THE APPLICATIONS OF SWAR YOG (Accoring to Sanskrti Text "Shiva Swarodaya)";-


09 FACTS;-

1- It should be remembered that the Right half of the body is male and controlled by Solar energy, while the left half is lunar or female.

2- The right side of the body (including the right nostril) is controlled by the left hemisphere and vice versa.

3- Solar energy means all male planets like Sun, Mars, and Saturn while Lunar energy means all female planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Hence every Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday the right nostril works with the ruling planet of the day for one hour; half an hour before sunrise it changes and the nostril of the day takes over.

4- All activities that require physical strength (vitality) need Solar energy and hence come under right nostril activities while all activities that require emotional strength are left nostril activities.

5- The dominance of right nostril during the night and the left during the day makes one healthy, wealthy and happy and is conducive to longevity. So one can sleep to the left so that right nostril flows during the night.

6- One nostril should not work for more than 2 hours unless you are practicing swara yoga for a specific purpose.

7-Swara Yoga is a science of nasal breathing used for whole brain training. It is also ancient science of success

based on 395 Sutras of Shiv-Swarodaya Shashtra. Knowledge and healing techniques of Swara Yoga can be easily harmonized with other healing therapies. It is excellent tool for body, mind, emotions and karma healing.

8-You can also improve Brain Power and Memory with few simple techniques from Swara Yoga.There are

excellent techniques for Naval consciousness

activation, Mid brain activation and DNA activation. It is

practical and easy to use in day to day living for modern man.

9-Swara yoga is useful while initiating any action starting from waking up in the morning, having bath, eating, involving in different types of works, mental activities, physical activities etc. One can easily make out that Swara Yoga touches all parts of human life.


a-Fighting wars, Overcome enemy, winning friends

b-Gaining wealth, prosperity, popularity

c-Winning favour of king

d-Knowledge of past, present & future

e-Achieving sound mental, physical & spiritual health

Swara in Daily Life

f-Journey, eating, exercising, working, excreting, sleeping

g-For Yoga & Meditation

"Given below is a table showing the activities to be taken up during the flow of particular swaras."

ACTIVITIES... WHEN IDA NADI(Lunar Energy/right brain/Left nostril)" IS ACTIVE;-


During the flow of ida or pingala, certain actions are considered more appropriate than others. When ida flows it is shubha, auspicious or the right time for..VIZ, -

1-Yogabhyasa (Learning Yoga)

2-Drinking water


4- Starting a meal

5- Building a new house

6-Constructing water reservoirs

7- Prayers

8-Purchasing and Wearing ornaments.

9-Long distance journeys

10- Charitable and pious deeds

11- Foundation laying ceremonies

12-Arranging marriages

13- Buying selling and commercial activities

14-Starting medication

15-Meeting higher authorities

16-Approaching someone for getting acquainted

17-Entering a house

18-Starting academic pursuits

19-Buying property or vehicles

20-Getting into a conveyance,

21-Keeping wealth

22-Starting a new colony

23-Colonization of a village/city

24-Purchase of lands/property

25-Buying and selling (commercial)

26-Accumulating and earning wealth


28-Foundation laying ceremonies


30-Horticulture(the art of garden cultivation and management)

31-Buying vehicles

32-Wearing new ornaments

33-Buying Jewelry and clothes

34-Long Distant journeys/Proceeding on a journey to some far off place

35-Entering an ashram for Spiritual or inner growth


37-Giving charity


39-Starting academic pursuits

40-Debates, Discussion

41-Treating incurable diseases

42-Sending a messenger

43-Employing servants


46-Meeting of relatives and friends

47-Back to home

48-Arranging marriages/religious rights, peaceful work

50-Stable, permanent actions



Acts to be performed when Right Swara is Active are;-

1-Intense Yogic Sadhana /Hard yogic disciplines

2-Hatha yoga

3-Initiation into practice of arms and weapons

4-Handling weapons

5-Teaching war

6- Invasion of some foreign territory

7- Riding



10-Fighting (commencement of fights)



13-Exercise (physical)

14- Starting a game /Gambling

15-Eating (slow eating)

16-Bathing, Shaving

17-Defecating(discharge faeces)


19-Making bricks

20-Breaking stones / Making of stones /Shining valuable stones and gems

21-Wood Construction

22-Cutting or pruning plants


24-Purchase /sale of birds/animals

25-Short journeys, going on adventures

26-Exorcism (driving out devils)


28-Construction & performance of

The Mantras & Yantras

29-Cruel deeds

30-Consuming alcohol

31-Stealing / Thieving & deceiving

32-Speculative activities

33-Meeting with government officer

34-Killing and attacking

35-Filing court cases

36-Causing hatred amongst two groups of people

37-Taking on enemy

38-Commencement of fights



41-Writing of books, letters

42-Learning / teaching occult sciences

43-Interacting with the opposite gender

44-Consuming alcohol

45-Studying scriptures

46-Going on adventures

47-Any form of communication

48-Causing hatred among two people

49-Motivating people

50-While going to sleep


52-Learning musi

53-Chiselling, carpentry


55-Going near some unknown person

56-Leaving home

57-Work requiring extreme dynamism/Physical work

58-Solving mathematics

59-Eating, gratifying senses /Sensual pleasures

60-Meanest & worst actions


1-It might seem ludicrous that the above list includes certain routine things like eating and defecating, things that one cannot or need not check the swara for. But if the body-mind is in a natural state, such things happen when the appropriate swara is dominant.

2-Perhaps one need not even try to change the swara, for it will happen naturally. These things are included in the list for two reasons. First one to give the reader a taste of the original concept as one would find it in the ancient texts. Secondly, because it might interest a few academically.


10 FACTS;-

1-Third Swara "Sushumna"is Located at the Center of the spinal cord.

2-It represents "Shiva" (pure consciousness) in the state of "So-Ham".

3-Sushumna is said to be active when Left & right swara flows together.

4-No worldly action are recommended, because work gives no result.It indicates non attachment to the mundane things

5-While third Swara is active Meditation is recommended according to Rhythms of Swara.

7-Sushumna or the shoonya swara is active, it is better to

do work which requires minimum exertion or attention.

'Shoonya' indicates the state of mind aroused when

sushumna is stimulated. The mind becomes less involved

with the physical world.

8-The shoonya swara is even referred to as the'evil'

or 'wicked' swara or nadi because, if you have

any intentions or expectations of material profit and

success,your hopes can be ruined at that time. If death is

due, then surely it will occur when this swara is predominant for a long time.

9-As far as the yogic texts are concerned, there are only

two types of fruitful action which should be done during

the shoonya swara; one is yoga abhyasa, or yogic

practices, and the other is some type of fearsome or evil

action which requires a completely steady and one-.

pointed mind .Therefore, the Shiva Swarodaya advises

that actions which lead to attainment of moksha should be done at that time.

10-The text states in unequivocal terms that it is

foolishness to undertake physical action or mental work

when the shoonya breath is flowing. However, if you sit for meditation, you will not have any difficulty at all.


04 FACTS;-

1-Kundalini Shakti awakens and rise up Susumna, energizing the seven chakras. From Muladhara chakra, Ida and Pingala alternate at each chakra until they reach Ajna chakra where they meet again with Sushumna. In Ajna chakra, the meeting of the three main nadis is called Mukta Triveni (Mukta : “liberated”).

2-Continuing beyond Ajna chakra, Ida and Pingala end in the left and right nostrils respectively.Once the Kundalini Shakti has ascended through Sushumna to Sahasrara, the highest psychic center at the crown of the head, it reverses its course and returns to rest in the base center again.

3-Susumna Nadi generally remains dormant when the other Nadis flow strongly and is activated only when the breath comes through both nostrils simultaneously. It operates automatically at dawn and dusk, calming the system and facilitating meditation.

4-It is said that when Susumna becomes active, the yogi becomes invisible to the world. It is then that the yogi’s real work begins.


10 FACTS;-

1-Every body in Universe standing at the window of Duality, looking at Duality, while being influenced in all aspects of Life by DUALITY, we talk about NON- DUALITY. This is our Pitiable Situation & Condition of Individual One"

2-The Divine Theory of Advaita (non duality) were introduced by Bhagvad Shankracharya ( 1350 years ago). He manifest the Goal of Advata (non duality) & obligated the human race for the welfare of living & non living.The revered Bhagawan Shankracharya included all paths & practices in the Divine Path of Non- Duality.

3-He offered "Suandaraya Lahiri " to World & also gave formal acceptance to Tantrik Spiritual Practices. The final goal of His Life was Non- Duality. To attain that Goal a person must follow some Spiritual Path or another, purify his Chitta (psyche, mind stuff), and be worthy of non- duality.

4-His non -duality was not opposed to any spiritual practice, rather it was the foundation of all Spiritual Path of Universe."

5-It was an Divine Ocean in which all kinds of waves would rise, and into which rivers would flow from all directions. It was like an Infinite Sky where innumerable small & big stars would spread their own Light.

6-We want to jump straight to the non- duality state, ignoring the Spiritual Paths of Bhakti (devotion), Yoga & karma (actions). We also Ignore detached Karma, which weakens Prarabdha (destiny created by past Karma) & prepares the foundation for the experience of Non - Duality."

7- In general, people ridicule Devotion, which fills the heart, mind & chitta & give rise to an ordent desire for non- duality.

They believe that Yoga that brings control over mind & chitta, purifies the power of discretion(judgement) and makes one worthy of grasping the Vedanta (True & Pure Knowledge) is superfluous(unnecessary) .

8-Even when fully besieged/Captured by Maya (the grand Illusion, In modern Life it is Materialism), we say that Maya is False.It is True that , in principle, Maya is not Real, but its Falsehood must be experienced . As long as one is influenced by the ILLUSORY WORLD it is a Grand Mistake to call the World an Illusion.

9-We forget that comparative analysis itself involves Duality Comparison is Only possible between Two, and hence Non - Duality can never be proven with comparative Analysis .

10-So Ida-Pingla channels involve Duality..the ILLUSORY WORLD while Susumna Nadi is the paragon of Non - Duality..