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Plants and trees play an important role in creating positive and happy environment in the house. They purify the air inside and around the house which brings good health and prosperity. Vastu shastra also recommends trees which should or shouldn't be grown inside or around our home.

12 FACTS;- 1. Flower pots should not be kept on the east, north or northeast wall of the building. 2. The trees which bear fruits should be planted in the east direction of the garden. 3 . Tall trees should be planted in the southwest direction. It will give stability & progress. 4. A dead or leafless tree in front of the house is not considered good. It should be uprooted. 5. Trees should be planted in even numbers 6. Mango, lemon, banana and papaya trees should not be planted in the east or north direction. 7. Trees in the North, East and North East directions of the house should not be taller than the height of the house. 8. A tree in the middle of the main door/gate of the house is not auspicious. 9. Chandan brings prosperity, happiness and longlife. 10. Bonsai plants should not be kept inside the house. They can harm the owner and his children. 11. Coconut and lemon trees should be planted in the south or west direction of the garden. 12. Coconut tree brings good luck. It is good to plant it in the garden.


There should be no plantation from...SSW TO NNW...