04 FACTS;-

1-Earth energy healing is a self healing technique through which you use earth’s energy to activate positive energy to heal yourself and lead a more fulfilled life.

2-Earth energy is considered an important spiritual energy force and can be received directly from the earth or through any life form rooted to the earth like trees etc.

3-One of the most important things to understand here is that our connection to the earth is quite deep rooted and this relationship can be understood from the fact that the earth supports our life in many ways.

4-Earth is also one of the five elements that helped in the creation of the human body or our physical self. As the earth energy plays an important role in connecting us to the Universe, it is an important mean of self healing.


04 FACTS;-

1-Earth energy healing can only take place when you receive energy from the earth. The energy will flow through the energy channels in your body, through the human energy field and the chakras. When the energy flows through our body, we can experience a sense of balance and well being.

2-Most people don’t realize that lack of well being or poor health and even diseases can manifest in the body when this energy is blocked or deficient. Stress and anxiety are two psychological problems that exist whenever the balance of positive energy in our body is disturbed.

3-A lack of earth energy can create a feeling of fantasy or a sense of ineffectiveness in physical reality and then depression.

4-Most of the positive energy in our body consists of earth energy and cosmic energy. Earth energy helps restore the flow of energy through your body system, thus enabling us to heal ourself. It is generated by the planet and comprises a dense and rich vibration that helps us feel grounded to our physical self.


06 FACTS;-

1-The whole focus of modern education and cultures is on how to use and exploit our physical environment – every creature and every substance. Nothing is being offered to enhance the way we experience life. We have learnt to use everything around us, but wellbeing has not happened.

2-Today, in the world, we are building medical infrastructure in such a way that we seem to expect that everyone will be seriously ill someday. There was a time when there used to be one doctor for the whole town and it was enough. Today, every street has minimum five doctors and it is not enough. This shows how we are living.

3-The earth that you walk upon has a sense of intelligence and memory. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, it is important to keep in touch with

the earth.If we want to live well, being in reverence towards the very earth that you walk upon, towards the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, the people that you come in touch with and everything else that you use, including your body and mind, will lead us to a different possibility as to how we can live.

4-The earth that you walk upon has a sense of intelligence and memory. Even if you live in a concrete jungle, it is important to keep in touch with the earth. Create ways for yourself to somehow do this. If your bare hands and bare feet – particularly the palms and soles – come in touch with the earth on a daily basis, it will harmonize the physiological process in your system. Try to spend at least a few minutes in the garden, barefoot, touching plants or trees, because the earth is the basis of life. This is a simple way to connect with the earth.

5-The time between the day of pradosham – two days before a new moon day – and new moon is particularly conducive for this experience. On these days, the moon creates a certain level of inertia, and our body and its energies are much more connected with the earth than on other days. If not every day, at least from pradosham to amavasya, if not outside, at least in the house – see if you can walk barefoot and sit on the floor, particularly cross-legged.

6-Both bring a deep energy connection and create the experience of being a part of the earth. Lying down will not give us that kind of conscious experience.The energies function when we lie down does not support a conscious experience.There are various other practices in this culture to connect to the earth experientially.


02 FACTS;-

1-During every month and during every paksha, the point of time when triyodashi (13th day of the fortnight) meets the end of dwadasi (12th day of fortnight) is called Pradosha.

2-During pradosha, Nandi (the sacred bull of Shiva) in all the Shiva temples in South India is worshipped. The festival idol of Shiva with Parvathi in a seated pose on Nandi is taken as a procession in the temple complex.


07 FACTS;-

1-Shani Pradosha, the pradosha falling on a Saturday corresponding to planet saturn is considered important among other pradosham.

2-The importance of Shani Pradosha is closely associated with Mahakaleshwar temple in Ujjain, a town in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh .The city of Ujjain was called Avantika and was famous for its devotional epicenter. It was also one of the primary cities where students went to study holy scriptures.

3-According to legend, there was a ruler of Ujjain called Chandrasen, who was a pious devotee of Shiva and worshipped him all the time. He was blessed with a celestial gem which could create miracles. Rivals of Ujjain, king Ripudaman and king Singhaditya of the neighboring kingdoms decided to attack Ujjain and take over the treasure.

4-The king Chandransena unaware of the impending war was worshipping Shiva. He was joined by a farmer's boy named Shrikhar, who was walking on the grounds of the palace and heard the king chant the Shiva's name. However, the guards removed him by force and sent him to the outskirts of the city near the river Kshipra. Shrikhar continued to pray and the news spread to a priest named Vridhi. He was shocked to hear this and upon the urgent pleas of his sons, he started to pray Shiva inside the river Kshipra.

5-The enemy kings chose to attack and it happened to be a Saturday and Triyodashi.With the help of the powerful demon Dushan, who was blessed by Brahma to be invisible, they plundered the city and attacked all the devotees of Shiva.

6-Upon hearing the pleas of his helpless devotees, Shiva appeared in his Mahakal (form of light) and destroyed the enemies of king Chandrasen.Upon the request of his devotees Shrikhar and Vridhi, Shiva agreed to reside in the city and become the chief deity of the kingdom. From that day on, Shiva resided in his light form as Mahakal in a Lingam that was formed on its own from the powers of the Shiva and his consort, Parvati.

7- It is believed that people worshipping Shiva on a Shani Pradosha would be free from the fear of death and diseases. They would also be granted worldly treasure.


03 FACTS;-

1-The primary benefit of healing with earth energy is that it will help you tackle common illnesses and offer relief from pain in joints or other areas of your body.

2-It will help improve blood and air circulation in the body and can heal medical conditions like high blood pressure.

3-Earth energy constitutes natural and subtle form of electrical energy, which plays an important role in the anti-aging process.


03 FACTS;-

1-We all know that we depend on the physical presence and life supporting gifts from Mother Earth in order to bealive.Food, Air, Water, and directly physical contact in the form of Grounding are all essential to Well Being.

2-In addition to eating well, hydrating fully, and breathing deeply, we can simply touch the earth directly to be electrically connected to this powerful and life changing healing energy flow.

3-we Can Become A Recipient Of Earth Energy by

incorporating certain practices in our day-to-day life. Some of the ways of receiving earth energy for healing ourself include:-


1-Greeting the Earth with love, compassion, and gratitude

Standing bare feet on the grass or ground (denotes earth) will help the earth energy to touch our feet. When you are barefoot, the chances of earth energy entering your body will be higher.

2-The earth energy will travel from your feet and up your legs to the knees. As it moves from your feet to the knees, it will enhance earth energy healing.

3-The earth energy will move from your knees to the first chakra, which is the base of your spine.Once it reaches

the 7th chakra, the energy will fill your aura field.

4-It is very important to use meditation or silent praying that will help us focus on releasing any stress or pain that we are experiencing.

5-You need to release the negative energy causing pain or stress into the earth and your mind needs to be focused

on it.


But beyond simply touching the earth, there are other, less well known ways to resonate more deeply with the earth and to expedite our healing .Four additional

healing modalities to use Mother Earth’s healing energy to our advantage:-


07 FACTS;-

1-Like a baby being held near the heartbeat of the mother that carried her, listening to and feeling the vibration that Mother Earth holds us in is a womb like, nurturing, deeply healing state.

2-Deep, relaxed yet attentive states like those achieved through prolonged meditation changes the electrical activity of the brain to enhance alpha waves.

3-Alpha waves of the brain are the exact same frequency as the heartbeat of the earth… the same as for the tuning fork above… showing up as a frequency of 7.83 Hz on EEG.

4-It means that when our brains are relaxed, open, alert but non-directed, they are in complete sync with Mother Earth and this resonance is what allows the state of meditation to be a deeply healing state.

5-Like touching the earth, allowing our brains to open, fall silent, awaken into the Earth’s frequency by getting into the alpha frequency allows us to be in the state of pure positive Well Being.

6-Many studies have shown alpha brain frequency to be the frequency of deep relaxation, which allows for spontaneous information in the mind to process and making room for spontaneous information that is not from external sensory input or cognitive, directed reasoning but from a deeper intuitive state of wholeness.

7-If you want to get into a healing state that allows for a deeper resonance of our central nervous system with Mother Earth… practice mindful meditation.This state of

relaxed, open attentiveness is the ultimate healing state. It is the state of having our entire brain resonate with Mother Earth.


03 FACTS;-

1-HEALING is the same frequency as the healing energy

of Mother Earth.Sleeping well allows for our brains to cycle through this beautiful healing resonance with the earth during REM sleep, where our brains are primarily in those beautiful alpha patterns as measured by EEG.

2-This is one reason why getting a good night’s sleep impacts our entire body from head to toe… high quality sleep does everything from preserve our brain volume and function to accelerating weight loss.

3-To take our sleep resonance to the HIGH level, we can combine our brain’s healing alpha state with the Earth’s energy directly, not just through resonance of frequency but by directly grounding the body when sleeping on a Grounding Mattress Panel as a common thing done by our ancestors to receive Mother Earth’s healing flow...


05 FACTS;-

1-For decades go-to healing recommendations for patients has been a hot water bottle, which combines the healing properties of water ..the most intuitive medium on Earth with heat to help relax, repair, increase blood flow and soothe aches and pains from head-to-toe.

2-A hot water bottle significantly helps support the energetic repair and realignment of any discomfort you are experiencing — headaches, muscle tension, soreness, cramps, back pain, neck pain, growing pains, sinus pressure, earaches, etc…

3- The healing power of water combined with the energetic support of warmth increases circulation and speeds delivery of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

4- We can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the force of Mother Earth’s natural healing flow by adding the element of Grounding to the traditional use of a hot water bottle.

5-By increasing localized blood flow (via warmth) and surrounding the area with intuitive energy release (via water) and decreasing inflammation and pain (via grounding) so we can give our body the best possible avenue for full and quick repair.