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There are three methods of Vastu Rectification;- 1-TRADITIONAL METHOD OF RECTIFICATION;- Vastu of any place can be corrected by three ways. First is by traditional method under which the Vastu defects are rectified by changing the wrong construction and building new one. For example, if there is a toilet in Northeast direction of a house then the correction would be to demolish it and build new toilet in Northwest or Southeast area. But space should be available in suggested area to build new toilet. Similarly if there is stair in Northeast then it has to be demolished and a new stair should be build in proper area. So, traditional method is nothing but following all Vastu rules. 2-SPIRITUAL METHOD ;- Second method is Spiritual Method where the Vastu defects are corrected with the help of Poojas, Yagya, Hawan and putting idols pictures etc. This method could give peace of mind for sometime but Vastu defects cannot at all be corrected. It is admitted fact that pooja, idol pictures etc release lots of energy but the essential energy required for Vastu is not there. 3-VIRTUAL METHOD ;- 1-Third and the most promising method is Virtual method where the defects are corrected without using any demolition or major changes. 2-Under this method, not only the Vastu of building is corrected but the Vastu of land is also corrected. The correction method involves use of highly energized products like Pyramid, Gem and Stones, Copper rods, Oregon, Chemicals, Energy Plates etc. 3-These products have the ability to generate high level energy in the area surrounding it. This method is very effective and cheaper than traditional method. Some products like mirror, wire, calcium, colors etc are also used in this method. COMPARISON OF THREE METHODS ;- 10 FACTS;- Parameters Traditional Method Spiritual Method Virtual Method 1-Correction Involves TRADITIONAL METHOD Demolition, Major Changes, SPIRITUAL METHOD New construction Pooja, Hawan,Idol's Picture VIRTUAL METHOD Pyramid, Oregone,Energy Plate Mirror, Wire,Gem & Stones etc. 2-Effect TRADITIONAL METHOD Slow but sure effect SPIRITUAL METHOD Minimum and temporary VIRTUAL METHOD Fast and sure 3-Covering TRADITIONAL METHOD Only construction not plot SPIRITUAL METHOD Only construction VIRTUAL METHOD Construction,Plot and surroundings 4-Cost TRADITIONAL METHOD Heavy cost SPIRITUAL METHOD Cheap VIRTUAL METHOD very Less than traditional method 5-Side effect TRADITIONAL METHOD May be SPIRITUAL METHOD Not VIRTUAL METHOD Not at all 6-Lasting TRADITIONAL METHOD Till any new changes SPIRITUAL METHOD Very short VIRTUAL METHOD Life time 7-Feasibility (conveniently done) TRADITIONAL METHOD Not feasible in flats Complexes and Cities SPIRITUAL METHOD Yes,depends on person VIRTUAL METHOD Feasible for every type of building and any area 8-Done By TRADITIONAL METHOD Done By Any one after going through books, websites or calling an Expert SPIRITUAL METHOD;- Done By Any one,& Pandits also VIRTUAL METHOD By Experts Only 9-Effect time TRADITIONAL METHOD In 3-6 months SPIRITUAL METHOD 7 days VIRTUAL METHOD In 90 days 10-Portability TRADITIONAL METHOD Not possible SPIRITUAL METHOD No VIRTUAL METHOD Yes. If the property is left over, the product can be utilized anywhere but With the experts advice. NOTE;- In virtual method, it is strictly advised to take an experts advice. These days there is practice of buying certain fake products from the market and installing it to rectify the Vastu faults. The salesman claims its effectiveness but they are useless. Just like a doctors prescription is must to take any medicine for health problem, it is must to take proper advice from a expert before using any such instrument to rectify the Vastu. .....SHIVOHAM...