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07 FACTS;-

1-Bhuta shuddhi is yogic spiritual practice, or sadhana, in which the five elements of water, air, earth, fire and space are purified and balanced. The term comes from the Sanskrit, bhuta, meaning “element” or a protective spirit, and shuddhi, meaning “purification.”

2-The purpose of bhuta shuddhi is to free the yogi from his/her physical nature and open the door to higher levels of consciousness so that he/she may become one with Brahman. Practicing bhuta shuddhi creates physical, emotional and mental changes that cleanse the body, spirit and mind.

3-In the Vedas of yore there is clearly defined an ancient tantric practice, known as bhuta shuddhi. Bhuta shuddhi literally means 'cleansing or refining the physical elements', however, apart from this, its actual meaning should be considered as 'refining the underlying consciousness related to the elements'.

4-Some types of yoga view bhuta shuddhi as a kriya. Kriyas are a series of asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and mantras practiced in order to reach a specific goal. There are many ways to practice bhuta shuddhi in order to purify the elements.

5-One common method is chakra meditation, which uses bija mantras. This type of chakra meditation includes preparatory yoga asanas and relaxation.

6-Every yogic practice, whatever kind it may be, is essentially drawn from the process of bhuta shuddhi. If we do an asana, surya namaskar, surya kriya, pranayama or a kriya, in a way, we are doing bhuta shuddhi.

7-In other words, we address life in its most fundamental form, which are the five elements. We can , label life just as body , or as prana or life energy .We can even address life on the cellular level, on the atomic level, Or on the elemental level, which is most fundamental. Yoga is a way towards that.


21 FACTS;-

1-It is these five elements that make up this body, this planet, this solar system, and the universe. Each of these five elements has its own individual nature, and all of them are capable of absorbing and retaining information. The whole system of bhuta shuddhi has evolved from the knowledge that the five elements can take in and hold information.

2-If information is properly put into anything, it also creates an intention. Depending upon what kind of information you hold about something, you naturally develop a certain intention towards that something. Once you have an intention, you start moving in that direction.

3-It is this basis that gives bhuta shuddhi its effectiveness and its ability to transform a human being in miraculous ways.The normal process of bhuta shuddhi always used to be male-oriented, not female-oriented.

4-Generally, women have been kept out of it because in the female body, the play of the five elements is different than in the male body. In a woman’s body, fire and water are the most important elements. It is in the nature of the feminine system to alternate between fire and water.

5-To accommodate this difference, there is a different adaptation of the practice for men and women. The intention behind bhuta shuddhi is that slowly, over a period of time, the elements within you should take instructions from you. Once you have the ability to make the elements within yourself function the way you want them to, it is not far away to impact the elements around us.

6-Often unconsciously, unknowingly, unintentionally, human beings are doing some kind of bhuta shuddhi. For example.. there are many people – not only spiritual ones when they enter a space, change the atmosphere around them by their sheer presence , when they walk into a room, change the atmosphere there in an instant. This is a certain amount of bhuta shuddhi, performed unconsciously.

7-If we can do it consciously, it is far more result-oriented. There are other aspects of energy that one can influence and thereby change the atmosphere, but this does not impact other people as profoundly as when the elements rearrange themselves because of a certain presence of energy and intention.

8-The idea of practicing bhuta shuddhi is to rearrange the way the elements function within us. We want to change the intention with which they function within us. If the elements within us function in the same way as they function in the earth or a tree, it is not useful to us . In the human system, the elements function in a particular way. We want them to function that way and to transform themselves into higher and higher possibilities.

9-In fact, in every individual, the elements function in a unique manner. The traditional medical systems in the East have always identified these individual differences. In this sense, these systems are designer medication. There is no common prescription for everyone. Unless the doctor is able to look at each individual and identify what is needed for this particular person, the treatment does not work as well as it should.

10-Your bhuta shuddhi should happen with a sense of devotion and love. Your mind, your emotions, your energy, your physical body – everything should be involved in this.

11-The diagnosis is not based on the disease or ailment that one has but on how each individual’s system is constructed.The treatment is according to how this particular body and human mechanism functions, and how it is arranged within itself – not based on the symptoms of a certain ailment.

12-In other words, in Eastern systems, the treatment is never symptomatic, whereas the allopathic system is 100% about symptomatic treatment. If ten of us have the same symptoms, all will be given the same medicine. But in same condition,in Ayurveda, they will be given different types of medicine because the medication is for our particular system, not for the ailment.

13-When we chant the Bhuta Shuddhi mantra and take the elements ; earth, water, air, and fire .. into ourself, we try to influence how they function within us. It is important to be deeply focused towards that.

14-Bhuta shuddhi should not happen like an exercise but with absolute involvement. These five elements coming together and producing something is so complex . Our bhuta shuddhi should happen with a sense of devotion and love. Our mind, Our emotions,our energy, our physical body – everything should be involved in this.

15-Without this involvement, we can't know the full depth and dimension of the process. If you give yourself totally to it, this simple process can change the fundamentals of your life.

16-We all know that matter is composed of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. The different proportions, quintuplication, permutation and combinations of these are responsible for the formation of matter in its gross form. In the same way, the human body is also composed of these five elements.

17-If you can develop a process to purify and separate these elements, you can return to the source of matter and discover the potential energy or subtle form behind the gross form. Just as a scientist breaks down matter into elements and finally arrives at the subtlest form, which is energy.

18- similarly, the tantric or yogi purifies his gross body elements and finally realises the ultimate source of matter which is pure consciousness.Walk barefoot,

sit cross-legged on the ground, do the Bhuta Shuddhi practice because Liberation is the fundamental

longing in every form of life.

19-Cleansing the elements is about making them free of the accumulated information or karmic substance. If this is not done, you will be a strong individual but you will never know how to breach the boundary that you have set for yourself.

20-This is not a boundary set by the existence. This is a boundary that you have set for yourself. If you cannot cross the boundary that you set up, that is a foolish way to live. You set up a boundary without knowing why and you can’t cross it after sometime and you start claiming “This is how I am!” This is a common statement you hear everywhere. If you ask somebody to cross some limitation, they say, “No! This is how I am.” This is not how you are, this is what you made yourself to be. 21-When we talk in the human context, purification is needed. We don’t just go out and eat earth, But the earthworms and many other creatures are eating it and flourishing. But human beings do not eat the earth like that. It has to transform itself into a vegetable or a fruit or something else for us to consume it because it has to become conducive for the human system. But there are many other creatures who are happy with the earth as it is, happy with the water the way it is, happy with the air the way it is. So, purification essentially is in the context of human beings, not in terms of the element itself.