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04 FACTS;- 1-This is an extremely rare and just one of a kind Sadhana dedicated to the Pranav Mantra. Pranav mantra means nothing but ॐ. Though there are various procedures dedicated to the Pranav Mantra. This is the only procedure left in this Kali Yuga. All others seem to have been lost.

2-It is said, that the end of the Kalpa, all the Vedas, Purana,Shastra,and the whole world enters the ।। नमः शिवाय ।। Mantra and then, this Namah Shivaya Mantra, Lord Vishnu and all the Devata enter the Mantra Om and this Pranav, then enters lord Shiv's Damru.

3-After that, at the beginning of the new world, All the above mentioned energies come out of Lord Shiv's Damru and run the Kalpa.

4-Pranav is indescribable ,only it can be said that this Mantra is the ESSENCE (Saar)of Sanatan Dharma. The whole Sanatan Dharma has taken shape from this Om Mantra.


The procedure of the Pranav Sadhana is very simple -Along with the Pranav Mantra Sadhana, extremely rare Gayatri Mantra of Pranav Sadhana is given below....

NINE STEPS;- 1. Start this Sadhana from any day in the Brahma Muhurat facing the east. 2. Sit on a Kush Aasan wearing white clothes. 3. Establish a Chowki in front of you and spread a white cloth on it. 4. Keep a copper plate in it and keep an energised Parad Shivling in it. 5. Offer a Bel Patra, Rice, Black Sesame, Chandan-Kesar Paste, Honey, etc. 6. Worship your Guru and the Panch Devta. 7. Take a Sankalp that you are doing Purushcharan of the Pranav Mantra. 8. Chant 100 Mala of Pranav Mantra for 1000 days to get Siddhi over Pranav. Use a Rudraksh Mala for this purpose. 9. After that, whenever you want to fulfill absolutely any kind of wish, you must chant this Mantra as a Prayog by taking a Sankalp and then chanting 50 Mala for 40 days. VINIYOGAH OF PRANAV MANTRA SADHNA;- Om asya pranav mantrasya Prajaapati Rishih,Devi Gayatree Chhandah,Parmaatmaa Devta,Am Beejam,Om Shaktih,mam aatmagyaan Brahmagyaan siddhyarthe,mam sarv abheeshta siddhyarthe jape viniyogah. FIRST MANTRA;- ''OM'' SECOND OMKAAR GAYTRI MANTRA ;- Om Om Omkaaraay Vidmahe;

Damarujaatasya Dheemahi ;

Tannah Pranavah Prachodayaat. THREE KEY POINTS;-

1-For Siddhi, one must chant the second Mantra 24 lac times. 2-This Mantra can be used for absolutely anything. It can be used for - deh shuddhi, bhut shuddhi, aasan shuddhi, finding hidden wealth, attracting gods, attracting humans,animals,brahmins, getting wealth equal to kuber or indra, getting strength of a million elephants, getting rid of any kind of diseases, getting health, name, fame,respect, getting vaak siddhi, siddhi over aatma ling,siddhi over aatma purush,mantra purush, kundalini jagran, jal stambhan,agni stambhan, vaayu stambhan, bhut siddhi, vetal siddhi, veer siddhi, getting radiance, godly child, curing impotence, getting punya(virtue) of going to 3.5 billion tirth for 3.5 billion times each, power to curse or bless, becoming chaunsath kala sampann(knowing all 64 form of arts), surya vigyan, shunya siddhi, swarna siddhi, parad vigyaan, power to control situations and people using your eyes or thoughts and the list is never ending.

3-The person who does this Pranav Mantra Siddhi, doesnt need Mukti because he is already Mukt in this Bhurlok itself. A person who gains Siddhi over this Maha Mantra, can achieve some of the most legendary achievements in the Sadhana world.

4-After Siddhi of this mantra,Its your choice..either become sri RAM OR Ravan......