05 FACTS;-

1-Workstation for Architects and Interior Designers;-

03 FACTS;-

1-An architect’s or an interior designer’s job requires great degree of skill. Analysis of successful Vastu case studies conducted and documented by certified MahaVastu experts prove that these professionals should place their workstations in SOUTH-WEST or WEST-SOUTH-WEST Vastu zones. Green and red coloured pen stand, table mat and mouse pads are best avoided. Seat can be of beige or cream colour.

2-A workstation should always be well organized as this will increase the focus and prevent things from going haywire. For decorative purposes, coloured stone pebbles can be used as it strengthens gains in their work. They should face EAST while working to receive creative design ideas and the table should be set along the WESTERN wall.

3-A picture in black frame depicting a village scene can be placed on the wall above their table to improve gains from property. These steps will improve their practice and make it beneficial and focused.

2-Workstation for Marketing Professionals;-

04 FACTS;-

1-Marketing professionals must avoid blue and black accessories and place their workstation in SOUTH zone. Their seats can be in maroon or brown in colour and they can experiment with green colour to get benefits from contacts.

2-Ideally they should face NORTH to attract more money and newer opportunities. When you learn 4-step Vastu method, you come to know how facing in different directions affects the outcome of your efforts and accordingly decide you’re facing while you sit on your workstation.

3-Workstation for Sales Persons Sales professionals should place their workstations in EAST zone and avoid yellow and grey coloured accessories. Their seats can be blue of brown in colour.

4-According to 45 powers of alchemy in Vastu shastra green colour will help them develop contacts with new customers. They should sit facing WEST to attract more sales order.

3-Workstation for Strategists and Senior Management;-

Senior professionals required to plan for an organization should sit in NORTH-EAST Vastu zone facing WEST. This will generate better planning ideas. Red and dark yellow colors should be avoided by them for both seat covers and accessories.

4-Workstation for Management Professionals;-

In order to execute and implement plans more efficiently and effectively, management professionals are advised to sit in the WEST Vastu zone facing EAST. Red and green colors are a complete no for seat covers and accessories.

5-Workstation for Students;-

WEST-SOUTH-WEST zone of a premise is best for students. They should sit there facing WEST. Their books should also be kept there. It has a miraculous effect on improving their grades. Not only does it improve retention power, it also has a positive impact on their performance in exams.


04 FACTS;-

The foundation of vastushastra is doing activity by understanding the flow of energies in different directions in a building. The direction we face while doing any activity greatly effects it's outcome. We start imbibing the characteristics of the direction we face. Mahavastu gives clear guide lines on thinking, work and directions.


If you want to focus on money sit facing North.


To connect with people for social or political purposes, you should face East.

3- FOR DIVINE GUIDE;-To connect with your soul or divine guide, you should sit facing North-East.


To enhance your performance in the field of art and design, you should work facing West.


In a business organization, planning people should sit facing West,while marketing people should sit facing North. Sales people should face West, finance and management people work well if they are facing East. Production team if works facing West, results are excellent.


1-Students of law can achieve better results facing South while science, logic, architecture students will gain if facing West.

2-Religious studies or philosophy students are best while facing East direction.

3-North is the direction for political or administrative studies.

4-WEST-SOUTH-WEST zone of premises is best for students. They should sit there facing WEST. Their books should also be kept there. It has a miraculous effect on improving their grades. Not only does it improve retention power, it also has a positive impact on their performance in exams.

5-There are more than 700 successful Vastu case studies that vouch for this effect. Students can display their certificates of merit on their workstation or on the wall above it as it will help them get best career opportunities in their field of interest.


Hence, the workplace should be designed as per MahaVastu guidelines for better work efficiency and, of course, gainful business returns. Given below is a chart that can help you in choosing the right direction to face as per your area of work.

Skill> Ideal Workplace Facing West

Planning> North-East-

Sales> East-West

Marketing >South-North

Production> South-West

Finance> West -East

Management >West-East