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1-Self-Realization is a scientific process which reveals a new vision and understanding so that we have: A-Freedom from worries and fear B-Scientific solutions to inner and external conflicts C-Smoother relationships D-Inner peace E-Equanimity amid any circumstances F-Eternal happiness G-Experience of our true eternal Self 2-We experience the depths of spirituality while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities.It denotes a state in which an individual knows who they truly are and is fulfilled in that understanding.By discovering the real eternal nature of "Who am I", true permanent happiness is attained.The achievement of Self-realization may be seen as a scientific and/or spiritual process. 3-Self-realization involves letting go of many of the things that are associated with individual identity in order to find the true Self, which is eternal and unchanging. It is the difference between identifying with the ego and identifying with the true Self. 4-When asked "Who are YOU", most people will answer "I am .." But this name is only a title given to identify your body . In reality, "YOU" are the owner of your name and not the name itself. If this were not true, how could your name be changed countless times even while "YOU" remain the same inside? 5-Before Self-realization, it is natural to identify with your name and with the countless temporary qualities that are believed to be "YOU". But who YOU really are is beyond all of these temporary identifications, for "YOU" are eternal, and permanent happiness itself. Self-realization is to experience the nature of our very own Self . 6-Self Realisation is the full realisation of one’s potential.Unfortunately, what has happened in the world; in the name of spirituality and religion that God is a disabling factor in most people’s lives because they believe God is going to take care of their food, their survival, their health, and their business.So, let us not talk about knowing ourself in some mystical way or another dimension. Let us talk about knowing ourself in the most practical way that we can look at. 7-Whether we are using our car, computer or even our cell phone, the more we know about it the better we can use it.The more we know about this piece of life, which we refer to as “myself,” the better our grasp over this and the better our ability to handle it, which definitely gives us more access to life. In other words, self-realization is a way of knowing this piece of life in a much better way than the way we currently know it. . 8-You may know something about your thought process, your personality and your emotions – you may have been psycho-analyzed already – but you still do not know anything about the nature of this life – how this happens, where it comes from, where it goes, what is its nature. If you do not know anything about the machine that you are handling, you will handle it by accident. 9-Do not think of self-realization as some weird thing that some yogi does in a Himalayan cave. It is not about that. It is just that if you want to live your life with a certain ease, you have to know this piece of life. 10- If you do not explore and know this, you can't live with ease. When there is no ease, joy is out of question. When there is no ease and joy in your life, questions will come up, “To be or not to be?” Such silly questions have risen in the mind because people have not realized the immensity of what it means to be human. Self-realization is not a choice; it is a must. THE THREE DIMENSIONS OF SELF REALIZATION 1-It is impossible to understand the nature of the path without having the concept of the three dimensions of self-realization. It is like building a house: one needs to have a sense of its architecture, otherwise the roof will collapse. 2-The three dimensions of self-realization represent the perfect, mutually dependent structure of our complete self. Self-realization is a state of wholeness that manifests through the awakening of the three levels of our existence: A- Personal B-Individual C-Universal 3-It is to arrive at completion, we must realize our true self on those three levels. If one is missing, as usually happens, the others remain incomplete or even fall apart. 4-These three aspects of our evolution are absolutely interdependent and mutually supportive. For instance, our me can reach a limited level of evolution within itself alone, but only when it is linked to the soul, and through the soul to the universal self, can it awaken fully to its own subjectivity. 5-Similarly, our soul can only awaken when our me has awakened to itself first. The soul then needs to arrive at universal self-realization prior to fully actualizing her own light.Finally, to arrive at universal self-realization, we must have the foundation of both personal and individual self-realization. If we rush to universal self-realization without establishing the base of personal and individual self-realization we can't get success. A house without foundations will fall in on itself.We must enquire about FIVE TATTWAS & SEVEN CHAKRAS;which will pave the way...SO THE SECOND VOULME EMPHASIS ON PERSONAL REALIZATION.. 6-''Neither by the control of the breath nor control of the ego nor performance of karma, nor devotion to the gods nor the performance of penance nor pilgrimaging can get Self- knowledge or Brahma Gnana because they are product of ignorance. Without getting rid of the ignorance it is impossible to acquire Self- knowledge or Brahma Gnana. Whatever is related to ‘I’ is ignorance; when ‘I’ ends it is Gnana''. ...SHIVOHAM...