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WHAT IS HAMSA STICK?- 05 FACTS;- 1- The Yoga Danda or Yoga staff is an ancient device,designed by yogis centuries ago, which when supported under the armpits, provides the desired effect. 2-The Yoga Danda is a T-shaped wooden staff of about 2 feet in height. The horizontal member is bent in the shape of a “U” with a smooth broad edge to provide a comfortable support to the armpit. 3-The Meditation Stick is a very ancient and traditional yoga tool to assist in one's spiritual practice. It is used by, and normally seen with, wandering yogis as a vital complement to their yogic practices. 4-Yoga Danda helps in changing the flow of BREATH in nostrils. This allows a person to achieve optimum energy flow in the body. The flow of breath can be altered by supporting the Yoga Danda under the armpits (right or left as per need).

5-For the average person, the whole brain functions optimally only for the few moments when Sushumna awakens every 1½ hours of the automatic breathing cycle. Proper use of the Yoga Danda, however, induces a continuing balance of both nostrils, enabling the Yogis who follow the paths of Tantra and Swara Yoga to maintain the flow of Sushumna Nadi and thereby experience meditative awareness for hours or days continually.

USEFUL FOR THE PRACTICE OF JAPA MEDITATION ;- 05 FACTS;- 1-Some practitioners of Japa Meditation on mala beads rest the hands on the knees while turning the beads, so that the mala is allowed to rest on the floor. Others, bend their arm so that their hand is placed towards the heart while bead turning but this can be tiresome. 2-Often, many practitioners of japa meditation, prefer to support their forearm on the Yoga Danda, so that they can practice japa without discomfort. 3-Yoga Danda is of great help to practitioners of Japa Meditation as well. Meditation with mala beads (japa) can be tiresome for the hands at times. It is used to prop up tired arms while counting off the number of repetitions of mantras when using a mala or rosary to do so. 4-So the practitioner can use the Yoga Danda to support his arm holding the beads. It enables a longer, unhindered japa without discomfort. 5-In this case, the danda is placed in front of the seated body and the hand supported on it. The mala is allowed to fall freely from this raised position that facilitates turning of the beads for japa. 3-USEFUL FOR THE PRACTICE OF PRANAYAMA;- 07 FACTS;- 1-The Mediation Stick is especially useful in the practice of pranayama, or breath control exercises in yoga, as keeping the stick in the armpit causes the breath to flow from the opposite nostril in a calm and focussed manner. 2-Energy or Life force or Prana running in our bodies is the basis of our existence- our being. We can attain harmony when this energy is in harmony and in peace. The only way we can harmonise this energy is by controlling our breath pattern. 3-One part of controlling breathing is by watching and correcting the flow of air through our right and left nostrils. The irregular flow in the nostrils can be regulated by the practice of Pranayama. Yoga Danda helps in changing the flow of breath in nostrils. This allows a person to achieve optimum energy flow in the body. The flow of breath can be altered by supporting the Yoga Danda under the armpits (right or left as per need). 4-In a normally healthy person, the flow in any one nostril is slightly restricted as compared to the flow in the other nostril. This unequal flow between nostrils is normal and alternates between the right and the left on its own every few hours. However, sometimes one nostril gets exceedingly restricted and the flow is blocked if there is any disturbance in our mind-body complex. At this time, even the alteration in flow to the other nostril is delayed. 5-There are ways available to change the flow of breath between nostrils if you .experience the need to do so. This is specially required to practice alternate nostril breathing successfully - a very useful Pranayama breathing technique with powerful benefits . USEFUL FOR THE PRACTICAL MASSAGE;- The Meditation Stick is a very practical massage tool too, especially on those hard to reach spots in the back and the pressure points where the shoulder joins the neck. Using the curved section of the stick one can run it over all the limbs to provide instantaneous relief. This is an overlooked but necessary aspect of practice as long hours of meditation do cause some physical stiffness. HOW TO USE IT?- 1-Squat on the floor or be seated in any meditative posture such as Siddhasana or Padmasana with spine erect. 2-Support your torso on the Yoga Danda by resting your armpit on the U-shaped horizontal member of the staff. The Danda is to be placed under the side that has the open nostril. 3-Place the yoga danda under the armpit of your active (open nostril) side and put your weight over the danda. Observe your breath flow and you will find within 5 to 10 minute your breath flow will alternate to the other nostril side. 4-For example, if the flow is free on the right nostril, support your right armpit on the Yoga danda. After a few minutes, you will feel the flow of breath easier through the left nostril. Once this flow through the left nostril is achieved, the stick may be removed 5-The area under the armpit is rich in lymph nodes; the lymph removes the toxins from the human body. Pressing the armpit also stimulates the

lymph flow and aids in DETOXIFICATION of our systems..... Make it a regular practice to use the Yoga Danda for a few minutes daily while being seated..... BENEFITS';- 04 FACTS;- 1-The Yoga Danda offers a convenient way to alter breath flow between nostrils. This helps in freeing up the breath flow and is especially useful in gaining the maximum out of Pranayama techniques, especially those requiring alternate nostril breathing, such as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. 2-In fact, there is a whole branch of Yoga, called Svara Yoga that employs regulation of flow between nostrils to achieve optimum energy flows in our body with great results. 3-When pressed under the armpit, it aids in Detoxification. The area under the armpit is rich in lymph nodes where the absorption of toxins for excretion takes place. The lymph removes the toxins from the human body. Pressing the armpit stimulates the lymph flow which helps eliminate the toxins from our systems 4-In all, this is a handy tool to be had by a sincere yoga practitioner who wishes to harness the energy balancing power of yoga.