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14 FACTS;-

1-THE SWARODAY SHASTRA - THE SECRET OF ALL SECRETS of Human Body as well as Universe & other Universe"

1-A-"This science of Swaras is the secret of all Secrets and reveals the Secret of the essence of all Frequency, Vibrations & Energies Practices & benefits. This science is the subtle crest jewel of all True, Pure, Absolute knowledge".

1-B-"The Veda, All Shastra, Ayruveda, Yoga & Meditation, Mantra Yoga, Hindustani Music, All Hindustanti Dances, Astrology, Vastu Shastra & so forth & Universe & other Universe without knowledge of the Swaras, a house without an owner, a mouth without Shastras, and a body without a head, one never acclaimed"."

2-The Swarodaya Shastra also gives many more details of the 5 elements (Panchabhutas ; Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether), from Akash (ether) Air, from Air is Fire, from Fire is Water & from Water Earth is created and based on the Swara, a detailed art of prediction of diseases, sex of the child, divination and answering almost any question.

3-Swara Shastra also gives various breathing techniques and meditations for each element (Panchabhutas) as related to the Chakras and a wealth of much more varied and interesting information."

4-Thus the nostrils are switches . By controlling the speed, rate, rhythm, length and duration of the breath, by altering the ratio of inhalation to exhalation, by stopping breath, we can activate or tone down neurological and mental processes so as to achieve heightened awareness, altered states of Consciousness and even the ultimate goal of liberation itself. Verily SWARA is lord MAHE 'SWARA' himself....

5-The part and whole of the Universe are made up of Swaras. The Creator and Destroyer of the Universe is really the Swara in the form of Mahe'swara' .

6-Shiva the lord of Yogis to Goddess Parvati in the "Siva Swarodaya"

"If one has the strength of Swaras then he should attack his foe or meet his friend. Wealth, fame, pleasure and comfort are all obtained through the strength of Swaras.

7-The human brain is undoubtedly one of the most amazing, incredible and wondrous of Nature's creation. It contains twelve thousand million cells and each of these cells has an estimated five hundred thousand possible interconnections that we know of. It is said that when the mathematics is computed there are more possible interconnections in the brain than there are atoms in the universe...

8-The upper brain has two parts the right and left hemispheres. Scientific study of the hemispheres of the brain by Roger Sperr H.S. Gazzaniga and others has shown us specialization of function in each hemisphere. The left side of the brain is usually associated with speed, logic, analysis, time and linear function where as the right side is concerned with intuitive feeling, spatial, holistic in function, and does not require linear structured analysis for its knowledge.

9-The Right hemisphere controls the left side of the body while the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body ."The fact that eighty percent of us are right handed shows the leaning towards left hemisphere. (It should be remembered that the left hemisphere controls the right hand).

10-A closer look would reveal that human languages have built into them a polarity, a veer to the right.""Right" is associated with correct behavior, legality, high moral principles and masculinity. "Left" is associated with weakness, cowardice, and diffusiveness of purpose, evil and femininity. Words like 'Righteous', 'Rights', 'in his right mind' etc., are examples for the same."

11-While there is a definite trend to separate modes of function nowadays, each hemisphere must work in an integrated fashion. Admitting the validity of both modes of functioning- left hemisphere and right hemisphere- we must ponder if they are equally effective and useful in all circumstances.

12-No doubt the right hemisphere's intuitive thinking may perceive patterns and connections too difficult for the left hemisphere, but it may also detect patterns where none exist. Along with the intuitive creative genius of right hemisphere we equally need the verbal analytic intellectual thinking of the left hemisphere.

13-Only when both the hemispheres of the brain are working together ...The most significant creative activities of any culture - legal and ethical systems, art and music, science and technology - were made possible only through the collaborative work of the left and right cerebral hemispheres.

14-These creative acts though engaged in rarely or only by a few, have changed the world and our lives. In fact human culture is the function of both right and left hemispheres in collaboration & The practices of Yoga and Tantra, are aimed precisely at that.


12 FACTS;-

1- The word SWARA in Sanskrit, means sound or musical note; it also means the continuous flow of air through one nostril. And we all know that YOGA means union. So Swara Yoga is the science which is about the realization of cosmic consciousness, through the awareness or observation, then control or manipulation of the flow of breath in the nostrils.

2-Swara Yoga is science which is a complete study, observations, control and manipulation of breath or Swara. Pranayama is only related to control of breath in various ways. In swara yoga, you will find association of breath in relation to activities of sun, moon, various seasons, physical and mental conditions of individuals etc. So Swara Yoga is more comprehensive in theory and practices related to breath.

3-Swara yoga is an ancient tantric science which involves the systematic study of the breath flow through the nostrils (or swara) in relation to the prevailing phases of the moon, time of day and direction .

4-Although we think of 'pranayama' when we think of techniques associated with the breath, in Swara yoga, it is the association of the breath in relation to the activities or phases or positions of the sun, moon, planets, seasons, time of day, with the physical and mental conditions of the individual and then taking the appropriate action according to these subtle relations.

5-For example, knowing the moon phases and checking the flow of your nostrils before you get out of bed in the morning and letting the corresponding foot be the first to touch the floor and make the first step, is a simple practice that ensures success in everything that happens for that day. The first foot to touch the ground will get the prevailing 'successful' flow of energy from the cosmos.

6-Swara yoga is an ancient science existing since before the Vedic period, over ten thousand years ago. It was a secret science, only available for the select few, specially kings and dedicated sadhaks. It was kept as a closed secret by the ancient sages and saints who had intuitively received this knowledge from the Divine.

7-This ancient divine knowledge was available only for sadhaks, to those who had risen above the worldly and mundane affairs of life, those who had a spiritual attitude, and the dedication and devotion of a disciple, so that this precious knowledge was kept pure and it didn't go into the wrong hands. It was used for yearly predictions and other divinations.

8- It was used for those who had mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems so that they could get rid of their problems by using this divine knowledge of Swara Yoga. Also, it was useful for the Grahastha, the householder, in day to day matters. It was commonly used for general future predictions as well as in special cases such as making wars go according to the wishes of the king, or for having a divine child.

9-It was used to choose an auspicious time, start special jobs, journeys, wars, building etc. and for creating harmon