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1-Yantras as a means of correction to balance the spatial energy Corrections applied on the physical plane such as changes in the building structure are especially important, because those changes most directly affect the overall energy situation.

2-On the second plane – the energetic plane – we use mirrors, the different elements, precious stones, herbs and other means in order to subtly influence the quality of the energies. This also yields a sustaining effect and a noticeable improvement of the well-being of the people living in the building. 3-However, the deepest level of Vastu is the karmic plane, focussing on the combination and interaction of panetary influences inside the house. Such subtle means of correction are effective, because Vastu qualities mainly affect the subtle plane, and therefore one can also find counteractive means on this plane. 4-Yantras have been used in Vastu for thousands of years in order to balance defects on the energetic and karmic plane. This effect is due to the following elements which when taken together form a yantra: 1-Geometric elements:

1-In general, yantras are made of complex geometric elements which form a geometric whole.Simply by applying yantras, the energetic quality of a room is being influenced, especially if a yantra is applied to one of the energetic key points of a room. The Shri Yantra is a good example, because here the energetic elements very clearly form a unity, which is dedicated to the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. 2-The Shri Yantra consists of a combination of nine triangles of different angles and sizes which penetrate each other. Five triangles are arranged in such a way that their horizontal lines are parallel and the other four triangles are arranged in the exact opposite direction. 3-The figure that is formed by these triangles contains 43 small triangles with each one of them manifesting its own specific energy.The nine penetrating triangles represent the process of creation. The five triangles pointing from the top to the bottom represent the male impuls of creation known as Shiva, while the four triangles pointing from the bottom to the top represent the female power of creation known as Shakti. Taken together the two form a dynamic field of force in which the cosmic creation takes place. THE SRI YANTRA;- The Sri Yantra is one of humankind's most ancient symbols. For many millennia the Sri Yantra has been used to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation. Nowadays, various research scientists have shown interest in this ancient Vedic yanfra. The renowned American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra the 'king of power diagrams' and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction. This means that a three centimetre Sri Yantra possesses a greater energetic effect than a two metre pyramid. The Sri Yantra's extraordinary energetic power depends upon its exact geometry. This complex geometry is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications. In this yantra you find not only the 'Golden Section' but also parallels to the geometrical structure of the hydrogen atom and to the ratios of its emission lines. In line with the original Sri Yantra, we (the international Vasati company) have precisely reconstructed the Sri Yantra's exact geometry and have given it a synergetic colouring. The Sri Yantra is auspiciously placed in the north or northeast of a room or building. The flat side of the central triangle (with a dot in the centre) should face upwards. The Sri Yantra can also energise food, beverages, or other things. Simply place appropriate items on the yantra and let them stand there for a few minutes (the longer the better). The flat side of the Sri Yantra's central triangle should be facing east. Geometric element Meaning Circle Energy of the element water Square Energy of the element earth Triangle Energy of the element fire Diagonal lines Energy of the element air Horizontal line Energy of the element water Vertical line Energy of the element fire Point Energy of the element ether

Furthermore, more complex geometric elements may be used, the energetic classification of which may be derived from the corresponding context.


Yantras my be multi-coloured or all one colour. Although yantras also have an effect when they are all one colour, theenergetic influence and clarity are being amplfied by the use of colours.The colour spectrum represents the spectrum of the subtle energies. The colours are assigned to the different planets andeach direction, and they will be used if the energy of a certain planet or direction is to manifest in the yantra. If youdraw the same yantra in different colours, you will get yantras with slightly different effects.


Symbols are another important part of yantras, because they symbolize the subtle power of a certain planet, entity orobject. Traditionally such symbols are being used all over the world in geomantics in order to influence the energies ofthe earth and space.The power of symbols is not exclusively due to their psychological effect, because otherwise it would not be possible toprove some effect on plants or other natural energetic systems independent of a human observer. However, variousscientific methods have brought about such proofs in numerous cases.For years the Slowenic geomantic Marko Pogacnik has been performing geomantic healings of landscapes, places,cities, forests and parks in many parts of the world, simply by carving symbols of nature's elements and natural entitiesin stone and placing them in points which are energetically effective, the acupuncture points of the respective energeticsystem. The effects of his earth acupuncture is so convincing that even city councils and administrations ask Pogacnikto perform such landscape healings in their areas.


The written word has a great effect in the subtle realm, because it carries its meaning in a fine energetic vibration. Thatmeans that the effect of a writing does not necessarily depend on someone reading and understanding it, but that is hasan effect beyond consciousness.For instance, if you write down words with a positive meaning such as love, hope, kindness, belief, mercy on a piece ofpaper and put a glass of water on it, the positive vibration of these words will be transferred to the water. This transfer can be amplified or accelerated, by lightly striking the glass with a spoon. You will get the same effect if you writedown these words on a bottle of water in which the water is being stored. The positive effect of such affirmations can beproven by the aid of modern photographic methods. Water exposed to positive affirmations crystallises in wonderfullybeautiful harmonious forms, whereas water exposed to negative affirmations crystallises in disharmonious, chaoticforms.For this reason, most yantras contain written elements in addition to the geometric elements and symbols. In generalthese writings are in Sanskrit, as Sanskrit has an especially energetic effect. The letters of Sanskrit are vibration imagesrepresenting the sound image of the corresponding sound. Sanskrit words or sentences written or pronouned, aiming atmanifesting a certain energy, power or entities, are called mantras. A mantra is a written or spoken sound vibration,which has the power to free the mind. According toVedic tradition every energy, power or entity has its own mantra, bywhich it can be addressed.In the Vedic world view, every planet is dominated by a certain aspect of God. These aspects are presented in the formof 10 yantras. It is completely safe to apply them, they cannot have any negative effects, because they do not simplyamplify the power of the planet they represent, but balance it in an intelligent way. For instance, if a certain planet isweakened, it will be strengthened by the yantra, while its effect would be neutralised, if it developed a negative effectdue to its attacked position.You apply the yantras according to a very simple principle. If you find a Vastu defect in the house or on the plot, youfind out first which planet is affected by this. Once you have identified one or more planets, you place a yantra to thespot affected, respectively. In most cases you fix the yantra on the wall; the height of the yantra depends on the yantraselected.

The following chart provides an overview for the height of each yantra. The details given in the right column refer to the body of the person most affected. Planet> Height Sun> Heart Venus >Solar plexus Mars >Spleen Rahu> Coccyx Saturn >Spleen Moon> Neck Mercury> Eyes Ketu> Crown of the head Jupiter >Crown of the head Page 4Another possibility consists in applying the yantras directly under the ceiling or on the floor. In this case, it is importantto position the yantra in such a way that its head (the side opposite the mantra, the upper side) is directed towards theeast. The following examples from practise should illustrate this principle:Example: In general, a kitchen in the west of a house does not have enough firy energy in order to sufficiently energisethe food prepared there. Therefore, it is useful to apply a spiritual Mars Yantra in the centre of the kitchen under theceiling so that the head of the yantra points towards the east.Example: If a toilet is in the north-east of a building, you can apply a spiritual Jupiter Yantra outside the toilet above thedoor, as the toilet has an effect on planet Jupiter.Example: If there is a big cupboard on the east side of the living room which cannot be moved, the flow of the solar lifeenergy is blocked. This defect can be partly balanced by putting a spiritual Sun Yantra directly on the cupboard. Itshould be fixed in the height of the heart. Here it is not important whether the yantra can be seen from outside or not. It can also be put behind books or inside a drawer.

Vastu Pyramid The Vastu Pyramid's unique effect is a synergetic combination of all Vastu's correction tools. The Vastu pyramid is a threedimensional, relief-like representation of the Vastu directional yantra. In the centre is a transparent pyramid with a 7 x 7 cm basis, and combined with it are the Vastu Purusha and the Maha Purusha yantras. In the eight directions around the centre pyramid lie eight smaller pyramids with Vasati yantras beneath. The Vastu pyramid is best installed in the centre of a house or room or on another energetic key point. This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree without any analysis. The Vastu pyramid's powerful effects penetrate problematic spatial energies in the following ways: Yantras - A yantra is a graphic energy tool that has a lasting influence on a room's energetic quality with its geometrical elements, colours, mantras, and symbols. The three-dimensional combination of the twelve most important yantras in the Vastu Pyramid unfolds a powerful effect on the karmic level. Pyramids - The effects of the yantras are energetically intensified and projected into the building with the help of nine pyramids. Mantras - Inscribed in the stone relief of the base plate and positioned in the eight directions are auspicious mantras which neutralise inauspicious defects. Vastu Purusha Mandala - In the centre of the Vastu Pyramid is a relief of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The effect of this personal symbol of the ideal space is greatly intensified through the bigger central pyramid. Installation Ceremony - The Vastu Pyramid can be installed with a traditional Vedic fire ceremony that activates its subtle energies. The pyramid thereafter becomes the energetic power centre of an entire building, supplementing to a large degree the missing natural influences required for a harmonious living space. The effect range of the Vastu Pyramid The Vastu pyramid equalises up to 75% of negative spatial energies and Vastu defects with an effect range of around 22 metres. But the most effective and far-reaching Vastu correction method is the combined use of correctly placed vanfras with a Vastu pyramid and/or Meru Chakra. The huge advantage here is that the Vastu pyramid when combined with the right yantras and chakras can neutralise nearly all of a building's negative energies without having to probe into the specific nature of the defects. The counterbalancing effect of such a combined usage can be as much as 98%. Harmonising with ancient sounds, mantras, and music The subtle purification of living space through sound is known to all cultures. Vasfu is a spatial science that empowers yotrio attract auspicious energies to your house, to give entrance to bio-energies that positively influence various aspects of your consciousness and daily life. Sound is most significant in Vasfu because the entire Vedic culture is based on the use of various sound vibrations. Sounds and music, for instance, have a harmonising effect on a room's space, or ether, which is the subtle form of sound that determines a room's quality. Large parts of the Vedas describe the effects of sound, harmonies, ragas, and mantras on human beings and natural energies. For example, the Gandharva-veda describes the affects of music on humans. This scripture vividly explains how harmonies or ragas generate specific moods by combining certain intervals and applying them in specific rooms. The intervals are summarised into a raga according to a room's proportions. The Shabda-veda describes the effect of mantras on human beings and natural elements. Mantras are combinations of unique words and sounds which have profound spiritual and material effects. They contain keys that open Nature's most subtle mechanisms. When mantras and ragas are combined together they form a powerful combination. Mantras are therefore sung with specifically appropriate ragas and rhythms. To that end Vasati offers a powerful and immensely popular CD with totally authentic mantras and music that combine to put you and your house at ease. The six songs on this CD are interwoven, following an agnihotra yajna, a fire ceremony many thousands of years old. Mantras, grains and ghee (butterfat) are offered to the fire, which represents the Supreme. In former times, when India belonged to one of the richest and most elevated cultures of the world, such ceremonies were performed without interruption, for the purpose of good fortune, and the health and well-being of the people. Northeast; Jupiter-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate vamanadevaya East, Sun-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate ramachandraya Southeast, Venus-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate parashuramaya South, Mars-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate narasihmhaya Southwest, Rahu-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate varahadevaya West, Saturn-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate kurmadevaya Northwest, Moon-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya North, Mercury-Yantra: Om namo bhagavate buddhadevaya Overview Of All Subtle Means Of Correction Level of correction Used for Yantras Specific Vastu defects which cannot be done away with by building measures. Meru Chakra Strengthens the female energies, the organic life energy and the money and health area in the north; is applied in the northeast in order to rectify energetic Vastu defects. Vasati Pyramid General strengthening of all energies in the house; strengthening of all yantras mounted in the house; correction of Vastu defects on the energetic and karmic level; positioning in the middle of the house or a room. Mantras;- Supporting the effects of yantras by reciting the respective mantras. Kavaca;- Personal planet amulet to balance karmic and bio-energetic weaknesses of the BIRTH CHART. The Kavaca — Protection Through The Strength Of Positive Planets;- According to Vedic astrology, every man has both potentially negative planets the influence of which will cause suffering and difficulties, as well as potentially positive planets which will act as our helpers and healers. To strengthen those is the most effective protection against attacks from the negative planets and their effects on the life of a person. Vasti defects amplify weaknesses present in the birth chart. But positive Vasati constellations will be able to balance them to a certain degree. However, their corrections cannot only be performed within space, but also directly with astral means of corrections. The ancients Veda scriptures describe a kavaca (protection) as this powerful process of enhancing the forces of positive planets and therefore bringing about a protection for all areas of the birth chart. On a very rare, auspicious day, the power of the positive planets is carved on a silver amulet with the help of number symbols, following an ancient rite thousands of years old. If you wear a kavaca made on such a day, one conserves the positive power of this point of time for the rest of one's life, because the combination of numbers carved onto the silver amulet will amplify the resonance of the planets with the person wearing the kavaca. The most important Vastu defects and their correction;-