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Function Of Influence Line;-

These lines indicates the extent to which the subject may be influence by others. The intensity of the influence depends on the how deep the lines are, if the line is deep then the influence is more.

Characteristic Features Of Influence Line;-

09 FACTS;-

1-Rising from Life line - Influence of mother is more in that persons life.

2-Rising from Mount of Venus cutting the root of the second finger - Difficulty in child -bearing, womb troubles in general.

3-Rising from the Mount of Venus cutting Life Line and ending on the Mount of Saturn - Divorce or separation

4-Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury - Great success in business or science.

5-Rising from a star on the Mount of Venus and ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn - Unfortunate marriage ie. the partner may either die or turn eccentric.

6-Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Jupiter ending in a Star - Ambition of the subject crowned with brilliant success.

7-Ending with Star- Negative influence of others .

Star is present and distant from Life Line- Possibility of death of a parent at the age shown by the star and a distant relative coming into the life.

8-Semi-circular crossing the Life Line - Sudden illness or even death of the subject.

9-Cutting the Life Line and Fate Line - Opposition from relatives in business and worldly affairs.



12 FACTS;-

1-On the Mount of Venus and inside the Life line are a set of lines, some of which run parallel to the Life line and others which run across the Mount (277). These are called Lines of Influence, and are the first introduction in this work to any factors outside of the subject themselves, forming a part of what is called their "environment".

2-The Hindus have an elaborate system of using these lines of Influence, and depend upon them for a large part of their work. Only lines which run inside the Life line are properly lines of influence, and they indicate persons who have strongly influenced the life

3-Either for good or ill, and that they generally represent members of one's own family or the closest of friends. If the latter class, and blood relationship is not present, they are those who have grown into the life and have become a part of it. In all cases they have strong influence, hence their name.

4-The line of Mars is a sister to the line of Life, running inside of that line and parallel to it (278), This is really an Influence line, but it is an influence upon the health of the subject, sustaining and strengthening it, and does not relate to the influence of other persons. The line of Mars is comparatively a rare marking ,and the greater number of lines seen along alongside the Life line are simply Influence lines.

5-The Influence line which runs closest to the line of Life is the closest influence. This may be mother, father, a brother or a sister . A line starting near the beginning of the Life line and running close to it is generally the mother (279), as a mother's influence begins earlier in life than that of any one else.

6- Next to this line, counting from the Life line, comes a line representing the father and line line which represents this parent is usually found to be deeper than the others.

7-When lines of Influence are deep, strong, and well colored, the influence is powerful; when they are thin, shallow, chained, uneven, or broken in any way, the influence is not strong .

8-When an Influence line begins deep and then grows thin, until it gradually fades away, the influence was strong in the beginning, but has gradually grown weaker until it has no effect . If this line should be revived and gradually grow stronger, the influence will return into the life of the subject and grow in power .

8- If an Influence line draws away from the Life line and grows thinner at the same time, the influence gradually grows away from its nearness to the subject, and finally disappears .This is an indication of the estrangement of some near one. The ages of each one of these occurrences can be read from the Life line.

9- If an Influence line, beginning early and ending in a star, has beside it a line more distant from the Life line, which grows stronger after the star, it indicates that the mother or father has died at the age shown by the star, and that a distant relative has come into the life and taken the parent's place .

10- If an Influence line begins thin and grows stronger and breaks, and is replaced by another line, and this by another, it shows that, one after another, relatives have replaced each other as the leading influence with the subject .

11-If the Life line be very defective, being thin, chained, broad, and shallow, islanded or broken, and a line of Influence be strong , it indicates that while the subject's health has been delicate, some relative has been their mainstay in life. This line just described has the same effect on the subject as a line of Mars, and the influence may, by constant nursing, have kept the subject alive.

12- If the Head line be poor early in life, and gradually grow stronger, and an Influence line be strong in the beginning and grow farther away from the Life line or become thinner, the weak mental condition of the subject in early life is sustained by the strong influence of someone during the time such help was needed, and, as the head grew stronger, the influence was no longer needed and faded away .