life elixir for our body we would not only prolong our life but also enjoy perfect health. But, unfortunately, this precious nectar normally drips straight down into the fire of the Manipūra Chakra (Jatarāgni) and is burnt before its effects develop. 7-Through certain Yoga practices we can be successful in catching the drops of nectar in the Vishuddhi Chakra and supplying the body. The Vishuddhi Chakra is responsible for the purification and detoxification of the body if an imbalance occurs in the body due to harmful substances. WHAT IS AMBROSIA & POISON OF SADHANA ?- 09 FACTS;- 1-Many times when people are in certain meditative processes, they become overwhelmed because the “glass of ambrosia” inside is tipping a little bit. They have still not learned how to drink from it in sips.For example If we give a glass full of water to a small child, he will spill it all over the place when he drinks. 2-Similarly, their glass is tipping because they do not know yet how to sip gently. If they do the necessary sadhana, slowly after some time, they could consciously drink from it. Once we can consciously drink from it, every cell in the body and every moment of our life is ecstatic. 3-The bindu has another point to it which also has a secretion but is poisonous. If we tip the wrong side of the glass, then poison will spread through the system. It is not like real poison but It will spread through the system in such a way that, without reason a sadhak feel miserable because that sadhak tipped the wrong side of the glass by doing improper things with life. Scientifically ,We can call it depression. 4-There are many simple processes and methods that are devised not to go towards that ambrosia which is in every human brain, but to bring the necessary foundation within us., when we hit it through grace,we do not go crazy. Too much sweetness can drive us crazy, unless we are sitting on a stable foundation. 5-No matter what we are pursuing in life ; money, wealth, power, God, or enlightenment but what we are seeking is important. Essentially, what we are seeking is an ultimate sense of sweetness within us . Either we hit it accidentally or consciously – that is the choice we have. 6-In yoga, the initial phases of sadhana is to aim at stability, not ecstasy. Stability is more important than ecstasy. If ecstasy comes before stability, we are heading for a crash.If ecstasy comes after stability, it is fantastic. 7-The yogic system has devised the practices in such a way that everything is aimed at stability to start with.People will not go for stability, they will go for ecstasy – and they will break up. We cannot hold our system if it is too ecstatic unless we have already worked for our stability. 8-The processes of ecstasy were never written down or transmitted as a teaching. It is only in the presence of a certain being that those things happen – because they are very subjective, and it is best they are not written down. 9-In some books on tantra, they have tried to write it down, but it is irresponsible. These are usually ignorant people who have done some guesswork around the real thing and tried to write down something about it.We should do the practice every day. It will produce results. We shouldn't aspire for anything that is not yet in our perception because we can aspire for the wrong things. Just do our sadhana. WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF AMBROSIA?-

14 FACTS;- 1-ACCORDING TO Gheranda Samhita;- “The Sun is in the navel and the moon in the head. The nectar that comes from the moon is consumed by the sun, and the life force is gradually used up in this way.” 2-Here the moon stands for the Bindu Chakra and the sun for the Manipūra Chakra. Because the nectar from the Bindu Chakra is constantly being destroyed in the fire of the Manipūra Chakra our body is susceptible to illness and continues to deteriorate with advancing age. 3-In fact the Atma is immortal, but in this earthly existence we are bound to the mortal body. Only in this very fragile body can we attain spiritual realisation and liberation (Moksha). Therefore Yogis endeavour to keep their body healthy for as long as possible to enable them to complete their spiritual development in the current lifespan. 4-And this is why the Rishis, in ancient times, sought methods by which this valuable nectar could be gathered within the body and its benefits utilised. They found that they could control the flow of nectar with the help of the Vishuddhi Chakra and the tongue. The tongue possesses subtle energy centres, each of which connects to a specific part of the body or organ. 5-Udana Prana, one of the five main Pranas (vital forces), works within the Vishuddhi Chakra and this Prana Vayu activates the muscles in the throat that control the swallowing of food. Udana Prana also directs energy to the head. When the nectar is held firmly in the Vishuddhi Chakra and influenced by Udana Prana its effect is set in motion. The way it works( as discussed before) is similar to Homeopathy; and like homeopathic medicine its beneficial effects are spread through the whole body via the outgoing energy channels in the tongue. 6- We are able to catch this precious nectar with the tongue through a technique known as Khechari Mudra ( as discussed before) , which is described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. 7-In order to be able to roll the tongue back far enough some practise is essential. Yogis achieve this by carefully stretching the ligament beneath the tongue, gradually lengthening it through gentle pulling. In this way the tip of the tongue can finally reach the Uvula(कौआ /गले की घण्टी). The benefits of Khechari Mudra are strengthened when it is performed together with Ujjayi Pranayama and Jalandhara Bandha (Chin Lock). 8-Another very effective practice is Viparitkarani Mudra“The Energy Regeneration Pose. The reason for this is that the nectar flows towards the throat in this inverted position and is therefore prevented from being burnt in the Manipura Chakra.Viparitkarni or the half shoulder stand is one of the inverted postures, like Sirshasana and Sarvangasana. This should not be practiced alone till it is mastered. 9-The symbol of the Bindu Chakra is the MOON; therefore it is also known as Chandra Chakra (Moon Centre). In the inner Cosmos, which is seen by our inner eye in meditation, the Bindu Chakra appears to have a circular opening with a lid almost completely covering it, and from this some light shines forth through a small gap. 10- This glimmer of light that is the emanation of the radiance of the Self in the Sahasrara Chakra is similar in appearance to the slender crescent of the new moon. If the Bindu Chakra is fully awake and open it shines brightly with a silvery sheen, like the Full Moon. 11-The moon is a symbol of perfection, nectar and energy. Nature receives life-sustaining Prana from the moon allowing everything to grow and thrive, as moonlight is also essential for the growth of plants and the ripening of fruit – not only sunlight. 12-ACCORDING TO Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says: “When I come onto the earth, I preserve all beings through my life-giving power. When I become the nectar-giving moon, I nourish the vegetation.” 13-The moon is the symbol of Lord Shiva, and the Mantra of the Bindu Chakra is AMRITAM – I am immortal.. the glorious Mantra of victory over death..Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra ... 14-Through this Chakra the light of Shiva fills our consciousness .The nectar of immortality spreads through and expand our inner space (Chidakasha). Through this nectar all Chakras are brought into harmony. Fear, sadness, anger, resentment and other disease-producing emotions are released in the healing vibration of this Chakra . It spreads fragrance, melodiousness, love, happiness and contentment through the entire world.