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10 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The South The planet Mars represents the active emotional and vital projections of the self towards the outside world.Thus it represents energies hidden in matter, howevertrying to manifest themselves in matter. The negative aspect of Mars also entails the chaotic and destructive forces. Just like the sun and the moon embody the polarity of the sexes on a higher platform, Mars and Venus represent this polarity on the sexual level. Mars is the active male pole personifying strength, courageand enthusiasm. Without its influence, no interest, no passion and no determination will ever develop. Mars is the planet of deed, clearly directed towards a goal.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Kitchen, fire,chimney, electric installations

3-Life areas: Brothers, friends and associates, ambition,mechanical and technical abilities, sexuality, logic,science, research, hard work, violence, organisation.

4-Organs: Head, external genitals, the left ear, muscles, blood, uterus, prostata, pelvis.

5-Enhances the following qualities: Activity, ambition, desires, courage, mechanical abilities, motivation, determination,intensity.

6-Good position of Mars will lead to: Self-confidence, endurance, heroism, power, pugnacity, sharp intelligence,organisational abilities, good leadership qualities.

7-Bad position of Mars will lead to: Thoughtlessness, competitive spirit, impulsiveness, loss of calmness, sudden deaths,accidents, loss of partner, injuries, animosity, war.

8-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Mars: Measles, mumps, infections, fever, dcolds and allergies.

9-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate narasimhaya.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 4-MERCURY;-

09 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The North As the messenger of the Gods Mercury represents communication, movement and intelligence. It stands for cleverness, eloquence, traveling, logic and theability to learn and understand. Its position in the horoscope or in the house of a person indicates hisintellectual and spiritual development in life.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Guest room,reception, entrance hall, all green areas, safe, office,business areas, children's rooms.

3-Living areas: Communication, exchange, learning,teaching, eloquence, traveling, logic, spontaneouschanges, money and trade articles, trade, childhood.

4-Organs: Lung, nervous system, solar plexus.

5-Enhances the following qualities: Intelligence,eloquence, communication, trade, financial affairs, writing, exchanges, relationships.

6-Good position of Mercury will lead to: Fostering things common to all mankind, reason, learning and teaching.

7-Bad position of Mercury will lead to: Problems in the childhood, problems with nerves, communication disorders, lackof concentration, restlessness, indecisiveness, wickedness, deceit, garrulity, excentric behaviour, instability.

8-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Mercury: Nerve troubles, eye illnesses, throat aches, anaemia, itching.

9-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate buddha-devaya.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 5-JUPITER;-

10 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The Northeast Planet Jupiter is the most magnanimous and helpfulamong the planets. It represents all areas of life inwhich we grow and learn. All the mercy we receive inlife is also embodied by Jupiter. At the same time itrepresents law and order both externally and internally.By its influence the good in life will reach us.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Children's rooms, altarand temple room, safe

3-Living areas: Learning and teaching, priesthood,hierarchy, law and order, mercy, happiness and luck.

4-Organs: Hips, upper thighs, liver, gall, bladder,pancreas.

5-Enhances the following qualities: Learning, teaching,development of children, creativity, growth,truthfulness, concentration, meditation, discernment.

5-Good position of Jupiter will lead to: Truthfulness, steadiness, concentration, knowledge, happiness, optimism, fertility,productiveness, benevolence, openness, generosity, genius, joy, health.

6-Bad position of Jupiter will lead to: Extremism, extravagance, excessive liberalism, carelessness, negligence, debts,fanaticism, wrong judgments.

7-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Jupiter: Diabetes, liver problems, hip disorders, gall stones, skin problems.

8-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate vamana-devaya. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 6-VENUS;-

09 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The Southeast Venus is known as the Goddess of love and beauty.In the same way Venus manifests the female aspectof life, it it represents our sense of harmony, passionand enjoyment. On the lower level, Venus stands for sexuality, wealth and beauty, while on a higher levelis represents the devotion to truth.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Living room,bedroom of parents, comfortable areas.

3-Living areas: Love, beauty, luxury, enjoyment,wealth, the lover of the man.

4-Organs: Eyes, progenerative organs, skin, neck, chin,cheeks, kidneys.

5-Enhances the following qualities: Harmony, art,desires, sexuality, happiness, looks, generosity.

6-Good position of Venus will lead to: Friendliness,loving kindness, a good marriage, a pleasant personality, attention, generosity, an artistic nature, popularity

7-.Bad position of Venus will lead to: lethargy, indolence, extravagance, excentric behaviour, lack of emotional control.

8-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Venus: Eye infection, problems with the ovaries, skin diseases, swellings,anaemia.

9-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate parashuramaya.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 7-SATURN;-

08 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler of The West Saturn is considered to be the most vicious among the main planets, if he is manifesting his negative aspects,while his positive aspect is of great importance to spiritual life especially. It bestows one with discipline,renunciation and fosters solitude and asceticism. His dark side entails death, disease, poverty, separationand perversion. It can be felt anywhere where things degenerate, are being destroyed or lose their power. It confronts man with suffering and pessimism.Equipped with such qualities, Saturn respresents time especially which after all will dissolve all thing screated and will bring them closer to their natural ending or death. A strong Saturn is the basis for everything which should last in this world. Aweakened Saturn will lead to delays in many areas.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Dining room, pantry,storage room, garbage.

3-Living areas: Old age, death, disease, separation, suffering, degeneration, self-preservation, protection, discipline,solitude, renunciation, independence, durability, research, immovables.

4-Organs: Bones, teeth, hair, ears.Enhances the following qualities: Striving for self preservation and protectoin, discipline, transitoriness, trading withimmovables, building companies, science.

5-Good position of Saturn will lead to: Durability, discipline, renunciation, independence, border crossing.

6-Bad position of Saturn will lead to: Death, disease, degenerative processes, lethargy, stubbornness, lethargy, delays,depressions.

7-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Saturn: Arthritis, rheumatism, gall stones, weak knees, weak bones and teeth,ears illnesses, deafness, blindness.

8-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate kurma-devaya. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 8-RAHU ;-

08 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The Southwest In western astrology Rahu is not known as a planet´,but as the northern lunar node, i.e. the point of intersection between the ecliptic and the orbit of the moon. According to Vedic understanding Rahu is a subtle planet with a clearly felt influence on the lives of people. Rahu is always located on the opposite side of Ketu, the southern lunar node. Therefore,Rahu and Ketu rule the opposite directions of the diagnoal northeast (Ketu) and southwest (Rahu).Among the nine planets Rahu is considered to be the most vicious one. His influence is mainly felt on the psychological plane. In many ways, he is very similar to Saturn, however, in comparison, he acts more on the subtle plane. As subtle planets, both Rahu and Ketu adopt the qualities of those planets they are combined with.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Main entrance, bigand dark rooms.

3-Living areas: Craziness, neurosis, obsession, power, position.

4-Organs: Not specified.Enhances the following qualities: Power, fame, fulfillment of desires, use of mass trends.

5-Good position of Rahu will lead to: Harmony with the collective trend, prestige, popularity, fame, power.

6-Bad position of Rahu will lead to: Craziness, neurosis, obsession, psychological problems, dissatisfaction, dishonesty.

7-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Rahu: Problems with the central nervous system, psychological illnesses.

8-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate varaha-devaya.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 9-KETU;-

10 FACTS;-

1-The Ruler Of The Northeast In western astrology Ketu corresponds to the southern lunar node. Together with Jupiter it rules the northeast, however it only has a subordinary role in comparison to Jupiter. While Rahu points out the susceptibility of the individuum to the influence of the mass, Ketu indicates how the individuum moves in his own narrow circles and isolates himself.

2-Dominated aspects in the house: Exit, back entrance,bathroom, long halls, long rooms, cracks in thewalls.

3-Living areas: Healing, isolation, spirituality.

4-Organs: Not specified.

5-Enhances the following qualities: Concentration,perception, independence, liberation, spiritualhealing.

6-Good position of Ketu will lead to: Powerful perception, independence, interest in spirituality, capability of a spiritualhealer.

7-Bad position of Ketu will lead to: Lack of self-confidence, absolute chaos.

8-Diseases fostered by a bad position of Ketu: Not specified.

9-Mantra: Om namo bhagavate matsya-devaya.