05 FACTS;- 1-Choghadiya is the Vedic Hindu Calendar. Whenever we want to check the auspicious time to start anything new, we refer to the Chogadia. 2-Clock (Ghadi) is the method which is utilized for calculating time equivalent to 24 minutes roughly. Four Ghadi is referred as Chaughadia which constitutes 96 minutes, most of the choghadiya represents 96 minutes. 3-This is also known as Choghadiya Table which is mainly referred to check an auspicious date for traveling purposes. 4-To use the choghadiya table in a more simplified manner, we consult it to check the Shubh Muhurat before starting a fresh work.Amrit, Subh, Labh and Char are the four most popular Choghadiya. 5-We too have bad Choghadiya which can be referred as Udveg, Kaal and Rog. These bad Choghadiya need to be avoided while making a major decision.