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04 FACTS;-

1-Aum, Aumkar, Pranava are words often used in spiritual field. In Yoga AUM has been considered to be the significator of God. The first foot step of Yoga is the AUM visualization.

2-Different practices performed by the body only indicate towards AUM. One may follow any path, but one will encounter AUM in one way or the other. This singular fact is enough for us to acknowledge its divinity. 3-Few reasons are being given here for its all pervasiveness : 3- i) Sit in an easy posture facing east or North, keeping the neck and body straight. The breathing should be natural. Keep two pots with narrow mouth but big bodies on the ears, so as to cover them and not allow external sound to go into the ear. The sound which is heard now is of AUM. 3-i) On a high hill top hear the sound of the flowing water or hear the sound of the air blowing. It is like Ka, La, Ra, Va or sanya, Sanya or sham, sham, sham, sham or vee, vee, vee, this is the AUM's sound in nature. 3-iii) Sit in an easy posture and breath in and out 21 times forcefully. Then breathe in forcefully and close the aural orifice by fingers or thumbs. The sound which you hear now belongs to AUM. 4-These processes prove the omniscience of AUM in the body. Outside the body and in nature pervading them uniformly. THE UNIVERSAL FORM OF AUM ;-

04 FACTS;-

It is Iuminous figure made of three half moons, on hearing by ears it is Anhada Nada, Mixed sounds, Aunkar sound, or the generator of seed sounds, Anything manifest and unmanifest is AUM. Anything known, unknown and worth knowing is AUM. THE ANATOMY OF AUM It must be understood in two forms : i) Light form ii) Sound form LIGHT FORM;-

06 FACTS;- i) The individual prana when collides with the Brahma prana the shape assumed by the light is of AUM. ii) At the meeting place of sun and moon in Antaha Karna the AUM appears. iii) The light of Brahma (A) and Vishnu (AU) and Mahesh (M) meet to produce AUM. iv) At the beginning of the creation by nature and when electricity appeared in the sky it was of the form of AUM. v) The light generated by Kundalini in the darkness of the gross body of the Sadhaka is AUM. vi) The combined light of the 50-52 alphabets of the garland of letters is AUM.


The alphabet is listed as containing different numbers of letters in various texts. It is listed as containing 43 letters in the Shiva sutras. 63 or 64 in the Paniniya Siksa. 47 in the Rik Pratisakhya, 52 in the Taittiriya Pratisakhya, 65 in the Vajasaneyi Pratisakhya, and 57 in the Rik Tantra. SOUND FORM;-

03 FACTS;- 1-It is a proved fact that light and sound are generated by Tankore, hence sounds produced in the body, nature and Brahmanda are the sounds of AUM. It is a mixed sound. 2-Its further analysis leads to the development of individual sounds of 50-52 letters which are included in the sound of AUM. In the order of merger (Laya) all other sounds are excluded and only AUM sound is heard.

3-The nada of Aum manifests from the form of AUM. The sound and form of AUM appear simultaneously. This is a fact. Therefore the nada of AUM is the end stage of all mixed Nadas. It is heard after the jeeva sounds and arti sound cease to be heard. There should be no confusion about it. WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF AUM ?- It is visualized in infant state, young and old states. The infant state i.e. the developing one, the youthful state is the developed one and the old state is fully developed form in to which the yogi himself transcends and permeates.


Half moon opens upwards is visible some times, some where or can appear together at many places in the infant stage. YOUNG STATE;-

It is of two half moons opening either upwards or oblique and flickering sometimes visible, sometimes not visible, like light of fire fly. The two moons are united at the central place which in infant state they are separate and appear united. OLD STATE;-


1-Developed form, visible as stable figure in light, One form only first becomes manifest on the right then gradually moves towards the centre or the eye brows and stabilizes.

2-The central knot is clearly visible. The light is made up of three half moons . The position of sun and moon above indicates the light of Brahmanda which it is lighted. The seed alphabets Vam, Vam Nam appear here and take rest and merge here. THE PRACTICAL MANIFEST FORM OF AUM;-

05 FACTS;- 1-By long practice along with the grace of the Master results in perfect complete visualization of the old stage form of AUM.

2-Keep this form permanently in your eyes. The attainment of yoga starts with this vision form. The path way to Antaha Karana starts in the knot of Aum. Where the three moons meet, a small dark spot is visible there inspite of intense light. This is the gate for the entry in the Antaha Karana. 3-The practical visualization of Aum is essential for searching, the door way to Anataha Karana. Otherwise it is impossible to have the experience of God. It is therefore that AUM has been considered as a significator of God. 4-The Sadhaka's Place in the form of AUM... The three half moons, Brahma. Vishnu and Mahesh, Sun Moon and Fire Sat, Raja and Tamas, Manas Intellect and Chitha have infinite forms and attributes and many divine powers exist in them and repose when necessary. 4-1-At the time of the great dissolution the half moon light close their mouths and protect them from the attack of the five Tatwas. When the five tatwas become quiet the mouths reopen and Vishnu and Mahesh again, according to their attributes, start their foundation.

4-2-It is in this way that the being at the time of dissolution or death takes shelter in this form of AUM and saves itself from the effect of Karmas. It is like the Bhoura (Bee) who reaches the flower humming and tastes the ambrosia and becomes intoxicated to such an extent that it becomes oblivious of the flower closing or opening.

4-3-The yogin is like a Bee, Aum is the flower, the half moon its petals which offer protection when needed and pull aways the sadhaka from the wheel of life and death. 5-It is therefore that the Aum is worth worship and contemplation, magnanimous and worth realisation. The devotional descipline begins with AUM and terminates in AUM. The manifest also. This is truth. WHAT IS THE SEED FORM OF AUM? Just as all the parts, qualities, colours etc. of a big Banyan tree are encompassed in its small seed and when it is time this seed assumes the form of Banyan tree, similarly all the alphabets 50-52-1000 are enshrined in AUM. It can be proved by practices as under :-

05 FACTS;- 1- Aum is a sound made up of A.U.M. letters. Sit in the posture of adepts and gentle breathe deeply so that it touches the navel and when one feels its touch at the Mooladhara then contract and expand the rectum.

2-Repeat it many times. Now press the rectum with the heel and give tankore of prana and udana into Apana. The sound so generated is directed to Agnya through the sushumna pathway. 3-The first tankore of the prana is on the Vishuddhi chakra in the neck where one hears the trumpeting of the elephant which can be heard by closing the ears.

4-After many days practices the alphabets from A to Angh in the neck and Ham and Ksham at Agnya become clearly visible.

5-It means that seeds from A- Ham Ksham are parts of AUM. A is at the navel Oo is the neck and M is above it. From Ang to HANG to seed = A and Hoo - Aha = A to Kshaya which means unmanifest form.


05 POINTS;- A-Aum means A + O + U + M + E 1-A : shining sun 2-O : Very brilliant sun of Mid day which is cool and quiet in the mornings and evenings and reflecting the moon at the night. 3-U : Like a circle which unites the light of the sun and moon. It is made up of the two moons and gives cool light. 4-M : Bestower of the results of all good deeds, of the nature of mother and worth obeisance (respect). 5-E : Generating horizons. B-Aum that is Ang + UM + MUM + NAM

05 POINTS;- 1-Ang : Apana 2-UM : Udana 3-MUM : Prana 4-NAM : Tankore 5-Throw the apana by udana and give tankore of prana into udana and carefully observe light in the centre of the eye brows and hear the sound so generated in the right ear.

THE JAPA OF AUM;- Along with the Breath the Japa of Aum is called pranava japa and it is of two types...

(i) EXTERNAL JAPA :External japa which always goes on

(2) AJAPA JAPA :The japa which is done along with the breath exercises - called Ajapa Japa. i) EXTERNAL JAPA :-


1-After perfectly mastering the fifth sixth and the seventh richas, this japa always goes on in Antaha Karana by the grace of the Master despite the worldly activities of the sadhaka. 2-The memory of Aum mostly remains during this time which is not related with the movement of the breath. It is being pronounced by the paravani ( Speech ). ii) AJAPA JAPA : -


1- It increases the power and purifies the prana for the rays coming from the sun pierce the atoms of the pure prana. The rays perform three types of functions by entering into the Pranas of the being which may be small medium of of high order. 2-According to the attributes of prana the rays of the sun influence them. The practices of the high order are performed in the pure prana and the sadhaka manifests auspicious signs.

3-During the practices of the medium types the rays of the sun coming from the atmosphere result in the activation of the prana and their storage. 4-During the practice of the small order un-auspicious signs appear. In order to save oneself from these signs one should practice on high mountains, should breathe in fresh air and must increase store house of the prana atoms.

5-For the purification of the prana by Ajapa-japa and for performing correct practice by the rays of the sun, the details are as given below :-



1-Sit in an easy posture keeping the body straight, breathe in through the nose and when it reaches the navel recite mentally Aa. During breathing out recite Oo in the neck and when breath is exhaled through the mount recite 'M'. 2-This will create an order of AUM and japa of Soham, Vam, Vam, Mam, Orsam, Vam, Ham along with Aum individually or together can be done by mental Yoga. SECOND METHOD;-


1-Sit in an easy posture breathe through the left nostril and try to visualize the place which the prana touches while reaching up to the navel. After touching the navel visualise the fourth and fifth chakra upwards and then turn towards Brahmanda with the inner eye. 2-During this phase do the japa of Ham, Ram, Eem, Aung, Ong, O and Mum during pooraka. A few days practice makes these alphabets clearly audible as Hreem Aum or Aum Hareen mantra.

3-This is the second example of the pranava Jap. It can be performed at any time, at any place and in any state.

The japa of Ham is done first because it represents Shiva.

THE PRACTICES FOR THE VISUALIZATION OF AUM ;- The following must be kept in mind by the sadhaka while doing the practice for visualisation of Aum.

FIVE BASIC FACTS;- 1. The knowledge of Tankore. 2. Separation of apana, udana, prana and to generate prana. 3. The practice of concentration. 4. Surrender unto the Master. 5. Satvik food is essential otherwise AUM will not be perceived. THE PRACTICE ONE;-

02 POINTS;- 1-Sit in a easy posture, direct the prana atoms, to the centre of eye brows, drink nectar and hear the Anhad sound , give the tankore of seed alphabets Vam Sham again and again on the knot of the centre of the eye brows.

2-This practice should be done for there to six minutes daily in the early morning between 4-00 AM to 5-00 AM. One will achieve early success.


05 POINTS;- 1- Sit on your seat and throw out the inner air completely, repeatedly. In hale forcefully so that prana reaches the navel, press the navel chakra and activate it. 2-When a sleepy state is about to develop direct the prana to agnya and practice to hold it there for a long time, repeat this practice at least seven times.

3- A fire like light starts becoming visible at the navel and the light becomes intense as it goes upwards.

4-A U M or AUM becomes visible united together or as separate alphabets the practice of holding the breath for one and a half to three minutes quickly clarifies the seed alphabet.

5-If any obstruction is experienced drink for strength, hear the anhad sound for bliss during the phase of holding breath.


02 POINTS;- 1-First completely activate the light in the centre of the eye brows and breathe naturally and perform japa of 'A' during the inhaling and 'O' while holding, and close the mouth and recite 'M' and concentrate in the centre of the eye-brows.

2-The breathing should be natural. In this practice, A U M or AUM will be clearly visible in a few months. The japa will be done mentally.


04 POINTS;- 1-Stand facing the sun on the left foot with right leg bent, inhale and look at the sun for a few moments, and close the eyes, Now stand on the right foot and lift the left foot and bend the left leg at knee when the image of the sun disappears again open the eyes and visualize it.

2-Move the hands forward and backwards and repeat the process of standing in the order described above.

3-The wheel of prana becomes active and fire like light is visible first, then one sees the moon light of medium intensity and finally the light of the sun is visible along with the vision of AUM is the centre of the eye brows. 4-One should constantly pay obescience to OM the manifest form the God who quells(suppress) physical, the meta-physical, and the spiritual obstacles.