Meru-Chakra – the most important corrective tool of VastuMeru YantraWhat is Meru Yantra, Mantra, Puja, Effect, Remedy? icon3Meru Yantra is a highly powerful and auspicious yantra that beholds supremacy similar to that of Shri Yantra. Whether it is any financial problems or personal setbacks, Meru Yantra has an answer to all. It works as a strong medium to remove all obstacles and pave way for a happy, healthier and wealthier life. It is mainly worshipped for prosperity.The names come from the name of the Mountain Meru. This is a sacred mountain that is spiritually known to be the center of all spiritual and physical universes according to Indian Mythology. The same spirituality and powers the yantra radiates when the possessor worships the same with a pure heart and mind.[box type=”shadow”]icon1What is Geometry of Meru Yantra ?The Meru Yantra is a three-dimensional yantra that is designed on the back of the tortoise with eight petals. It is also known to be infused with the powers of Shri Lakshmi and Tripura Sundari who are known to be an embodiment of abundance and beauty respectively. The yantra is also known to have a supernatural combination of Masculine and Feminine powers like the Shiva and Shakti, Lakshmi and Narayana, Purusha and Prakriti.[/box][box type=”shadow”]The design components of the Meru Yantra are as follows:Bindu – PointTrikona – TringleAshtakona, Samghar Chakra – destroying wheelSthithi Chakra – Preserving wheelChaturdahkona, Ashtdal Kamal – Group of Eight LotusShodash dal Kamal – Group of 16 LotusTeen Vrit – Three CrclesBhupur – First SquareSampoorna Srishti Chakra – whole system of universe and surrounded byFour Gates to Ridhi-Sidhi – prosperity and fame[/box][box type=”shadow”]icon1What is Geometry of Meru Yantra ?Meru Yantra is usually buried under the foundation of a house or a construction building. It is also placed in the locker room and in the cash box to enhance the flow of wealth and prosperity. To enjoy maximum benefits of the Meru yantra it is important to energize the yantra before placing it appropriately.[/box][box type=”success”]What are Materials Needed for Meru Yantra puja ?Meru YantraIncenseMilkSaffronWaterSandal pasteVermillionCoral malaClothRed clothFlowersFruits[/box][box type=”success”]How to do Meru yantra Puja and remedy Process ?:First place the yantra in the puja room with yourself facing in the East.Then wash with water.Add saffron to milk and use the mixture to wash the yantra.Again wash with water.Then wipe dry the yantra using a clean piece of cloth.Worship with vermillion and sandal paste.Offer flowers and fruits.Light incense.Then using the coral mala chant the Meru Yantra Mantra for 108 times. The mantra is as follows[/box]What is mantra for Meru Yantra ?[box type=”info”]icon4“Om, Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed,Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah”


;Meru-Chakra – the mostimportant corrective tool of Vastu The Meru chakra is a three-dimensional Shree yantra. It canbe effectively used for correcting defects of the north(direction of health, fortune and money) and northeast(energetically most important and most valuable area of thehouse). When placed in the northeast, it effectivelyimproves the spatial energies of the whole house. Defects ofspatial energy in the northeast and north are the mostserious ones, so the Meru chakra is the most importantcorrective tool in Vasati.The Shree yantra consists of triangles that are arranged in five levels around the center. The Meru chakra has these samelevels arranged in different heights. The spatial effect achieved hereby leads to a strengthening of the spatial effect ofthe as such two-dimensional Shree yantra. By that the Meru chakra becomes the ideal corrective tool for disturbedspatial energies. The advantage of three-dimensional yantras is that they resonate the energetic effect of the flat (two-dimensional) yantras directly with the living space. While the exact positioning in space of a two-dimensional yantradecisively influences its effect, the three-dimensional yantras described here act from any point in space withcomparable strength. Their effectiveness can be optimized by their correct position but this optimizing effect is clearlysmaller than it is with the conventional two-dimensional yantras.The Meru chakra embodies the energy of Shree, the goddess of fortune. Thus it is very much suitable for strengtheningthe female energies in the house. Since the goddess of fortune also embodies wealth and money, the Meru chakra alsohas a very positive influence on the energies of the money area in the north. When it is placed in the north of a house, itat the same time strengthens the organic aspects of the life energy that flows in from the north. You can even place it onthe northern wall in rooms without any windows to the north. Another direction where the Meru chakra would be veryeffective is the northeast. The energies flowing in from the northeast are stimulated and harmonized by the Meruchakra. Tests with skin resistance measurements have shown that the Meru chakra harmonizes all twelve meridians inthe body. Thus it can also be set up at your working place, in your office, beside the computer or in the living room nearthe suite in order to harmonize the energies of these areas and to free them from stress.After many years of research, the Veda Academy of Germany has authentically reproduced the Meru Chakra in auspi-cious metals with a beautiful 24 carat gold plated finish with exact geometric measurements. The knowledge for theconstruction of the Meru Chakra was derived from ancient Vastu scriptures. Thus the Veda Academy's extensiveresearch brings the ancient Meru Chakra's immense auspiciousness into your living spaces today.The precise dimension of the Meru-chakra are transferred by computer-technology to a laser that carved the mold. Inthis way an unprecedented preciseness of the geometry of the Meru-chakra is achieved. As the key to its power lies inthe sanctified geometry, this Golden Meru-chakra is extremely powerful and beautiful. The elaborate precious metal casting (silver, antimony, copper, zinc, pewter) is covered with 24 carat gold. Theoriginally complex geometrical measures have been precisely calculated and with up-to-date computer technologymeticulously applied to the mould. Precious material and the highest precision in manufacture make the original Meruchakra unequalled in its aesthetics and its energetic effect.Examples for the Use of the Meru ChakraIf the northeast of a building is burdened with falling energies like for example in a lumber room and a toilet or if it istoo much closed, a Meru chakra should be set up there. Of course you should in such a case first of all exhaust all otherpossible corrective measures.If a building has no sufficient window space in the northeast or if the northeast is obstructed by tall trees or a highneighbouring house, the Meru chakra is very good for strengthening the weakened organic aspects of the life energy.The same is true for rooms, especially when people carry out healing or financial activities there.The Meru chakra is very much helpful in business premises, above all in the area of the safe. The Meru chakra shouldbe placed in the north of the building or of the rooms in question also for this cause.When setting up the Meru chakra, you have to keep in mind that the flat side of the central triangle must be exactly aligned with the east.

2-Narasimha Raskana Yantra —

The Universal Protection Yantra Next to the Mars Yantra the Narasimha Raskana Yantra offersan exceedingly effective protection yantra which may not onlybe applied to the south, but also to other directions where specialprotection is desired, such as the entrance or the sleeping area.

3-The Direction Yantra;-

There is one more yantra which does not belong to the planetary yantras: the Direction Yantra. In general, it is being applied in all places where there are defects of direction, i.e. where according to Vastu things are at the wrongplace. The Directon Yantra has a complex structure in which geometric elements, symbols and mantras are combined.Colours are also applied as the Direction Yantra is available in a black and white and a multi-colour version.

Illustration: Direction Yantra In the centre of the Direction Yantra there is the Vastu-Purusha, the symbol of the life space. His head is directed towards the northeast, his feet to the southwest and his joints are located in the two dynamic directions, the northwestand the southeast. If the Direction Yantra is mounted horizontally, the head of the Vastu Purusha should be directedtowards the northeast while the head should point towards the left side, if it is affixed vertically on a wall.Around the Vastu Purusha there is a geometrical structure made of three circles, in which the 32 directions of the skyare named and numbered. This structure has the effect of an antenna and at the same time of a mechanism which balances wrong placements of rooms or objects. In the outer environment of this geometry there is the respective mantra of the demigod ruling over the direction inquestion. According to Vedic understanding, the demigods are powerful entities who are connected to the cosmic laws.

Examples for the application of the Direction Yantra:-

In the case of a misplaced room such as a kitchen in the northeast or an office in the south, the Direction Yantra may beplaced above the door outside of this room. Also in the case of misplaced furniture or other objects, the DirectionYantra may be applied. If for instance, there is a cupboard in the north of a room and cannot be moved, it is advisable to fix the Direction Yantra in the middle of the cupboard on the backside or also somewhere on the front side.

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