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09 FACTS;-

1-Palmistry is an ancient art whose roots have been traced back several thousand years to India, where it was born from Hindu astrology and first mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching. The practice quickly spread all over Asia and Europe and its endured throughout the ages.

2-In a similar alternative, palmistry offers us a way to analyze our personalities by looking at all the different lines and indentations spread across the palms of our hands. Today most people view it as pseudo-science and are quick to dismiss it as superstitious beliefs.

3-A Very Small Percentage Of People Have The Guardian Angel Line On Their Palm.In particular, you will find this line in your left palm and it is only formed when someone really close to you passes away, and comes back to you as your guardian angel. This line is quite rare, so do not be dishearten if you fail to find it on your hand.

4-This line if quite powerful as it tells you that you have someone watching over you. Someone who’s making the effort to keep bad and evil things away from you and pushing you to something that your truly deserve

5-.It also means that now as they have passed away their spirit is now traveling along with you as your angel, helping you in your times of trouble.

6-The Guardian Angel line is basically a curve that runs up alongside the life line (initially a parallel line) and joining the head line. The point at which it cuts in to head line symbolizes the age at which you lost your closed one.Presence of this line means that if you call for your guardian angel at the time of your need, it is evident that they will respond to your call.

7-The line which provides such support is known as the guardian angel line which runs parallel to the Lifeline adding strength and protection to the Lifeline.

8-If the line is not broken and runs all the way down inside the Mount of Venus as shown is considered as extremely lucky and rare.The person with such kind of formation on one’s hand is bound to receive constant help and support from one’s wife or husband,friends,family or relatives.

9-That is the reason why this line is known as guardian angel line where the angels in the form of spiritual guardian will keep on protecting the person from obstacle.


09 FACTS;-

1-Those who have guardian angel lines are thought to be very lucky all throughout their lives. They always manage to somehow avoid suffering and harm, and instead enjoy a lifetime of happiness, peace, and well being.

2-Not everyone has this line on their palm, they are more rare than common. The guardian angel line runs parallel to the “lifeline” on the left hand palm.

3-Those who have have this extra line are thought to be blessed with a guardian angel who watches over them and keeps them from harm. Hence its name and why you’re lucky if you have it.

4-Guardian angels have long been a part of humanity’s more spiritual side. The belief is that each one of us has a protector who watches over and keeps us out of harms way. When life gets tough, dangerous, or when accidents happen, our guardian angel appears and keeps vigil.

5-Some people claim to have actually seen visions of angels, but more commonly there are reports of overwhelming feelings of re-assurance and comfort by people involved in near death experiences. They believe that some un-explainable force intervened and miraculously pulled them through the tragedy they faced. Others turn to their guardian angels for advice, comforting thoughts and reassurance.

6-Spiritual Guardian..They quickly understand when the person is in trouble and sends some another person to change the situation which instills a sense of courage and determination in the person.

7-For example,if the person has got a weak life line which denotes of a weak constitution and fragile health but the presence of a guardian angel line will protect the person from various diseases increasing the stamina of the person. Similarly,the line acts as a shield from major accidents or injuries.That’s why this line is also known as sister line or supporting life line.

8-Supporting Life line=Guardian Angel line

Guardian angel line also known as supporting life line

Guardian angel line also starts touching the life line and then moving parallel to the life line which indicates someone close to the person might be very sick or passed away at that particular age.

9-According to the traditional palmists,this person takes the form of an angel and keeps on coming in his or her dreams warning him or her about the impending dangers or providing a solution to the problem faced by the bearer.

Sometimes,it is very difficult to believe such things but one thing is sure that there will be forces or some power in the universe who will be protecting the bearer in the form of a human being or an angel.