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Vastu is a science of buildings. It has been a part of our civilisation since ancient times but now many so called Vastu pundits are spreading unnecessary fear and myths which is jeopardising the whole scientific reasoning behind Vastu Shastra.


Lord Ganesha at the entrance is auspicious

The practice of placing figurine of lord Ganesha at the entrance of a building must be avoided as showing back to lord Ganesha brings abject poverty.


Mirror in bedroom causes misery in marital life

Again, this is a common belief that mirror in the bedroom brings bad luck to the marriage. But it is certain that the position of dressing table/mirror reflecting the bed doesn’t create any such negative effect by itself. The problem arises only if the location of the mirror is in the incompatible zone.


A-Face East while conducting Business

The belief that only facing East would be profitable for conducting business has no substance. This belief has been passed on from previous times when all articles were made by hand.

B-Accordingly, it was correct to sit facing East while working. But now the style of work has undergone numerous changes in the modern world.

C-According to Vastu, each kind of work is associated with a particular zone that is best for it. According to your business, you need to choose the right direction which will give you complete success and profit.


Main Entrance in the West or South zones are inauspicious..

Many people believe that North-East entrance is the best and in search of this entrance, they give up West and South-facing plots, as they consider them inauspicious. Whereas the surprising fact is that 80 percent of successful people occupy properties facing West or South.


Three doors aligned facing each other in a straight line

There is a misconception that vastu doesn’t permit doors facing each other. The reality is however different. The plans of old buildings, including ancient temples, do not support this myth.

In fact in few ancient temples the four doors were always aligned in a straight line. Hence, it’s better to design as per the practical requirements, complying with the 4-steps of Vastu.


Toilet at the entrance is inauspicious....

It’s another common belief that toilet at the entrance is inauspicious. Whereas, the truth is that effects of an entrance are different from those of a bathroom. According to Vastu, toilets are should be built in the zone of disposal. Vastu defects are caused when these recommendations are not meant.


04 FACTS;-

1-Toilet and Kitchen shouldn’t be together

It is a very common misconception that in a building kitchen, toilet, should not be adjacent to each other. If we go by the common belief, a common wall between the kitchen and the toilet is considered highly inauspicious. But MahaVastu has proved it wrong.

2- If we consider the elements associated with the 16 Vastu Zones then the ideal location of the kitchen and the toilet is found adjacent to each other.According to the Theory of 5 Elements and the Vastu’s Shakti Chakra, the best zone for the kitchen is South-East, with other permissible Vastu zones being North-West, West, South and South-South-East.

3-On the other hand, Vastu Zones prescribed for locating a toilet are South-South-West, West-North-West, and East-South-East.Clearly, if we go by the zonal capacity of the kitchen and the toilet, the ideal location of the kitchen lies adjacent to the ideal locations of a toilet.

4-It should also be remembered that the kitchen is represented by the Fire element and the toilet by Earth. Since Fire element complements Earth, there is no mistake or Vastu dosh in keeping the kitchen and the toilet adjacent to each other..


03 FACTS;-

1-A rational understating helps to maintain equilibrium with nature; with simple yet powerful remedies without demolishing buildings.

2- Vastu propagates that five elements are present in directions in our living spaces and the imbalance in these elements leads to the sickness of mind and body. It basically balances all these 5 elements for harmony in life.

3- Vastu Philosophy' is based on extensive research on vastu shastra and yoga philosophy.





4-THE SYMBOLS(Space Programming Technique)

WHAT IS SPACE PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUE?Programming’ here means doing the Vastu Programming of the space or building in which we live. As per Vastu Shastra, the meaning of Programming is to command a given Space with the help of Balancers( Objects) present there to get the desired results.


02 FACTS;-

1-Balancers are used to remove flaws or Vastu doshas in a building. When used appropriately, balancers not only bring prosperity and positive energy but also remove all the negative energy in the building.

2-They are energizers that help in establishing balance among the five elements of Nature and the building. Harmonic balance is a must in Vastu and balancers aid towards achieving it. They are used to bring happiness, love, prosperity, gains, success, positivity, good health and joy in our lives.


After deciding 16 VASTU ZONES;first of all check the entrance.If the main door is in a direction which is ideal as per Vaastu rules, it will bring in good energy, but if the door is in a direction which is prohibited for an entry by Vaastu rules, it will bring in bad energy.After that the basis of Five elements is checked ,as..





05 FACTS;-

1-The entrance for the house has to be viewed as the mouth of the house that transmits positive or negative energy into the house.your living space or house makes you exactly what you are... Space alchemy is all about how universal energies do or undo your world. The Space inside a Building is an extension of one’s own Mind, i.e., the Space where you live or reside is an extension of your own Mind only.

2-That Space is also a detailed analysis of your own Sub-Conscious Mind which has been called as Vastu Purush in Vastu Shastra. Vastu means a place suitable for habitation or Vistaar, i.e., where one can live or reside.

3-Interaction of the Five Elements of Wood, Water, Air, Space and Fire and the 16 Vastu zones of energy comprise your house.

4-Be aware that if you change your house setting by fine tuning it with Vastu guidance, you can change your life positively. Since the main door connects the house energy with universal energy, you must ensure it is in the right place.

5-Vaastu rules say that all directions are good. However, the internal layout of the house (position of the kitchen, toilets, bath rooms, bed rooms, mandir, main door, etc.) and cuts/extensions in the shape of the house if any, decide the benefits or losses due to the energy of any direction.


04 FACTS;-

1-Several energy fields are developed in the living space on the basis of Five elements (Pancha Tatva) : (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space).How these elements are related to each other:-

A-Water Element create Air/Plant so its Parent element for Air.

B-Air (Wood) Element Create Fire so its Parent element for Fire.

C-Fire Element Create Earth so its Parent element for Earth.

D-Earth Element create Metal/Space so its Parent element for Space.

E-Space Element Create water so its Parent Element for Water.

2-So that is said Space (Gray/White Color) is Parent Element for Water (Black/Blue Color) and Child Element for Earth (Yellow Color)Water (Blue/Black color)

3-Parent element enhance the zone and Child element exhaust the zone......


4-To balance Five elements; apply the Technique of enhance(Parent element Colour) & exhaust(Child element Colour).


04 FACTS;-

1- We usually keep a number of Interior Objects of daily use in our homes, such as TV, Beds, Sofa sets, Almirah, Washing Machine, etc. According to Vastu, each such Interior Object is symbolic of an element, such as Water, Air, Fire, Earth or Space (Panchtattva).

2-Further, each of these elements convey an emotion and fulfill a function, small or big in our lives. Therefore, the placement of an Interior Object in the Right Vastu Zone is very vital in our daily lives to have a positive and fruitful influence.

3-Objects kept at certain places in our homes, factories or offices have a positive or negative impact on our lives in some way or the other. According to Vastu, any interior object is symbolic of an element and emotion, and fulfills a function, small or big, in our lives. Therefore, its placement in the right Vastu Direction/Zone is of utmost importance

4-Any Built-up Space receives continuous messages from objects placed in various zones. In fact, each Vastu Zone has a specific attribute, eg. the North-East is the Zone of Wisdom & Clarity of Mind, while, the East is the Zone of Social Associations. Therefore, each zone is appropriate for a certain kind of object and supports a specific function.

VASTU TIPS to keep in mind before purchasing a space that you would like to recommend;-

03 FACTS;-

1-Before buying a home or an office one must check the location of entrance, e.g., an E3-E4 or a N3-N4 entrance is very auspicious, it brings in money, profits and success. On the contrary, an east entrance of a house leads to fire, accidents and unexpected losses for the inhabitants.

2-According to Vastu, S3-S4 entrance brings immense prosperity whereas entrance from south creates negative effects on the kids specially the boys of the family.

3-In general, houses and buildings facing north-east, south and the west are considered good for the residence.



Toilets in the north-east direction should be avoided completely.


The fire place / kitchen should ideally be located in south east zone of the house. An underground Water tank should ideally be placed towards the north, north - east, east and west zones of the house.


02 FACTS;-

1-Bedroom should ideally be located in the south zone; however, for a newly wedded couple the north or north - west is the ideal direction.

2-Kid's room should ideally be in the east, north - east, west or south - west directions.


03 FACTS;-

1-The main door of the entrance should be facing the north or the east. The reception should always be in the east or the north - east.

2-Location of toilets should ideally be in the south south-west vastu zone of disposal. The toilet seats should ideally be placed in either south to north or west to east direction.

3-Location of Pantry ideally should be in the southeast corner or zone of the building


02 FACTS;-

1-Simple remedies can help you to correct vastu flaws. Vastu has some very simple yet effective remedies like changing the colour of the main entrance, painting a particular portion in a colour to balance the five elements, e.g., the elemental strip technique proves instrumental when it comes to removing the bad effects of entrance locations and toilets.

2-Hanging green sceneries towards north attracts growth and new opportunities.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO RETAIN Happiness & harmony in the house ;-

02 FACTS;-

1-A clean north-east zone in a home gives absolute clarity about life and farsightedness .. the most important understanding to maintain harmony and happiness in every domain of life.

2-Keeping love birds in the south-west zone enhances all relationships, bringing in happiness and harmony.

TIPS FOR Diwali puja ;-

04 FACTS;-

1-Clear the north-east zone of the house and make sure there are no red-coloured objects in this part of your premises.

2-Businessmen should place a statue of 'Kuber' in the north vastu zone

3-Place fresh flowers in a green flower vase in the North area.

4-Place silver statues of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha in the west zone to remove hindrances and enhance financial prospects.