06 FACTS;-

1-Mirrors are the most powerful and at the same time considered as one of the best vastu defect remedy tool. This tool – the mirror – has the ability to attract unimagined fortunes, wealth and happiness, if used as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra.

2-However, if mirrors, in a home violate the rules and guidelines of vastu, then they become a magnet to misfortunes, poverty and unhappiness.

3-Mirror is an important Vastu element which is capable of affecting the positive and negative nature of energy of the place where the mirrors are placed.

4-Vastu Shastra identifies mirrors with capacity to stagnate energy. Therefore if it’s done correctly, the power of mirrors symbolically double our wealth, health and happiness; remember a wrong mirror placement can do a lot of harm.

5-Mirror positions could also ensure happy married life and positive interaction with children.

6-Mirrors are best placed in the living and dining areas. Anything your mirror reflects it will double. Mirror reflecting the food on dining table doubles the food which symbolizes abundance and wealth. DO THE MIRRORS MAGNIFY THE ENERGIES(positive& negative)?

In vastu shastra mirrors are believed to attract and repel positive energy but they suck up/enlarge all the negative energies also . Thus a mirror in a home or any business establishment has the capability of:-

03 FACTS;-

1. Doubling up the prosperity 2. Sending all the positive energies away3. Sucking up all the negative energies(depending upon how and where it’s used. )

1-Doubling Up Wealth;-

If a mirror is placed in front of a cash locker then it represents doubling up of cash. This attracts positive energy and ensures that the financial condition becomes better and better.

2- Keeping Positive Energies Away;-

If a mirror is placed in front of the main door or entrance of a home then it will reflect away all the positive energies that will otherwise enter your home. We must know that maximum amount of energy enters a home or office from the main entrance door; hence we must take necessary action and make the main door or entrance a vastu compliant one.

3-Sucking Up All Negative Energies;-

If a mirror is placed in front of something negative then as per beliefs and principles of vastu shastra, the mirror will suck all the negative energy from that “thing”and magnify it.

3-1-Mirrors have the ability to suck out souls. To avoid this happening mirrors were removed from a room where an ill or dying person lay because they were thought to be more vulnerable to the negative power of a mirror.

3-2-In relation to this, mirrors are believed by many to be portals to the spirit realm and even other dimensions.

When a person died in a room the mirrors had to be covered or turned to face the wall. Failure to do so would result in the deceased person's soul being lost.

3-3-Therefore while placing mirrors in our home or office we must make sure that all mirrors are located in compliance with vastu rules and guidelines so that our home or office attracts and doubles up only positive and progressive energy.


14 FACTS;-

1-Doors and windows:-

Mirrors should not face the main gate as they reflect the energy entering the residence.


Mirrors should be avoided in bedrooms since they affect peaceful sleep. Our image on the mirrors should not be visible from our sleeping position. Mirror could be bouncing energy in the bedroom, and keeping you awake, restless and full of worries.

2-1-Avoid mirror next to the bed or on the wall above the bed. If you can see your reflection in the mirror while lying down on the bed it will make you sick as it magnifies .

3-Another mirror/computer screen:

Mirrors should not be placed opposite each other. Vastu Shastra warns that such placement would encourage restlessness.

4-Don’t put the mirrors on South wall;-

it will make children stubborn and arrogant.

5-Toilet seat:-

It is not advisable to have mirrors in the bathroom. However if you feel it’s necessary, Keep it covered. The mirror should never reflect the toilet seat/WC(water closet ). Mirrors in the bathroom should be sufficiently lighted and never kept in the dark.

6-Flames in the kitchens:-

Don’t have mirror tiled kitchen that will reflect the flames. Mirror symbolizes water. And water clashes with fire. So it is best to keep mirrors out of kitchen.

7-Cluttered items/ Dirty drains or other unpleasant views/ pointed arrows or sharp corners of furniture or walls: -

Make sure the mirror is not reflecting dirty drains, or pile of clutter or sharp edges of walls or furniture.

7-1-If the wall mirror also reflect pleasant views from outdoors either a river or healthy growing plants or rolling hills – that suggest a vast expanse of pure energy. Views of trees bring in growth energy while views of scenic mountains bring great relationship.

8-Mirrors should not be kept near the stairs as per house Vastu: A mirror placed at the bottom of the stairs will cut off the feet or head; avoid placing here.

9-Distorted or unclear image of yours/ Body of the tallest member with his head cut off: -

If the mirror reflects your image without your head then it impacts your self-esteem. You must place your mirror at a height where you don’t have to bend to see your image in the mirror.

10-Don’t put the mirror in South East wall:-

The south East corner has fire energy. And the mirror has water energy. So placing mirror on the south extinguishes the fire energy in your home or living room. This will extinguish the fame, luck of the south corner and bring a bad name to you. Also it might give heated arguments or accidents or bad luck due to the clash of fire and water.

11-Avoid transparent glass window panes and doors;- keep them translucent.

12-Avoid using unframed mirror.

13-No mirror behind sofa or bed.

14-Avoid mirrored tiles and ceilings as they’ll distort your image.


10 FACT;- 1-Square or rectangular shape mirrors are best. 2-Place mirrors, wall clocks, glass showpieces and decorative items (that may reflect light) on North or East walls only. 3-Keep the television in South-East portion of room. Make sure to cover the TV screen whenever the TV is off. 4-If your home has a cut in any corner (a significant vastu defect) then placing mirrors in that direction eliminates that defect. Place two mirrors in Opposite arrangement, touching the floor. 5-If there is a beautiful landscape outside your window, then place a mirror opposite to that window such that the landscape is reflected in the mirror. This ensures that the positive energy and the beauty of the landscape are replicated inside your home which brings in more positive energy and bliss. 6-Placing a mirror reflecting a dining table symbolizes doubling of food and attracts wealth,but be careful for direction. 7-A common vastu defect is having a wall at the center of a home, to eliminate this defect you can place a mirror to correct that defect. 8-If you have something in your home which has negative energy in it, then place a mirror in front of that thing. The mirror will suck all the negative energy from that “thing”.

9-Ensure that all the mirrors are at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor.

10-If you have a fish aquarium at home, then make sure that you keep it in the North or East(ESE) direction. A fish aquarium is another beautiful and powerful tool in vastu shastra. If used as per rules and guidelines of vastu, it attracts wealth and happiness; otherwise, it becomes a major source of negative energy. WHAT MUST BE AVOIDED:-

09 FACT;- 1-Avoid oval and round shaped mirrors. 2-Never place a mirror, glass object or any shining thing in front of the main gate – keeping anything that reflects light, at the main entrance, sends all the positive energy away from home. You must make sure that the main entrance of your home complies with the rules and regulations of vastu shastra. 3-If a mirror is in the bedroom with/without dressing table then make sure than none of the body part is visible in the mirror while sleeping on the bed, else the same body part will develop serious medical problems. 4-If the window panes and doors of a home are made of glass, then make sure they are not transparent. 5-Avoid hanging a mirror near the study table in children’s bedroom as it makes them to lose concentration in studies. 6-Avoid hanging mirror in West wall especially in children’s bedroom else they will be busy in impressing people of opposite gender. 7-Avoid hanging mirror in narrow passages as they attract negative energy. 8-Never place mirrors opposite to one another as it causes impatience and increases restless energy. 9-Avoid mirror near a staircase. Staircases have very high importance in vastu shastra and you must make sure that stairs in your home is a vastu compliant one. .