Basic defect directly affects the house. It is the strongest factor responsible for any problem raised.


Counter defect are those which lie in the opposite sector and which are making basic defect more stronger. For example, if there is a bore well in southwest direction, then the effect will be more stronger if there is any fault in the North East direction.


Contributory defect have a bearing on the effects.


Compensating factors are those which can minimise the intensity of effects. For example, if there is a bore well in the North East direction and also the kitchen is there then the negative effect of the kitchen will be lesser than the normal as it is countered by the bore well.


1-Level of North-East high

Effects :Poverty, No economical progress, Education of children affected.

2-Rounded North-East

Effects : Mental Sickness/Insanity.

3-Cut North-East

Effects : Mental/Physical deformity.

4-North-East of plot OK but North-East of house is rounded

Effects : Decreasing attachment between family members.

5-North-East open but loaded with heavy weight

Effects :Accidents.

6-North-East toilet

Effects :

A-Frustration in career

B-No promotion, disliked by colleagues, transfers etc.

C-Hampered education of male child,

D-Male child finds difficult to settle in career,

E-Financial distress,

F-Unhealthy family relationships.

7-North-East kitchen

Effects :

A-Accidents to ladies requiring surgery

B-Head, Neck related problem

C-Insolent female child, indiscipline

D-Lack of attention to parents

E-Vitiated husband-wife relationship

F-No peace in house.

8-North-East blocked, high North-East of the building

Heart problems, Male child fare poorly in studies and move away from home.

9-North-East and South-East acute angle

Effects :Divorce.

10-North-East bedroom, more space in South

Effects : Barren woman, No progeny in spite the medical tests of both shows nothing wrong.

11-North-East closure with bedroom, open West

Effects : Only female children are born.

12-North-East is closed with garage, West facing plot, entry from South of South-West or North of North-West or East of South-East

Effects : Death of son before marries.

13-Less area in North, or East depressed more open North-West

Effects :Legal problems, Court cases, losing money in business, Partnership problems.

14-Plot facing West, entry South-west, offset in North and east less than South and West

Effects :Male members suffer from heart and digestion problems, Female sick, Monetary distress.

15-Plot facing East, entry East of South-East, door East of South-East

Effects : Thefts, Accidents, Girls marry against wishes of parents, financial losses.

16-South-East bedroom

Restless sleep, if study is done, results are not good, Short tempered nature, Hasty decisions.

17-Sump or well in South, more open area in South, heavy North or North-East

Effects :Death of husband, wife due to circulatory problem.

18-Factory with cellars in South and West, raised North

Effects : Unable to secure any order, becomes sick, same result if North less and South more, or less East and more West.

19-Plot with South-East projection

Effects : Restless family, labour problem in industry, irritated male members who avoid coming home or business centre, fire accident.

20-Sump/Well in West

Effects :Abdominal organ problem for males.

21-Sump/Well in South-West

Effects :Health problems of the elderly.

22-Depressed South-West, large area open, corner less than 90 degrees in industry

Effects :Heavy losses in industry resulting in closure.

23-Business premises- garbage, fuel tank, toilet in North-East

Effects : Continuous money loss, distress sale of business.

24-Plot facing West, Entry South of South-West, closed North-East, sump in South-East

Premature death of husband, no financial progress in second generation.

25-Two houses, North-West main door of one faces South-West main gate of another

Effects :Premature death of wife.

26-Slopped roof in West in business premises

Effects : Loss in business.

27-Plot facing West, shed in North half, South more open, heavily loaded structure in North-East

Effects : Industry fails to start in spite of arrival of machines. Ultimately taken over by financial institution.

28-Hotel, South of South-West entry

Effects :Closure.

29-Business Complex, cellar in the middle

Effects :No business..

30-Service centre, West down, North-East high, heavy equipments in North-East

Effects : No business.

31-Plot facing South, Industrial shed on West, level of North-East high

Effects :Unable to produce in spite of heavy orders due to frequent breakdown of machinery even with best preventive maintenance measures.

32-Business premises-Sump in South-East, toilets in North-East, North-West projection

Effects :Fire accident resulting in death.

33-Industry facing North, owner cabin in North-East, entry North-West

Effects : No progress, stagnant business, at times in trouble.

34-Industry facing North, owner cabin in North-East, entry North-West

Effects : No progress, stagnant business, at times in trouble.

35-Industry facing West, entry West, no door or window in North or East

Effects :Stagnant growth.

36-Business premises-Sump in South-East, toilets in North-East, North-West projection

Effects : Fire accident resulting in death.

37-Southwest entry

Effects : Death of owner, business failure, major health problem etc.


Above mentioned effects are based on experiments and research made by the consultants over a long period of time. These effects are not scientifically proved but practically it has been felt by more than 90% of the people who analysed there position.

It is up to a person whether he believes in this science or not, but one thing is sure that this science has effect though the time period for these effects may vary from person to person depending on the situation.