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04 FACTS;-

1-Vastu Shastra is dependent on the various energies that are prevalent in the surrounding atmosphere such as solar energy, thermal energy, cosmic energy, magnetic energy, wind energy, lunar energy and light energy. These resultant energies act as a gateway to positivity characteristics such as peace, prosperity and your accomplishments.

2-It’s often said that when a house is built as per these principles, you and your family will attain unparalleled luck and prosperity in life. However, if your windows or doors are not built as per these principles, it can lead to negative energies creeping in thus creating unwanted issues and stresses in your life.

3-Simply put, Vastu governs every movement of life while helping maintain a dynamic balance between Form and Energy to create a harmonious environment within your house.

4-Doors and windows positions are extremely vital as they not only provide an avenue for the passage of air, energy and light into your house but also provide protection against the negative energies around. Hence, it becomes paramount that they are placed in the right positions for the flow and circulation of positive vibes and for creating a feeling of happiness and contentment.

NUMBER OF DOORS;- The number of doors within the house should be even in count, but not ten or multiples of eight. There are several rules to be noted before counting all ten doors within the house. The main gate or the doors in the outhouse are not counted with doors in the house. It is to be noted than two flanged doors are counted as one door. WHERE SHOULD THE WINDOWS BE PLACED IN A HOUSE?- 04 FACTS;- 1-Doors and windows should be placed opposite to each other so that both the positive and negative cycles are completed. This is done to enable the proper flow of air thus facilitating cross-ventilation between rooms. Moreover, it also allows for the adequate transmission of light from room to room as well. 2-The windows in the North wall should be more towards the North-East and should be long and wide. The Reason – So that air and constant and useful morning light from North-East can permeate the house. 3-The windows in the East wall should be more towards the North-East and should be long and wide for the same reason as explained above. 4-Avoid too many windows in the South-West directions. The Reason – The harmful, hot infra red rays of the Sunlight are projected maximum to the South-West direction in India. Hence it is preferable to have less openings in this direction. HOW MANY WINDOWS SHOULD THERE BE IN A HOUSE? 1-There should be an even number of windows in the house, like 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. Avoid odd number of windows like 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 . The Reason – It must have something to do with symmetry and the structure of the house, because in earlier times, the buildings had wooden roofs with rafters etc. 2-So the positioning of windows was based on the roof grid. However, you can have any number of windows, depending on your requirement. IS IT A VASTU DEFECT,OF HAVING THREE DOORS IN A STRAIGHT LINE? Vaastu defect of having three doors in a straight line;- Three doors excluding (to shut another out of a group) the east is inauspicious. Three doors excluding south is auspicious. Three Doors excluding north is inauspicious. Three doors excluding west is auspicious F OUR DOORS ;- If the house is aligned to the magnetic orientation than keeping the door in all the 4 directions is very auspicious. REASON;- What is the reason for having three doors in a row, totally not preferred at all according to Vaastu. The major reason being if the first door opening into the house allows positive energy to come in then it would not stop or be retained in the house, but would pass through the second door and further exit out the third door moving out of the house, through the doors that are placed in such an inaccurate position. This would be a totally unacceptable position to have in any household as all the positive energy will just enter and move out, without any retention at all. As a result, whosoever stays in these rooms, would be unable to get the energy that will attract undue disturbances and fluctuations in the path of sound health, causing needless suffering for all in the family.



1-One important factor which should be considered for each and every house is that circulation of the air should be on point at all times. Air should be allowed to freely enter and exit your premises while also ensuring the flow is at regular intervals as well. The reason behind this is that if at all there’s a presence of stagnant water in your premises, having an insufficient flow of air within your house can promote the growth and development of harmful virus and bacteria. The resultant stagnant air arising out of this may not be suitable for the house inmates. Proper ventilation thus ensures happy and healthy living.

2-All the windows in your house should ideally be of uniform and consistent shape while also being proportionate in height and size as well. Moreover, doors and windows should be rectangular in shape. Avoid having fancy shaped and irregular sized doors as they are not considered auspicious.

3-The doors should avoid placement in the centre of a wall. It should ideally be far away from the centre while taking adequate care to not place it in the extreme corner either.Automatic doors should be avoided at all costs. As per Vastu, doors which close automatically are said to affect the health of children.

4-Doors and windows should be devoid of any damage or cracks. If any damage or cracks are found, they should ideally be replaced urgently as it’s considered to be extremely inauspicious as per Vastu.If your door or windows make noise or creaks while opening or closing, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible or it could result in unneeded quarrels in your house.

5-As per Vastu, doorway constructed and facing the eastern direction is regarded extremely favourable. Moreover, entrance doors facing the western and northern direction can also be constructed. However, any entry in the southern direction is considered highly unsuitable. Similarly, avoid constructing windows or doors facing the south-west corners of your house or for that matter any property.

6-If your house comprises of two main gateways, then, in that case, opt for a combination of doors in the direction of East with North and West, West with North and East. However, the direction of South and West/East should be avoided as it’s considered inauspicious.

7-Avoid any type of obstruction in the main gate.The number of Doors and windows should be ideally located in East or North.Avoid three phase doors in any direction of house.

8-The main gates of two houses facing each other must never open towards each other. Doors such as these are very inauspicious.

9-Teak is the best wood for making doors and windows.Square or uneven furnishing articles must be avoided. ....SHIVOHAM...