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150. Fix the thumbs in the ears, close the two nostrils with the middle fingers, the mouth with the ring and little fingers and the eyes with the forefingers.

151. After doing this, knowledge of the elements like earth, etc. comes serially with careful observation in the form of yellow, white, red, black and dots of all colours.

152. Looking into a mirror, one should breathe on it. A clear-sighted wise person can have knowledge of the different tattwas on the basis of the shape formed on the mirror.


153. The shapes are known to be a square or quadrangle for earth , a half-moon for water , a triangle for fire, a circle for air , and if it is formed of small dots, it indicates the presence of the akasha element.

154. Earth flows in the middle, water flows downward, fire flows upward, and air flows at an angle. When the swaras flow together, know that the ether element is active.


155. Water is white; earth is yellow; fire is red; air is cloud blue;ether is of mixed colors.


156. Fire is located in both the shoulders, air at the root of the navel, earth in the region of the knees, water in the feet and ether in the forehead.


157. In taste, earth is sweet, water is astringent(कसैला ), fire is bitter air is sour and ether is pungent,.


158. The length of the swara of the air element is eight angular (finger’s breadth); of the fire element four angulas; of the earth element twelve angulas, and of the water element sixteen angulas.

159. If the swara flows in an upward direction, it indicates death. A downward flow indicates tranquillity. If it flows in an oblique manner, it is a good time for getting rid of bad elements. The flow in the middle indicates motionlessness. The effect of akasha element is moderate in all kinds of works.

160. During the predominance of the earth element it is the time for steady actions; during water for moving work; during fire for difficult actions; during air for actions harmful to others.

161. No work should be done at the time of the predominance of the ether element as everything draws a blank during this period. However, yoga sadhana should be done without any other consideration during such a period.

162. Earth and water bring accomplishment, fire brings death, air brings destruction, but ether brings no result. This should be known to the tattwavadis (those who study the elements).

163. When earth flows, it brings permanent benefits, water brings immediate success, fire and air result in harm and loss, ether bears no fruit.

164. Indications of the predominance of the earth element in the swara are its yellow color, slow speed, reaching down to the chin with a heavy sound and slight warmth. This provides success in all kinds of steady works.

165. The water element predominant swara flows downwards, is heavy sounding, flows with fast speed, is cool and extends up to sixteen angulas (in breadth). This is suitable for performing auspicious activities.

166. The fire element predominant swara flows in a circular motion, is very hot, is blood-red in color, extends up to four fingers in length, flows upwards and is only suitable for performing cruel actions.

167. The air element predominant swara is temperate, black (or dark) colored, flows in an oblique direction and extends up to eight (angulas) fingers in breadth. Its name is pavana and it brings about success in dynamic actions.

168. The swara which carries the qualities of all the other elements in a balanced manner should be known as (predominated by) ambar, (i.e. ether). This provides success to yogis in learning yoga.

169. The earth element predominated swara is yellow in color, quadrangular in shape, sweet in taste and flows in the middle, extending up to twelve fingers in breadth, and provides enjoyment.

170. The water element predominated swara is white in color, shaped like a half-moon, astringent in taste,damp, and its flow extends up to sixteen angulas in breadth. This bestows all profit and gain.

171. The fire element predominated swara is red in color,triangular in shape, pungent in taste, upward flowing,effulgent, and its flow extends up to four angulas in breadth.

172. The air element predominated swara is blue in color, circular in shape, pleasant-sour in taste, flows at a slant in a fluctuating manner and is said to extend up to eight fingers in breadth.

173. The ether element predominated swara is indistinguishable in colour, shape, taste and flow. It is also all-pervading and provides liberation. However, in all other affairs it is useless.

174. The earth and water elements are auspicious, the fire element gives mixed results, and the ether and air elements are inauspicious and cause loss and death to humans.

175. The earth element extends from east to west, the fire isin the south, the air element should be known to be in the north direction and the ether element resides in the centre in an oblique/slanting(neither parallel nor perpendicular nor right-angled) position.

176. When there is a predominance of the earth or water element in the lunar swara, or there is fire element in the solar swara, then there will be success in all types of work whether placid (even-tempered/सौम्य)or dynamic. There is no doubt about it.

177. When the earth element flows during the day or the water element during the night, one obtains profit. Fire brings death, air destruction and ether in some cases causes loss due to fire.

178. The elements should be consulted in questions concerning life, victory, profit, farming, money matters (earning), consultations (mantra), and questions related to battle (fighting) and travel.

179. During the water element the enemy will come; during earth there will be happiness; during air the enemy