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WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF TRANSMISSION OF SWARA ? 02 FACTS;- 1-Active functioning of the nostrils begins 90 minutes before sunrise every day. Sunday, Tuesday and Saturdays it begins with right nostril and on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays it begins with left nostril. This is related to planetary influences on our breath. 2-Out of this 90 minutes, only during the first 60 minutes, nostrils become active as above. During the next 30 minutes (out of 90 minutes) nostril of the day takes over and this is known as process of transmission. Active svara depends upon śuklapakṣa and kṛṣṇapakṣa. WHAT IS THE ACTIVE SWARA ? 04 FACTS;- 1-During the first three days of śuklapakṣa, iḍa nāḍi is active during 30 minutes and during the first three days of kṛṣṇapakṣa, piṅgala nāḍi is active during those 30 minutes. 2-Let us assume that sun rises at 6.00 on a Sunday. 90 minutes before the sunrise is 4.30 early morning. From 4.30 to 5.30, piṅgala nāḍi is active. 3-Suppose if it is Monday then, iḍa nāḍi is active. After this, during the first three days of śuklapakṣa, left nostril is active, next three days right nostril is active and again the next three days left nostril is active. 4-Thus during śuklapakṣa 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14 and 15 tithi-s, left nostril is active. During waning moon kṛṣṇapakṣa 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 and12 tithi-s, right nostril is active. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ACTIVE SWARA & SWARA OF THE DAY? 07 FACTS;- 1-The first svara of the day is known as svara of the day. This can be explained this way. We are taking 4th day of śuklapakṣa, which is Friday as example. Sun rises on this day at 6.00. On this early morning between 4.30 and 5.30, left nostril will be active. 5.30 to 6.00 will be change over period from nostril of the week day to the svara of the day. Since this is this 4th day of śuklapakṣa, right nostril will be the svara of the day. 2- During 30 minutes, there will be transition between svara of the week day and svara of lunar day. From 6.00 am on this day, right nostril will be active. After that approximately every one hour, svara will alternate between the two nostrils. 3-There will be some duration adjustments to match with the svara of the next day. Since next day is śuklapakṣa Saturday svara of the week day (4.30 to 5.30) will be right nostril and svara of the day will be right nostril too. 4-In case the above Friday falls on 4th day kṛṣṇapakṣa, the svara will be like this. 4.30 to 5.30 left nostril; 5.30 to 6.00 will be the transition period and from 6.00 to 7.00 left nostril will be active. 5-Thus, a svara can be active more than 60 minutes too. Thus it can be observed that once in three days, svara of the day changes at the time of sunrise. When svara is active in the left nostril, right brain is active and when svara is active in the right nostril, left brain is active. 6-Duration of svara in a nostril need not be exactly 60 minutes. It could wildly vary. Therefore, it is not advisable to go with prāṇa chart or calendar. Svara also depends upon one’s inherent gunas (sattva, rajas and tamas) and dhatus (vata, pitta and kapha). 7-Gunas can be observed from one’s behaviour and dhatus can be observed from one’s pulse. No auspicious things should be performed when suṣumna is active. It must always be understood that material life alone can lead to spiritual life and not vice versa.


1-The first foot to touch the ground will get the prevailing ‘successful’ flow of energy from the cosmos. Knowing the moon phases and checking the flow of your nostrils before you get out of bed in the morning and letting the corresponding foot be the first to touch the floor and make the first step. ྲྀ You learn to attune to natural rhythms & universal laws for greater health & wellbeing. ྲྀ 2-Through swara yoga we learn physical & psychic healing. If we genuinely practice and implement the learnings of basic module for minimum of 6-8 months; We can surely be enthused/ interested to learn more about this science.

3- The prerequisite for being able to experience and learn the Swar Yog or to balance Ida-Pingla channels , ‘Nadi-Shodhan practise is essential .

NOTE;-Swara Yoga is still unexplored area and lot of scientific research needs to be carried out before all facts and exact relation of Swara and physical and mental activities is known.


06 FACTS;-

1-With practice we can easily ascertain our Lunar and solar nadis and thus use this knowledge for knowing the future. When a question is asked, the astrologer should immediately check his swara. If it is Ida, he can predict success and if it is Pingala, he can indicate failure, since Ida represents the natural benefics, while Pingala represents the natural malefics.

2-This is the simplest possible method, like a thumb rule. However for more confidence, one may try some other methods along with this and synchronize the results.

3-Astrology remains the primary technique but When use the swaras independently to predict quickly in cases requiring a simple yes or no answer, then synchronize the results with some sakuna also. Generally, you will find confirmation for your conclusion.

4-Nature speaks to man all the time if only you can see. If one understands the phenomenon of Synchronicity properly, they all fit well. There is no contradiction between the Swara, Prasna (horary chart), Sakuna (omen), Birth chart and Oracle, all of which are various tools and methods that the astrologer uses.

5-The effectiveness, simplicity and level of clarity of the tool or method used is actually all in the mind of the astrologer. And it comes with practice and hard work.

6-Other points to be noted are:

6-1-Querent on the side of active swara of the astrologer is good; on the opposite side, indicates failure.

6-2-If both the querent's and the astrologer's active swara is same then it is inauspicious.

6-3-If Sushumna continues for a very long time then also it is inauspicious.(See the Above table for various combinations)


1-If the querent is standing and the Astrologer's Lunar swara is active then the querent has to face some obstacles in his path before the final victory or defeat.

2-If the querent is standing and solar swara is active then results will be easy and immediate.Question is asked when Ida of the astrologer is active and the total number is even, early victory can be predicted.

3-If Sushumna or Pingala flows it could be defeat. If the total is odd and Pingala flows, victory should be predicted.


"With some Sadhana or practice, it is possible to gain some level of confidence in ascertaining the swara and correlating it to the zodiacal sign or planet as the situation demands. After completing all astrological work, then only one may verify one's answer through swara. Indiscriminate unsystematic use of this technique is to be avoided.

It is not suitable to write more on this, because not good for a beginner. The clue given here are enough to grasp the point. But don't forget, the phenomenon of synchronicity , in order to derive the full benefit of this kind of technique. Moreover through such an understanding you will know when to use this knowledge


1-In case of any questions related to pregnancy the astrologer's lunar swara active, indicates a girl and if his solar swara is active, then a male child. Here one has to check the flow carefully as Sushumna indicates abortion, miscarriage etc.

2-One can cross check the result with other short methods by using the concept of elements. As previously stated the duration of flow of swara can be divided into five parts and each part is given an element."

"Depending on the time of the Prasna, under which element it falls (i.e., during its ruling time in a given nadi), the prediction is given.

A-Earth- girl B-Water-boy C-Fire-miscarriage

D-Air- girl E-Ether- eunuch.

F-If both swaras alternate -twins (i.e., if the swara changes at the time of the query).


1-This part is not easy and hence, it is recommended that you should not attempt to learn from a book.

2-The durations of the flow may vary from person to person, as it requires a natural state of health. So while using this one has to make sure of one's state of health."

If one wants a male child or a female child:



It is advisable that Couples should have relationship on fertile days falling on even tithis(2,4,6). Female's flow should be Ida and male's Pingala. For best result make sure that the earthy tatwa is predominant FOR A FEMALE CHILD ;-

Couples wishing for a female child should reverse the above method.