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04 FACTS;-

1-Earth energy constitutes natural and subtle form of electrical energy, which plays an important role in the anti-aging process.First of all,we must know that the Earth is a consciousness as much as you are a consciousness. It just didn't choose to have a body form like you do. It chose to have a body form like it has.

2-As a consciousness the Earth has a vibration, a frequency of vibration, a very powerful frequency of vibration. And as that consciousness with vibration, it has power.

3-In fact the Earth is a very beautiful/wonderful power, and in many ways it has a greater ability to act than you do. And that need not be a threat or bad news. Rather, it can be something to celebrate as a newfound friend that is stronger than you ...that you can lean upon, that you can work with.


In fact, there are four relationships that you can have with the Earth....

1-One is a relationship of working together, and that is a relationship of co-creating with the Earth

.2-Another you can have is a relationship of giving -- where you give to the Earth.You can give the Earth love. In those places where the Earth needs love, where the Earth seems dead, love the Earth.The Earth loves herself in those places where the Earth is alive and beautiful. And the Earth doesn't love itself in other places where it seems to be dead.And you also can give to the Earth also by understanding and working in harmony with the Earth... in harmony with the future that the Earth is attempting to produce.

3-And as well as working with and giving to the Earth, you can also receive from the Earth. Let the Earth teach you/ give to you. In those places where the Earth is alive, let the Earth love you. Give the Earth that privilege ; that opportunity to love you.

4-And finally, you can be loved by the Earth. And the Earth can be loved by you. Now what does "being loved" mean? Remember: being loved means that you are changed by the love that is felt. "Because the Earth loves me, I am a different person. And because I love the Earth, the Earth changes."

4-A-And the Earth similarly can work with you, and can receive from you, and can give back to you, and can be changed because of you. You and the Earth can establish an intimate relationship. You and the Earth can have a loving relationship.

4-B-To love the Earth ... Does that mean you have to lie down and embrace it ...But realize, the Earth, like you, is an illusion. Yes ... the Earth ... like you ... is an illusion. It's a hologram. It's a holographic image. It's an expression of light trapped by your desire, your expectation, and your imagination.

4-C-And therefore, like every other holographic image, any part of it contains the whole. Any piece of it contains the whole. And therefore, if you love this piece of Earth, you are loving the totality of Earth. That love becomes a part of the whole. And if the Earth loves you, that love becomes part of all that you are.



Solar energy and gravitational energy are the fundamental sources of energy for the Earth's climate system.

04 FACTS;- 1-Our heart is not located half-way down, it is placed three-fourths of the way up because pumping blood up against gravity is more difficult than pumping it down. The blood vessels which go upward are a finer arrangement compared to those going down.

2-As they go up into the brain, they are almost hair-like, to such a point that they cannot even take one extra drop. If one extra drop is pumped in, something will burst and we will have a hemorrhage.

3-Most people have hemorrhages in their brain. This does not incapacitate us in any major way, but small damages happen. We may become duller, which people are becoming.

4-Our level of intelligence after the age of 35 drops in many ways unless we take enormous care to keep it up. We are managing because of our memory, not because of our intelligence.


05 FACTS;- IF WE PUT OUR HEAD TOWARDS NORTH;-1-If we have any kind of blood-related problem, as anemia, a doctor prescribes.. Iron. It is an important ingredient in our blood. You have heard of the magnetic fields on the planet. In many ways, the earth is engineered because of its magnetism.The magnetic forces are very powerful on the planet.

2-If you place your head to the north and stay that way for 5 to 6 hours, the magnetic pull will cause pressure on your brain. 3-When the body is positioned horizontally, you can immediately make out that your pulse rate drops. The body makes this adjustment because if blood is pumped at the same level, too much will go into our head, causing damage.

4-Now, if you place your head to the north and stay that way for 5 to 6 hours, the magnetic pull will cause pressure on your brain. If you are beyond a certain age and your blood vessels are weak, you could have hemorrhages and paralytic strokes.

5-Or, if your system is sturdy and these things don’t happen to you, you could get up agitated because there is more circulation in the brain than there should be when you are sleeping. It is not that if you do this for one day, you will fall dead. But if you do this every day, you are asking for trouble & trouble depends on how strong our system is..


05 FACTS;-

1-As you might be aware that energies, either positive or negative are always around us, whether we want them or not. Also, we constantly receive and radiate energy, hence it is crucial to sleep in a place with positive and harmonious energy to have sound and comfortable sleep. Vastu sleeping directions are guidelines and tips to sleep in a way so that we receive favorable energies and reject unfavorable ones .

2-Researches in medical science reveal that during sleep, the subconscious performs repair work on our body. Now you know why doctors give medicines and advise to sleep properly whenever we are ill.A sleep deprived person becomes unhealthy in short period of time; his brain looses understanding and analyzing power quickly. With his analyzing power going downhill, the person takes wrong decisions.

3-On the other hand a very good, sound and timely sleep provides us energy which enables us to manage our day to day work easily and proficiently. We know the importance of good, sound and timely sleep. But there are certain questions, about sleep, which need special attention, and these questions are:-

Can you sleep in any direction?Can you sleep anywhere in a home?

4-To address these questions we take help of vastu shastra. As we already know about 16 directions of happy and contented living. Vastu provides guidelines and tips for everything related to human life.

5-As per vastu, you are free to sleep with your head in any direction

EXCEPT NORTH.East is the best direction.South/West is alright.North, no. This is true as long as you are in the northern hemisphere – sleeping with your head towards any side except north is okay. However, sleeping with head in different directions has different affects on sleep quality of people.

We’ll take help of below diagram to understand best vastu sleeping direction....


Sleeping with your head in North direction is not recommended by vastu shastra. In fact, as per vastu, one must never keep his head in North while sleeping. Only a dead-body’s head is kept towards North direction. If one sleeps in this position then he/she faces major sickness and remains sleep deprived.

HEAD IN SOUTH: -As per sleeping direction vastu, this is the BEST DIRECTION to keep head. Sleeping with head towards South direction increases wealth, happiness and prosperity. Also the quality of sleep is best when sleeping in this position.


Sleeping with head in East direction increases memory, concentration, good health and inclination towards spirituality. Students, as per vastu shastra, must sleep with their head in East direction in order to increase memory, retention power of brain and concentration.


As per vastu, sleeping in west is also favorable direction. Sleeping with head in West gives name, fame, reputation and prosperity.

HOW TO WAKE UP?- 1-Our heart is an important aspect of our physiology. The station that pumps life across the body – if this one thing doesn’t happen, nothing happens – starts from your left side.

2-In India, the culture has always said that when you wake up, you must roll to your right side and then get out of bed. When your body is in a certain state of relaxation, its metabolic activity is low. When you get up, there is a certain surge of activity. So you need to roll over to your right side and get up because at a lower level of metabolic activity, if you suddenly roll to your left, you will put pressure upon your cardiac system.


03 FACTS;- 1-In the tradition, they also told you that before you get up in the morning, you must rub your hands together and place your palms upon your eyes. They said that if you do this, you will see God. It is not about seeing God.

2-Before you get up in the morning, you must rub your hands together and place your palms upon your eyes.There is a heavy concentration of nerve endings in your hands. If you rub your palms together, all the nerve endings are activated and the system comes awake immediately.

3-When you wake up in the morning and still feel sleepy and drowsy, just do this and see, everything comes awake. Instantly, a whole range of nerves connected with your eyes and other aspects of your senses come awake. Before you move your body, your body and brain should be active. You shouldn’t get up dumb, in the morning..this is the logic...